The Magnificunt Seven

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My twin brother Rod and I had been very lucky! After both finishing at university, without I might add any real qualifications, (unless you include Advanced Fornication and a Masters in Masturbation) we had managed to land the perfect positions for a couple of horny and incestuous layabouts, as temporary housekeepers in some godforsaken manor house high on the Yorkshire moors.

We had been in residence just over two weeks and had fucked in every room of the house when we had the visit. It was mid September and although the weather was still warm, the day in question had started with promise but had quickly deteriorated to wet; cold and totally fucking miserable.

We had just decided to get down to some serious shagging, (Rod was determined to take me ‘doggy’ fashion on the huge kitchen table) when the doorbell rang, catching him in the midst of expertly easing a pair of 38 EE’s out of my tightly strained bra’, an act he’d been perfecting since he breathlessly liberated my then walnut-sized boobies from my first cotton bra.

“Oh fuck me,” groaned a most frustrated Rod.

“Not just yet Bro’,” I whispered in reply, tucking my boobs back from whence they had been liberated. “I’ll get rid of whoever it is. Just you concentrate on keeping that ‘hard on’ nurtured; it feels like a good ‘un!’

“No problem Annie,” he grinned in reply. “Unless it’s a couple of ‘hot-arsed’ floosies looking for a dick to hang their pussies on.”

“You’ve enough pussy here to keep you quiet ’till Christmas,” I pouted, raising my skirt to my waist and revealing my moist quim to his eager gaze. (Knickers were not an item high on my list of essential clothing, especially indoors.

I skipped towards the large oak door as he playfully pursued me while trying to free his swollen prick from his tight jeans. “Rod! For fucks sake control yourself you randy ‘git’ and wait in the pantry until I get rid of the thoughtless bastard.”

I made myself as presentable as I could and swung back the great door. I was aware that my body was still aroused as love-juice was dribbling down my inner thigh and my blood gorged nipples stood out like chapel hat-pegs. Still, it would at least give the caller something to ogle.

As the heavy door swung open, I peered out through the mist and rain and swear I had never seen such a miserable sight! Huddled within the porch in a vain attempt to escape the worst of the weather, were seven very wet and dejected females.

“You could just probably save our lives,” said the woman who appeared to be the leader of the party. “We’re from Fookham Hall. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? It’s a finishing school for young ladies. I’m Mary Gates and I’m in control of outside pursuits there, although I think that perhaps today was not a good choice for a field trip.”

“Depends on what you want to do in the field,” I responded mischievously as I recalled what Rod and I had achieved atop a five-barred gate in the paddock adjoining the house.

“But what am I thinking about! Come in please and let’s see if we can dry you out.” The sodden party needed no second bidding and were soon grouped around the large kitchen fire that I had lit in anticipation of our rudely interrupted tabletop tumble.

“Come on girls!” I chided. “Let’s get you out of those wet clothes. I’m sure I can fit you all out until they’re dry enough to put back on.” The seven hesitated until I reminded them that we were all girls together and that they shouldn’t be embarrassed. “Look! I’ll slip away and see what I can dig out of the wardrobe. In the meantime, get out of those wet things and if you must, cover your modesty with these towels.”

I gave each of the girls a towel, saving the largest for Ms Gates. “When I come back I’ll make us all some coffee and I’m sure that there’s a little something that I can slip in to revive you all.”

When I returned some ten minutes later, my arms piled with an assortment of skirts; sweaters and blouses, I could see that the girls were beginning to loose their inhibitions. Before they realized that I had returned, I saw most of them in various states of nudity, basking in the warm glow of the fire.

I quickly realized that all the party, including the ‘elderly’ Ms Gates (she must have been pushing thirty) were all good lookers with bodies to match. It was then that the idea first began to form in my head. So, Rod my sexy sibling, a couple of ‘hot arsed floosies’ eh! I wonder if you can handle seven???

The girls were by now enjoying their second cups of hot coffee, liberally laced with strong Jamaican rum and a dash of what Rod had informed me was an aphrodisiac concoction put together by some of the more randy biochemists at the ‘uni’, and guaranteed to make the most determined virgin lower her resolve (not to mention her knickers). As I distributed the clothing to the near naked girls, I decided to put my plan into action.

