The Party

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It’s Halloween. We always swore blind that we’d never go to a halloween party, especially a dress up one, but somehow, we have been persuaded.

Costumes were tricky. I tried to talk you into going dressed as Sireth, but you pointed out that everyone would be staring at your laced up breasts, and that eventually we’d get a bit tired of that. You kept your choice as a surprise, right up until we were ready to leave.

Me, I took a leaf from Buffy’s book, and wore a name tag that simply said “God” upon it. You thought that was VERY cute.

But it was not as cute as you.

You walk out of the bedroom with a sheet draped over your head, eye holes cut out and wave your arms about spookily.

“That’s, uhm, original?” I try to say, but as you walk down the stairs, you lift the sheet up, and I see that you are wearing VERY little beneath it… some expensive black lingerie, stockings, a bra and a corset.. the works.

“Damn,” I whisper softly, and it’s about all I can do not to whip the sheet off and just make out with you here and now. You shake your head and say in a spooky voice, “later… you will get to lay THIS ghost to rest later…” and we both laugh.

We get out the to the car, and before we climb in, you give me a hard sheety kiss. I feel your tongue through the soft silky material of the sheet, and have to admit that it’s sorta sexy, especially now that I know what’s under it.

The drive to the party doesn’t take long, and we see all the kids out trick-or-treating as we travel. It’s hella cute, and we both wordlessly smile at the sight. Perhaps you’re imagining what I am, taking a couple of little kids out ourselves, helping them with their first halloween. Our kids.

I shake the feeling off, and we’re soon pulling up into the driveway of our friends house.

The party has already started, and we get out of the car, glad it’s parked at the end of the line of vehicles in the driveway, as we are pretty sure we’ll need to make a quick getaway once our urges get out of control, which they so often do.

We walk inside, people thing your costume is a hoot, though you only give quick flashes of your stockinged legs to a few chosen folk. One guy, we know his face but not his name, drops his cup when he sees, and we snigger evilly as we walk by.

Inside, there are about twenty, thirty people, all in costume. Some people get the Buffy reference with my costume, but most don’t and we get some oblivious stares as they try to understand what I’m trying to do.

As we enter the kitchen, my attention is distracted by one of the host female friends, who is dressed up as Catwoman. She’s maybe two inches taller than you, with a figure that wouldn’t look out of place in a VS catalogue. She REALLY suits the tight leather look, and she flashes a wicked smile my direction. I blush, and look away, and feel your hand in mind then. I realize that you’ve noticed her costume too, and appreciate the curves just as much as I do. I give your liseli hikayeleri hand a squeeze back. Sometimes it’s really cool that the same girls turn us on.

Catwoman walks by, and whispers something in my ear. I don’t make out much, but it’s something about how she should have come dressed as a nun so she could get to know God even better. I smell the vodka on her breath as she sways past, and I remember our friend saying something about this one, how she was kind of hard to control when she had some booze in her. I blush again, and look around for you, but you’ve disappeared into the crowd. I sigh, and start looking for something to eat. I’m not a big fan of finger food at parties, but I grab some pizza and a drink and begin to nibble, looking around at everyone’s costumes.

I find myself admiring a couple of young women in schoolgirl outfits, with skirts that are way way too short. They are giggling and teasing the guy who dropped his drink earlier when you flashed him, and I shake my head, amused. He’s in for it tonight, the girls can spot a shy one a mile away and like to push. The pizza is good, but I’m already missing you terribly. I spot Catwoman across the room, and she gives me a wicked smile. My mouth is filled with pizza, so all I can do is nod, and try not to spill my own drink.

A hand snakes down my back, and grabs my butt. I turn quickly, and I’m relieved to see it’s you. I lean in for another sheety kiss, and it lingers a little this time.

“I wish you’d made a hole for your mouth,” I whisper, then grin at the potential for fun that might provide. You giggle, and take my hand.

“I saw you looking,” you whisper, “she was pretty hot.”

“No kidding,” I admit, and blush again. You give that evil laugh, and continue pulling me along. We’re headed upstairs now. I feel a stirring, and I can just feel the desire coming from you.

“Ohh,” I say, “shouldn’t we probably just leave?”

You shake your head under the sheet.

“We can’t. Someone parked on the street and blocked us. We’re stuck here, love.”

“Ahhh. I see.”

We’re at the top of the stairs, and you are pulling me towards the first bedroom. We open the door, and see that a couple of people are making out on the bed already. More than a couple.

“Uh, hey… does that guy have two girls…” I start to ask you, but you close the door behind us, and pull me over to another bedroom door.

You open it, and this room, a small guest bedroom, is empty, save for a bed covered in coats. I hear a small satisfied sound from under the sheet, and you shut the door firmly behind us.

“On the bed? With the clothes?” I ask. You shake your head again, and pull me over to the closet. It’s empty, but not for long. we step into it and shut the door behind us. It’s a tight squeeze, but then again, it’s me squeezed up to you, which is great.

“Are you going to take the sheet off,” I suggest, but you shake your head, and I can see kadın hikayeleri the wicked look in your beautiful eyes. I grin, and nod. Okay.

