The Mark

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Charlotte’s eyes burned as she stared into the little video box on the laptop screen in front of her.  She watched a policeman extract a thin laptop from a safe in the wall, one of three Brumble had stashed.  In the study, another ran his fingers along a thin line of caulk on the drywall next to a bookcase, courtesy of Sersha last night.  Subtle beacons in a perfect house.The little clues had never failed.   Today Sersha had turned on the computer in Brumble’s study as he languished in bed naked, thinking she was in the kitchen.  She typed in his password to allow Charlotte wireless access to his computer, then left as Charlotte hacked into the M15.  When she succeeded, leaving his IP as a trail of digital breadcrumbs for the cops, Charlotte called Sersha’s burner cell to tell her it was done.Standing next to Brumble in the bedroom on her phone, Sersha had acted shocked.  A family emergency, she told him, nearing hysterics.  She fled out the side door.  Moments after, the police arrived.  Brumble had glanced out the front window at the commotion, then ran to the back of the house.  They broke down the door, chased him through the flat, and knocked the pompous prick through the glass patio door in his bathrobe to arrest him.    That was a nearly an hour ago.Charlotte exhaled. The hot, humid air over her fingers made her realize she was pinching her lower lip.  Releasing it, she sat back in the office chair and drew her legs up.  Hugged her knees to her chest.  The refrigerator huffed in the kitchen, then settled into a droning hum.  The only noise in the irritatingly tidy apartment.  “Come on, Sersh.  Where ya at?” she murmured at the video screen.Brumble, Clarke, the Smiths, they were all the same.  Every mark was an integral part of establishments that polluted lands and waters, ripped up smaller companies like the roots of weeds, and cared nothing of people they might hurt. People like Sersha’s father, leading him to suicide two years ago.  She’d come to Charlotte’s window in the middle of a storm, makeup a wreck from the tears and rain.  They kissed for the first time.  Talked all night, slept wound in each other’s arms.  Within a week, Sersha’s grief was eaten by anger and Charlotte thought up a plan for revenge.  It was the only thing that pushed Sersha’s pain away, for a moment.  But she lingered longer every time, to watch the men and women get taken down.  It was cathartic, but dangerous.This can’t be the day.  Charlotte closed her eyes.  Propped her elbow on her quad and massaged her eyelids lightly with her thumb and forefinger.  Come on, baby.  A thud was followed by the ripping sound of the sticky front door.  Lurching forward, Charlotte killed the video feed and slammed the laptop shut.  Bllinked away the blur in her eyes and looked up, heart pounding.“Holy shit, what a rush!”  Laughing and out of breath, Sersha swung into the room.  Kicked the door shut behind her, blue eyes bright in the overhead light. The collar of her grey cape-style coat swept the boxy line of her jaw.  “I barely made it out of there before the cops came!”Relief poured through Charlotte’s body like a balm.  She exhaled, the entire carriage of her body shrinking to normal.  “Thank fucking Christ, it’s you.”“Of course it’s me!”  Smile beaming, she flitted to Charlotte and pecked her lips. Then she leaned back, crouching as she swiveled Charlotte’s chair around to face her.  Her long, golden ponytail hung from her shoulder.  “You were watching, right?”Her eyes seemed wider and more expressive with the winged liner and false lashes, that smile more mischeivious outlined in deep burgundy. Lightness blew through Charlotte’s body, an automatic reaction to her girlfriend’s happiness.  She fought her lips down, forced herself to be serious.  “Of course.  We did good, but baby… you gotta stop hanging around.  Someone will put it together.”“I know, I know.”  Sersha stood, still grinning.  She reached up, undid the button at her collar and opened her coat.  Shed it and tossed it on the couch as she looked out the window.  “It’s just always so esat escort good to see them get theirs, you know?”“Sersh…”  “Wait.”  She went still, gaze glued on something outside.  Holding up a finger to Charlotte, she crept closer, her pencil skirt gripping the pert bubbles of her ass as she brushed a gauzy drape aside.  “Oh, Charlotte.  It’s him!” “What’s who?”Sersha whipped around, her smile stretched impossibly wide on her small face.  “This guy… he walks past Brumble’s every day, always with this sad look, like he’s driving himself mad.  He barely sees where he’s going, nearly bumps into streetlamps and cars, things like that.  He must be taking this way because Brumble’s road is blocked!”  Always alone, always sad, driving himself mad… Charlotte crept to the corner of the dim room behind Sersha and peered out the window, toes curling on the hardwood floor as if they’d keep her grounded.  The street was nearly vacant, police lights flashing at the cross street behind a man further up the hill from their flat.  He was a bit hunched under a knit cap, hands in his coat pockets as he walked along the row of empty cars.  The light from a streetlamp glowed ice-white behind him.Something about him broke a wedge in the shadows of her psyche free.  Something deep, ignored, that had been pulling at her frays of her mind for awhile.She straightened, shifting her weight to her heels as she watched.  