“Well I don’t think this old kitchen has seen such an assortment of pussies before,” I said provocatively. The girls hesitated casting covert glances at Ms Gates, unsure of what was to follow.

“I thought all pussies escort bostancı were pretty much the same,” responded a petite brunette who sat on the edge of the large kitchen table, showing just a little too much of her maidenhead than was good for her. Not wishing to lose the impetus, I casually placed my hands between the thighs of this precocious beauty, which I was later to learn was called Mandy, and before she could protest, prised them apart to reveal a most perfect little cunt!

Mandy looked at me in astonishment and fairly blinked when I expertly separated the outer folds of the ‘camel toe’, exposing the pink moist lips of her inner folds. “Now this girls is what I would describe as a ‘kiddy-cunt’. You will see that the thin, barely formed outer lips are short and easily opened to reveal a tight little hole which I believe has probably received nothing more than the odd inquisitive finger and at best perhaps a youth’s dick.”

Titters ran round the room as the rest of the girls gazed intently at the most intimate and sensitive part of their friend’s anatomy. “Now let me show you a more mature pussy.” Before anyone could protest, I casually lay across the table; hoisted my skimpy leather skirt and revealed to them my well used though still not unattractive cunt.

“You will see that I am considered hirsute and been educated ladies I am sure you will realize that means I have a very hairy minge. This is a real turn-on for your average red-bloodied male, as he loves to explore this rather course fuzz before continuing his search for the cunt hole.” At this point I used both hands to gently part my voluminous pubic hair to reveal my outer labia.

“You will also notice that these much darker folds of rubbery skin are longer and more voluminous than Mandy’s and as I part them they reveal secondary folds that can be pulled and stretched to quite an extent.” I grasped each intermediary fold, fondly christened my ‘piss-flaps’ by Rod, extending them a good two inches to expose my pinkish inner lips.

By now, all the young ladies were totally intrigued with my rather unusual anatomy and appeared most eager to continue with their ‘education’.

“And only now is my actual cunt hole revealed. Appearing quite small to the eye but capable of expanding to take in the largest of dicks, or, failing the availability -!” I quickly inserted two fingers of my right hand into the sacred hole, followed immediately by the corresponding fingers of my left!

There was a collective gasp around the room as seven pair of eyes watched in awe as I frigged myself to orgasm, heralded by the sticky translucent ‘cum’ pumping out from between swollen labia and liberally coating my now motionless fingers. I sensed furtive movements of other trembling fingers towards slick cunts as I withdrew my dripping digits and one by one sensually licked them clean.

“Well! Who’s next to show me their pussy?” By now all the girls were almost falling over themselves in their childish eagerness to reveal their secret spots; all that is apart from the two oriental young ladies (Japanese I had guessed), Who had steadfastly refused to remove their kimono-like knee-length undergarments and had dried themselves as best they could, almost fully clothed in an attempt to preserve their obvious modesty. However, I had caught a brief glimpse of a magnificently shaped boob that appeared most firm and squeezable as it slipped momentarily from the fold of her kimono. It was topped by a cute little cherry-red nipple, just right for suckling. At that point I still believed that after the demure pair had witnessed what I had planned for the gathering, they would be more than willing to participate and perhaps show us a little more of their obviously well-toned bodies.

Within the next hour, I had exhibited to my now attentive group that there was no such article as a standard pussyy and as the lesson had been ‘hands on’ my tutorial had worked them up into a state approaching near sexual frenzy. Even the erstwhile prim Ms Gates, her inhibitions now totally out of the window, had proudly displayed probably the largest and best-prodded cunt I had ever seen (other than my own of course — which I might elucidate on to inform you that during my twenty tender years it had conquered, apart from brother Rod’s, 93 dicks of assorted shapes and sizes — mostly large; taken In 74 dildos; absorbed innumerable probing fingers; had fought and invariably won in trials with a variety of phallic shaped objects, including bananas; cucumbers and at a very tender age, the best part of a twelve inch long baby marrow — Ooh! How I loved that marrow! You think I exaggerate? Well let’s say I started young and keep a very detailed diary).

Ms Gates confessed that in her early student years she had been demure and innocent. However a passing encounter with the well-hung gatekeeper of her college had made her insatiable for sex in any form, resulting in her having been fucked; fellated; felt and buggered by most of the undergraduates and dons on the campus. She also matched my little showstopper by comfortably inserting a ümraniye escort similar number of fingers into her comely twat (although I suspected there was ample room for more).

