The Neighbors Chapter Thirteen_(0)

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Continued from chapter twelve

I rolled off her held her close to me passionately kissing her it was two thirty Sunday morning today they would all leave .
I hate to see them go but they have finals and well summers just around the corner and who knows what’s next ?

Chapter Thirteen
Buying Aprils Moms home
Sex with Two new Cheerleaders
at Camp
A few week’s have passed it’s the middle of may June is just around the corner sue is rounding out nicely I’m think it’s a girl .
She is Carrying the baby low I am beginning to think April’s a little jealous she does not come around like she use to see me .
Sue see’s her a lot but for some reason shes avoiding me well when I get to see her I’ll have to ask what I did wrong.

I picked up sue one day for her doctor’s appointment and April asked if she could ride with us to the doctors office .
Why of course I said she began to explain why she has not been seeing me shes been very depressed she may have to move .
Why is that Honey well Mom’s getting married to a guy from work it turns out all those nights she was working late she wasn’t .

April I still want to be satisfied by you sue here will be wanting it too.
I don’t want to deprive my best friend sex if she needs it yeah I understand sue chimed in yeah I’m horny a lot now .

The doctor asked me in to be with sue for comfort reasons there she was half naked spread wide in the stirrup’s .
I asked her about her parents yes doctor they moved away in to a two bedroom apparent sue now resides with me now .
They moved About one hundred miles away that’s really far we stay in contact every week by phone and text .

Sir yes doctor ? can you stay here with her for a bit I need you to see other patients then I’ll be right back .
Alright dock I will sit right here sue you may get dressed now miss sue thanks doctor he leaves us alone closed the door .
Hey honey she whispers she begins rubbing her pussy how about a quickie Hugh ? sure what harm can it do .

Yeah baby fuck me but we got to be very quiet she says I slip it right into her and I be come even harder now .
Yes honey it feels so good pump me baby do it aah feels so good fuck me ah yeah that’s it right there aah fuck ooh .
Your gonna make me cum soon push it it into my pussy ah yes feels so good ooh yes do it, do it, oh god that feels so good .

Wait do you want me to cum in side you honey or pull out? Ah yes baby yes cum inside me aah yes fuck me .
Please do me good me before the doctor returns you’re so good to me I’m going to come soon aah fuck baby .
I feel it now aah I’m coming aah yea aah your cock is so thick but it feels so good ! .
I’m gonna cum too honey yeah fuck my horny pussy that’s it baby I can feel you deep inside me aah fuck .

I need you to explode your load deep inside me, do it now I can feel your cock now baby feels so good ooh Gawd .
Please honey fill up my womb squirt every drop all the way in side me aah shoot it in me now bay cum for me .
I slammed it in as deep as possible inside her I’m cumming, aah yes I’m cumming “Oh god, baby, don’t stop .
I’m gonna cum again aah please she begged me too don’t stop aah baby I’m cumming, ooh aah I’m done baby .

I came a lot me too we better get dressed yeah I think you Got every drop I shot into you right up there yeah you did .
Did you enjoy your visit yes doc were glad everything went so well thank you have a good day thanks doc he winks .
Where’s April she’ll be right out seeing the doc the sectary says alright we wait for her she comes out then we leave .

I’ll go get the car alright meet us here what did the doctor say ,well the baby is good and just keep up what I’m doing .
How about you I got more birth control pills I’m sorry I’m just not ready to get pregnant but I don’t mind him shooting inside .
Hello ladies shall we go have dinner it’s almost five thirty sure you pick alright some where romantic sounds awesome .

Did you to have a good fuck in the doctor’s office what ever do you mean ? I was in the next room I heard you both .
Gosh were sorry that’s alright she wanted it yeah I did I wanted to surprise you you sure did wow were here time to eat .
We had a romantic dinner then it was back home , April yes babe has mom decided if you and her will move not yet .
I will tell you what please have mom talk to me first if she decides to sell alright, I will she heads for home.

