The Numbers Game Ch. 1

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This story could cost me my livelihood, my position in the community, my respect and my own sense of self worth but after many months of enjoying the stories published through Literotica I have decided, against my better judgment, to share a story with you.

So here goes. My name is Jason Macquarie and I’m 26. Up until my nineteenth birthday I seemed to have a bright academic future ahead of me for I was unusually gifted in Mathematics and Music. It wasn’t to be. I had been dating this terrific girl known as Beverley whilst studying for my A-Levels and thought I’d found my true love until my libido overpowered me one day. Needless to say my future evaporated before my very eyes and although I was totally to blame, the way she treated me broke my heart. In order to save myself from a watery grave at the tender age of nineteen I immigrated to Australia for a period of rest and relaxation. During this time of listlessness, I drifted into Teacher College where I rediscovered my passion for Mathematics, after the end of three years of nonchalant study I graduated. Shortly after I was rebuffed by my Australian fiancé whom I desperately loved. As my heart reeled from yet another body blow I packed up and headed home.

Within days of arriving, my Aunt, another Mathematics virtuoso, had found me a job at a private school just south of London teaching A-level Mathematics. It was with trepidation that, at the tender age of twenty-six, I re-entered the classroom. And I entered it dressed like I’d just come from Manly Beach, the surfer dude. The actual job of teaching these adolescents was very rewarding and with my lassez faire attitude and distinctive brogue I very quickly found myself popular with the students. During free periods I would make myself available to the students who preferred a little one on one personal attention. I enjoyed this the most since I got to share their life stories and ambitions in return I was able to reveal my motivations. These sessions quickly developed into some very beneficial friendships that transcended the teacher / pupil.

I noticed one student in particular who paid me a lot of attention. She would always be at the front of the class trying to bahis firmaları answer the questions with unusual enthusiasm and seemed to me to be naturally gifted in the numerical arts. Her name was Rachael and as a part time job used to patrol the local swimming pool. We seemed to click instantly and I found myself being magnetically entranced. She sported a fascinating personality, an excellent body and a mischievous streak. She was tall, had short light brown curly hair to her shoulders, an luscious pair of silky smooth tanned legs, an ample cleavage, which I estimated to be at least a 36C, and a tight arse which looked great in her pool shorts.

Back to school. Rachael and I became close during the winter months and we would spend the lunch hours chatting in my classroom. I was beginning to feel very attracted to her but forced myself to resist because of my fear of being hurt again and because of the teacher / pupil stigma. The Sixth Form Christmas Party turned everything upside down. Being popular I was invited and arrived at 8.30pm. The party was already in full swing. I did not see Rachael anywhere but was having a pleasant enough time with several other females whom I also tutored. About an hour later, I was watching the dance floor from the sidelines when, like the Red Sea, the crowd parted and there she was, walking towards me, looking like some angel from heaven, to say she was stunning was an understatement, her appearance caused some uncomfortable stirrings below the equator. Short crop top that exquisitely displayed her ample cleavage and a short skirt with a slit up the right thigh, she came up to me and gave me a peck on the cheek that lingered a little longer than was necessary. Her aroma was divine. We chatted and I put on all my usual charm and before long had her splitting her sides with laughter. Later in the night we danced together and her way of dancing made my stirrings worse, she of course picked up on my embarrassment instantly and decided to make it all the more acute. But when it reached a certain level she suddenly disengaged and disappeared with her friends.

I took five and wandered off with several male students behind the hall and shared a joint. kaçak iddaa After a while I decided to rejoin the party and visited the gents along the way. The toilets appeared deserted but I suddenly heard a cubicle door creak open and I turned to see the radiant vision of Rachael stood by the entrance with a glass of wine in her hand. She looked so classy and sported that mischievous look in her sparkling eyes. “What ya doin’ Jason?”

“Passing some time Rachael. How about you?”

“Me too” She purred. Her nipples were hard and I was starring with my mouth drooling.

“Like what you see?” I think I just nodded like a fool but I was growing like crazy with lust, which she noticed. “Why don’t you bring that over here?” In a flash I was at the entrance to the cubicle, she grabbed my shirt and pulled me in. She put down the glass, sat down on the john reached for my prick and smiled her gorgeous smile. “You’ve no idea how long I’ve wished for this moment” and she engulfed me. It was more satisfying than I’d ever thought possible. Within minutes her expert mouth had me boiling. This she sensed and heated her technique up. Her eyes motioned for me to let it go and I did. All those weeks of teasing finally spewed fourth and I erupted my sack deep down her throat. She lapped it up all the while playing with her clit bringing herself to a minor climax. After I’d finished she stood up me and kissed me; a full kiss, a loving kiss and a lasting kiss. I could taste myself all over her probing tongue. “Delicious. Any more?”

That was it, my blood was up. “Yes little slut much more.” Within seconds I lead her away from the gents to my classroom that was officially off bounds to the rest of the revellers. Inside I led her to my desk and practically ripped her clothes from her body, I took a moment to admire her silhouette. Beautiful. We kissed some more and I took in her musky aroma, a curious mix of perfume and sex. She deliberately threw all my papers onto the floor, mounted the desk, laid back, spread her legs, opened her lips and begged me lick her cunt. Did I need to be told twice, no way! I quickly disrobed and approached her drenched thighs and inhaled deeply this made my cock kaçak bahis harder than a diamond. I was really going to give it to her.

And boy did I? Within seconds of my expert tonguing, over her clit, deep within her folds, she came, with such ferocity that I thought someone would raise an alarm, no-one did but I was covered in the most delicious golden nectar that I lapped up with great delight. She seemed to enjoy the attention I paid to her beautiful arsehole with moans of “yes” and “deeper”. This babe had potential. I made my way up her flat abdomen to her firm, large nipples. As I tongued them to hardness my prick had nudged its way to her pussy. Her heat enveloped me making me light headed. She was moaning in ecstasy and the moment I made contact she pulled me up to her and with that one graceful move I was buried deep in her wet pussy. “Oh yes Jason, this feels so much better than I imagined.” I replied breathlessly “You are so beautiful and feel so fantastic. I’m going to fuck you so hard”.

“Oh yeah, give it to me Jason!” And I did with deep powerful strokes. I held her legs up high as she pinched and caressed her nipples. Her sexy pussy was like velvet and so wet. I banged her hard and fast and she began screaming like a banshee. “Fuck me Jason. Push your dick in my pussy and fuck me till I scream. I’m gonna cum all over that beautiful cock.” She moved her hand down and gripped my cock and seemed to be massaging her clit as well. This action was having an unbelievable effect on me and I knew that I would not last another minute. “Oh Rachael, I’m gonna cum soon baby” I breathed. “Cum with me Jason, cum inside me” She replied all husky with lust. I couldn’t last and I shot my load deep inside her velvet tunnel. My orgasm was so powerful that I was screaming in joy and pain. My spasming cock and the pressure of my cum set of Rachael and she yelled my name with such force that I thought the windows were about to shatter.

It was with great disappointment that I pulled out of her but my legs were shaking and I was drenched in sweat. I sat down on my chair and Rachael came and sat in my lap gently nuzzling my ear and neck. The whole room smelt of sex and the atmosphere was erotically charged. After a minute or two Rachael said lightly “That was unbelievable. Fuck me some more!” And she hopped off, knelt down and placed her heavenly mouth around my already hardening member. She wanted more!

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