He meant something.  But what?Sersha twirled around, grabbing her hand.  “We should celebrate.  Let’s give him a show.”  Before she could reply, her girlfriend pulled her to the back bedroom.  Let go to flick on the light, illuminating the queen sized bed, the Black Keys poster above the overpriced dresser.  She left her in the doorway as she backed toward the window.  Her eyes remained on Charlotte’s as her head tilted to the side, awaiting her response.  It was everything she loved about Sersha.  Her physical beauty, her empathy, her daring.  Not to mention her intelligence.  The sudden flick of the light had been sure to draw the stranger’s attention on the darkened street.The game had begun.  Sweet tension coiled in her mind.  She felt like her body changed.  Grew stronger, but more intense.  More predatory.  Ever aware of her white shirt, dark nipples.  Aware of the cling of her blue lace boyshorts in the cleft of her pussy, the air at her backside.  Everything Sersha was purposefully ignoring with her challenging gaze.“Convince me.”  Charlotte leaned against the doorjamb and crossed her forearms, pressing her tits together in the scoop of her shirt.  Sersha smiled.  Her tongue moved across the side of her upper lip, then hid again.  Raising her arms, she closed her eyes and stretched, serenity clear on her face. Charlotte had to smile with her.  Sersha was never more calm than when she was performing.Relaxing, Sersha’s long, thin fingers fluttered to the front of her white blouse.  Unbuttoned each pearl as she looked at Charlotte, the fabric gaping open.  She pulled it back, exposing her cherry red bra, the hints of breasts burgeoning from the cups, and the fine line of muscle down her pale abdomen.  The top slid down her slim arms and onto the floor.Charlotte heard herself breathe.  Sniffing, she regained her composure.“Oh, that old thing?  Sure that’s enough to keep his attention?”  Charlotte asked lightly.  Laughing, Sersha reached behind her, the movement pushing out her breasts as she unzipped her skirt.  She hooked her thumbs at the sides and pushed it down, wiggling until it fell to the floor.  Her panties matched her bra, with satin straps rising over her hips and lace stenciling flowers on her skin. Swaying as if to music, the beat from somewhere within, Sersha pointed at her, beckoning her until Charlotte was almost shown by the window. Charlotte dropped to her knees.  Looking at her girlfriend’s gorgeous face, she reached up.  Curled her fingers under the straps of Sersha’s panties and rested her knuckles against her hips.  Smiled.“Lottie…” Her girlfriend wiggled, the fabric pulling etimesgut escort bayan down a bit but Charlotte didn’t budge.  Wanted to push her to her limit.  “Mmm.”  The inner parts of her brows lifted and pushed toward each other, tiny muscles no one else ever saw.  In that second, Charlotte knew the stranger outside meant nothing.  None of it did.  Everything was back down to both of them.  Their history, their love.  Them against the world, always.“Baby… please.”Tsking, Charlotte kissed Sersha’s outer folds.  Drew a line down one side with her nose.  There was nothing silkier than Sersha’s body, but the panties were a close second.“Make me come, Lottie.  Show him what you do to me.”Her girlfriend was breathless, her words leaving Charlotte’s fingers electric.  Made her feel even more powerful, needed, alive.  Arching her hips to push out her ass, she ripped her loose white tee over her head, crumpled it, and put it under her knees to cushion.  Her nipples tightened in the sudden free air.  She stroked the hot, wet belly of Sersha’s panties, feeling the plump give of her labia, the little bumps of her inner lips pressing through the folds.  Her sweet, musky fragrance.Sersha whimpered, grinding her pussy against Lottie’s finger.  Mouth open a millimeter, eyes heavy lidded and brows knit.  Her fingertips tickled Charlotte’s crown.  “Please,” she begged, her voice breaking.Charlotte snatched the panties to Sersha’s knees.  Dropped them and grasped her smooth hips.  Dove forward with a long lick to spread Sersha’s slick split, then pulled her closer, tongue searching.Her girlfriend gasped just as Charlotte found it.  Charlotte slid her hands over Sersha’s beautiful ass, clutching and spreading her bouncy flesh.  Pointing her tongue, she flicked it across Sersha’s hardening little button.  Looked up to see her girlfriend’s head rolling side to side, her lower lip trembling.  Her painted mouth opened wide then narrow, wide then narrow.  Words lost with Charlotte’s tongue.Sersha looked down, lids hooded.  Gaze struggling.  She glanced out the window.Oh, I’ll give him something to see.  Charlotte flicked her tongue faster, faster.  Thrashed the little nub, pussy juice coating her mouth. Sersha’s small rocks turned into jerks.  Charlotte closed her eyes just in time to fall into Sersha’s shuddering, convulsing orgasm.  Her breathless, high pitched cries filled the room.  Charlotte continued, riding the crescendo, nose crushed against her girlfriend’s mound, Sersha’s thighs tense around her, until her quivering slowed.  So slick and ready.  Charlotte wished she could slip on her strap-on.  She’d push Sersha to the window, split her wide around her cock and show the man outside how she fucked her into oblivion.But she thought about him.  Alone.  Life seemingly the same everyday.  Tonight would be different.  He’ll remember it always.  Us, always.Charlotte leaned back, butt to her heels.  