The Neighbor

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The NeighborMel watched his neighbor as she jogged down the street as her tits bounced with no bra under her t-shirt. She was so sexy and beautiful and he dreamed of sticking his cock in her warm cunt. Today she had on very short shorts that drifted up as she ran showing a lot of ass cheek. He would love to spread those cheeks and lick and finger that sexy ass for her. His cock was hard thinking about fucking her in every hole. He could imagine his cock between her big bouncing tits. He watched for her to come back then go in her house. He waited to see her come back out her hair wet from the shower and he went to the fence and invited her over for a glass of wine. She turned and looked at him smiling in her tight tank top and sexy short shorts. He was glad she still wore no bra and probably no panties either. She nodded that she would love a glass of wine and came through his gate.In the house he sat her on the couch and poured two glasses of white wine. She drank it and he refilled her glass. After her third glass she got a little giggly and he moved closer to her. He rubbed her shoulder and her neck. He put his hands in her hair and pulled her to him and kissed her on the mouth pushing his tongue in her mouth feeling her tongue. Then he kissed down the side of her face and to her neck. As he kissed her neck she ran her hand across his back. Then he pulled her closer and kissed above the low cut tank top. He put a hand under the back of her top and pulled even closer as he kissed her nipples through the top. As she moaned he sucked on a nipple and grabbed it with his teeth. He brought his hand under her front and as he kissed on one nipple as he let his fingers rub the other. Then his hand cupped the full tit and felt its weight. He loved her big full tits and massaged them as he sucked on a big hard nipple. He then whispered in her ear “You are so beautiful. You have such a sexy body. You make my cock rock hard. I need to undress you and fuck you like no man has ever fucked you before. I want to make you moan and scream and beg for more cock while I keep you cumming fast and hard. I am going to strip you naked and lick and tease your gorgeous body.” He then lifted her top over her head and stared at her firm big tits. Then he pulled off her shorts and now had her naked. She was so sexy naked on his couch. He put both hands over her tits as he tongue kissed her mouth sucking on her tongue türbanlı giresun escort and heard her moan. Then he moved a hand down to her pussy and rubbed every inch of her feeling her pussy lips and her moist clit. As he fingered her he then sucked a tit deep in his mouth and then pushed a finger in her wet hole and began finger fucking her as he sucked her nipple hard. She began moving her hips humping his finger now deep in her cunt. He pulled on her nipple with his teeth hearing her moan. He had two fingers in her cunt and the thumb on her clit fucking her hard as she moaned and moved against his hand. He quickly undressed and let his hard cock rub against her as he finger fucked her and rubbed her clit as she was cumming fast just like he imagined she would. She then grabbed his cock and began rubbing it and gripping it tight. He was long and thick and she stroked him as he told her “I bet you want some of that cock in that wet fuck hole. You want to feel every inch of my big rod go deep in your wet cunt. I love to fuck and I can fuck you till you scream in hot pleasure. Now lay on your back and open those legs for my big cock. I am going to give that cunt a fuck like you will beg for more.” She laid back on her back and he spread her legs wide and looked at her cunt which had the nice cream leaking from it. His cock was throbbing as he looked at her bald snatch. He gave her nipple one last hard suck then pushed his cock to the opening of her cunt and began to ease his big shaft in her. He pushed into her deep and let his cock sink every inch in her wet warm hole before he began to fuck her hard. He was ramming his cock in her as she moaned and tried to hump him back. He told her “You like to be fucked don’t you baby. You like my big shaft deep in that wet cunt fucking you hard and feeling your warm insides against me as I pound your hole. Lift your hips and meet me as I ram that cock deep in your fuck hole. I want you to get fucked good.” He then kissed her neck and bit her. Then he sucked her neck leaving nice blue marks on her white skin. As he kissed and bit along her neck and shoulders he would pull his long rod almost out then push it back in deep and hard. Every time he rammed it back in deep she would let out a soft scream. She was loving the fuck his cock was giving her tight cunt. Then he moved his mouth to her tits and sucked türbanlı giresun escort bayan a nipple as he fucked her hard and then bit and sucked the sides of her huge tits. He left his little blue marks