The Party Ch. 1

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When Dan heard what his best friend John had just told him, he could hardly believe his ears. And when Dan actually looked across the crowded living room, he could hardly believe his eyes either. “Oh…my…God,” Dan stammered as he realized John was right. “See pal, ” John laughed, slapping Dan on the back. “I told you she was staring at you.” The two eighteen year old men once again shifted their gaze back across the mass of high school partygoers to the beauty that was Amy Mitchell.

Amy Mitchell was something out of Dan’s most intimate dreams and desires, and not just sexual dreams and desires either. Amy was a senior at Limestoneville High and was a bit of a social enigma. Physically she was pretty much perfect, standing tall at 5’11” and having a thin, yet well-toned body from her years of soccer and basketball. Amy had long blonde hair, flowing a little past her shoulders and the biggest brown eyes Dan had ever seen. Dan would often stare at her from his seat in the classes they had together, gazing with intense longing at her perfectly round C-cup breasts, her tight, round ass, and her long legs and toned thighs. Amy’s skin was another physical aspect that the guys in Limestoneville drooled over. She had a perpetual tan, giving her skin a soft, vibrant glow even in the midst of winter.

However, while Dan often found himself locked in his bedroom after school, jerking himself silly to Amy’s image, he loved her personality. Well, what personality he had glimpsed from the few times he actually had the pleasure of talking to Amy. She seemingly was happy and vibrant all the time, constantly smiling her beautiful smile to anyone she passed. Amy was a popular girl, who could have been even more popular if she hung out with the in-crowd. However, Amy had no social clique at the high school. She talked, laughed, and was friendly with anyone she thought was nice. That aspect got her turned away from some of the more popular crowds, who had no concept of what respect to others actually meant. But, it never seemed to bother Amy, who casually went on with her happy life.

“Snap out of it man!” John said, slapping the back of Dan’s head in a friendly manner. “Quit staring off into space and go up and talk to the girl.”

Dan drifted back from his reverie, shaking his head at John. “I don’t know, John,” he said. “She is probably just looking over in this direction at somebody else. I mean, why would Amy Mitchell be staring at me?”

Dan just laughed and shook his head. “Buddy, all I know is the girl of your dreams is looking right at you, and she still is by the way.” Dan looked over and saw that Amy was indeed still looking at him, with a shy smile on her face. “Come on, Dan,” John continued. “Guys like you and me are never gonna have a chance with any of the girls at this party. I mean, these are ‘high-clique people’ here and we only got invited because you helped Samantha Mathers pass her Math exam.” John looked right at Dan now, with a dead serious look on his face. “Don’t blow this opportunity, man. Even if you get rejected, at least you’ll have finally tried what you’ve been dreaming about for three years.”

Dan stared at his friend, then looked back across the room at Amy, then looked back at John again and sighed. “Here I go,” Dan said, trying to smile and sound confident, but failing miserably. Dan worked his way across the living room of Samantha’s house, keeping his eyes on Amy all the while, fearing that if he lost her gaze, this would all be revealed as a dream. Dan finally made it up next to Amy and said “Hello.”

Except “Hello” isn’t what came out of his mouth. Amy was wearing a tan, V-neck shirt and a short black skirt, both of which accented her beautifully tanned body to the highest degree. Dan noticed her stunning beauty for the first time tonight as he approached and said “Hello.” However, all that came out of Dan’s mouth was “Ahhhh.”

Amy smiled as Dan tried to mumble something and then broke out into loud laughter. She leaned back against the wall, holding her stomach, trying to compose herself. Dan, looked completely defeated and turned to walk away, back into his high school obscurity when he felt a hand grab his arm.

“Wait,” Amy said, her laughter dying down and a sad look came across her face. “I’m sorry to have laughed at you. It was so rude, but your face had the funniest expression on it and I couldn’t help myself.”

Dan turned and smiled. “Yeah, I guess I did look pretty funny. What I meant to say with that funny expression is ‘Hi Amy.'” Amy smiled and extended her hand towards Dan. “Hi there Dan, how’s things going.”

Dan almost fell down in disbelief. He couldn’t begin to understand how this goddess had remembered his name after only talking to him once or twice over the course of three years. “Umm, hi Amy. Things are cool. Pretty nice party, huh?” Dan looked around the living room, crowded with teenagers all dancing and drinking.

“Yeah, I guess it’s ok,” Amy said, following Dan’s Afyon Escort gaze. “I’m not much into this crowd though. Too many social bigots here, if you get my meaning.” As a victim of their social bigotry, Dan got the meaning sure enough. “So,” Dan began, “How’d you end up here tonight then? I mean, a nice girl like you and all.” Amy grinned at that statement. “Well, not all the people here are that bad. Samantha Mathers is the Queen Bitch of the school, but some of her crowd is cool enough,” Amy replied. “So Dan,” she continued, “What about you? You never hang around with these people. How’d you end up here?” Amy smiled, “A nice guy like you and all.”

