The Librarian

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My day started like every other. The library was my favorite place to be. I was twenty-five and lived by myself. I did not really do much other than work at the library and attend church where my father was the preacher.I did not much enjoy church, even though I had spent my whole life being made to be involved with my dad’s ministry. He was boring to listen to, and I did not believe any of it anyway.My life was so sheltered I had never talked to a boy without my parents being present. Now the whole thought of boys makes me so nervous. Working at the help desk is the one thing at the library I hate. If a boy even approaches my mouth gets so dry, and I act like a dummy.I so much wanted to meet someone, and I got a lot of attention at church. The guys there did not interest me. They were so phony, and self-righteous. I would go home and dream of my knight in shining armor, or a very hot guy would do.That is when my day went so wrong, I was sitting at the help desk dreaming about what could be. A young gentleman came toward me with a book in his hand. I could feel my heart beating. He was very cute, and I could not get good morning out of my mouth.“Good morning, finally came out, or something like it.”“Do you know who I am?”“Are you Alice?”I froze. I could not say a word. I knew the look on my face was that of surprise.“You’re the bitch who sent me the notice on this book.”I could not move. I could only stammer.“I…. I…. I…, I stammered.””You’re the bitch who sent me the notice on this book.””My dad is the director of this place.””Your ass is grass.”He threw the book with force, hitting me in the chest.I started to cry I sat there in my misery no one around. The rest of the morning went fine, and I kind of had forgotten about my ill start to the day. When I got back to my desk after lunch there was an envelope on my desk.It was from Mr. Green I was to report to his office immediately.Mr. Green was about the most arrogant and ill-tempered person I had ever met. I avoided him at all costs. He would make sexual remarks, grab my butt, or have his hand brush against my breast. I was always very modest in my dress, but he would stare at my chest or butt. He was not shy in letting me know he was doing it either.I knocked at the door. My heart was pounding, he did not answer right away.“Come in.”I opened the door. He sat there smiling as I entered his office. His smile was not a friendly smile: it was more like a smile of victory over a hated foe.The library always seemed to have its financial problems, but you would not know it to look at Mr. Green’s office.  It was lavishly decorated, mahogany desk, and book shelves. The carpet and drapes were rich and luxurious.“Have a seat Alice.”His eyes fondling my body as I approached the chair.“So, “he said. ” I heard you were a little rude to one of our patrons.”I started to try to explain but he cut me off mid sentence.“Now Alice you have been a good employee for a long time here.”“Like I said, I got a report you were rude to one of our patrons.”“That is not tolerable, you may need to be fired.”He did not even ask for my side of the story, I started to cry.“Well Alice don’t Ankara escort cry we maybe able to work something out.”“You are a very pretty lady, and I’m sure you could make it up to the disgruntled patron.”I stopped crying realizing what he was hinting at. Then the door opened, it was the boy who had thrown the book at me this morning. He came behind me, and placed his hands on my shoulders. I froze, his hands went under my blouse and bra onto my breasts.. I started to cry again, and the look on Mr. Green’s face made me sick.I let him take my top off and my bra, not knowing what to do. I was topless in front off these two terrible human beings. He went to pinch my nipples, and I ran. I grabbed my clothing, holding it against my chest I ran out of his office. I ran out of the library to my car. I started the  car and drove topless as fast as I could till I was away from there.I pulled into a lot and put my blouse back on. I sat there to catch my breath, what was I going to do? I had no job, no savings, and rent was coming up due. My parents had no savings. I could go back to the library. If I begged for my job back, his son touching me I could live through it. No, I will not give him the satisfaction of controlling me, especially in a sexual manor.I drove home to my apartment, lay down on my bed, and I cried myself to sleep. When I awoke I went into the bathroom getting completely undressed. I stared at my self in the mirror. I was a very pretty girl in a simple way. I was not overly curvy but a I had a very nice figure. I looked like my mom. My mother was a clothing model before she met my father.The library was not a part of the university but they were closely related, and did a lot together.They sent the university paper to all the staff. I was looking for a position in the paper at the university, but they were either janitorial jobs, or things in which I would need a degree.I sat there in my apartment depressed when I saw a add for a model for an art class. I had just bought a beautiful sun dress two weeks ago, and was waiting for warmer weather to wear it. I had never worn anything so revealing before but was excited to open up and expand my horizons.I called the number, and spoke to a nice lady who asked if I could show up tomorrow at about 9 o’clock. I would be needed for about three hours. The sitting would pay one hundred dollars. I needed the money so bad, and that was a lot of money for three hours.The next morning I woke up early being very careful with my make up. I put on much more than  I usually did, but I loved what I looked like when I was finished. I paid particular attention to my eyes and lips. I put on my dress and a pair of sandals to go with the dress. I looked at myself in the mirror, and I was a hot little momma. I had grown up with my parents down playing looks so much I could not let myself appreciate how I looked.I followed the directions to the art studio, and met with Mrs. Wells. I was early so she had me wait in the back while she got out the supplies the students would need. It started to approach nine o’clock, I peeked out into the class room. I saw Ankara escort bayan eight men and four women in the studio.Mrs. Wells came back to were I was.