The Lock Down

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2019 had not been a good year for me or anyone else I know. We were all looking forward to 2020 and the fresh start it would bring. But I also had a nagging sensation in my brain. There was a feeling of impending doom that I could not shake. I don’t consider myself a psychic, but at times I can seem to predict things, even if I’m not entirely sure at the time what motivates me to do what I do.

It all started that day I went to Dollar Tree for cheap bread and feta cheese. As I exited my car, I noticed that a little birdie had left me a present. There was a white splotch standing out against the black paint with green and purple sparkles.

On the way to the check out counter, I grabbed a few rolls of antibacterial wipes and some hand sanitizer. I don’t normally buy these things, but I could use a wipe to clean up the bird leavings and Orlando is a germophobe so I knew he would appreciate them. He was overly concerned with that virus that had just reared its ugly head in China. I figured these things would put his mind at ease. Little did I know how useful these things would become!

Orlando lives in the tiny house behind me. It has no running water so he enters my house freely for the kitchen and bath. Sometimes he falls asleep on the couch in here. We generally get along pretty well, but we did have a big falling out that caused me to ask him to leave. I did tell him that I wanted him to remain in my life. Just not in my house. He understood, and was leaving willingly, but slowly. He had not yet found a place to move to but had rented a storage facility.

He and his girlfriend broke up, and I chalked up his poor behavior to that. There had been some alcohol involved and he may not have been aware of how destructive he had been. He isn’t drinking now. We had a long talk about things. He was very apologetic, but I still don’t want to take the chance of him lapsing into the bad behavior again so he will have to go.

Part of the reason it’s taking him so long to move is that his truck isn’t running and he hasn’t the means to fix it. He hasn’t been working much and his line of work is now considered non-essential so he’s not allowed to work due to this lock down we are now in.

I had been helping him move, but I only have a car, so I can’t fit the large things in it. He has been trying to get back with his girlfriend but she’s not interested. She is helping him though when she can. Her vehicle is an SUV and she has a trailer for hauling things. At least he has gotten most of his stuff off of my property.

The state we live in is on lock down now. We are not supposed to leave the house, with some exceptions. Reason being, the virus has made its way here. For some time now, I was supposed to stay in. It wasn’t mandatory at first, but given my age and my diabetes, I am considered vulnerable. I have forgotten now how long I’ve been stuck here in the house. I have left a few times, to try to find groceries and to pick up my insulin. A trip to the grocery store is always a mystery now. Will they have what I need? So many things are sold out.

Orlando had more freedom up until now. Now we are both stuck here. And I can’t even evict him if I need to. The courts are closed. So we had another discussion and agreed to try to work together. He’s about half my age and seems to see me as a mother figure. But he’s not my kid and i don’t really want that responsibility.

My daughter did sneak some tacos to me once. And I spoke to the police about someone doing some crazy things. I was actually awakened by a policeman. I had slept through the craziness, blissfully unaware. But Orlando had left the front door open and since the crazy person had been nearby, they came in to check and make sure I was okay. So other than seeing Orlando, my contact with real life humans is very little.

This virus is making people crazy. They don’t actually have the virus. They are just pent up, stressed out, fearful and tired of repeated trips to the store only to find the shelves bare. Neighbors are screaming, fighting, lighting fireworks and just plain going nutty. Orlando left the garage door open one day and our extra toilet paper was stolen.

We are supposed to remain 6 feet from each other at all times. I will admit, I did risk it and was bad. I started seeing a guy before the virus hit. So I chanced it and went to his place for sex, even though I knew I wasn’t supposed to go out. This was before the lock down. And Orlando never let me hear the end of that! I think he was jealous because I got sex and he didn’t.

Alas, due to a series of things going wrong, my guy and I could only have a quickie. I haven’t been able to see him since. And I doubt I will again. His true colors began to show the other day via text. Despite being a great lover, he is not the kind of man I want to be with. So I have been needing sex.

Orlando is prone to anxiety. It wasn’t helping that he kept talking about sex to me. He said there were two things that calm him down. Those two things are sex and weed. He had been doing little jobs here and there before this lock down hit so canlı bahis sometimes he could get weed. But he couldn’t get sex. And neither could I!

