The Outdoorsman

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Joe Elliot got the last load of rubbish loaded into his truck and looked around. Today’s clean up of yet another city park had gone well, far better than expected. There had been more than the usual number of volunteers, word was getting around. There had been high school kids, parents, teachers and seniors, all eager to chip in and remove the rubbish and debris that had been infesting what once again looked like a lovely little park. Joe had been donating his services and equipment for the better part of a year. It gave him one less Saturday a month, but it made him feel good about himself. He was doing something good for the environment and it helped to take his mind off Jillian. Which in itself was an odd thing, because in a roundabout way, it had been Jillian who had led him down this path.

He had been getting rid of some things from his home at the recycling depot when he first met the gorgeous, dark-eyed Jillian. She worked there and seemed to be very eager to help and was milling about, doing a hundred different things at once. Jillian seemed to very much believe in the environment and doing the right thing. “I work here because I know it makes a difference,” she had said to Joe. “I’m well-educated but I don’t want to work in some corporate world, stuck behind a desk,” she told him. “I couldn’t stand it.”

Joe had flinched because he had been with Simonson and Goodwin for the past ten years, stuck behind a desk and working in the corporate world. As he and Jillian continued talking, he realized he wanted to know more about her. She was at least 15 years his junior, if not more but that wouldn’t stop them from becoming friends. He asked her out to coffee and she smiled and nodded and asked him to come back at 5 PM at the end of her shift.

He went home and showered and changed and took some of her words to heart. He tried to do his best to reuse and recycle but maybe he wasn’t doing enough. When he met Jillian for coffee, he listened to some of her advice. She seemed to be very sensible for someone who was only 22 — 18 years his junior, he learned.

“We’ve only got the one earth and we need to lessen our environmental impact,” she told him. “I bring my own mug to most coffee places. I ride a bike to work when I can and I try to buy from companies that are putting something back into the community. I don’t know how you can work for a company the way you do. I’d find it stifling,” Jillian had told him. He was trying to listen and take it all in, but the dark beauty had the most beguiling smile and beautiful brown eyes that Joe had ever seen. He had known her less than a day and he was already smitten. He hoped that she could be his friend and he’d work darned hard to make their relationship progress beyond that.

Over the next few weeks, he and Jillian brainstormed over some ideas he could present to his bosses to make their company more environmentally friendly. All of her points were valid and he sure didn’t mind spending time with her over meals, making plans and plotting strategy. She might have worked in a recycling plant, but she sure cleaned up nice and was sexy as hell in a short skirt and heels.

When he brought his summation to his bosses, not only were they not welcoming towards his ideas, but they were downright hostile. He was ordered out of the offices and told to concentrate on the projects to which he was assigned. Realizing the company wasn’t even going to spend minimum amounts of money to be more responsible to the environment, Joe reassessed his life. He couldn’t work for them anymore, but what now? He knew what he had to do.

Joe had a couple hundred thousand stashed away in his life’s savings. He had planned to retire in another 15 years, but he decided to take a risk. His English-born mother had a green thumb and loved the outdoors and so did he. He bought a landscaping business that was established but poorly run. He fired the employees that weren’t doing the work, reworked their business strategy, hired college students at good wages and used sustainable materials. Within his first year, Joe was almost equaling his old salary and answered to no one. He was outdoors most days, which he loved and when he saw a need in the community to clean up certain areas, he organized these cleanup projects. At first, only a handful of people came out. He supplied everything needed, trash bags and other things they could use to pick up the garbage. He used some of his former connections and got news coverage. The mayor came out to a few of the clean ups and things began moving from there.

He hoped that Jillian would be pleased; he had done so much of this as a result of her encouragement. She was, but when he asked her out on a few real dates, Joe got a shock he had not expected. Even someone with a good social conscience could be shallow at times.

