The Next Shot

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The Next ShotMy Next ShotWell after that first grope with Bob I kept thinking about him and what my husband had said. I mean how many women get a green light to fuck someone else if given the chance right? Well my husband did just that but I had to tell him about it but would I still not sure just how he would handle it if it were to really happen. I mean a factice is one thing but reality is another. I mean I have seen things go very bad when factice met reality. I have a close friend that it happened to so I can speak firsthand about it I mean I went through the whole thing with her. Like us her young husband talked about playing around and like us they flirted a lot so when she agreed to it they were both happy that is until it happened. Turned out that she had more fun and well since she got it first before him he was just left with the tail of what happened. At first he was ok with it but as time went on and the woman he wanted told him to fuck off, he was a bit angry about everything. Which led to them fighting a lot and he kept throwing the fact she fuck another man in her face all the time that one day she got so angry that she told him that he was so much better at satisfying her than him. Plus his dick was so much bigger and fatter than his no wonder the woman didn’t want anything to do with him. So that ended that she walked out he stormed out to meet this guy and got his butt kicked by him. Needless to say that was the end of their marriage and I did not want that to happen to us. So just how long am I going to sit on the fact that I just let another man fell me up finger fuck me and I sucked his dick. Or for that matter I put the head of his dick in my so wet pussy and jacked him off into me. Shit am I a bad person to have done that I was so confused with it and still I wanted to try it again, but would Bob be up for it, damn I just didn’t know and I would need time to think about it.Well I thought about it a lot everything running through my head and still the sex with my husband is so damn good I mean I was no virgin when I got married but damn he is good. The foreplay which can last for what seems like hours and then the act itself which he can make draw out for an eternity but then the after play which can send you to the moon and back if everything else wasn’t enough to make you pass out from the pure pleasure of it. And when it is all said and done the cuddling wrapping up in his big arms feeling his heat and the safety that they provide is just out of this world. Do I really want to jeopardize that with the want of another man’s dick? But as time went on and the flirting somewhat stepped up I mean Bob would play with my butt when we were alone or he would feel me up and of course I wouldn’t stop him his hands felt good on my skin. Yes he would slip them under my top and bra to play with my nipples making them so very, very hard. Or he would slip a hand down my pants or sweat or whatever I was wearing at the time and feel my ass, rubbing it and massaging it and damn it felt so damn good and naughty. And then when the husband and I fuck we still talk about playing around he always ask if I had the chance whom might I do? What should I do tell him that I let our friend feel me up and finger fuck me? That I sucked his dick until he shot a load in my mouth and I swallowed every drop of it and then I put the head of his dick in me and jacked him off until he shot a load into my pussy. Man I am so screwed but time was on my side and one day my husband came home he had this look on his face which told me he did not have good news for me. My mind raced with all kind of thoughts bayburt rus escort like did he find out somehow I mean I have been known to talk in my sleep. So I braced myself for whatever it might be. It was just the two of us at home so we sat down on the couch and he started to tell me that with his skill set he and a couple others were picked to go on a deployment, he didn’t know how long he would be gone or where he was going. But I knew that he had all the info already and couldn’t tell me anything about it. He then told me that he stopped by Bob’s shop and talked with him asking him to keep an eye on me and to make sure I was safe and well taken care of, if he only knew right. We went out that night had a great time and the next couple days he spent packing and getting ready. At that point my mind was not on sex or Bob but my husband that was going somewhere, hell who knows where doing something and when he will be back who knows. I can tell you that sucked and it was not going to be the last time that happened either. Well the day came and he took his bag gave me a kiss and walked out the door, I WAS LOST. Bob was home and when the dam broke and I started crying he held me tight trying to make me feel ok again and no he didn’t try anything just held me. When I was done it was back to doing things around the house you know the same old same old that went on for a day or two and then Bob grabbed my butt one morning. I was in sweat pants with a tank top on no bra or panties so he felt smooth skin when his hand went in. that got me going again and man did it ever.With his hand on my butt I pushed back and the fight was on wrestling all over again and before either one of us knew it we were naked. I had his so hard dick in my hand stroking him slowly watching the precum just start to ooze out of the tip of his dick and then I would lean in and lick it off. As I was doing that his hand was on my breast rolling my nipple in her strong fingers and ever so softly pulling on them making them so damn hard that all I wanted was for him to put his mouth around them and suck each one of them until I orgasmed. That is when I went down on him I took the head of his dick into my mouth and sucked just the head working my tongue around the full head and then into his hole at the tip. I did that for a few seconds enough to get more precum out of him before I took his full shaft into my mouth. Now I think my husband has told you that I like to suck dick and I swallow but did he tell you I can deep throat? Well I can and I did just that to Bob I had him balls deep in my mouth and as I did so I was playing with his balls and asshole as well. He didn’t last long before I knew it he was shooting jet after jet of warm sperm down my throat and I was drinking it up. When he thought he was done o milked him for a few more drops then I pulled his dick out of my mouth. I gave him a huge French kiss and sat on his chest when I was done. We just hung there for a few minutes before he sat up grabbing me with his strong arms and cared me over to the couch. He sat me down and pulled me to the edge, opened my legs and went to eating my pussy. I was so wet and ready for that, that when his tongue bushed up against my labia I lost it my orgasm hit like a ton of bricks. I closed my legs around his head and got two handfuls of his hair and pulled his face even harder into my pussy. He didn’t slow down one bit his hands on my breasts playing with my nipples his mouth all over my labia and clitoris as well as his long tongue sliding into me was so damn hot and I wanted bayburt rus escort bayan it to never stop. My orgasms started to roll together and I knew I was going to have a huge one very soon Bob could tell as well