It was a very frustrating time. One night he had been in the house with me all night. I could tell he was feeling nervous and didn’t want to be alone. We talked until the sun came up, mostly keeping six feet from each other.

He finally said goodnight to me and walked out the kitchen door.

I waited, Magic Wand in hand, to see if he might come back. He’s a stress eater. He has been ripping through boxes of cereal, crackers, cookies and whatever else he can get his hands on. He has even been known to come in to fry an egg, then go back to bed. Yet despite the extra eating, he is growing thinner and his pants keep sliding off.

I was exhausted but so horny I couldn’t stand it! I flipped the switch on the Magic Wand and pressed it between my legs. I thought I heard a noise. Turned off the Wand and waited. It must have been my imagination. I turned the Wand back on but this time to high, pulling a blanket over me to muffle the sound, just in case. I hate to do that because it causes the Wand to overheat quickly.

I knew my orgasm was not far off. My pussy was very swollen and dripping wet. I was panting, pressing the wand hard into my crotch and bucking up with my hips to meet it.

I was just on the verge of orgasm when two soft lights flipped on. I have two closets in my room. Each one has a light that angles into it but the lights are rather useless as they contain low wattage bulbs, so they don’t really illuminate the contents within.

I could see a lanky figure standing near my bed.

“Uh… Jada? Are you asleep?”

I froze for a second, knowing that Orlando was watching me. My eyes met his in that dim light. He had a worried look on his face. That killed my orgasm! I shut off the wand and placed it next to me on the bed.

“Okay Orlando. I can talk to you for a little while more, but I really need sleep.”

I threw off the heavy blanket, knowing that the smell of pussy was wafting through the air, and knowing that he knew it too. And the Wand was fully visible.

I joined him in the dining room and his eyes kept going to my crotch as we spoke.

I was having a very hard time. I wanted so badly to hug him but we are not supposed to do that now. No hugging, kissing or shaking hands. We are to do nothing that could potentially spread the virus. We had put our hands on each other’s backs, patting or rubbing as we passed each other. We even did a few high fives. And most of the time we did not maintain the six foot distance.

Orlando kept complaining about the need for sex but I know he wants that sex to be with his ex girlfriend. And I wanted it with a real life person! All those years of going without while married, then finally getting really good sex with one hot Latino guy, then another, made me want it all the more.

The hardest part for me is that Orlando is hot as hell! I never flat out propositioned him, but I did drop enough hints to let him know that he could have sex with me if he wanted to. He seems to tease me a lot, but inferred that I was old and he preferred younger women.

And so it went for days on end. Him driving me wild and me not even being able to masturbate because he either kept me up all night talking or barged into my room as I tried to sleep.

I tried to keep myself busy by working out with weights and dancing. Orlando likes to put on music for me to dance to. He likes to watch me but he usually does it from a distance. I’ve been straying from my usual and doing a lot of belly dancing and chair dancing.

I’ve also had a lot of time on my hands for primping, so every day, I make sure that all the pubic hair is gone and I give myself a massage with coco butter oil. So that leaves me feeling really sexy!

I like to watch dance videos. In particular, I like to watch a certain hip hop crew. One of the dancers goes by the name of Jayy. That’s not his real name but there is an actor with his same first and last name, so he goes by that first name now. He’s the grandson of a famous black singer who is no longer with us but whose sexy tunes still live on. He’s my favorite and I love watching him.

Orlando was complaining about the music I had on because the track kept repeating. I told him it was a dance mix and it kept repeating because it gave each group of dancers a chance to do the run through. He came over to the computer and watched. He seemed interested.

Many mornings, Orlando wakes me up by playing 80’s tunes because he knows the 80’s were a good part of my life so he wants me to wake up happy. And sometimes he will come to the computer when I am using it and ask to put on music whether I want it on or not.

He did this the other day. I do work online for pay. A very little pay, but it’s still something. I was in the middle of doing that when he asked to put a song on. I was surprised to see that it was a hip hop dance video. One featuring Jayy and one I had not seen before. He must have spent a long time tracking bahis siteleri that down! He stood behind me, watching the video and smiling. I thanked him for putting it on, and got back to my work when it was over.

As the days wore on, we began acting like a grouchy old married couple. We’d both reach for something at the same time and neither of us would let it go. He’d turn a light on. I’d turn it off. We exchanged nasty words. He’d get upset if I got within 6 feet of him, but he had no problem coming near me. It grew tiresome.