Dan laughed and for the first time in his high school career, actually felt relaxed around a girl. Dan explained to Amy about his tutoring of Samantha and how he helped her pass her Math exam. In return, Samantha so graciously invited Dan and a friend to her next party, and they didn’t dare pass up that invite.

Amy and Dan spent the next hour or so talking over the music, leaning against the living room wall like two wallflowers. They didn’t care about not socializing with anyone else, because who were they to socialize with? Dan did feel the need to look for John and see how he was doing, but couldn’t find his friend anywhere and excepted the fact that John must have left.

As the two new friends continued their conversation, Dan’s desire of Amy only grew stronger. She was smart and kind, complimenting Dan on his new button-down shirt and slacks. Their talking never lapsed, even for one second, as they often finished each other’s sentences, breaking up into laughter as the people around them gave the two some looks.

After over an hour of shouting into each other’s ears to talk, Amy took Dan’s hand in hers and said, “Let’s go out back and talk. Somewhere where it’s more quiet.” Dan readily agreed and allowed Amy to lead him through the kitchen and out the back door. Samantha’s parents were both lawyers and consequently, her parents were both rich. This wealth was reflected in their property. The backyard was huge, with a large wooden patio deck, gardens, a pool, and a walkway leading to a small hedge maze.

“WOW!” Dan cried as he set foot into this suburban paradise. Amy laughed as she gazed into Dan’s green eyes. “Yeah, tell me about it. Samantha’s parents really know how to spend money, huh?” Amy led the dazed Dan across the green lawn and up to the hedge maze, which was illuminated softly by the numerous lights along its path. Dan stopped at the entrance to the maze. “Do you think we’ll get lost,” he asked with a half-serious look on his face. “I mean, I would be too embarrassed to ever go back to school if I got lost in a hedge maze at a big party.” Amy gave Dan a bright, big smile and grabbed his hand. “Let’s see what happens,” she laughed playfully, running into the maze and pulling Dan along with her.

The two ran through the twists and turns of the maze, laughing the entire time, and eventually navigated themselves to its center. Now it was Amy’s turn to look stunned. “Wow,” she mumbled at the sight before her. In the center of the hedge maze was a large pond, with glistening water flowing gently in the breeze. Three marble benches surrounded the pond and the entire area was softly lit by the glow of lights outlining the pond’s diameter.

“You said it,” Dan grinned, and the two took a seat on one of the benches. Upon sitting, Amy curled up next to Dan, much to his total surprise, leaning her head upon his shoulder. “Mind?” Amy asked. “Not at all,” Dan replied, putting his arm around her shoulders. “Now this is more like it,” Amy said, gazing into the rippling water of the pond. “It’s so quiet and peaceful here. I could stay her all night.”

“Me too,” Dan agreed, turning his gaze away from the pond and looking down at Amy. Dan gasped to himself when he noticed that with Amy snuggled up against him, he could see clear down her shirt. Dan felt his cock expand and harden as he saw Amy’s full breasts outlined snugly in her black bra.

“Cat got your tongue?” Amy asked, looking up at Dan. Dan stammered for a second when he looked like Amy had caught his eyes staring down her shirt, but quickly recovered. “Just wondering,” he answered.

“Wondering what?” Amy asked, once again looking at the pond and cuddling closer to Dan. Dan’s gaze involuntarily returned to looking at Amy’s breasts, his cock becoming fully hard by now. “Just wondering why I never said ‘Hi’ to you before.” Amy laughed, “But you didn’t even say ‘Hi,’ silly, you said ‘Ahhh.'” Amy broke out into laughter and Dan gave her side a pinch making her squeal and jump. “I did too say ‘Hi.’ It was just after I said ‘Ahhh.'”

Amy sat up, making Dan groan inwardly from the lose of her contact. “Dan, I wish you talked to me years before. I always thought you were attractive, but I was convinced that you just weren’t interested in me.” Dan smiled at the image of him jerking off into Afyon Escort Bayan a sock for three years over Amy’s mental image. “Oh, I was interested,” he laughed. “I was just too shy, Amy, to say anything. And when I did manage to talk to you, I must have came off like an ass.”

“Don’t be silly,” Amy smiled, leaning in and giving Dan a soft, not-so-quick peck on his cheek. “I never thought you were an ass, Dan.” Amy took Dan’s hands in her own and once again flashed him her brilliant smile.