“I like you Joe, but you’re too old for me,” the now-23 year old Jillian had told him. “Besides, I’ve been Afyon Escort with my boyfriend for six months now and things are going really well.” Jillian’s boyfriend was 24, drove a gas-guzzling Maserati and bought Jillian anything she wanted. Until that day, Jillian had been his idol. Now Joe saw that she had feet of clay and he felt like a damned fool. Here he was, 40 years of age and he had let himself be lured by a pretty face and body. He wasn’t going back to the person he used to be, but it smarted. Some of his friends noticed that his disposition was a bit dour for a while. Some of his couple friends invited him to dinner or to functions where he might meet some single women, but he wasn’t interested. For the time being, he was a bit disillusioned and wanted to stay out of the “scene” for a while.

Today, for the first time in several months, Joe found himself in a very upbeat mood. The reason for that mood was another female. He had been cleaning up a very large pile of trash when he noticed an attractive blonde kept looking his way. He smiled at her and she smiled back. When he finished that area and moved on to another, she stayed in the same vicinity. Another smile and another smile returned. He wondered if she was trying to get his attention. “Everything okay?” He called out to the attractive blonde, a woman who appeared to be in her mid-30’s.

“Everything’s great over here and it looks better over there,” the woman blatantly flirted. This woman was a real looker, even in casual clothes, a jacket and jeans. It was a bit windy so her hair was under a baseball cap, but Joe could see she had a lovely face and even the dumpy clothes could not completely contain what looked to be a lovely figure. She walked closer to him and he saw aquamarine eyes that would lure almost any man in. “I’m Marilyn Storm,” she said, extending her hand.

“Joe Elliot,” he said, taking her hand and shaking it.

“Oh, I know who you are, I was at your last clean up with my sister, Tracey,” she told him.

“Impossible, I would have noticed someone as attractive as you are,” Joe flirted right back. That got a smile out of her and if possible, she looked even lovelier.

“I spent most of the day helping Tracey and her kids, so you probably didn’t notice me,” she told him. “But I sure saw you and when I asked Tracey who you were, she told me that you were the man who organizes these clean ups. I think it’s wonderful that you’re so socially responsible; so many people aren’t these days. Does your wife appreciate all the hard work you do?” She smiled, almost batting her eyes at him.

He laughed. “That is a very sneaky way to find out if I’m married and no, I’m not. I used to work in the corporate world and while I know everyone has to do their own thing in life, I couldn’t do it anymore. I have my landscaping business and I don’t answer to anyone, except for the clients. They know my business practices and ethics and I like what I do and it keeps me healthy,” Joe smiled.

“I’ll say it does,” Marilyn smiled. “Now that we’ve established you aren’t married, would you like to take a girl out to dinner?”

Joe laughed again. “Man, you certainly aren’t a shrinking violet, are you?”

Marilyn shook her head. “Nope. When I see something I want, I go after it. You’re a good-looking, charming and socially conscious man who just happens to have muscles on his muscles. I’m divorced and I do like gorgeous men. What about it handsome, want to spend an evening with a gorgeous blonde on your arm? I promise to go home and recycle these clothes into something a little bit sexier,” she giggled.

The handsome landscaper thought about it for a second. Although a part of him was still smarting over Jillian’s rejection, this gorgeous blonde was the first woman to spark a flame in him since Jillian and he had said their goodbyes. It didn’t hurt that he was dying to see what Marilyn looked like all dressed up. “I think we can say you’ve got a date,” he smiled at her. “Do you want me to pick you up or do we meet up somewhere?”

The attractive blonde smiled at him. “Why don’t we meet at 7 PM at Vincenzo’s restaraunt, it isn’t too far from my home. Do you know it?”

Joe nodded, in his corporate days, he had held several business lunches there. Marilyn wrote down her number in case of any last-minute emergencies and walked away. Joe watched her walk and thought she sure looked good in those snug jeans. He wondered what she would look like in a pretty dress.

He found out at 7 PM on the dot. Marilyn walked into the restaurant in the traditional little black dress, pretty jewelry and high heels. She didn’t look at all liked the attractive woman he had met in the park, she now looked like a knockout, a model. He held out her chair for her and then sat down across the table from her. He was sure he was staring and she confirmed it by saying “You’re staring” and then laughing.

“I’m Afyon Escort Bayan sorry, I thought you were attractive when we met in the park, butwow, in that dress, you look like a model,” Joe said, pleased at his good fortune.

