The New Neighbour Chapter 4

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The New Neighbour Chapter 4The New Neighbour Chapter 4going into the office..the next day i couldn’t get the visual memory of you out of my mind…your soft cures your red pouting lips…your firm ripe breast..there hard nipples sticking out begging to be sucked… and your lovely clean shaven love slit…its pert lips… the wetness and the taste of honey that had flowed freely form them…a clear picture of you standing before me naked and soft.. before i left stayed with me…i could hardly wait till my return that evening to once again see you touch you…take you into my arms and feel the emotions..that your beautiful body gave me…the day was long and i dragged out… but finally time had come and i felt the pile of work on my desk.. and i dashed off… driving like a wild man to see you once more… and as i thought of you i could feel the excitement build in my loins… the erection grew…pushing against the material of my pants .without knowing it my hand was gently stroking my shaft …as i was stopped at the traffic light near my home.. i was in nowhere land… sitting there slowly massage my manhood, when i suddenly felt a pair of eyes on me i turned and there beside me a very pretty red head sat watching me… her eyes glued to my hand as i stroked and caressed my hard cock….i quickly stopped and looked at her.. she raised her eyes and looked at me s bright smile came across her face…as he speed off as the light turned green… i was a little embarrassed but also a little excited as she was very pretty and as she smiled i knew she had enjoyed the action…my thoughts returned to you as i turned the corner to my street and pulled into the driveway…a second car was parked in your driveway…and as i looked over your curtains were drawn closed… oh well i thought ..and i went into the house and changed into something comfortable and fixed my self a drink.. and sat on the couch to relax….i had barely enough time to finish my drink when the phone rang and you where there…your smiling voice greeted me and asked if i was busy and if not would you like to come over . i asked if your company had left..and you said no..but that she would love dearly to meet me… a wicked laugh in your voice…i asked if my shorts that i was wearing we good enough..and your answer was fine.. again the sound of your voice…had a very wicked and giggle tone to it… i laughed and said i would be there momentarily…..finishing my drink.. i fixed up my self a little a quick shower and splashing a very strong cologne on me i quickly was at your door…you meet me with a big kiss and your tongue pushed past my lips, and hungrily explored my mouth… your body pressed close to mine i could feel the erect nipples as they pushed against my t-shirt…i could feel the instantaneous..reaction as my no throbbing manhood pushed out against your thin summer dress….our passionate kiss ended and you moved your lips to my ear… whispering to me that you were total naked under the dress…and your canlı bahis eyes meet mine as your eyes twinkled wickedly…taking me by the hand you lead me into the living room…and there sitting on the couch..was the lady from the intersection….our eyes meet.. and the reaction from her as she greeted me…and we both started laughing at once… you looked at both of us and then at me.. a puzzled look came over your face…will you let me on the joke you smiled and i said i think we have already meet still laughing…yes she said… looking at the bulge in my shorts..we have meet….she quickly told the story.. and as she did your eyes looked down to my now very hard and twitching erection… you burst out laughing and your hand quickly moved down to me… and your gently moved your hand over the outline of my shaft…. you mean you saw my man stroking this beautiful object…. as you continued to stroke it….feeling its total length… i bet you got very excited you said to her…the redhead looked at you and her lips parted and her tongue flicked out to moisten her lips… and she spoke… yes i did.. it very beautiful looking…so hard and thick….i stood there a little self conscious.. but the stroking you were doing kept my mind on things at hand…you lead me to the couch and sat me between yourself and her….you both were wearing very sexy summer dresses that barely cover your very sexy bodies… and as i sat nest to you… your dress moved up your thighs to expose more of your ample long legs…..we talked but i could not get the erection in my pants to go if it had a mind of its own…the redhead kept looking down at it and then looked up at you… both of you smiling as your eyes met…by the time our second drink was finished… i got up to make us a another one.. as i moved over to the bar i watched as you too came close and were whispering to each other… giggling to each other you looked at me and then to each other again…that wicked sexy look came over both of your faces…as i returned i sat down and you looked at me and said.. that you to had been discussing the subject and you thought that i was indeed enough man for both you….and as you spoke the word your hand once more reached down and began to stroke my very hard cock…the smile on my face assured you that i was in quite agreement with you….sitting back on the couch i relax as both of you moved closer to my pulsating member… your hands reaching out and…stroking its full length through my shorts..i must see it the red head gasped as she reached out and pulled the material of the shorts aside… exposing my thick hard throbbing member…bouncing to attention it leaped into the open… and both of you gasped at is size… fully erect and ready for the attention you both where going to give it…you both worked in unison…as your hands stroked it and then your heads moved down to taste and lick is full length….one at a time you took turns putting your mouths over its head bahis siteleri sucking the tiny drops of fluid that had oozed form its head…your