The Neighbor

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I groaned and slammed my head on the desk before cursing myself. The brim of my glasses dug into my nose all because the neighbor didn’t know how to keep their music down. It was becoming very hard to focus on my novel when I couldn’t hear myself think. I guess that’s what I get for living in a studio apartment. I banged on the wall to the neighbors hoping they’d catch the hint, but they echoed my knocking instead. Fucking jerks! I didn’t know who lived next door, but I was ready to kill them. Yeah, I was going to have to deal with that.

With a puff, I pushed my chair out and walked outside. My straight blonde hair was in a messy bun, my black rectangular glasses rested on a tiny nose, covering large blue eyes, and my short 5’2, 115 pound body was covered in pajama pants and a tank top. I marched my messy ass to the next apartment over and pounded on the door. I crossed my arms impatiently waiting until the door slowly opened. “Well, hot damn.” A deep voice met me. I glanced up to see a very firm half naked man. He towered above my tiny frame and I nearly felt inferior. Unfortunately, my attitude made up for my size.

“Look, I am trying to work so if you wouldn’t mind turning that shit down, I would appreciate it.”

“Say please, sugar.” The man smirked a dazzling smirk, but I refused to let it affect me. Sure, my insides were reminding me that I haven’t been touched in almost two years, but I refused to give into a inconsiderate jerk.

“I already said I’d appreciate it. You aren’t getting anything else out of me. I have a deadline to meet and need to focus.” The man ran a hand through his dark brown hair while gazing over me with light hazel eyes.

“I’m sure I can arrange a way to help you focus.”

I groaned out of frustration and stormed back to my apartment. I tried, failing, to getback to work the best I could. The asshole never turned down his music, so I had to admit defeat and went to bed early. I would somehow get back at him. The next morning was the perfect chance. It was quiet next door and I assumed he was a day sleeper, so I turned my radio on and blared the music. Nobody lived on the other side of me, and the people under me where practically never home, so I wasn’t bugging anyone else. It was just a matter of time.

I let out a smirk when I heard a bang echo through the wall. I waited to see what the guy would do, and wasn’t disappointed when a loud banging on my door rang through my ears. I sauntered towards the door and opened it slowly. “Can I help you?”

The neighbor stood in my door, rage evident on his chiseled face, wearing nothing but his boxers. It was slightly intimidating, but I stood firm and glanced him in the eyes playing innocent. “As if you don’t already know.” He Afyon Escort boomed and entered my apartment.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” I followed him to my radio where he suddenly unplugged it.

“A man trying to sleep.”

“And I was a woman trying to work last night, what’s your point?”

“That this was intentional.” He then completely freed my cord and began walking towards the door.

“Hold up. You aren’t leaving with my cord!”

“Watch me.” He tried to push past me, but I shut the door behind me. An amused smirk crossed his face. “What are you going to do to stop me sweetheart? I can pick you up with ease.”

“Yeah, maybe, but I’m also a woman. Which means I can annoy the living hell out of you until you give it back. Don’t mess with a crazy white bitch.”

“A crazy white bitch that wears sexy librarian glasses. Mmm, tasty.” He winked. My insides turned against my better judgment, even as I pretended to be disgusted. I didn’t even have my glasses on today.

“Give my cord back.” I demanded, holding my hand out.

“Say please, sugar.” He leaned in closer, nearly affecting my ability to speak. I was thankful I could work under pressure.

“Tell me to say please one more time.” I threatened, narrowing my eyes at him.

“Say please.” He repeated, testing me. I reached for my cord as quickly as I could, but he pulled away, nearly sending me into the floor. I caught myself on his arm and yanked on him to try to get my cord back. He easily pulled me back up and pressed me into a wall. “You know, I have a feeling you’re even more feisty in bed.”

I wished my body would stop retaliating against me. Just because he was extremely sex didn’t mean I had to fall for his charm. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

“Oh, I would darlin’.”

“Is sex really all you guys think about?”

“Are short shits really always so angry?”

I groaned in frustration and tried to fight away from him. I couldn’t believe I had gotten myself into this. “Just give me my cord back. I won’t do it again.”

“Awe, but that takes all the fun out of it. You already woke me up and I didn’t even get a chance to deter my morning wood.” Of course, I instantly looked down and gasped at the size of the tent in his pants. It was enough to have my core pulsing and dampness gathering between my thighs. Fuck, Jenna, what did you get yourself into this time? I always ended up in bad situations. I suddenly felt his lips at my ear, sending a sweet chill down my spine. “Are you thinking dirty thoughts, neighbor?” His voice was smooth and seductively low. It was like a drug to my untouched body. I didn’t know if I was going to get out of this in one piece.

“N-no.” I cursed myself for stammering, Afyon Escort Bayan but couldn’t get myself to move. I was thinking dirty. I was thinking about how good it would feel to indulge just once. I had a sexy man that was clearly aroused pinning me to my wall and I should be jumping his bones. Instead, I was fighting every urge to do so.

