The Line Was Crossed

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We were both still sweating and naked standing in my office after having the most erotic sex of our lives. But this was not supposed to happen. I was married and she was hard set against being “that women”. She did not want to be the one who a man cheated with, because she was once the woman who was cheated on. But we were not simply two strangers, coworkers or general acquaintances. We were former lovers. High school sweethearts twenty something years ago. She gave her virginity to me when we were teens, and I have held that near and dear to my heart ever since. Eventually, our high school romance came to an end, but we were still connected in a way. We have a love for the other that nobody else understands. We eventually moved on with our own lives but still managed to talk and occasionally see each other. Even though miles and continents came between us over the years, we remained friends.

As I said, I am married but have not seen any intimacy or romance from my wife in over two years. A man has needs and I was tired of using my hand or a masturbation toy. We had been texting and chatting on the phone over the course of several years. During that time, we had seen each other often, but it was platonic. Yes, there are deep feelings there, but there was a line that we did not dare cross.

The more we chatted through text and phone the more we opened up to each other about our pasts with each other and our spouses. She was divorced and the mother of two great kids. Our conversations usually had some sexual innuendos in them, as we often flirted because of our history with one another.

One night out of the blue while texting and flirting, she sent a picture of her bare breast to me. I was immediately taken back to my 18-year-old self and remembered what I used to do to that perfect nipple. I immediately wanted to send her a picture in return, but I had never taken a picture of my own cock. It was late at night and my wife was asleep. The only problem was my teenager kids were still awake and I could not risk taking the picture on the couch. I walked past the bed where my wife was sleeping and shut the bathroom door. I dropped my pants and played with my cock until it was semi erect. I then snapped the picture and sent it to her. We chatted a while longer before saying our good nights to each other.

This pattern of chatting via text and on the phone continued a while. She did establish that there was a line she would not cross, because she had been the victim of an affair during her marriage. She did however make it very clear, that was the only reason she would not make love to me, because she did not want my wife to feel the way she did. After all, she did know my wife as they had met a few times.

Numerous times during our flirting, she would say that I was a great lover and she would love to have me again. One night while I was working, we got into a rather deep conversation about the sexual things we had done with each other and with lovers we had since that time. There was nothing secret between us. I canlı bahis started to get turned on by our conversation and took another dick pic and sent it to her. She asked what she could do to return the favor. I thought about it and knew what I wanted, but knew if that were to happen, the line would be crossed.

I wanted a good close-up of her beautiful pussy, but I wanted to be the one to take the picture. I just do not trust myself enough to be that close to her naked body. If I am close enough to take the picture, then I would be close enough to smell her arousal. Two years is a long time without smelling the arousal of a woman, and I do not trust myself enough to not stick out my tongue and taste it. I told her that and left it with the fact she did not have to do anything in return.

I had been trying to convince her for months to visit me at my work, just so I could see her. She kept saying she would, but I had my doubts. It is not like we would be alone while at my office, but I did have the freedom of having visitors so there was no risk in visiting. Until the day she showed up.

She texted me to tell me she was here, and I brought her up to my office area and introduced her to my coworkers. She looked amazing wearing a simple summer dress. My mind could not help but wonder what type of panties, if any, she was wearing. As we chatted and visited in my office, we were both aware of the sexual tension. I even think my coworker picked up on it, but he did not say anything. I did my best not to stare at her body as we talked.

Eventually it was time for me to end my work shift, so I walked her to her car in the parking lot as, one by one, my coworkers all left. We eventually ended up back in my office sitting and talking. As usual our conversation started to turn sexual and flirtatious in nature. The more we talked the stronger the tension got between us. I could not take it anymore and pulled my phone up and took a picture of her. I told her at least I can look at her while relieving myself later. She smiled devilishly and said that she still owed me for the picture I sent her. With that she stood up and leaned against my desk while pulling her dress up, exposing her beautiful bald pussy. Her outer lips were already glistening as she reached down and spread her lips apart. My mouth began watering, my heartbeat increased tenfold and my hands started shaking.

I wanted to dive headfirst into to her pussy and lick, nibble, kiss and suck every part of it. My will was being tested. I attempted to pull my phone up to take a picture but dropped my phone due to my shaking hands. As I bent down to pick it up, I could smell her arousal. I inhaled deeply, licked my lips and inhaled again. I grabbed my phone and snapped several pictures before things got out of hand. I looked up into her eyes and saw the passion, the love, the want. I inhaled deeply again while licking my lips but did not dare move closer to her. She responded by moving closer to the edge of my desk and saying just a little taste won’t hurt anything. I bahis siteleri continued to stare into her eyes and told her if I did, I did not think that either of us would be able to stop. I then started leaning in but stopped. I turned my head and gently started kissing inside of her thigh. I planted little kisses as I moved closer and closer. I kissed across her mons and started down her other thigh. I could tell by her breathing that I was doing something right. Slowly I licked her thigh back toward her mons.