“Well! Now that we are all more intimately acquainted and have a deeper understanding of the size, shape and variety of uses of the sacred vagina, I believe I must now inform you that your education is not quite complete. Oh! It’s easy for us girls to examine and extol the many virtues of our various ‘fuck-pieces’, but at the end of the day there’s really only one true test of cunt excellence and that’s to seek the opinion of an impartial expert. Such an expert of course must be of the opposite sex, with no preconceived thoughts on what constitutes the perfect cunt. To him the perfect cunt is the one that gives his little dick the most pleasure. It just so happens that such an expert is in our midst and is no doubt most willing to prove his credentials. However! I must add a word of caution. His manhood can never be described as ‘little’. If any of you girls believe that a twelve inch cock is not for them then I suggest you leave the room now!” ——- Not a soul moved!

“Girls after my own heart,” I retorted. “However, to ensure that the test is scrupulously fair and that our expert concentrates on cunt alone and is not distracted by big boobs; nifty nipples; pert arses or pretty faces, I intend to blindfold him. I will then guide him to each of you who wish to gain their degree in ‘fuckability’ and after the mandatory slow shag, will ask him to mark accordingly. I suggest that prior to his entrance you ensure that your pussies are nice and moist, as the slickest will have the honour of ‘first stab’. Now quickly girls! Line up ‘doggy’ fashion on the table. The exam is about to start!

Apart from the still reticent Orientals, none of those remaining needed a second bidding,. Within a minute five well coiffured heads ducked down and five stylish arses pointed skyward, each pair of gently parting bum cheeks parenthesising a moist and eager vagina, each one crying out to be fucked.

I led Rod out, having quickly explained his role and had actually seen his prick grow at least another inch in anticipation. The five high-class arses quivered with similar anticipation as I lightly brushed Rod’s blood gorged glans across each firm buttock as I led him by the prick along the love line.

Three times, as his prick passed the ‘centre of excellence’, the owner’s steaming cunt lips had parted and appeared to be trying to suck the penis head in. It was all I could do to prevent him plunging his manhood to the hilt. However. Each unscheduled diversion had coated his now purple ‘helmet’ with generous helpings of musky love-juice that dripped sensually from the hot prick end.

Now I sensed it was time to get down to the serious business. There was no further way to arouse to greater sexual heights either donor or recipients. The former had grown an erection the likes of which I had never witnessed before and already there was evidence of a spunk weep as the straining piss crack was oozing the colourless ‘cum’ that is generally the prelude to that thick white semen which all true sexpots know and love.

The recipients were as one, crying; moaning and beseeching Rod to fuck them senseless. I perceived more than one trembling finger parting pubic hair and to circumvent what had started as a serious fucking event deteriorating into a multi masturbating session I knew I had to act quickly. With practised ease, I expertly frigged the over stimulated girls, two at a time, until each unleashed their slick loads over my probing fingers. The trick worked! Each arse relaxed a little at the musky discharge as though temporarily satiated but remaining eager for more than a questing finger.

The kitchen now smelt more like a high-class bordello as copious volumes of love juice and expensive body oils mingled. I glanced again at the row of female arses and realized that I must find the first sheath for Rod’s straining weapon. It didn’t take long. There was no doubt that each girl was the owner of a fanny glistening with ‘cum’. There was even droplets emerging from two or three that were coating inner thighs. However, only Dolores had excreted to the degree that a small translucent puddle was forming on the tabletop. She was therefore ordained as Rod’s first!

Dolores was well stacked in more ways than one. Her father was a man on his way to his third million while she possessed a body that was worth every penny of the same. As she crouched like a tiger on heat, her large pendulous breasts, tipped with probably the biggest nipples I had ever seen were brushing the wooden surface of the table. The action was obviously stimulating the cherry-like nipples as they were dark crimson with the surge of blood promoted by the sensuous friction against the scrubbed pine surface. The aureoles were also huge in diameter. Each one being only a shade darker in colour and radiating from the juicy nipples to cover an area of breast larger than a saucer. Her derriere, though large, was firm and well shaped. Her exposed labia kartal escort bayan were long and fleshy and stretched almost the full length of the bum slit. This was topped by an equally exquisite rose petal arsehole, red as fire at the outer periphery and gradually darkening toward the centre, which was not quite closed, giving the impression that this particular rose would easily ‘blossom’ to receive the largest of dicks (etc).