I hear a knock on my door sues relaxing in her room door closed hello Mary please come in thank you I need to talk to you .
Did my daughter April tell you we’re going to be moving away from here we will be going out west to my fiancees home .
Yes she told me but she did not say it was the mid west that’s fair away well she will graduates next month from high school .

Tony I decided I’m going to sell the house were going to move out there unless she wants to stay but that’s not possible .
She has no job that’s not good there’s no means of support unless she gets a job Mary what If I buy the house ?
That would be nice Yes I could sell it to you I know you will take good car of it may I ask what’s the asking price .
Yes of course you may I’m going to ask One hundred and seventy five thousand There’s things included .

It would include the camper where it sits at the ocean camp site the cost to keep it there yearly is one thousand a year .
May I toss out an offer to you sure if it fair I may take you up on it I plan on leaving by the end of the month .
April is eighteen and she can decide what she wants to do stay or go April and sue return from her home .

Mom yes honey are we still moving out with your boyfriend because I don’t want to go I have my friends here sue needs me .
Well bursa escort bayan Honey this is your choice your eighteen you will need to get a job if you decide stay I’m selling the house I’m sorry .
You will have a land lord whom will it be mom ? I hope it’s someone I like , Mary points to me Tony buying it ? Maybe honey .
Yes honey you know it needs a lot of work outside and in side besides I’m engaged to a man I’m sorry I don’t love Tony .

I do Mom I know you do honey your lovers yes I am very aware of this you been sneaking out nights coming over here .
I though you two were getting married maybe but not now maybe later when I get older .
I going to get going ladies I’m so sorry I’m tired I like to read before bed see you in the morning yes have a wonderful night .

I go to my bed room and begin to read before long I fall asleep Sues falls asleep in her room I hear April’s voice are you awake .
I need to talk to you yes honey Hugh who’s there? I slowly awake It’s me April Oh hi babe shes standing there nude .
What can I do for you sweetheart May I sleep with you this eve only if you want to yes I do I been doing some thinking .

I like to tell you this if I can’t pay my rent I might as well get use to sleeping with the land lord I am eighteen yes I know .
Do you know what time it is ? Yes babe I do it’s one thirty am you have school tomorrow I have to get up at six am .
Please can we at least make love for a little bit please she begs me alright sweetheart I’m so wet now and horny .
Slowly I began to moan ooh That’s it ooh yeah ooh babe I love the feeling of your hard cock in my mouth .
She sucked on me got me hard then she straddled me guiding my cock in to her hot wet pussy Ooh baby feels so good .

I watched as my hard cock began to sink inside her slowly ooh yeah baby I just love the full length of your hard cock .
It’s going right inside me aah I placed my hands on her hips as she glided up and down she then started grinding on me .
Slowly at first back and forth a Little harder each and every time up down back and forth getting her rhythm going .
daddy my pussy is getting wet for you aah I’m going to cum ooh Daddy I love feeling your big cock in my pussy aah .

My pussy’s going to cum all over your hot cock, I’m going to…I’m going to cum aah I’m cumming for you Tony aah .
I’m going to cum to.. I’m going to cum in your pussy, yes fuck me fuck … Push that hard cock of yours deep aah Yes .
Yes that’s it baby yes … Yes ooh aah baby I’m gonna cum inside now aah”I’m cumming’! I’m cumming yes baby ooh .
She collapsed on top of me she let me suckle her nipples ooh h baby feels so good aah thank you for a really nice fuck .

She gently rolled off me and with her back to me she fell asleep we awoke to the 6 am alarm clock got to get up honey .
School for you to day yes I know and sue will be waiting won’t she be jealous no I told he I was going to have sex with you.
Tonight we both do you well if I am up to it alight a lot of things to do today have to go on errands can I come not today .
You and sue have school its Thursday tomorrows the weekend maybe we’ll go camping the three of us yeah is that’s alright .

My moms going to be with her guy this weekend she’s flying out after work around four oh alright the girls made breakfast .
Then Jan arrived to picked them up for school see you after school they waved good bye love you we love you too .
I must go to the bank for a loan I hope Mary will take One sixty thousand I got to the bank get a cashiers check .

