The Lucky Man Ch. 03

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Bottle Insertion

I started having liaisons with my daughter purely because my sex life with my wife was almost non-existent. We both realised that and my daughter turned out to be an excellent solution. But there is more to it than that, my beautiful sexy horny daughter has admitted to having sexual fantasies about me for years before we crossed that line. At first our sex was very private, my wife Liz knew about it but that was as far as it went, then she expressed a desire to see us in action.

This of course was a whole new concept, having sex with my daughter while my wife watched had never even crossed my mind, and I didn’t think it had ever occurred to Lynsey either.

A few days or maybe a week after my wife first broached the subject Lynsey and I were alone in her house masturbating. We were sat in her lounge, in chairs facing each other. We were both wearing bathrobes and I was sat with one of my legs up over the chair arm, Lynsey had both her legs over her chair arms, one over each, giving me an unobstructed view of her gorgeous vagina as she rubbed and penetrated herself with her fingers. I of course was slowly jacking off, giving my daughter the view she loved to see. I mentioned her mother’s desire to see us having sex, she was not exactly enamoured by the idea. I could empathise with her, what daughter really would want her mother to watch her having sex with her father?

The subject was dropped as Lynsey laid a towel on the floor and sitting on it began to use her large vibrator on herself. The vibe is about seven inches long, slightly curved and with ‘rabbit ears’, intended to stimulate the clitoris as well as fill the vagina and provide vibration. She knows how much I enjoy seeing her do this, I mean, what father wouldn’t enjoy the kind of open and free relationship that I shared with my daughter?

There is no coyness when Lynsey masturbates in my presence, she is fully open about everything she does, whether she is using one of her several toys or simply using fingers she hides nothing and is perfectly comfortable doing so.

I do my best to be the same and openly jacking off in front of her is just part of our accepted behaviour. As I looked down on her from my chair I noticed for the first time that there was a jewel or something similar glinting from below her vagina, I asked what it was?

“Why don’t you come and see?”

I got down on my knees and leaned in to take a closer look.

“A butt plug?”

“Mmmm, do you like it, It feels kinda filling, I thought I’d give it a try, my girlfriend gave me it.”

“Does it hurt, I’ve heard they take a bit of getting in?”

“It did at first but now it’s actually quite pleasant, my girlfriend loves them, you should give one a try!”

The mention of her girlfriend always stops me and makes me think, I’m not the only one aside from her husband that she has sex with, and she had never told me the identity of her girlfriend, only ever referring to her as her ‘girlfriend’.

I purged the thought of her mysterious girlfriend from my mind, why think about a girl I didn’t know and probably never would when I had this Venus right in front of me?

My Venus took her hand away from her sex and lifted herself just a little, the invitation was obvious so I lowered my lips to her beckoning folds and drew in her scent before tickling her with my tongue. Round and around her most sensitive parts I licked, occasionally stopping to flick her little nub, making her squirm on the towel. She was getting incredibly wet, and if I knew her at all I knew she would orgasm very shortly.

I do know my daughter, with a squeal she arched her back and wet turned into soaking as her juices flowed and I drank them up. As Lynsey pushed her sex up into my face and I lapped her up she begged for more and more. “You make me come so hard!”

That of course was always my intention!

Having descended from whatever moon she had visited my lusty daughter decided it was my turn, or her turn if you want to put it that way. She sat up and gave me a little push towards my chair, I knew what she wanted.

I sat back in the chair, once again with one leg up over the arm, leaving my quite hard cock out in the open, in full view. Kneeling in front of me Lynsey took hold and began her ministrations, gently massaging me and giving me the occasional lick or kiss. I am not cut, so she peeled back my foreskin and took great delight in flicking her tongue around my head and then engulfing me, sometimes all the way down until her nose was buried in my pubic hair. Ten minutes or so of that and I was about ready to blow, but she had other ideas. Licking her way down my now very hard shaft she took first one then the other of my balls into her mouth before telling me to “lift”. I did as she asked and watched as she licked her way even lower. ‘Rimming’ she called it, licking her way around my very sensitive asshole, pushing her tongue in as far as she could get it and teasing me mercilessly before wetting one escort bostancı (or two) of her fingers and inserting them knuckle deep!