It transpired that Dolores had recently returned from a Spanish holiday, where, she was to relate to us later that she had been ‘gang banged’ by the waiters; kitchen staff and half the customers of a little restaurant when she discovered that she could not pay the bill in hard euros but had offered soft pussy as a substitute. She was reminded of this pleasurable experience when she felt the great shaft of Rod’s tool breaching her well-lubricated twat. The sensation was not unlike the moment when Manuel, the headwaiter, had rammed his thick Spanish penis up her fanny, quickly followed by Pedro the chef, who, after coating his even thicker prick with virgin (sic) olive oil was easing it effortlessly up her arse. Alfredo, the doorman meanwhile, who was built like a brick out-house, was inserting his particular slice of meat into her generous mouth, the sultry lips of which had extended to a massive ‘o’ as they wrapped around the bulbous knob-end. Seve, a mere kitchen hand had to settle for pleasuring himself around and between her magnificent mammaries and had actually lost sight of his not unsubstantial cock as he simultaneously attempted a tit shag while fingering the pulsating nipples.

Dolores’ ‘full house’ had been completed when two strapping German customers, their lederhosen around their ankles, had been rewarded when she had grasped their throbbing dicks and ruthlessly but with a fiery passion that had actually circumcised them both, wanked them to ejaculation

stage with a dozen or so piston-like movements of her slender though strong fingers, which only just encircled the now bloodied pricks.

Needless to say that after all had spent their hot sticky spunk, in her and on her, the bill was considered paid in full. However, generous to a fault, Dolores, by way of a tip, had allowed a repeat show with even a couple of encores, with the participants moving round after each fresh shower of spunk. However, just before the curtain came down on the now flagging willies, the restaurant owner had turned up demanding to be included in the ‘cuntfest’. Apparently he had somehow managed to insert his cock alongside one already well housed in her cunt and with a cry of ‘ole’ had shot his load deep into her swollen belly.

Dolores was savagely dragged back to real time as she realized that Rod was now straining to get the last of his twelve-inch inside her. Although she realized that the business end was hard up against her womb she prayed that elasticity would come to her aid. With this thought in mind, she thrust back with such vigour that she literally pulled herself onto his throbbing weapon. This action, coupled with Rod grasping tenaciously at her shapely shoulders was enough for the shaft to disappear from the light of day. It was finally home!

Satisfied that Dolores could take his full length, Rod began to shag her, slowly at first. Each insertion was to the maximum and each withdrawal slightly longer than the previous one until the ultimate was reached. Eleven inches out, each inch glistening with its musky coating of love-juice, and twelve inches in. The rhythm gradually built up and, like practised artistes, as one thrust in the other thrust back, achieving maximum penetration and satisfaction. As the pace quickened, each thrust saw Rod’s balls bouncing part way up her belly as her huge tits generated shock waves that started somewhere deep within the pendulous mass and travelled outwards to explode like a huge electric charge on the sensitive surface of each tingling nipple.

The action quickened further, and all around the room the excited spectators could hear the sexy slurp and slap of finely honed genitalia at the commencement and culmination of each stroke. With a final extravagant gesture, Rod once more thrust his now pulsing prick to the far anatomical reaches of Dolores’ womb, his coarse pubic hair pressed hard against her sore and gaping cunt.

For a split second he held the pose until his balls exploded, sending wave after wave of his hot spunk up that twelve-inch shaft to spurt finally from his cock slit like some primordial eruption that now splattered and coated the far regions of a cervix that in such little time had experienced many a similar drenching. However, none to date had been so fiery or copious — or satisfying.

Dolores whole body shuddered with the joy of experiencing what had been her best fuck by far. As Rod eventually withdrew his now wilted cock before slumping to the floor, her shaking hands reached back to catch the excess spunk, which was now seeping from her reddened cunt hole. The ‘catch’ she then lovingly transferred to her eager lips, drinking the salty ‘goo’ as though it was the finest champagne. Each finger finally sucked dry, she also slid to the floor and began to lick the combination of juices from Rod’s now flaccid member, emitting little cries of sexual delight as she experienced the thrill of delayed multi-orgasms coursing through her body.

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