I get home Mary come over to talk with me hi Tony I looked into everything my husband and I purchased the house .
The cost originally was one hundred and ten thousand for the house when we first purchased it much work need to be done .
I have changed my mind on the price I’ll sell it to you for One hundred twenty five thousand OK sounds fair .
Would you mind a cashiers check no not at all Thanks I have decided to fly out this morning April sneaked out again .

Yes I know she was here she gone off to school Mary, I’ll miss you around here I miss you too he’s a good man Mary .
Have a safe flight thanks She heads out oh Tony I almost forgot I will bring the deed over before I move alright thanks .
I’ll be going at the end of the month and Tony Thanks for all that you done we cold not do it with out you I understand .

Thinking to my self well this is nice if sue and April want to live together they can that’s up to them first I have to do repairs .
I have thirty five thousand that’s more than enough to do all the repairs Ill hire a contractor but I will get estimates first .
I work on the car for a while get it ready to cruse to the school to pick the girls up first time I had my 57 Chevy out .
Scene I purchased it there when I pulled was a game going on up looked like girls field hockey Ill stay and watch .

Hi sue well this is a surprise “ Hi Tony “ where’s the van? It such a nice day I took the Chevy out ooh very cool .
Hows my darling today alright baby’s been good I was thinking about going camping are you up to it this weekend sure .
Who’s going well you April and myself so far can I ask a couple of our friends to come yes whom may I as see her yes.

That’s Maria and her name is Brenda sounds good so four of us altogether yes oh and they know we have sex they asked .
They asked because there sad this week their boyfriends dumped them no details needed they can come don’t you mean cum?
Sue honey your silly you know that looks like practice is all over hey April Mom left this morning alright and this means?

Well let me say you can stay I purchased the house you don’t have to move “Oh Thank You escort bursa Tony Your The Greatest “!!.
well honey Honestly I’d miss you and well you still have three weeks to finish school and graduate yes I am aware of that .
Do you want to hump me when we get home April I was telling him wed go camping this weekend with Brenda and maria.
I forgot sorry that’s alright. Hey Brenda, Maria come over here this is Anthony hi call me tony please girls Hi Tony .

So are you going to bang all of us this weekend? Brenda what April you told me to ask him yea but when he’s alone .
Duh well Sorry I didn’t know oh what ever be at the house by five pm so we can get to camp by seven alright .
ready April ,Sue yes were ready they hop in and were driving home to pack for the long weekend what was my mom up to? .
She was flying out this morning to see her man oh figures glad I have you tony eve scene she met him I am alone a lot .

Every weekend she’s flying out I been depressed this is why I have been not seeing you a lot lately not that I don’t care .
Well you girls go pack and ill go get my stuff then well wait for Brenda and Maria to get here Their shy girls so be easy .
Yes I will um may I ask what you mean well they like to spy a lot on people having sex but Leary of doing it them self’s .
I think there lesbians oh really that’s interesting so girls a few weeks left for school then off for the summer yea it cool .

Then I have to find work well I’ll have a baby soon I don’t know how I’ll support her and I I told u Susan Ill help geez.
I forgot tony I’m sorry she starts crying here come into the house with me I got to still pack OK April see you soon .
Honey I’m so sorry it’s not that that bastard ex boyfriend of mine is in town again seeing his parents asking questions .

Their all about me where I’m living whom I am seeing he even went to my old house the new people said she’s not here.
He family moved out of state alright don’t worry honey I’m sorry honey I’m so moody would it help if I licked your pussy?
You would do that just to make me feel better only if you wanted to ooh please lick me lick me good I have a surprise too .

What’s that sweetie here wait a minute she gets naked look close at my boobs she squirts milk in my face ooh fresh milk .
Why don’t we go to my bed room no mine this time too tired to climb stairs she has a queen size bed alright your room .
Sue honey Yes shall I get naked depends how horny you get me I may just ride you with your shorts on he he .

