The Medical Exam Part 2

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The Medical Exam Part 2I was grinning all the way home with the vision of the good doctors panty clad minge implanted in my mind, the best medical I have ever had. I had nothing else planned for the day so decided to do a bit of cleaning, then a shower and maybe a nap this afternoon.All chores done and a nice shower accomplished, I decided not to dress as I wasn’t expecting any visitors so I slipped on my silk robe on which albeit quite short was comfortable to lounge about it. I sat in my favourite chair, put the leg rest up and sat there thinking about the morning. I must have dozed off because the next think I heard was the doorbell ringing, “who the fuck is that” I said under my breath and as I got up I noticed I had woken with an erection, I adjusted the robe the best I could and headed for the door hoping to god it wasn’t Jehovah witnesses!! Imagine my surprise as I opened the door and standing there was Sally, the receptionist at the surgery. All 5 foot nothing of her, slim and slender dressed in a shortish skirt and the loose blouse I saw her in earlier, I didn’t see below the waste this morning as she was at hr desk. I think she saw me looking her up and down and dressed as I was I saw her doing the same. “Hello Sally” I said, “What brings you here” I then inquired. “Frank, I have been trying to call you all day, and because you had been for a medical earlier I was worried, I spoke to Dr Gross and she suggested I call round to make sure you were ok” she explained. “Oh, come in” I said thinking where the hell my phone was. She stood in the hallway as I darted upstairs to find my phone forgetting how I was dressed and my robe barely covered my arse. “Here it is” I shouted, “Battery is flat”. As I came down the stairs I saw Sally looking up at me and was sure she had seen my arse as I went up, oh well she is going to see a lot more with me coming down, so I slowed the roll coming down the stairs.“You better charge that up” Sally said as I reached ground floor. “Damn” I said, “My charger is upstairs, hang on a sec let me go do that” and with that I walked back up the stairs, this time much more slowly so she got a good look at my arse, by this time I was getting a bit canlı bahis of a semi and on the way down I again saw her glancing in my direction. “All done” I said smiling. “Would you like a cup of tea while you’re here?” I suggested “Or I have some wine in the fridge if you prefer?” I asked. “Oh I have never drank wine before” she said which surprised me although seeing her up close she seemed to look younger than she looked this morning, “Oh I am sure one small glass won’t hurt you” I said with that look in my eye, she responded well, “OK then” she said so I showed her into the lounge and sat her on the sofa opposite my favourite chair, I then set about getting the wine, well we don’t stand on ceremony in my house so I got 2 half pint glassed and filled them up.I handed Sally her glass and sat down in my chair being careful not to expose too much of my nakedness under my robe, She thanked me and took a big sip of her wine, I could see on her face as she grimaced that she really hadn’t drank wine before. “You OK?” I asked. “Yes” she said her voice now her voice now husky because of the wine, “it’s nice” she said taking another sip, this time with less of a grimace.“So, tell me about yourself Sally” I suggested to get the conversation going. As she spoke I had my glance was fixed on her legs, she was a small girl but had long legs and I was hoping that when she relaxed a bit she would give me a glance up her skirt. At one point she lent forward to adjust her shoe and treated me to another down-blouse shot, another snapshot implanted in my brain. She had small titties and it looked like her bra was a size too big as I am sure I saw a nipple. Anyway I digress, Sally told me that she was fresh out of college and this was her first job while she waited to go to medical school, this was her first week. “What do you think of Dr Gross?” I asked. She told me she had only known her a few days but was a good doctor, always going the extra mile and the patients loved her, I could see why. “More Wine?” I suggested as I saw her glass was empty, she agreed and as I stood up there was a bulge in my robe, I wasn’t sure if she saw it but I refilled our glasses and we continued chatting. As we bahis siteleri talked we also drank and she was getting quite relaxed, truth be known I think she was a bit tipsy. I had to excuse myself to go for a pee and when I returned I looked at Sally and she was out cold, the wine had got the better of her. As she sat there her legs had parted slightly and I decided to get on my knees and have a quick peek, I lifted her skirt and my eyes went from her knees very slowly up to her panties, they were red, very brief and very tight, I saw the mound of her tight pussy and saw a few pubic hairs poking out the side, awesome sight which gave me an instant hard on. “Are you looking up my skirt” Sally said waking from her slumber and before I could answer she had gone again. Was she asleep or just pretending? I couldn’t work it out but she had drank 3 glasses of wine. Seeing this pussy clad in tight red panties was getting me going now so I parted her legs wider to get better access, I was sure that as I did so she helped as she moved herself forward so her arse was on the edge of the sofa. This made it easier to get my head down there and as I started to lick her pussy through the fabric I definitely heard her moan a little. As I licked I could feel she was getting wet and the taste was sweet, I put my hands under her bum and felt the bareness of her arse, she was wearing a thong and my fingers soon found her crack, I pulled her closer as my face was buried between her legs allowing my fingers to probe for her arsehole. I pulled my head up and slowly unbuttoned her blouse, her bra had a front clasp which made my life easier and I unclasped it exposing her small pert titties, her nipples were like bullets and I lent forward taking each one in turn and giving it a little suck. Her breathing got heavier as she enjoyed the drunken attention. My cock was now solid and I opened my robe readying myself for what was to come. I reached down and pulled her panties to one side while with the other hand I guided my stiff glistening cock towards her hairy minge. As the head rubbed up against her lips she moaned again and jerked forward making my cock slide home. I slowly pushed forward and bahis şirketleri her hands were now on my shoulder pulling me closer. My cock was in as deep as it would go and I started pumping, Sally was gasping for breath as I pumped away, sucking on her nipples and it wasn’t long before she let out an almighty groan as she cum, her pussy was wetter than an August day in Blackpool. I knew I wouldn’t be far behind and as I felt my balls tighten I pulled out and a stream of hot spunk shot right up her belly, some even reaching her face. I collapsed on top of her as I regained my breath. As I pulled up I looked down on Sally, her eyes wide open and the biggest grin I had ever seen, “OMG” she said, that was awesome” She said gleaming. “Look at the mess” she said and I reached down to lick up all the excess cum from her belly, her fingers wiping her chin and then she put her fingers in her mouth tasting the salty liquid. “Mmm, that tastes good” she said.We made ourselves decent and she looked at her skirt in horror, white cum on a black skirt doesn’t look good and very hard to hide. “Don’t worry, I can wash it if you’re not in a hurry, I will put it on a quick wash” I said, problem solved. She took her skirt off and I quickly started a wash. She was mad at the state of her skirt but seeing her now in just a blouse and thong was the highlight of my day, she had a very rounded arse, perfect in every way. I made some coffee and we sat and chatted some more. She had enjoyed the fuck and feeling the hot spunk hit her belly gave her another orgasm. The wash had finished and as Sally got up to put it into the dryer I had to look at her tight arse again, clad only in the red thong the back went right up the crack and I made a mental note to myself that my tongue was at some point going in there. When she returned she said “OMG, I nearly forgot to tell you, Dr Gross said there was something wrong with one of your samples and she needs another one, she said she will call on you tomorrow afternoon, shall I tell her its ok?” Hmm, I thought, “Tell her its fine” I said knowing exactly what sample she needed.The dryer finished and Sally got dressed. She thanked me for the wine and coffee and told me she had fun, she had to run and promised she will return one day soon.After Sally left I was thinking about her and the good doctor, both very sexy girls and I drifted off to sleep thinking about my house visit tomorrow.

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