“Liar.” His nose traced along my jawline before he lightly nibbled on my chin. I let out a small gasp as pleasure pooled between my thighs. “Tell me your name.” He whispered as he trailed kisses back towards my ear. I shivered against him.

“Jenna.” My voice spoke without me even thinking about it. Fuck, my body was plotting against me.

“I’m Chris.” He pulled back and looked at me. “Do you plan on telling me to stop?” He scooted closer to me, the edge of his bulge slightly poking my stomach. How could I? My body was screaming for attention and I had a feeling he was a man that knew satisfaction. “Jenna?” His lips were now on my neck, pulling me into a dizzy oasis that I couldn’t slip out of. Instead, I drank it up.

“No.” I breathed, admitting defeat. Even if I did tell him to stop, I wouldn’t be able to handle this amount of desire myself. It was only defeated with one thing: A good fuck.

“I hoped not.” His voice had dropped in a raging desire before his lips took mine in a greedy hunger. I moaned into him as he pressed us completely against the wall, his throbbing erection digging into my stomach. I met his kiss with matching fire burning inside of me, ready to be taken by this man.

Chris lifted my shirt quickly above my head and groaned at the sight of my braless breasts. I shuddered with delight under his gaze and moaned when he took a hard sensitive nipple between his teeth. His hands trailed up my covered thighs until he reached the top of my pajamas, and removed them in one swift motion. We were now evenly covered, as I stood there with a black and pink thong and he in his plaid boxers. “My god, you’re beautiful.” His husky voice echoed in my head.

“Shut up already.” He groaned at my command and picked me up by my upper thighs. I wrapped my legs around him as he turned towards my bed and dropped us both down. His lips crashed into mine while his hands traced the insides of my thighs. I moaned and bucked against him as my climax threatened to come early. I quickly removed his boxers and groaned impatiently. “Quit teasing me. I haven’t been fucked in a long time. Foreplay and teasing can come next time.” I earned a smirk before he pulled my thong off and positioned himself between my legs. In one swift movement, he was buried deep inside of me. I gasped at the sheer size of his cock, but moaned in pure bliss.

I quickly turned Escort Afyon us so that I was riding him and setting my own pace. Chris didn’t seem to mind. I started slowly, returning the teasing until he became impatient and slammed my hips down onto him. “Two can play that game, love.” He held me down and circled his hips so that his cock was moving inside of me. I dug my nails into his chest, lost in how good it felt to be filled, before beginning to ride him. My pace gradually sped up and I tightened my core, earning a groan from Chris as his eyes closed and his head rolled back.

I leaned down and kissed Chris’ neck as I rode him and took in his curses. I felt his hand tighten in my hair and pull my head back, causing my body to clamp against him with a threat to orgasm. Our moans mingled as he took over, bucking his hips into mine and dominating me. I felt the building in my core and cursed. “That’s right, baby. Cum for me. I want to hear you scream.” His words fueled the ache and I moaned against him as my climax built higher. He pummeled harder into me. “Scream for me baby.” He pulled tighter on my hair and earned his scream as my body convulsed angrily around his cock. He cursed and continued to fuck me until I calmed, when he flipped us.

I gripped my sheets as he slammed into me, beginning to fuck me hard. I nearly blacked out from the pleasure and sensitivity, but I didn’t want to miss such a good fuck. “Mm, Harder.” I moaned and he obeyed. His groans let me know that he was close, and I had a feeling he liked the dirty talk. “Oh, fuck me baby. Fuck me nice and hard.” I earned a primal growl from Chris as nails dug into my hip and he reached for my clit with a free hand. My own climax began to build at a rapid pace. “I want to feel you burst inside me. Fill me, baby.” His pace increased yet again as my walls began to clamp down against him. “Fuck! Cum for me baby!”

I felt him swell just as I tumbled down the slopes of bliss, waves of pleasure rocking my body and milking Chris as he continued to thrust violently into me. Our moans became one as his fingers massaged me and his cock pummeled me. Stars blurred my vision until I finally came down from the sweet high. Chris came to a stop inside on me and leaned down to kiss my neck. A small shiver caused me to tighten slightly and I felt him twitch within me. Finally, he pulled out.

I heard a small chuckle from him. “I guess I was right. You are damn feisty in bed.” He smirked as I laid on my bed. I bit my lip in amusement as he took in my full nudity. “God, you look good after a good fuck.”

“I feel good.”

“All this over music. I don’t think I’ll ever turn it off again.” He threw my cord on the bed beside me.

“Looking forward to it.” I said simply, and honestly as he dressed himself.

He took one last look at me and smiled. “It was a pleasure meeting you, Jenna.” I just laughed and waved to him as he left. Oh, this was going to be the beginning of something very dark and dirty. I loved loud music.

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