With a finger in my ass she went back to deep throating me. It was too much for me to take for more than a minute or two and when I announced my imminent explosion she pulled back and withdrew the finger. This, she always said, was her favourite thing, as I stood and commenced to Jack myself off. Lynsey knelt on her towel with her lovely face towards me and her mouth open as I fired a stream of hot sticky cum into her mouth. One, two, three long streams before I ran out of pressure and she took me once again into her mouth and sucked me dry.

“Coffee?” Why not we had plenty of time! In the kitchen as my daughter fixed our coffees at the machine I stood behind her, fondling her breasts as she liked me to do. Large but quite firm, Lynsey’s breasts are always so sensitive that even a slight flick of her hard nipples sends shivers right through her body, I can even make her come by paying enough attention to those ‘ladies’ as she calls them. One of her hands came back behind her, fumbled at the front of my bathrobe until it found a way in and grasped my semi-hard cock.

“I hope there’s plenty of life left in this today, we are nowhere near finished yet you know!”

I knew alright, when Lynsey was in the mood she was insatiable, all the better for me until I got to the point of exhaustion!

We drank our coffees in the kitchen and then went back into the lounge, Lynsey taking her empty cup with her. I watched as my daughter wiped her fingers around the inside of her cup and then used those fingers to rub her pussy. “Coffee flavoured cunt daddy?”

In these situations when Lynsey called me ‘daddy’ I knew she wanted to play, not just have straight sex, she wanted to spice things up or just get silly, “have fun” as she would say. Sitting back in her chair she took up her favoured position with her legs over the arms and beckoned me over. Tasting coffee on her lower lips wasn’t the greatest flavour but that taste soon gave way to the essential her, the nectar of the gods, pure unadulterated daughter’s pussy juice! Lynsey’s little squeaks and moans after a little while turned into demands to “Do it!” and entreaties to “lick me dad, oh dad no-one does this like you do! Eat me, bite me!”

I’m not arrogant enough to think that it is me, that it is somehow my technique that has my daughter quivering in ecstasy whenever I touch her, I’m certain that it is ninety nine percent psychological, the fact that what we are doing is so taboo in our sexually backwards society. Whatever, It works for us and in a very short time she was begging to be fucked.

She had wanted to play, and by now so did I so instead of just plunging into her I pulled her off the chair and had her kneel on all fours on the towel on the floor. Pushing her head and shoulders down and opening her legs nice and wide I was able to lick her vagina and around the jewelled base of the butt plug. If there’s one thing that equals having her pussy licked as far as she is concerned then it is having her little tight orifice licked. The noises coming from her told me that she was completely in my power so I tried something new.

I licked as close to her little entrance as I could and then gripped the butt plug in my mouth and gently pulled. Her squeaks turned into a drawn out “naaaaaa!” as the plug dilated her anus and ‘popped’ out. Using my spit as lubricant I pushed it back in.

I went through the whole procedure again to moans of “yes, yes!” and then “there’s proper lube in that bag.”

Lynsey’s bag of sex toys was on the floor next to her so I took out the lubricant and smeared the steel butt plug with it. Fucking my daughter’s ass with a butt plug was a new experience, and as I pushed and pulled it in and out I thought there could only be one improvement to what I was doing, Lynsey Obviously had come to the same conclusion.

“Do it dad, use your cock, fuck my ass!”

Anal sex was something that I hadn’t experienced for many many years, and then only fleetingly, once. I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity, maybe the only chance I’d ever get. Smearing some lubricant on my cock I positioned it carefully at her rear entrance and gently pushed. It was no good, it didn’t go in and Lynsey snapped at me to stop dithering and push it in!

I pushed, hard. Her sphincter gave in and I was a couple of inches deep in her ass. I pulled back a little and then pushed again, a few more movements and I was balls deep in her. I began to fuck her to an accompaniment of low moans and almost bestial growling. She was so tight, it was like nothing I’d ever felt before. One thing was for sure, Lynsey was enjoying it at least as much as me, which came as a surprise based on what I’d ever heard about anal sex.