She lays on her back spreads her legs wide revealing a perfect pussy it’s moist ,she looks hot pregnant at eighteen

She reached down and spread’ pussy lick it I laid down beside her my cock near her mouth so she could suck me off .
I then began to lick and kiss her between her thighs she moaned ooh gawd baby she kept right on sucking my dick .
That’s it right the lick it yes after a few minutes I was hard I knew she was ready to orgasm that’s it baby aah .

I looked up to see her faced tensed her body trembled then began to shake aah I’m cumming”I’m cumming aah.
Please fuck me now stick your cock in my pregnant pussy please fuck me Come fuck me baby! Cum inside my pussy! .

I knew she was now more than four months along it was like five and a half she was showing me baby I want your seed.
I took my time making love to her I then laid on my side I lifted her leg and went in from behind her aah that’s it right there .
Yes baby ooh Yeah you got my G-spot slow now slow easy aah yes fuck me slow make me feel every inch of your hard cock aah.

“Ooh Daddy you’re cock feels so good I’m gonna cum daddy ooh aah “Ooh, fuck yeah, that feels so god damn good yes .
I think I’m gonna cum, Ooh daddy Yes Daddy I feel it too Daddy Oh fuck, it’s so hot I’m cumming too.”Oh God baby, yes.
Daddy’s cumming aah gawd I’m cumming inside you aah honey ugh yest hat’s it cum in me Fuck me aah yes .

Daddy I’m gonna cum Again aah I’m gonna cum aah I’m there I’m cum again ooh aah Daddy! I’m cumming aah .
Yes I’m cumming daddy aah ooh fuck ooh then she just laid on the bed daddy that was amazing Yeah I bet it was .
April what are you doing here Dam you guys I been standing her for the past ten minutes watching you go at it .

Where going camping remember Oh shit I forgot lets get our gear I’ll grab sue bags and mine your bringing condoms?
What for well the girls may need a good well you know o yea packed already well looks like Brenda and Maria here .
Alright lets hit the road we all load in the van and get ready to go April and sue sit in the first seat Brenda next to me .

Maria in the back we ready girls yeah lets go I can’t believe Brenda about an hour into the trip I look over at her .
she’s trying to hid her self masturbating from me Brenda are you that hot I ask her? Shit you caught me Yes I did.
Well the girl say that you can make them pass out when you make love I was just thinking that I like you try that on me .

Well I’m not sure if I can I don’t know you or maria that well why done you like my 36d tits she flips up her bra and tee shirt .
Dam girl put those away your going to cause an accident she laugh well you like them don’t ya? Wait until we get to camp .
The after dark you all can run naked inside the trailer if you want to hey I like that idea can we fuck you too ? Well I um .
Hey well they said we could try it what are you girls studding me out now no were not daddy April and sue say your hot .

Alright we can have a little fun Yippee lets cheer girls Yeah Yeah were gonna get laid were gonna fuck all night yeah Tony .
Maria show him your boobies flips her bra and shirt 38 D wholly shit !! ha ha you got him hard Brenda tells maria your first görükle escort bayan .
We arrive at camp later than usual it’s late and I’m tired we had a flat tire must get it fixed in the morning at the local garage .
I’m going to turn in I’ll take a bunk out here No take the back bed room oh alright need we say why nope I know already .

I fall asleep and I awake with whispering in my bed hey wake up sleep head I want a little fun its two am Saturday morning .
Who is it any way It’s me Maria can we talk sure why does everyone call you daddy? I don’t know sweetheart well can I also? .
Why not everyone else does you know why I wanted to come camping don’t you yes because you love the ocean that’s one reason .
There is other things also such as I’m not sexually active I been bragging a lot I been with a few guys that’s all wrong .

I’m still virgin look see, she lifted her nightie and spread her lags oh yes I do see your hymen so your telling me Maria yes I do.
I want you to make love to me not fuck me hard but tenderly make love to me here I even brought a towel so I’ll not stain the bed .
Shall I lay now so you can lick me? Yes pleas spread wide like this yes mm you shaved yeas I did it so their be no problem .
I then placed my tongue between her moist pink folds searing when I for her nub she then began Letting out a soft moan .