“Go ahead and get undressed.”“I call you out after I give them some instructions, This will be there first nude project.”“I have to get undressed? “My heart sank I could not feel my face.“Well yes hun.”Then she just walked out. My whole body was shaking, but I needed the money.She left me standing there as she addressing the class. I don’t know what came over me , but I started to take my dress off. Before she finished I was completely nude. My mind had gone numb. Then I saw the instructor wave me out. I walked absolutely naked in front of all these students like I had done it a thousand times before.She took my hand and positioned me on the platform. I stood there for the rest of the class, being as still as I possibly could. When the class was over she led me back to my clothing. I got dressed and started to feel like it had not even happened. I came out into the studio, she was looking at the students’ work.She asked if I wanted to see.“Sure.” I said.Each student had a different perspective of my body. As I looked at the pictures I then realized how much of me was viable to the class. She gave me my money.“You are such an incredibly beautiful model.”“You are striking.”“Would you like to do it again?”“Yes, I said with out even thinking.”I went home and got undressed. I walked to my living room window, and stood in front of it. There was no one out front to see me but I felt a tingling all over my body. I started to walk away from the window when I noticed a young man walking my way down the side walk. I waited long enough so that he would get a glimpse of me as I walked away.I could feel my heart pounding. What was wrong with me?I laid down in my bed. I was alive with excitement. My hands were exploring my whole body. I thought of the pictures that been drawn of me. I was beautiful, and I was on fire. My hands went from my breasts and ass to my cunt. Yes my cunt, my wet lusting cunt. My fingers worked there magic. Waves of orgasms went through my body as I imagined my body being painted and lusted after by both the guys and the girls.I woke the next morning. I was still emotionally exhausted, and a bit scared of this new side of me.I cut old pair of jeans into a pair of shorts. A collage shirt got the same treatment exposing my belly and shoulders. I painted my toe nails, and put on more make up than I was use to using. I saw my self in the mirror, so naughty, but not naughty enough. I took the shorts off, and cut them shorter.Walking around campus with all these hot young guys. How had I let my self not notice them? They were noticing me. There was a bench in the center of campus. I sat down, the weather was beautiful. I felt like a bondage of guilt had been lifted.Enjoying the day it all of a sudden dawned on me that I was with out a job and now more than ever I was not going to go back to living with my parents. I needed fast cash until I could secure a more permanent position. At the moment I was going to enjoy this Escort Ankara beautiful day and my new sense of freedom.Sitting on the bench I noticed a campus police officer noticing me. I love a man in uniform, and he was a hansom one. I was dressed to get a few looks, it was working.He started walking my way, as a saw a smile cross his face. He sat down right next to me folding his hands in his lap. I did not know what to do.“You must be Alice, he said.”I was stunned, and speechless. My stomach was in my throat. He snickered then laughed a bit.“I saw you come out of the art class.”“The art teacher showed me the pictures the students had drawn.”“She is my Aunt, he said.””She was very impressed with you.”“I have to agree with her.”“Oh by the way, my name is Kevin.”I was relieved and embarrassed all at the same time. He knew who I was because of his aunt, but he had seen pictures of me naked.“When I saw you walking out I was stunned, you had a look on your face.”Oh my Goodness, I remember what I was thinking after posing like that.“So what are you doing this weekend.”“Looking for a job, I said.”“Oh yes I heard, Sorry.”“Guess you really need the money?”“Hey me and some of my friends going to our hunting lodge for the weekend.”“If you would just pose for us I think I could swing Five hundred. bucks or so for you.”“Just posing? I don’t know,…. five hundred.?”I guess, I mean not sure.”“Well alright, just posing?”“That’s all, He said.”“I’ll meat you here Friday night about five O’clock.”He smiled. “See you then.” He walked away.I went back to my apartment. The landlord stopped me in the hall.“Rent is today, Alice.”“I will have by Monday is that alright?”“I guess, but no later than Monday.”        I guess I was committed to this weekend. How did he know I was without a job. I had forgotten what his name was. I was going to be naked this weekend for him and his friends. The five hundred dollars would cover what I needed for rent and a little for my groceries.Friday came, I packed some things for the weekend. I tried to calm myself. I went for a walk, tried to eat something, nothing worked. It was getting close to time so I picked up my bag and started walking to the bench.When I got there Kevin was there waiting with another person a little younger than he was. I smiled.Kevin smiles. “This is my brother Doug.”We started walking to his car. When we got to the car I was shocked to see a women waiting in the back seat.“When I heard you were coming to the cabin I just had to come.”“Mrs. Wells?” I blurted.“My friends call me Maggie.”I was stunned silent. I sat in the back with Mrs. Wells, or I guess Maggie.As we were driving Maggie placed her hand high on my thigh as we were making small talk. I Then got the impression there was going to be more than just me posing naked for the crowd. Maggie was being very sweet her interest in my body was more than just professional.When we got to the cabin I was impressed the cabin and the woods were stunning and beautiful. When we entered the cabin four other guys were seated at a large round table. When they noticed I was there I got a standing ovation. I gave them a quick curtsey. I could feel my embarrassment as my face went bright red. Maggie hugged me and held me tight.Two of the guys led me up onto the table. I stood there on display.“Take it off.” ‘Take it off.” The chant went on.As soon as I started to unbutton my blouse another round of applause echoed in the room.

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