The Lovers

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The man sat in bed watching the woman as she undressed in the gentle glow of the bedside lights. She was not coy, but neither was she an exhibitionist, and he thought that she was a woman who was at ease with her body and her sexuality. He looked with desire at her firm breasts topped by large dark nipples, and his eyes moved down her body to her thick dark blonde bush and his penis stirred into life. He saw that she was rounded and well made, and he was pleased because he much preferred his women to be Rubenesque. She was in her fifties, and he liked his women like that, mature, experienced, and knowing what they wanted.

She slid into the bed on his left and they gently embraced, both slightly trembling from anticipation and desire. They kissed, gently at first, tasting one another for the first time. They lingered, neither in any hurry to move on, because they had each waited a long time for this moment, and they both needed to savour the moment. She lightly caressed his shoulders and his back while he gently ran his hand over her blonde hair and stroked her ears and the back of her neck.

Slowly the kissing became more intense as tongues flickered enquiringly into each other’s mouths. He reached for her breasts and cupped them, then lightly ran his thumbs over and around the nipples, rolling them and teasing them. He bent his head to take nipple in his lips, sucking it gently and feeling it harden as the desire rose in her. She felt his hardness against her belly, and felt the growing dampness between her thighs. Parting slightly from him, she rolled back the sheet to look at him and was delighted to see the size of him standing proud of a nest of dark blonde hair. She reached for his erection and he gasped with pleasure at her touch and responded by slowly and lightly sliding his hand down her belly and then brushing oh so lightly over her bush. She parted her legs to give him access and holding his erection lightly began to move her hand very slowly up and down, feeling the velvety skin slide up and down the shaft. He meanwhile had run his hand down over her lovely bush and was now lightly tracing the shape of her womanhood with his fingertip, exploring her lips, feeling the soft hair that surrounded them and gently exploring the opening to her inner sanctum. She was moist now and he lightly brushed around Adana Escort and over her clitoris so that she gasped and felt tiny little fires light up inside her and then he slowly slid a finger inside her. She continued to expertly work his penis and was rewarded as it grew even harder and bigger and he moaned with pleasure and started to concentrate on her clitoris, sensing that she needed her orgasm quickly.

Each was acutely aware of their own great need, but equally aware of the need in the other. “I so want you inside me,” she said, “but I don’t want you to stop doing that either.” “I don’t want you to stop either – it’s beautiful,” he replied. He continued to stroke her clitoris but he sensed from her movements that she also wanted more and he slid his finger back into her lovely wetness while still stimulating her clitoris with his thumb. They were kissing really deeply now, tongues penetrating deep as they subconsciously mirrored the desire for penetration.

He rolled slightly onto his back as she continued to so slowly caress him and then arching his back he cried out as she felt his cock jerk in her hand and she watched in awe as a great gobbet of spunk shot into the air and splashed onto his belly. The tremors continued in her hand, slowly decreasing as his thick cream ran down her fingers. They reversed, she now on her back as he brought her to her climax. He could feel her rising to meet him, gently thrusting, breathing hard, her nipples hardening. “Harder,” she whispered urgently, and he responded, excited by her approaching orgasm. She started moaning and thrusting harder at him as her orgasm burst over her. Frantically they kissed and he continued to stimulate her so that almost immediately she came again.

They lay together both covered in a fine sheen of perspiration, the tension slowly draining away, both aware that their need had been so great that this had been the only way to seek that first release – there would be time for lovemaking later. She slipped her fingers into her mouth and tasted his cream, then smiling she wiped the sperm off his belly and slid her sticky fingers into his mouth. After that he tasted his own fingers – she tasted so sweet – then reaching with his fingers for some of her moistness, he let her taste her own love juice. They kissed deeply, mingling Adana Escort Bayan the tastes and then covering one another in little kisses, they slowly drifted off to sleep.

They awoke together some time later and reached out for each other, each totally relaxed in the others company, aware that they perhaps had found a soulmate. He got out of bed, and going to the cold box, which she hadn’t seen before, he produced a bottle of chilled sparkling wine and two crystal flutes which he filled, passing one to her. She thought that for a man in his late fifties he wasn’t in bad shape – at least he hadn’t got a beer belly, and he had the biggest balls she’d ever seen! They lay in bed, sipping the wine, chatting gently about everything and nothing and enjoying one another’s company. Their hands were never still, gently stroking and caressing each other, he stroking her face, her neck and her breasts and she stroking his chest and the small patch of hair.

An hour passed by and they had finished the wine. She rolled over to him and kissed him hard on the lips, and she felt him respond as he put his arms round her and responded to the kiss. Giggling, she wriggled out of his grasp and slithered down the bed. “God it’s tiny,” she laughed and started to caress his limp cock with her tongue. The response was gratifyingly quick, and as he started to rise she slipped the end between her lips and gently sucked him to a full erection. He held her head lightly and ran his fingers through her hair, letting out little moans of pleasure, and as she aroused him more he thrust very gently into her for a while. Then seizing her he pulled her back up the bed and laid her on her back before swiftly going down on her. She bent her legs for him as his tongue explored her, licking around her clitoris and penetrating as deeply as possible into her. His face was buried deep in her pubic hair, and he could feel the rise and fall of her hips as she pushed at him. He took her clitoris between his lips and sucked, like a baby sucking his mother’s breast, while his hands fondled her breasts and nipples. It was incredible, so quickly did she respond; He felt her holding his head and moving frantically as a great orgasm swept through her.

Once she had finished he slid back up to her and they kissed deeply. He adjusted Escort Adana slightly and his cock slid straight into her warm wet cunt, and the feeling of pleasure and release was so intense that he nearly cried. Slowly, very slowly, he moved in and out of her, reaching further and further into her cunt with each stroke, and she was so wet that he was soon deep inside her, still moving very slowly. She pushed up to him, feeling his balls against her, matching his every stroke so that he could feel her pubic hair brush against his belly at every stroke. They were kissing deeply, tongues mirroring what was happening elsewhere, he stroking her breasts, her holding his buttocks controlling him. He could feel her urging him on, but he wasn’t going to be hurried – her climax was going to be eased out of her ever so gently. He kept moving so slowly, and she reading his thoughts matched him, enjoying the sheer sensuousness of the feelings generated by his cock She felt a small fire starting deep, deep inside her, and felt his cock growing even bigger inside her. He felt her open up inside and knew that her time was near, and slowing down even more, reached right inside her, the end of his cock now nudging her cervix on each stroke. “I’m coming, oh God I’m coming,” she gasped. “Me too,” he grunted. She felt the heat intensify as the flames took hold deep inside her and she thrust desperately against him in a bid to take his semen as deep as she could. He responded pushing hard against her as a great maelstrom of fire seemed to touch every part of her body – she moaned and she thrashed as the great orgasmic fire seized her whole being and rendered her momentarily senseless.

He felt a great gush of warm wetness from her, his balls were tightening up and he knew that he could not hold on much longer. Everything was now centred on his cock – he could feel nothing else. She knew he was very close, she knew she had to be with him and so she reached for his last strokes, before he pushed deep, so deep inside her and he gave a great cry as she felt his cock expanding in her, then jerking once, twice, three times as his warm spunk hit her cervix. At this the fire that was still glowing inside her took hold again and they clung together in their ecstasy like two people drowning. They lay there together, almost in a dream, caressing and cuddling one another, content in the release and glow that only comes from real lovemaking.

Eventually she spoke: “God that was fantastic – I can’t think of anything better.” He smiled and teasingly said to her, “Well I can – What about a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich?”

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