The Night

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He sat comfortably in the corner chair of the room. He was still dressed from work, though his shirt was unbuttoned to his stomach and pulled free of his pants waistband. With hooded lust-filled eyes, he watched as she walked toward him. The sheer, pastel pink baby doll looked just as he had imagined it would…shaping her full breasts and swaying around her curvy hips, barely covering her cunt and ass.

He opened his legs to allow her between them, but instead of raising his eyes to her face, he watched her body, watched the effect his gaze had on her…the way her nipples stood out against the thin material…the way her breasts quivered…the way her thighs clenched and unclenched against the moisture he knew was gathering between them.

He reached out his hand, trailing a finger along the outer curve of her hip, moving from one to the other across her smooth puss. He could feel her heat, could hear her breathing stop as he would pass by that place of immense pleasure. Slowly he sat up on the edge of the chair, allowing his hand to reach around her hips to her ass, feeling the twin globes through the soft fabric. She was beautiful…passionate…erotic.

And she was his for however long he wanted her.

While still caressing her bottom, he let his gaze travel up to her face. It was flushed, her beautiful green eyes were closed and her mouth open and inviting.

“Give me your mouth,” he growled.

To kiss her was what he wanted most in that moment. His tongue glanced across her lips, hinting at her, daring her to take it. She used her own tongue to inflame him, touching his with fire until he couldn’t stand it and fully Afyon Escort opened his mouth under hers, sliding his tongue deep, tasting her, giving her the taste of him. She tried to put her arms around his neck, but he caught her by the wrists and held her hands together between them.

When he pulled his mouth from hers, he stood towering over her.

“Are you sure about this?”

She looked up into his eyes. He wanted her, wanted her this way, but he was giving her the final word. With a smile meant to enrapture, she nodded and extended her arms, her wrists still clasped in his hands.

With his own smile, wicked and sensual he led her to his antique brass bed. His lips were gentle as he brushed them over the top of her head, then helped her crawl onto the mattress, into the center, and with tender care replaced his hands with the cool metal of handcuffs. She was facing the brass headboard on her knees, which were slightly spread. He moved to the foot of the bed, and began unfastening his pants, freeing his engorged cock to the sultry heat of the room.

From his angle, he could see between her legs, see the glistening arousal that seeped down her inner thighs and his cock grew another inch. He crawled up to kneel behind her, running his hands up her lingerie to fondle her breasts, her belly, her cunt. She was dripping in his hand, her heat and her scent driving him mad. He brought his fingers to his lips and, admonishing her to watch, he licked her juices from his flesh, closing his eyes and savoring the sexy taste of her.

He heard her groan, opened his eyes, and looked at her…her eyes were dilated, Afyon Escort Bayan her mouth slack and full, her body flushed…she was so sexy to him and the position she was in titillated his erotic mind. Pushing up the sheer fabric to expose her smooth rounded ass cheeks, he grasped her around the hips and helped to lower her upper body closer to the bed, angling her ass in the air.

Sliding in closer behind her, he rubbed his cock between the folds of her pussy, teasing her clit, drawing little gasps of pleasure from her. She moved her hips back towards him, wanting him inside her. He smiled, a naughty curl of the lips, and leaned into her, sliding inside her warmth, and sat there motionless, reveling in the sensation of being one with this woman.

After moments of pure bliss, he pulled out, to both his and her dismay, though what he had planned would make up for any agony of loss that they felt right then. He heard her whimper and with fiery strokes of his cock against her clit and soothing caresses on her backside, she quieted and relaxed again.

He grasped the cheeks of her ass, spreading them, seeing her tight pink/brown button, and painful lust racked his body. He had dreamed of taking her this way, gently and passionately. With one final draw on her wet flesh, he moved his cock to the crack of her ass, lubricating her tiny button with her own juices.

He felt her tense.

“No, girl, just relax,” his voice was a husky whisper.

It took a few moments, but she did as he said, and he proceeded to insert his cock into her ass. With slow, gentle rocking motions of his hips, inch by inch, he slid Escort Afyon into her tight, virgin passage. With nearly every movement, she whimpered with his size and tightened her hold on one of the brass bars on the headboard and he would stop, allowing her body to adjust, then he would move in a little more. As he seated himself deep within her, his fingers toyed with her clit, every so often, slipping inside liquid heat.

She was so tight, and he knew she must feel so full, so stretched, but the feeling was intense, electrifying. After moments of stillness, she began moving her hips back against him, telling him silently that she wanted him to move. Slowly at first, then with more thrust and power. As his cock slid in and out of her ass, his fingers pumped furiously at her cunt, drawing her juices out of her.

It was hot; ass fucking this incredible, nearly naked woman, while he himself was still dressed in his daily clothes. He could feel her inner muscles tensing, ready for release, and with relish, he moved in her, pumping both openings, leaning over her, and fixing his mouth to her shoulder.

Tenderly at first he planted little love bites on her skin, but as their climaxes got closer to the peak, he bit harder. She stiffened…her muscles tightening around his fingers and his cock like a vice…and exploded, screaming her orgasm and he followed suit, pulling her hips into his body, pouring the essence of himself deep into her, biting down on her soft skin, sure to leave a mark.

Moments later, he pulled his fingers from inside her as her contractions subsided and slowly pulled his cock from her ass. Reaching up to undo the handcuffs with his cum filled hand, he trailed her juices up her arm drawing her back against his chest, wrapping his strength around her and holding her still quivering body close.

He was at peace. He was in heaven. He was hers.

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