and stepped up his game and took his hand off my breast and started to play with my ever so tight bottom I mean my mussels were so contracted right now I could have made a diamond with the pressure I was exerting. But Bob being Bob he worked a finger in between my cheeks and just got the tip of his finger into my asshole. That was it and I went off like a rocket going to the moon. At one point my orgasm was so strong I thought I might have broken his finger with my butt mussels and crushed his head with my thighs. When my orgasm finial subsided and I relaxed Bob came up for air. He sat down next to me on the couch and after catching his breath he looked at me and all he said was WOW. We sat there for some time naked and enjoying it I looked up at the clock and that is when I saw it he was going to be late for work if he didn’t hurry and rush out the door. I told him as much but he just smiled and said he had the night off plus it was a Friday so if I wanted to go out we could.I had other plans and as I looked down his flat muscular body I could see his dick start to get hard. I wanted the feeling of his dick head in me again so I got up startled him and slowly went down with his dick in hand I put the head of his dick just touching my labia and then I brushed it foreword and back along the slit. Each time lowering myself just a bit more until the head of his dick had parted my labia. His dick head was now slipping back and forth across the opening of my vaginal cannel or pussy as most of you know it. I knew I was wet but just how wet was it well when I stood up to check I could see my juice all over the head of Bob’s penis I mean it was covered with it and I just had to try it so I stepped back dropped to my knees and took his penis into my mouth but not all of it just the juice covered head and sucked it clean. I then stood back up and straddled him once again. And once again I did the same I slowly lowered myself down onto his now very hard penis and with the head just brushing my labia I went back and forth with it each swipe I lowered myself down just a head until I had the head of his penis between my labia. I kept this up until the tip of his penis (I know I switch from dick to penis but to me it sounds so much better) just at the opening to my vaginal cannel at which point I stopped with the slipping back and forth and finished lowering myself down onto him. The head of his penis felt so damn good as it sat at the opening. I could feel his pulse through the tip of his penis and the warmth it exuded. I could tell that the tip of his penis was now firmly seated in the opening and with just a bit more force I would have him in me. But I was taking my time and enjoying every bit of this I was set to see his face and his muscular body tens up as I did just that a little downward force and the head of his penis popped in but not all of it. The tip was in and if I wanted I could leave it like that and jack him off into me but I wanted a bit more so I went down a hair more and the another hair more until I had the entire head in me. At that point there was nothing left but to feel the full length of his shaft in me so I pushed down and he was in me and my god he felt so damn good. His pines was pulsating inside of me with each beat of his heart and the shaft was growing a bit thicker with each beat until it filled me up mind rus escort bayburt you not as full as my husbands does but damn close. I just sat there and with a soft voice Bob said what if I just wanted to sit on him that was okay with him we didn’t have to do anything if I didn’t want to. That was so sweet of him and that is just what I wanted to do this time, just to have him in me and the feel of his thick pulsating penis throbbing inside of me. As I sat there he let one of my breast go and switched his attention to my clitoris, with his thumb her rolled it around in little circles and then he would pull on it just a bit so between his penis in me and his hand on my clitoris I went off once more not a huge orgasm but a sweet soft mellow one that has just the right feel. As it was flowing over me I started to wiggle my hips and that plus the fact he was in me just made it more than he could handle at the time and Bob started to shoot a load of sperm into me. When I felt that first jet of sperm shoot into me it shocked me at first them the feel of his warm forceful seed pumping into me made it so damn hot and naughty that I used my vaginal mussels to milk his penis for all it was worth. And I lost myself for a second because I started to bounce up and down the full length of his shaft so yes technically I was fucking him. But it was just for a few strokes as he shot his sperm deep into my so wet and ready pussy. When he was done and my orgasm subsided I laid down on his chest with his penis still in me and we just stayed in that position for what seemed like hours. I could feel his penis going soft (I must say he went soft so much faster than my husband, sorry if I keep bringing him into this mix but that is what I compare all men to) but I didn’t want to move so we just held each other and little bit by little bit his penis slipped out of me. But we still didn’t move and as relaxed as I was some of his sperm started to leak out as well the feel is something like a thick snot but a good snot one that you can play with and again as you might know my husband would have been between my legs playing with it. Making me orgasm over and over as he did so god I love that man. Well getting back to Bob and I as it leaked out it ran down onto his pines so me being me I pushed out as much of his sperm as I could and then I got up he too tried to get up but I pushed him back. I got on my knees between his legs and from the tip of his penis with my tongue I worked my way to the base. I sucked up as much sperm as I could and my juice as well and the mix was so intoxicating that I too his penis into my mouth and sucked him clean. In the process of sucking his penis clean I made him semi hard, I mean it was trying to stand up but just not enough juice to get it all the way up if you know what I mean. So I played with his penis stroking him sucking the head as well as playing with his balls to put it bluntly. But no joy just semi hard is all he could muster at that point, poor guy if he only knew that if he had gotten hard right then and there I would have fucked him for all he was worth. But it was not to be so I just enjoyed myself with his penis and how it felt in my hand and mouth. When I had him nice and clean I got up and sat down next to him, he turned his head and asked if I was going to sleep with him in his bed tonight but I told him I didn’t know when my husband would be home and for him to walk in and not find me in our bed bit that of our friend would not be so good for either of us. Things in my husband’s past that he had never told me about but from some of his old friends and what they did and do I wouldn’t want to make him mad. So the rest of the night we spent naked just playing grab ass and I do mean grab ass as well as other things and I must say it was better than going out.I do have other tails of Bob and myself that I will share with you all so do tell me what you think of them the more comments the better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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