“Well, you do know how to flatter a girl,” Marilyn smiled. “I haven’t had a chance to wear this dress since my divorce last year. I used tobe a model, I worked on several different ad campaigns.” She rattled off a few of them and Joe himself had actually had a hand in some of them himself. Now he was starting to recognize her, but she hadn’t been Marilyn Storm then, she was — Marilyn Raines, that was it! She was one of the most in-demand models for a number of years and then she seemed to just vanish.

“Why’d you stop modeling?” Joe asked her as the sommelier approached them with a wine list. “You’re gorgeous,” he added.

“Aren’t you sweet?” Marilyn smiled, putting her hand on top of his. “My agency dropped me last year; they said I was too old. I just turned 35 last week, can you believe it?”

“They’re nuts,” Joe flattered the lovely blonde. “You don’t even look 30 and besides, why shouldn’t we have models of all ages? Kids aren’t the only ones who buy products, right?”

“It’s okay handsome, I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would,” Marilyn smiled as the two of them looked over the wine list. “I’m studying to be a florist; I love plants and living things. I have a lot of money saved and I can do what I want. You must like the outdoors, you worked like a fiend out there,” she said to him.

“I hate it when people take things like a nice, public park for granted,” Joe said as he decided on what wine to order. “When I started my landscaping business, I traveled around the city a lot and saw quite a number of parks that needed cleaning up. I decided I could spare a Saturday a month to help and now others are following in my footsteps,” he told Marilyn. “I just supply the raw materials and provide the truck to haul the trash away.”

“What got you started in all of this?” Marilyn asked. He told her the full story about Jillian and she shook her head. “Some people just don’t know a good thing when it’s right in front of them.” She placed her hand on top of Joe’s as their server brought the wine. “I don’t intend to make the same mistake, believe me.”

Marilyn proved to be the same kind of charming and ebullient companion throughout dinner as she had been right from the start. Joe found that she was exceptionally well read and had opinions about a lot of different things. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and had lost a few modeling jobs over it. She also wasn’t afraid to be overtly sexy and took several opportunities to flirt and touch Joe. He knew that she was doing it to show her continued interest and that was just fine with him. He found himself hoping that they would have a second date and that it would happen soon. He really enjoyed Marilyn Storm; she was the kind of woman that you did not easily forget.

When their bill came, he used his Visa card and took the opportunity to ask her for a second date. “What makes you think this one is over?” The lovely blonde smiled and put her hand on top of his. Their server returned with the receipt for him to sign and they left the restaurant and went out into the lovely, warm evening. She walked over to her car and looked at him. “Follow me home, it’s not far,” Marilyn said to Joe as she got in the car. He was pleasantly surprised at how forward she was being and nodded as he got into his own car. Whatever this brassy, gorgeous woman had in store, he was ready for it! She had such a great personality. He was up for anything she might suggest. Marilyn drove on ahead of him and he made sure to keep up so that he did not lose her. She pulled up as they entered a nice condo complex and they both got out of their cars.

Marilyn walked over to her handsome date and kissed him, hard. “In case you think you’re coming upstairs for coffee and dessert, let me remove that thought entirely from your mind,” she said and walked on ahead of him with a soft sashay. Joe couldn’t believe how forceful this woman was and how much he himself seemed to be enjoying it. He followed behind and hoped that the remainder of the evening would be spent with as much intrigue as the rest of it had been.

Joe need not have worried. Once inside her beautiful condo, any pretext of being coy was dropped to the ground, along with the pretty dress the ex-model had been wearing. She had on slinky lingerie and walked over to him with that same, sexy walk. “I don’t always believe in hard and fast rules, that silly thing about not having sex on a first date is one of them,” Marilyn told him as she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. “We both know what we want, why should we wait around for it? My bedroom is right through there, let’s go in there and make good use of it.”