My tongue tip slips between her her folds then curling my tongue upward against the underside of her clitoris .
I began gently stroking past her slit then worked my tongue in to her vagina swirling my tongue as deep as I could go.
I could see all of her juices she became very wet pink inside and out her body began to shake and she cried out aah .
I withdraw then I began suckling her nice pink folds placing my tongue directly on her slit ooh she moaned out .

Yes Daddy I love the feel of your tongue in my pussy yes lick my slit Oh I’m gonna cum soon ooh my pussy is getting wet .
I’m gonna cum on your face daddy ah I’m ready I’m Cumming aah yes I’m ready you want me my hard dick in yes do it .
I lifted her legs back she held them open for me I took my hard shaft in hand rubbed it on her wet pink folds that’s it yes .

I grabbed my cock in my hand and rubbed the head against are you ready Maria ? yes Daddy Yes, fuck my pussy hard .
I stopped for a second I must be pushing against her hymen, I pulled back,then began sliding my hard cock into her deeper .
I feel Your rod going into my pussy, Ooh Daddy I love feeling it feels so good aah yes I’m gonna cum Daddy! Aah yes .

Daddy I’m cumming ooh Gawd aah I’m cumming all over your hard cock fuck yes pound my pussy feels so good aah yes .
Please don’t cum in me no I can’t help it Maria I can’t pull out baby your much too tight Your pussy got a good grip on me.
It’s cumming oh shit here it cums baby I feel it now ! I’m cumming I’m cumming Do it to me ooh gawd!! Squirt it deep .
Daddy Ah Fuck I’m felling it inside me y it feels so hot Daddy I’m gonna cum again Ah h fuck me daddy fuck me .
I’ can’t hold my legs any longer I’m cramping up aah Please pull out please oh my legs aah fuck I’m getting a cramps .

I pulled out I carried her to the shower I grabbed a douche bottle spread your legs I squeezed in side her as best as I could .
Suddenly all the cum began flowing out of her pussy onto the shower stall and down the drain dam baby y’all filled me good .
We showered cleaned up dried off went back to my bed look at the time honey it’s almost three in the morning .
Good morning Brenda ,April ,Sue, hello there Maria you two really got into it early this morning yeah we did I was horny .

I hope we did not keep you all awake nope .Hey there yes sue I got a text message from my mom and dad good news.
Well bad for tony Mom and dad are moving me out there I’m sorry April I have to go they want me and the baby there.
They purchased a nice four bedroom house one for my sister shes coming to puck me up and take me home too .
I am happy for you we will sure miss you don’t be sad besides aren’t you and April getting married some day ? .

I’m still deciding I have not decided yet to marry unless my mom really wants me out so I’ve not decide yet .
Well lets just enjoy this weekend shall we alright lets go to the beach no I rater get going home can we yes I think it’s best .
I will tell you what we can do how about we finish off this weekend because it maybe our last one here OK with you girls ?
Well all right there all sad about sue leaving and maybe April moving me also I just can’t believe I may loose out also .

I do not mind missing out on the sex it’s the companionship that I will miss most of all I love having these girls around .
Girls go enjoy your self I am going to read today and relax alright tony see you later on then alright have fun girls .
I will be right back I need to ask him something alight will be down on the beach see you soon yeah alright Brenda .
The door opens I am laying down on the couch reading Tony may I talk to you it is very important sure Brenda .

Do you like my tits ? do you think their too big for my eighteen year old body? No why well I think so sometimes .
What I really wanted to talk to you about is I know your sad I do not want you to be , I am not sad you sure your not ? .
Yes just a little I known April scene she was young why sue I’ve known through April for a long time also I sure will miss them .
We will still be here all of us I been hearing roomers in the girls locker room at school you make the girls pass out during sex .

Who told you all this I over heard some girls that’s all , well It could only be one of thee April Sue or Jan I had sex with them .
Alright yes I admit it yes it was them I overheard it is not my fault well will you fuck me too as good this evening why not now?
Now alright let’s go lay on the bed I am going to you first then we can do it alright but be very gentle I am a virgin alright .
To Be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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