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I have a stereotypically boring sex life. My wife feels vanilla sex should be good enough, treats oral as foreplay only, anal completely out of the question, and everything else I fantasize about is not even in the realm of possibility.

I have approached the subject on several occasions, often I’m met with disbelief that I’m dissatisfied. How can I not be happy with our sex life we do it all the time?

For the record once every month and a half is not all the time. It barely counts as a sex life. I got laid more in high school as a band geek.

One night I got tired of taking matters into my own hands so to speak, she had just taken a shower and laid down next to me in bed. One of my wife’s favorite things was foot massages. As she read her book I decided to see where things would go if I indulged her.

I quietly shifted positions set up my tab on the end of the bed and took her left foot in my hands. I didn’t say a word to her, just began absent minded rubbing while watching a show. Almost immediately I heard moaning from the other side of the bed, I snuck a glance and so she still had her book up, but her eyes were rolling and fluttering. I smiled and kept going, pausing on the rubbing every few moments to gently brush my fingers up her leg and back down again, watching the goose bumps form and her body twitch with pleasure each time.

After about 10 minutes I switched to her other foot doing the same thing. Every time I paused to stroke her leg I’d let my hand stray just a little further up, until I was teasing the bottoms of her underwear.

Another 10 minutes of this and my hands were starting to cramp up. I decided to stop, it didn’t seem to be going anywhere but I liked her reactions.

As I shifted back to laying down next to her she smiled at me and thanked me. “What was that for?” She asked. “I knew you had a rough day on your feet and thought you’d like it.” I said.

She kissed me softly, then turned back to her book. I noticed she was shifting back and forth and I asked what was wrong. “Just sore muscles.” She said. I joked “well it better not be your feet after all that.”

“Oh no, they are great thank you. Just the rest of me now.” She said.

I began rubbing Adana Escort her back. Which if her feet were her favorite then this was a close second.

I loved how with each stroke and rub she would let out a soft moan to let me know what she liked. I often joked how she was my favorite musical instrument. I was sure to keep alternating between hard rubs and gentle brushing. Bringing my fingers across the back of her neck, then down her spine always produced the most pleasurable sounds.

I decided to get a little riskier at this point and slipped my hand up the back of her shirt. The skin to skin contact was electrifying. I loved how soft she always was and I told her so. The soft pleasurable moan she let out in response was payment enough for now.

My hands mapped her body rubbing and stroking their way across her back, neck, shoulders and head.

At last I began rubbing her butt. Her underwear was soft and just a tad skimpy. I kept going back to it, brushing my hand over each side. “I love this butt.” I whispered. I heard her giggle a little, which turned into another moan as I rubbed my hand across both cheeks, bringing it down to the back of her legs and back up again. I didn’t touch anything naughty but the hint was there as I could feel my middle finger go a little between. Had she not been wearing underwear … A shiver ran through her and I noticed she raised her bum up to meet my hand now. This was all the incentive I needed.

She was laying on her stomach. So I shifted positions to kneeling between her legs. I focused all my attention on her butt now. Kneading it with both hands. She let out another moan. Each stroke I brought my thumbs closer together pulling her cheeks apart a little bit and letting them slowly, so slowly meet in the middle. I could feel the heat coming out from between her legs.

At this point it was now or never, so I brought on hand down between her legs and stroked up toward her butt. Letting the length of my hand palm to fingertip stroke against her most private place. The only thing between us was the thin fabric of her underwear. Her body shook, she moaned even louder into a pillow. I went back to massaging her butt.

The tease was torture, Adana Escort Bayan I knew, but I wanted this to go on for as long as possible. No more vanilla quickies. I wanted this to be memorable.

I did this a few more times each time I added a little more daring to my touch. Slipping fingers just under the fabric, lingering longer on sensitive parts. But always bringing my middle finger up between her cheeks putting more and more pressure on the fabric of her underwear each time, so it would be closer and closer to the one place she had always denied me. I listened carefully to her reaction each time. I fully intended to stop if she asked but I wanted to see how far I could go. On the last stroke I extended my thumb out so that it started at her bum between the cheeks. Bringing my hand up stroking between her legs, her reaction was pure pleasure, it was like I had run electricity through her body. When the tip of my middle finger reached the end she raised her butt to meet it. I don’t even think she was aware she was doing it.

Now was the time to get really daring.

I gently pulled the fabric of her underwear aside, and slid my other hand in. Four of my fingers were dancing across her now very wet pussy. I kept my thumb extended out, rubbing it across her butt cheeks in small circles getting closer to going between them each time.

As I got closer and closer I slid another finger inside her pussy. She let a sharp intake of breath, followed by another long moan as I began moving that finger in and out. Each time I pushed inside her my thumb got closer and closer to its target. She began shuddering slightly and raising her bottom up to meet each stroke.

At last I couldn’t wait any longer. I pushed my fingers into her pussy as deep as I could. Her body met the stroke anticipating the moment. And my thumb still out stretched slid past both cheeks and up against her ass hole.

She would either freak out or enjoy it. She moaned so loud her body shook and vibrated. I left my hand there for a moment lingering on how good and exciting it felt. I began massaging the inside of her pussy with two fingers, letting the pleasure form there, then making slow circles with my thumb.

Her Escort Adana ass was so warm, I stroked my thumb around the rim exploring it. I wanted to learn every detail, because I had no idea if this would ever be allowed to happen again.

After a few moments of this, I felt her body turn a little. I looked up to see her looking back at me. Her eyes had a glassy look as if she was partially somewhere else. As we locked eyes I kept up my strokes and she kept meeting my rhythm. The smouldering look she gave told me she was enjoying this immensely.

Her lips parted a little with each stroke until she let out a breathy “lick me.”

It wasn’t a request, it was an order, and I was more than willing to comply.

She flipped over onto her back and I buried my face in her vagina. No more soft moaning and whimpers came from her, the neighbors were going to know that my wife was in ecstasy.

“Finger me again!” Her order came.

I switched hands and slid my middle finger into her pussy letting my pointer and index slide around and under her to her ass.

I ran my tongue every where. Tasting her, needing her. When I clicked over her clit she began vibrating. A whimper built up in the back of her throat. Crescendoing into loud scream. With my free hand I reached up and touched her breast. The moment my finger made contact with her nipple, it was like I’d flipped a switch.

“I’m cumming!” She yelled. Her body began shaking, the build up of almost 45 minutes led to an explosion inside her. She screamed my name and began bucking. I felt her vagina grinding against my face. She grabbed the back of my head and held me against her to ride it out with her.

Slowly she settled, her body came back down onto the bed relaxing, twitching slightly as she came down from her high. I gently pulled away and admired my work.

She laid there for a bit letting out soft whimpers as she came back from wherever I had transported her too. When she did open her eyes she met mine. I just smiled and gently stroked her leg with my finger. “Was that good?” I asked. She just nodded, trying to catch her breath.

After she had calmed herself she leaned up and kissed me. “That was incredible.” She whispered. “I’m glad you enjoyed it.” I smiled.

“What can I do for you?” She asked, placing a hand on my chest. “”What are you willing to do?” I asked.

She smiled and placed her mouth to my ear, sliding her tongue into it.

“Anything.” She whispered.

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