One night, after dinner, I sat down at the computer to try to order some things we were out of, or low on. But the website wasn’t loading. I put my hands in my lap and waited. Finally I saw the pictures of vitamin bottles come up on the screen. I reached for the mouse. I was surprised to find my hand touching something warm.

I looked down to see his hand resting on the mouse and mine on his. The skin on his hands, arms and face are darker than mine, but the rest of his body is the same pale shade as mine. I knew this from giving him massages.

I felt his breath on my neck. I looked up slowly to see him right behind me, very close, hovering. He smiled softly at me with his big brown eyes. His deep voice spoke directly into my ear, causing my panties to get damp. I love the sound of his voice.

“Oh! I’m sorry! I was just going to put some music on.”

I slid my hand from the mouse. He went to Youtube and put on a mix of tunes, starting with “White Rabbit” from Jefferson Airplane. He remained very close. I was on sensory overload and my mind quickly turned to mush.

He had on a plain white knit shirt that was very loose on him. He was so close that I didn’t have to move far at all. I pressed my face against his shirt. My heart began to pound.

My hand lifted his shirt and I pressed my face against his warm skin. He let out a soft moan. My hand and my lips trailed their way down his torso. His tummy instinctively sucked in slightly, almost like a shiver.

My fingertips rested on the top of the waistband of his soft, loose, jeans. It didn’t take much to get them to the floor. He didn’t stop me. He had on black boxer briefs. His hard cock strained at the fabric. I pressed my lips there, noting how damp they were.

I slowly slid his underwear down, looking up at him. He looked up at the ceiling with a mixture of disbelief and relief on his face as he took in a sharp, deep breath.

I put both hands on his cock. I had seen it once before. I don’t know if he knew that, but I suspected not because a few times I tried to go into the laundry room, not realizing that he was getting dressed and he freaked.

I bent down over the side of my computer chair, pressing my lips to his cock. It twitched beneath my lips and pre-cum dribbled from the tip. He let out a huge sigh.

“You taste good!”

His hands tangled in my hair, stroking it soothingly as I worked my lips and tongue over his cock. His balls tightened. I quickly wrapped my lips around his cock, but before I could push it fully into my mouth, he came. He came so much that it overflowed my mouth! He really needed that!

My eyes caught his. He bit his lower lip, looked embarrassed, stepped back, yanked his pants and ran out the kitchen door like a blur.

I sat in the computer chair, feeling awkward. I ordered the vitamins but kept looking out the back window to see if he was coming back.

After some time, I was still alone and the beat of the music made me want to dance. I got undressed and slipped into a short black nightie and my pink ballet slippers. Dancing put my mind a little more at ease.

I had the sense that he had come in to watch me. He often does that, but I don’t always see him until he leaves. He can move very quickly if he wants to. I switched the tune to “Earned It”, and did a chair dance. I then realized that a chair dance with no panties on could get my pussy lips in a twist! I decided to lie down on the couch for a bit.

I think I was drifting off to sleep.


Orlando stood beside me. He still had the white shirt on, but no pants or underwear.

I had one leg slung up over the back of the couch, and a throw blanket haphazardly covering me. He pushed that up, pulled my other leg to the floor, then without warning, got on top of me.

There was no foreplay. His cock slid into me and he fucked me hard.

“Is this what you want?”


“Does this feel good?”

“Gawd, yes!”

His cock pumped in and out of me like a machine. A light sheen of sweat broke out on his face.

I came three times, but I do come quickly. Good thing because he came rather quickly as well. Not as quickly as the first time though. And then he fell asleep, on top of me, with his cock still in me.

I laid there for some time, feeling his weight on me. He is thin, so that wasn’t the problem. The odd position I was in, was though. I knew he needed sleep so I toughed it out until I could stand no more.

I put my pussy to work, squeezing the wet walls of it again and again around his bahis şirketleri cock as tightly as I could.

He moaned in his sleep and grinned.

“You like that, Orlando?”

“Mmm… Yes.”

I could tell he was talking in his sleep. We both do it. He once had a long conversation with me and he kept laughing because I wasn’t making any sense. I only vaguely remember it.

I massaged his back and neck as I fucked him gently, and slowly he woke up. He looked into my eyes, smiling.