I lowered my tongue and started at her perineum and licked upward stopping before I licked over her clit. I kissed all around and sucked on her lips gently. She leaned back on the desk giving me better access to her perineum and allowed me to tease her anus with my tongue. I continued to work my tongue all over listening to her reactions to ensure I was completely satisfying her. As I continued to work her with my tongue, I gently inserted two fingers into her and felt for her g-spot. With her state of arousal, it was not hard to locate. Slowly I rubbed it while focusing my efforts on her clit with my mouth. Licks, kisses and sucking her clit into my mouth.

I brought my other hand up and slid one finger along my other fingers in to get it lubricated. I slowly lowered it to her anus and began toying with her opening there. As I gently applied pressure, she opened up and my finger slide into her her ass. I was working all three together when her vaginal walls started to pulse the clenched down on my fingers as she squirted into my mouth. I lapped up her juices as fast as I could.

I stopped the tongue assault but continued to finger fuck her holes. She was moaning and writhing on my desk. She was slowly building a second orgasm from the finger stimulation. I continued as she had a much milder second orgasm. I was hard and could feel the precum in my underwear. I gently pulled my fingers from her sucking her juices off the two that were in her pussy.

I walked around and grabbed a napkin from my desk drawer to wipe off my other finger. She slowly stood and slipped out of her dress. She said it was time to return the favor and started undoing my belt. Our eyes met and I could see the fire raging in hers. It was an inferno of burning desire to touch me, taste me, and feel me inside of her. As she unfastened my pants and they dropped to my ankles, I took off my shirt and t-shirt. She slowly slid my underwear down releasing my cock. She knelt and began a slow and sensual lick from my balls to the tip. She repeated this several times. My balls started to burn. I just knew I was going to blow my load and be a “minute man” as it had been two plus years since I had felt anything like this. She slowly worked me until the sensations were too much. I gave a quick warning before cumming all over her.

I wasted no time in standing her up and licking my own cum off her tits. When I had every drop cleaned off her, we looked into each other’s eyes and finally shared a deep passionate kiss that only true lovers could share. bahis şirketleri One that has been decades in the making.

Being in my mid-forties I did not expect to recover that quick, but I started getting hard again. She felt this and moved over to the desk again. She slid her ass onto the desk just enough to support her, as I slowly entered her. Flashbacks of high school came into my mind in this position, as it was like one we had done before, except it was in the bathroom of her parent’s house. One that gave us both a scare because she ended up being late getting her period after that one.

That was not a concern now, as I got snipped after my daughter was born. When I was fully inside of her, I held my position. I wanted to burn this sensation and image into my brain. Our bodies were now one, together. Slowly we made love on my desk. This position allowed me to penetrate deep within her. We were both lost in the pleasure. Our kisses grew in passion. I bent my head down to suck one of her breasts as she brought her hand up to help. She lovingly wrapped her legs around my waist as I continued to drive in and out of her. I was awestruck in her ravenous beauty as I looked at her before me. Time was lost. I cannot tell you how long we made love, as we only paused long enough to change positions.

I reluctantly pulled out of her and told her to turn around. She did so, bending over the desk and propping herself on her arms. I slowly entered back into her. I reached up with my hand and started playing with one of her nipples. I reached my other hand around and starting fingering at her clit. I knew her clit would be sensitive, so I only played with it briefly just to add to her pleasure. After rubbing her clit, I stuck my thumb in my mouth to get it good and wet. I then reached down and started playing with her anus. Again, time was lost, until I wanted another position change.

I stopped and told her to face me. As she did, I reached my hands around her cupping her ass and lifted her up. She instinctively wrapped her legs around me and locked herself in place. I turned and backed into my desk and sat down on it. Once in position, she lifted herself and guided my cock back inside of her. In this position, I could easily tease her nipples with my tongue. We also continued to kiss passionately. Time was irrelevant as the only thing that mattered was the here and now. I was not sure if she had orgasmed during our love making, but I was at the point of no return. I could feel the tingle as it built. I let her know I was going to cum and then emptied what little I had left in me into her.

We remained in this position until my cock deflated and started to slip out of her. Our combined juices covering me. She slowly got off me and began cleaning our juices up with her tongue. I told her to save the last bit on her tongue so I could taste it too. She did, and we stood there in embracing each other as we shared a lover’s kiss. Our bodies covered in a sheen of sweat from the most erotic sex that either of us had, or at least I have had in a long time.

The line had now been crossed. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. But it was the best they’d ever had. What will happen next? Only time will be able to answer that question.

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