over her tits as he sucked and bit them. Then he turned her over and got her on her knees and fucked her doggie style as he rubbed her ass cheeks. He shoved her head to the couch keeping her ass high on the air as he rammed his cock in her deep giving her every inch of the long rod. He gave her ass a couple light slaps then spread her ass open and looked at her asshole. As he fucked her cunt hard he spit in her ass and then ran his finger around her asshole getting it wet and then he kissed her ass licking her and sucking her sweet ass. By now she was moaning and screaming moving her ass back to him loving his mouth as it ravaged her ass. He spread her legs further apart to get his cock in her deeper and could fuck her harder as he then slipped a finger in her round ass. Now he did have her screaming. He pushed his finger to the second knuckle and fucked her ass with it. He watched as he cock buried in her cunt and his finger fucked her tight ass hard. She was screaming and cumming hard as her cream ran down her leg. He loved how she loved being fucked and loved her ass reamed too. He said to her “I think you like a good ass fuck. Want more fingers in that sexy asshole? Now I shall really make you scream. He then shoved another finger in her ass and pushed them in all the way. Now as he fucked the cunt hard and finger fucked her ass she was screaming loud and moving her ass back to him wanting more fucking. He then pushed one more finger in her ass and watched how it stretched and took the fingers. He heard her yell “I need that fuck. fuck me hard. I love that ass fucking from you. Fuck me like a nasty whore.” Her dirty talk turned him on and he was now finger fucking her ass and ramming his cock in her cunt harder than he had ever fucked any cunt before. The cream was pouring out of this horny lady and he lasted as long as he could then he pulled his cock from her cunt and removed his fingers and then shoved his big thick cock in her ass and really began fucking her hard as he spanked that sexy ass. He watched his cock disappear deep in her and how stretched it was as he fucked her hard.He had her screaming as he pounded her ass. türbanlı escort giresun He had hand prints covering her ass as he spanked her as he rammed her asshole. Her ass was tight around his hard cock and he could feel the walls of her ass as he fucked her hard with each stroke deep inside her. She loved to be fucked and she had the body for sex. She was like a wanton whore under neath him. His thick cock really stretched her tight ass open. He was going to fill her ass with warm cum then eat her pussy till she wanted to faint for him. He fucked her ass twenty more minutes then filled her with his cum. Then he flipped her to her back and spread her legs wider then she had ever been spread and began to lick her cunt and suck her cum out of her fuck hole. He had his tongue in her hole licking and cleaning her as he also tongue fucked her. She tasted so good and he licked and sucked her as she came hard for him and screamed and moaned at the good eating she was getting. He ate her cunt for over an hour as she kept moaning and cumming and then he went to her face and kissed her shoving his tongue in her so she could taste her own cum on his tongue. She sucked on his tongue and rubbed her tongue against his and he could feel his cock getting hard again.His fingers played with her nipples and he felt her reach down and stroke his cock and balls. “Yes baby. Rub my cock. You like that big hard rod don’t you? Want me to fuck you more? You like a big cock filling that cunt and ass. You are such a horny slut. You have a body that is made for fucking. Those big huge tits and tight fuck hole and an ass that loves cock too. You can fuck for hours or day and night. I love a horny bitch that loves to fuck. Now sit on my lap and slide down my cock. I am going to fuck you hard while I bend you froward and finger that ass with four fingers as I hear you scream for mercy. No mercy for you today. When I get done with your body you will be crawling and not walking. I am going to fuck that cunt then fuck your ass and fist that wet cunt more. We are going to play hard and deep.” He then fucked the sexy girl all day and until it got dark. They showered and fucked in the shower and he douched her cunt and ass. She douched his ass and tongue fucked him as she jerked his cock till he came another time for her. It was the next morning before the two horny couple sex maniacs finally wore out. His cock was raw as was her ass and cunt. They went and laid in his bed naked and slept and then laughed when they woke up and fucked more. He laughed and told her “If we don’t quit they are going to find us fucked to death with my cock still stuck in your sexy ass.” He then turned her over and shoved two fingers in her sexy ass that was bright red from the many spanking he had given her.

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