tongues licked each side as you both trailed is length from the bottom to the top… and your tongues flicked out touching and tasting the sweet sector… your lips came together around the top of my aching cock… you both licked and sucked at me… my hands wander to the tiny dresses that you both wore… pulling them up slightly exposing the creamy flesh that lay hiding beneath…small whimpers of pleasure were escaping your lips as you hungrily attacked my shaft….i moved my hands and pulled the dresses up past your hips.. your now naked butts where there for the taking…and to my surprise she was not wearing any panties… either… as my finger traveled up and down your creamy flesh… coming close but not touching your heated sex…as i could feel the excitement grow in your bodies… your kisses became more pronounced and you we now kissing and exploring each others mouth…your hands still stroking and playing with my manhood…my fingers were now touching the naked lips of your love’s i gently massaged them feeling the fluid that was flowing form them….. rubbing it on your lips…getting them very wet… more renounced moans slipped from your lips as your passion began to grow very quickly…i pulled both of you up to me… our lips meet and as i did your open hips pushed against my thighs you gently massaged your sex against me… all our lips meet and our tongues darted out and touched each other,,,you kissed me then you kissed her… and as you did she kissed pushed her tongue deep into your mouth….one hand stroked my hard cock and the other began to explore the vast beauty of her ripe firm breasts… she quickly pulled her dress down allowing your eyes to see the erect nipples that were hard and red…. you quickly followed suite..removing your dress completely sitting there totally naked… your breast touch me and her at the same time… our mouths and hands worked at each other furiously… tasting and licking at all the flesh that lay bare and exposed before us…the love juices were flowing freely from both of you as you looked into her eyes and said that you wanted to taste her…and with that you lowered your head and traveled down to her large ripe breast tasting her red hot nipples..and cupping the and massaging them…down further you went till you were at the entrance of your hot wet love hole.. your lips parted and your tongue darted out .tentatively at first you tasted her for the first time… and as you did your fingers parted her wet lips.. exposing her very red pussy lips … the fluid flowing freely from it… your face went out of view as you hungrily licked and sucked at her .. not wanting you to be left out she moved position that she two could taste your sweet sector…there you lay in the 69 position.. tasting for the first time the juices of another woman… very exciting as i sat there stroking güvenilir bahis myself..watching you two lovely ladies go at it….i moved closer and taking my hard shaft in my hand i placed it at the opening of her pussy.. you licked at her hard clit… taking it between your lips..i placed my hard shaft at the opening of her love tunnel.. and slowly pressed it into her.. and as i did you licked down from her clit to the thick shaft that was showing form her sex…slowly i pumped my shaft into her and then taking it out i placed it at your red lips..and you took it deep inside your mouth sucking all the cum juices from its length…it didn’t take long for her to cum.. she gasped out loud as my thick hard cock buried its full length deep into her as your tongue danced over her hard throbbing clit…as she came her muffled cries filled the room… as she buried her face deep inside your spread open naked lips.. penetrating your expose sex….i could tell by the glazed look in your eyes that you were loving every second of it…as her orgasm subsided i pulled my thickness out of her and moved around to the back of you as i positioned myself so that i could enter you and let her taste the and lick my balls as i slowly entered your hot wet pussy….pushing your naked lips apart i penetrated you… my balls being sucked and licked as i did… your moans of pleasure filled the room… as you began to push back against my advances…as i moved out of you she licked at my hard shaft taking all the extra nectar that dripping from me…i could feel the build up of my own cummm as i continued to thrust deep inside you and your orgasm suddenly enveloped you…taking you over the edge as your tight muscles squeezed at me pulling the white sector that was about to burst forth form me…. as i groaned out loud your once again buried your mouth to the lips..of her moist wet hot pussy… penetrating her sex and making her cummmm also as we all exploded together… the room was filled with the screams of passion… as my hot white sticky fluid burst forth deep inside you she was licking and sucking as your tight hot anus… sticking a finger deep inside you and licking and sucking at my balls…. she pulled at my cock wanting to taste some of the hot fluid that oozed …her hand wrapped around its length stroking it and pumping at it as the white cream flowed out into her open mouth…. her finger still deeply penetrating your anal opening.. your hips bucked your short hot gasps.. filled the room…. hungrily she sucked at me and then when she was full she pushed it back deep into your open hole….. i pushed forward again… bring you to a sudden second orgasm… i felt that i could keep on exploding deep inside you as my still thick hard shaft penetrated you and as she busily licked and sucked at your sex and at me… taking all the juices that flowed…..finally it came to and end.. as i felt my erect slowly diminish….slowly it slid out of you,,,, and as it did she greeted it with and open mouth to suck the remaining cream from its surface… and then back to you as the seed that was deep inside you seeped freely from you…. we lay there totally exhausted… fully spent and satisfied for now…anyways…smile…..

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