I was knelt behind her, gripping her hips as I increased the speed and depth of my thrusts. At first Lynsey supported herself ümraniye escort on her knees and one hand, rubbing her pussy with the other, but as my thrusting got harder (at her insistence) she was forced to use both hands on the floor. It was just so erotic, looking down seeing my cock disappearing into my daughter’s asshole that I simply could not last long. When I announced that I was going to come she just shouted “don’t stop, don’t stop!”. I emptied my balls into her, I was so hard that even after I’d finished spurting into her I was able to continue banging into her as she lowered her head down to the floor. In this position my angle of entry was changed and my daughter felt even tighter than before so within only a few minutes I started to flagg, Lynsey suddenly said that she was ‘done’ so I pulled out and we both sat on the floor.

I think it was my daughter that started laughing first but it was contagious and we were soon both gently laughing when Lynsey commented that she didn’t think I had it in me. I was still laughing when I replied that she had certainly had it in her, all the way, and then some!

“I do love you dad!”

“I certainly hope so, seeing as I’ve just fucked you up the arse!”

“I love mum as well, but I couldn’t have her in the room when we have sex… But next time we’re at your place we could just leave the door open a little bit and if she walks past…”

We left it at that.


We don’t have a fixed diary for when we meet for ‘fun’ as we call our liaisons. Lynsey has a busy social diary, she no longer works as Gerald, her husband sees it as beneath him to have a working wife. Instead she does charity work, sits on committees and has coffee mornings and high teas with various dignitaries and the WAGS of business associates. It came as no surprise therefore when a week or so after our last meeting she announced that she had to go to Corfu for a week while Gerald attended an annual event, this year to be held on that island.

What did come as a surprise was when she asked my wife and I if we could go with her. The corporation had taken over about half of an all-inclusive resort on the north of the island and there were plenty of spare apartments, she would even provide the air tickets. Who is going to turn down a free holiday on Corfu? Not us for sure, so a week later off we all went, first class.

The resort was very nice, gated for security and patrolled. Wrist bands were used for access and amenities. The apartments were spacious and clean. While Gerald was at various meetings and ‘events’ Lynsey, Liz and myself took ourselves off around the island. Most evenings Lynsey was expected to attend the company social events; we were not, although we were invited to a couple. We both thought that there was a bit of a sigh of relief when we politely declined. On a few of the evenings we went out of the back gate to a very sheltered beach. From the land side the beach was very well hidden, from the seaward side it was only visible with a high powered night vision telescope from the far shores of Albania. We skinny dipped. Why not? And on the couple of nights that Lynsey accompanied us she got naked as well.

The first time I’d ever had anything resembling a threesome was on that little beach. Mum dad and daughter, all naked and splashing about in the ocean. The first night that Liz and I were down there on our own we had sex on the sand, very simple missionary position sex. There was a good moon and Liz was very obviously feeling horny.

“Why don’t we bring Lynsey down here one night? You get to fuck her on the beach and I get to watch!

It was the following night that we all three of us went down. It was incredibly dark, there was quite a bit of cloud cover hiding the moon and even the fireflies were out in far fewer numbers than previously. Nevertheless, using a torch we got to the beach, and once there after being certain we were alone, Liz and I stripped for a swim, Lynsey quickly followed suit. Mum, dad and daughter, all naked and splashing in the sea. I was stood in about three feet of water when Lynsey came up to me, draped herself around me and kissed me. Not a dad daughter kind of kiss. Her hand found my hardening cock and she started to play. My wife soon joined us and I was kissing them both. I felt Liz’s hand travel to my cock, she found it very hard, and she found Lynsey’s hand. Her hand went lower and my balls were being massaged by my wife as my daughter jacked me off, heaven!

Corfu is a lovely warm place but that sea wasn’t, so we headed out of the water and up onto the beach. I had hopes, could this turn into a threesome, full sex with both my wife and daughter? When we got to the sand Lynsey immediately knelt on her hands and knees on a towel, her meaning very clear. I looked over at Liz, we could only just make each other out in the darkness, we could see our outlines but no features. “Go for it!”

“Come on dad, don’t keep me here waiting all night, kartal escort bayan you heard mum, go for it!”