“Wha? What are you doing?”

“I’m going to make you cum again.”

His mouth gaped open.

“Hasn’t anyone ever fucked you like this before?”

He smiled again, looked sheepish and said “No.”

I pressed my lips to his, kissing him deeply.

I grabbed his ass, keeping him all the way inside me as I gave him a nice massage with my pussy.

“Oh wow. Oh gawd! You’re so tight!”

“Mmm… And I’m going to cum!”

My pussy clenched tighter around his cock and my lips trailed down his neck as I came.

“Oh fuck!”

Once again, he flooded me with his hot cum.

This time he pulled his cock out of me and we shifted positions to try to get more comfortable. I stroked his hair and ran my hand down his back.

“Orlando, this is a tad cozy. I think I need to get up and stretch.”

He hopped up off of me and put his pants back on.

I sat up and stretched, feeling the hot wetness seep from me. I knew as soon as I stood up, he’d be there with the upholstery cleaner. That’s how he is.

“I need to use up those bagels. I’m going to make pizza with them. Would you like some?”

“Yes please, Jada.”

He came into the kitchen just as I was putting the pizzas into the oven. He hopped up on a bar stool and grinned at me, then took up one of his philosophical conversations that he’s so famous for. Mostly, I listen because I can’t always follow what he’s saying.

The pizza didn’t take long to bake. We ate together and I did some more listening. Then he wiped his mouth, told me “Goodnight” and scurried out the kitchen door.

I was cold and starting to get tired so flopped down on my bed and pulled a blanket over me. I smiled to myself and thought of the good sex I’d just had. I heard the door to my room open. I never close it fully because I have a cat that goes in and out. It’s a pocket door and Orlando never opens it gently. He always yanks it open and it startles me, even when I’m sleeping.

My room is never fully dark. I have a salt lamp next to my bed but I keep it dim. I saw Orlando’s tall, thin shadow come around to my side of the bed.

“Put your head down.”

As he said this, he positioned me so my head was hanging off the side of the bed.

“Now suck!”

My pussy swelled and dripped, hearing those words. I was very close to cumming again. I opened my mouth and he slid his cock all the way in. His cock is the perfect size for sucking. It barely reached the back of my throat so it was easy to enjoy it.

He moved his hand sideways, fishing about in my box of toys. I could hear the glass dildos clinking against each other. He held up the blue one.

“This is the one you like; isn’t it?”

Before I could answer, he plunged it into my pussy. My answer came in the form of an orgasm.


My cry of pleasure was muffled with a mouth full of cock.

“Oh yeah! Do you know how many times I’ve heard you playing with this? Screaming and moaning and talking dirty to guys on the phone? Do you know what that does to me? You like feeling this dildo in your pussy? Or maybe you like it better in your ass! I heard you taking it in your ass with that one guy.”

Orlando held the dildo up to examine it. He nodded his head.

“It’s wet enough. Spread your cheeks.”

He pulled his cock out of my mouth just long enough to shove the dildo in my ass. Instant orgasm!

“Damn but you’re loud when you cum. You like tea bagging?”

He dropped his balls into my mouth. I wrapped my tongue around them, licking and sucking and trying to keep pace with him.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

My muffled words wafted into the night air as he drove me to climax after climax with the glass dildo in my ass.

He gently pulled his balls from my mouth and held up a clear glass dildo with a blue swirl.

“What’s this do?”

“It’s for G-Spot stimulation.”

“Will it make you squirt?”

“Most likely.”

The blue dildo remained buried in my ass as he examined the other dildo.

“You put the end with the ball on it in me and press against my G-Spot.”

“Don’t move!”

Orlando scurried over to the towel closet and brought back a few towels, placing them underneath me.

“Now suck and don’t stop.”

His cock went back into my mouth. I lapped at it with my tongue, sucking and getting nicely face fucked. I couldn’t see what he was doing.

The cold glass suddenly plunged into me. His hands were much stronger than mine and he hit the target hard and instantly. He was relentless. Reaming out my ass and shoving the end of the other dildo in hard against my G-Spot, pressing and rubbing me there. I was having trouble focusing on his cock as I felt the hot flood coming from me. The orgasms were fierce and slamming one into another. He kept at it until my pussy was nicely sore.

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