My hands slip down and under the front of the sheet, and I run my fingers across the tops of your thighs… I’m expecting to meet some silky fabric, but I don’t. Instead is the silky wetness of your labia and I realize that, somewhere around the time Catwoman came onto me, you discarded your panties. I grin. I approve.

You lean into my hand, and grind against it. Your lips part, and I slide along you, feeling the heat and the moistness of you on the palm of my hand. I move my middle finger so it slips deeper into you, and you groan softly. My other hand is around you, pulling you against me. I can see your nipples through the sheet so I rub them through the fabric, realizing now that you’ve also misplaced the bra. I moan, and dip my head down to suck your nipples through the sheet, nibbling a little as I do so. You seem to get even hotter down there, and you force yourself down harder on my hand. I push two fingers into you, and spread them slightly, so your clit sort of pops out a little. You gasp, I knew you would.

I fall to my knees then, pulling the sheet up and my head under it It clasps to my face, cool and light, if a little damp now. I turn my fingers so it’s spreading your lips apart more, and pull back the little hood that protects your clit. I breathe on you, blowing gently, and then I lick… long, slow, hard.. but I let the skin slide back so that the feelings aren’t painfully intense as I flick and touch your clit with the very tip of my tongue.

Your back hits the side wall of the closet hard, and I have to look up to make sure you’re okay. Nothing but white silk though. The sounds you make are evidence that you are okay, and I continue to lap away.

I push two fingers inside you, moving them slowly back and forth, fucking you with them as I noisily suck and kiss. Your hands grab my head through the sheet and I can feel your nails even through it. You push my head away very slightly, needing a short break, but you don’t resist as I push back and suck on one of your labia very very gently.

I stand up, my cock is hard and it’s almost painful through the tight jeans I’m wearing. Your hands are there immediately, unzipping and pulling me out, freeing me. I moan loudly, it seems loud in this dark cramped closet. The sheet is in the way for anything your mouth can do, but you turn around, and push your butt back against me. I pull the sheet up to give me access, and slide my cock down between your cheeks. We both groan loudly as I do that, and your hand reaches back to position me correctly. As soon as the head of my penis encounters the burning hot spot, I start to push, but you push back even harder. I’m in, all the way, so very deeply and I forget to breathe for a moment, the sensation of penetration, of your wetness around me, is intense beyond words.

Your erotik hikaye oku hands are against the side wall, your breasts are pushed up against it. We have so little room, but I push forward anyway. You are squeezed even more against the wall, but you don’t seem to mind. I can just make out the sheet, pulled up over your butt, with the suspender belt around your waist. I spread my hands around you, and stroke your waist, your hips and your thighs. I pull you back against me so I can get some access to your naked breasts, and I squeeze, pushing them together and relaxing, then pushing them up together, my hands acting like that bra you seem to have lost.

Then I let go, and mash you against the wall again, pulling out and thrusting back in again. Harder, faster… you whisper words of encouragement to me, and begin to make little circles over your clit with one hand, while the other one is pushed up against the wall, giving you leverage to push back into me. Then you start wiggling your hips, and I can’t hold back any more. The feelings of being inside you are so intense, and you know that when I start shivering like this, I’m very close to coming.

Not wanting to get any of my juices over the closet, you turn, throw back your sheet and take me in your mouth, and suck long and hard. I am out of my mind, and I have to lean back in order not to fall.

As I come, you are sucking and sucking and pulling it all out of me. You delicately dispose of the items into a napkin that you had stashed somewhere (you ALWAYS think ahead) though I don’t notice at all right now. All I can feel are your lips and your tongue and when my penis gets too sensitive you kiss it gently and then kiss me right on the lips. You know I don’t mind kissing after that. My breath gets back to normal, eventually, and you are pushed right up against me the whole time. I know you didn’t get to where I’ve just been, but I suspect that I will be sorting THAT out later on.

We open the closet door just a crack, and we notice that there aren’t just coats on the bed anymore. The two schoolgirls are making out with the cup dropping guy AND each other. Did they notice us? How could they not?? But we seem to be the last thing on their minds right now.

My jaw is wide open as we watch. You gently shut it with a gently push, and quietly led us out of the room. As an afterthought, you deftly tuck me back into my pants, and cleverly allow me to zip it up You disappear into the bathroom, and I stand and wait outside the door. Thinking it’s a line to get in, Catwoman takes up position behind me. I feel her breathing on my neck, and a hand brushes my arm.

“You want to wait until the other bedroom is free, God?” she says wickedly.

I smile, shake my head, and you emerge from the bathroom. You have turned the sheet into a sort of toga dress thing, that shows off your black lingerie (where the hell did you hide the bra and panties, I wonder), and everyone sort of murmurs when you come out. You look like a goddess. Which, you are, even if I wasn’t here as God. Catwoman looks at you, and then back at me.

I say nothing to her, I’m just staring at you. You grin at me, do a turn so I can see it all, then you lean over and kiss me long and hard. We walk back downstairs to the party.

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