Joe nodded, mesmerized Escort Afyon by the forward-thinking blonde. She stretched out on her bed and he thought she looked a bit like an ad for lingerie. He would have bought any product that Marilyn was selling. Realizing he was probably being a bit of an idiot standing there with all of his clothes on, he took steps to remedy that situation. Marilyn didn’t look away once as he removed all of his clothing. She seemed to appreciate the hard, masculine body Joe had earned these past months from working so hard. Were he the type of man to be boastful, he would have puffed out his chest with pride. Once he was totally naked, he joined her on the bed. Joe decided that it was about time he took a bit of control as well and pulled her to him and kissed her. Marilyn gave a small squeal of pleasure as their lips met and then the two new lovers melted together in a hot, sensual kiss. Marilyn let their lips meet and their tongue tangle before she pulled him on top of her and let him enjoy the beauty of her lingerie-clad body. “I was almost ready to suggest we go somewhere this afternoon and fuck,” she breathed as he kissed his way down her body. “You have no idea how sexy you were this afternoon, all strong and masculine. It’s very sexy seeing you like that, but I’m glad we waited. You also know how to rock a suit.”

Joe chuckled as he continued kissing her body. She helped him remove the bra and two perfect breasts sprung free. He kissed each one and tasted her nipples. Her tits were perfect and he doubted any surgeon had ever come near them, although they were that perfect. Joe kissed his way down her entire body and when she removed her thong, he came across a sexy, shaved pussy. He didn’t stop for a heartbeat, he went down on his date and didn’t let up until she began to shriek with pleasure. He enjoyed doing that to women, eating them and making them cum, it gave him great satisfaction. Marilyn thrashed about the bed and yelled out a rapid fire series of profanities. Joe just continued to assail her body until he had her shaking and knew that he had made her cum. She flopped to one side for a minute and tried to regain her breath.

“Oh my fucking God, you wonderful fucker, if I had known you were that good, I wouldn’t have waited until dinner,” she gasped. “Holy shit, you know what you’re doing. We may not get out of this bed until tomorrow. Okay, I’ve almost got my breath back; watch out, because I’m going to repay the orgasm you just gave me!”

The sex-crazed blonde pushed him on his back and almost attacked his cock. Joe didn’t fight her off; he thoroughly enjoyed every lick of her tongue, every swirl around his cockhead and the way she throated all the way down. He didn’t worry about cumming too fast, despite the fact that it had been a while for him. He just let Marilyn have her fun until he thought she’d sucked him enough and then he let go. He was about to pull away but she stopped him from doing that and swallowed his load. He quite liked the fact that this blonde sex maniac seemed to be up for anything. Without even stopping, the two lovers continued to play, getting their excitement back up to a fever pitch. Joe barely had time to go flaccid and once his cock was hard enough, Marilyn indicated that she wanted it and intended to go after it.

Marilyn got on top of Joe and claimed her prize. Using a body that obviously kept itself in terrific shape from vigorous exercise, she fucked Joe with all of her strength. Marilyn was a very wild fuck and not shy about expressing herself in any sense of the word. Her manicured nails raked his chest and she would lean over to capture his bottom lip with her teeth and tease him by tugging on it. He saw that her aqua eyes were now ablaze with a furious lust and so, Joe made sure to satiate any desires that she might be feeling. His hands played with and squeezed her tits and he made sure to be as active a participant as she would let him. Together, the two new lovers rode out the crest of an orgasm together.

Joe knew they weren’t even close to being done. She rolled over and kept playing with him again until he was ready for another round. She let herself be fucked from behind and was as bold and brassy as she had been previously. Joe felt as if she was just taking him for a ride, but it suited him just fine. When he came again, he didn’t think he had any more left in him. He was proven wrong a short time later while they fucked in the shower. Once that was done, they were both exhausted. Marilyn made coffee for the pair of them and they made plans to see each other again in a few short days.

A few weeks later, Joe was cleaning up another park and his thoughts drifted to Jillian. In a way, he decided that he should be grateful they met. If they hadn’t, he never would have walked away from a career that was stifling him. He never would have become the concerned citizen he had now become. He looked over to see Marilyn working with some of the others and she waved back at him. He certainly wouldn’t have met his new girlfriend had he not made all these changes, so yes, he owed Jillian a lot. After those thoughts crossed his mind, he never again gave her a second thought.

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