I went for it. Getting on my knees behind her I positioned my cock and stroked it up and down her valley, her moistness coating my erection. I stopped, centred my cock and slid easily in. The grunt like groan that accompanied the penetration from Lynsey was loud enough to be heard back in the resort. I started the most pleasurable act of fucking my daughter, still hoping that this could evolve into a full on three-way. I was so hard it was almost painful. Fucking my daughter in the open in full view of my wife, her mother, had a psychological effect. I was king of the beach, like one of those sea lions you see that control a harem of willing females.

I stroked in and out, getting so deep I was slamming into her cervix, her cries of pleasure and encouragement driving me on and on. I suddenly found Liz up close by my side, she leaned in and kissed me. As my wife kissed me her hand went down and grasped my cock, I was now sliding through her fingers and then into Lynsey. She took her hand away and I felt her touch Lynsey from in front. The effect on my daughter was fast and dramatic. Her whole body started to vibrate, as I fucked her her mother was masturbating her, her cries of “Do it, do it, don’t stop don’t stop!” Echoed out around the small bay we were in. I was gripping her hips as I drove myself in and out of her, she was soaking, even making squelching noises as I hit her body with mine, my cock and Liz’s fingers driving her to incredible heights.

I burst into her, flooding her completely. As I did so she gave a half sort of scream and fell face down into the sand, sliding off my still solid erection. We could hardly make out each other’s faces but I could just see a happy grin on my wife’s face. Lynsey had missed the towel when she fell forwards and I missed it when I’d gone backwards so we were both covered in sticky sand.

“That was so fucking intense!” Lynsey summed it up as we all put our outer clothes back on and gathered up our other possessions. The ten minute walk back to the gate to the resort was done in near silence as I think we were all pretty beat after our adventure.

After kissing each other goodnight we separated to our apartments and Liz and I showered together. Sand, as it tends to, had gotten into places it really shouldn’t have and we both had fun helping remove it. I had gone into the shower semi hard, but after a couple of minutes I was at full mast again, a fact that Liz decided to make the most of.

Kneeling on the tiled shower floor my wife took hold of my hard cock and used it as a lollipop, licking and sucking for all she was worth. Of course I had to reciprocate, so sitting on the same tiled floor I licked and sucked her pussy, pushing my tongue in as far as I could get it as she balanced herself over me. When she suddenly announced that she needed to pee I told her to carry on. It wasn’t exactly a first for us, but it had been a long time and we both laughed as my wife’s stream hit me and I revelled in the golden shower that she produced.

Both washed and clean we left the shower and to my surprise Liz knelt on the bed on her hands and knees and said she wanted the same as Lynsey had got. This was new, for several years my wife had engaged in missionary position sex only, and pretty infrequently. She hadn’t been able to see very clearly on the beach but I had to assume that that scenario had had its effects on her. I knelt behind her and did exactly as I had with Lynsey, she was surprisingly wet, and my slick covered cock found entry. I started slowly as had become our custom but she wasn’t satisfied and to my amazement she demanded it hard and rough and fast! I held on to her hips as I pounded into her, hammering into her cervix in a way I hadn’t done for years and just to make the scene even more surreal she swore, like she had never ever done in the past. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Liz had never done that while we were having sex, never.

It had been a long time since she’d asked me to lick her as well, but she did now, as I pulled out she put her head down and moved her knees outwards offering her rear end to me. I went down on her from behind, licking my way up and down from her tiny little clit round to her puckered little hole. That bit she still didn’t like, she had never been happy to have her ass even touched, never mind licked or penetrated. That was ok, it takes two, so I concentrated on her sopping pussy. I licked and sucked the way I used to when we were just married as my wife buried her face in the bedclothes and moaned out loud.

As I licked her deepest crevices Liz got wetter and wetter until at least she announced that she had had enough and demanded that I “Put it back in!”

Kneeling behind her once again I slid my cock into her and began a long slow exercise of what some people call ‘drilling’, as I slowly fucked my wife. There was no rush as I got a steady rhythm going, in out, in out, all the way in and almost all the way out, she was so wet that there was no friction and the longer we went at it the wetter she became. When I announced my impending orgasm all she could do was say “Mmmmmm” and collapse down onto the bed.

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