She looked up into Sersha’s blue eyes, stroked the smooth curve of her calves and forced herself to ignore the pale, glistening pout of her pussy.  The rich swell of her breasts in that bra.  “Stay.  Do whatever you have to do.  Maybe I’ll bring you a present back.  But right now, do exactly what I tell you.”  Sersha let out a breathy giggle.  “I love it when you get like this.”  Charlotte felt like glowing with pride.“Look out the window, but not directly at him.  Keep him in your peripheral line of sight.  Stay coy, and tell me how he reacts.”Her girlfriend moved her head like an afterthought.  Brushed her hair from her face and looked out the window, her jawline inclined in the most regal posture Charlotte had ever seen.  The light shone from above made her smoky eyeshadow darker, the white of her eyes more pronounced.    Charlotte slunk from the window to the bed, away from his sight.  Snatched a hoodie from the top of the mattress and pulled it over her head.As Charlotte pulled her hair loose from the neck of the top, she watched Sersha turn from the window and walk to the dresser.  She Escort etlik grabbed a big rounded brush from its surface and pulled it through her pin-straight hair, a smile teasing her lips.  “He saw.  Definitely,” she said without looking Charlotte’s way.  “The streetlight he’s under is blown, so he must feel like he’s invisible.  Maybe he feels like that all the time.”Charlotte plucked a pair of jeans from the floor and tugged them on.  As she buttoned the top, Sersha met her eyes in the mirror.  “Careful, girl.  Don’t spoil the surprise,” Charlotte said softly.  She pushed her feet into the white trainers, laces loose and still tied.Sersha looked back at her own reflection, pulling the brush through again.  “I’ll be watching.”“Counting on it.”  She shot her a smile, then turned away.She dashed through the open doorway, through the dark living room, and yanked open the sticky front door.  Playing her tongue stud against her teeth in a glissando, she bounded down the stairs and didn’t stop until she blew through the outside door.Cold seized every millimeter of her exposed skin, making her bristle.  A second later, she remembered to ease the door shut, freezing her palm on the silver handle but leaving it just ajar.She walked to the front of the building, staying close to the brick as her eyes acclimated to the dewy shadows of the city.  Looking up, she found the pocks of light lining the street.  Followed them to a point of darkness between the even row and traced it down to the sidewalk.He was taller than she’d thought, almost a full person away from the top of the dark lamppost.  He was looking down, then glanced around as he hung his head.  A moment passed and he looked up at the apartment window.  A faint shimmer reflected on his eyes from the lamp to his right.  For a moment, she felt guilty.  Shy.Then she realized Sersha was probably putting on a show and she clapped a hand over her mouth to stifle a laugh.  My turn, baby.Smiling, she pushed her hands in her front pockets.  Looked both ways on the empty, rain misted street, then dashed across it.  She slowed her stride, quieting her steps, and snuck up behind him.  Back to the holly lining the other side of the sidewalk, she looked up to follow his gaze.Sersha was bent over the dresser as if looking into the mirror, wagging her bouncing ass as she pulled the brush through her long blonde hair. Charlotte fisted her fingers in her pockets, fighting the urge to take that brush from her hands and spank her with it.She heard a soft exhale, a reminder of the stranger.  Saw the last trails of hot breath dissipate in front of his face. Dude never had a chance.  A bubble of glee rose inside her.  Licking her lips, she rose on her tiptoes.  “Beautiful, isn’t she?”He jumped and she stepped back.  Stilled.  The man whirled around, feet tap-dancing on a small patch of ice.  His arms flailed in jagged windmills, breath fogged in the air like steam from a locomotive.  She had to press her lips together to keep from laughing as he finally found his footing, arms to the sides for a second more before dropping down.  Eyes wide, his gaze flickered over her face.   “I… I… Ah… Aya…”  “Shhhh.”  She lifted her brows.  Turned her head left and right, looking down the slick and empty streets.  Saw the faint strobing halo of blue and white cop lights down the road and faced him again.  Two people, one moment.  Intimacy.  ”Your secret’s safe, Mr. P. Tom.””Please. I’m… sorry.”  The man glanced past her toward Brumble’s, then refocused on her.”What for? She’s irresistible, right?” She leaned closer, hoping he’d smell the sweet perversion of Sersha’s pussy on her face. “Wouldn’t you just love to taste her?”He stared. “Well, I…” His lips seemed to search the air for the rest of the sentence, but it was lost.  He shut his mouth.Come on. The gaze of her girlfriend egged her on.  She took a small step forward, felt the tips of his fingers through his coat at the sides of her abdomen.  He backed against the lamppost.  She stared at his mouth, the pout of his lower lip. “No, what I mean is, would you like to taste her?”He blinked.  It was just too sweet.  Too honest.This is a good man.  The thought shaved at her naughty high.Having dealt only with the bad, she wondered if she’d lost that sweetness she might’ve had.  That true honesty, and the ability to believe it.  To trust anyone.

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