Dan returned the smile and ran his finger along the thin, gold chain Amy wore around her neck. “This is beautiful,” he said, leaning in to get a closer look. As his face crept closer to Amy’s smooth, tan neck, Dan’s instinct of desire took over. He gently pressed his lips against the warm skin of Amy’s neck, his tongue quickly licking her flesh. “Dan,” Amy cried.

“What!” Dan pulled back, in sadness and shock. “Amy, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to. Oh God, I just got to know you and I’m gonna blow it.” Amy grabbed Dan’s face between her hands and leaned in, kissing him passionately on the lips. “Don’t stop, Dan,” she said. “Don’t ever stop.”

Amy pulled Dan’s mouth back to her neck and Dan eagerly followed. His mouth gently pressed against Amy’s neck, as he sucked in a bit of her flawless skin, biting gently. Amy was moving her hands though Dan’s thick brown hair, her body squirming against him. Dan kissed his way around Amy’s neck, his tongue leaving a wet trail over her skin. Dan’s hands were against Amy’s back, holding her close to him, running in small circles. Then they slowly moved lower, across Amy’s hips, as Dan raised his face and kissed his dream girl.

Amy instantly opened her mouth, allowing Dan’s tongue to find and play with her’s. Both their hands were roaming now, moving sensuously along their bodies. Dan’s hands slid up from Amy’s hips to her lovely legs, rubbing her thighs in large circular patterns, his fingers squeezing her flesh hard in passion. Amy moved her hands down Dan’s chest, gripping the buttons on his shirt, releasing them one by one until the lights illuminated Dan’s chest. Amy slipped Dan’s shirt off and flung it behind her, as Dan followed her lead.

His own hands had slipped up inside Amy’s shirt and were tenderly fondling her perfect breasts. Dan felt Amy’s nipples grow hard against his palm as he quickly removed her shirt. Dan kissed all along Amy’s deep cleavage, his hands now deftly unsnapping her black bra. Letting it fall to the ground, Dan smiled as he saw Amy’s large breasts fall free. As he always imagined them to be, they were perfectly round, with large and long nipples. Dan leaned in and took a nipple into his mouth, sucking and nibbling on it.

“Mmmm,” Amy moaned, holding Dan’s head against her tit. Amy’s pussy had grown very wet very fast, and she moved her hips about in hot passion, trying to grind them against Dan’s body. Realizing what she was trying to do, Dan moved one hand slowly along Amy’s thigh, passing beneath the fabric of her skirt. His hand moved across her wet panties, pausing briefly to rub his palm hard against Amy’s wet mound. As if a bolt of electricity had hit her, Amy cried out “Ohhhh,” and her whole body pressed hard against Dan.

Dan moved aside her drenched panties and slide one, then two fingers easily into Amy’s wet pussy. Dan began sucking hard on Amy’s nipple now, his teeth clenching it and pulling it taut, as his fingers moved quickly in and out of Amy’s pussy. Amy was moaning louder now, moving her hips rhythmically against Dan’s fingers as they fucked her pussy. And when Dan’s thumb found her clit and began rubbing it hard in a circular motion, Amy lost it.

“Ahhhhh…Yes Dan…Fuck yes!” Amy cried out in total pleasure as her orgasm shook her body, her pussy clenching tightly around Dan’s fingers, soaking them in her sweet juices. Dan brought his fingers up to his mouth, smiling as they glistened in the soft lights of the pond, covered with Amy’s cum. He erotically snaked out his tongue and licked all along his fingers, tasting this perfect woman’s nectar.

The sight of Dan slowly licking his wet fingers, fingers that had just fucked her pussy, made Amy wild with hot lust for this man. She reached down and quickly started to unbutton Dan’s pants, sighing in anticipation as her fingers grazed along the outline of his hard cock. “Stand up,” Amy ordered, pulling Dan up beside her and she quickly removed his pants and boxers. Dan’s large cock stood at attention, it’s 9″ a monument to his lust for Amy. “Mmmmm,” Amy cooed, wrapping her fingers around it, slowly stroking it, coaxing pre-cum from the fat cock-head. Dan closed his eyes and let out a guttural moan as he felt Amy’s hot, wet tongue lick along his hard shaft, then to his balls, then felt her mouth engulf his head. “Oh yeah Amy…Suck it baby…Please, suck my cock.”

Amy looked up at Dan and smiled around his cock-head. Pulling back away from it caused Dan to groan in Escort Afyon disappointment. “Please Amy, I want it so bad…Suck it.” Amy stood up from the bench, and said, “Later sweetie, later for that. Right now, I want this big cock inside me right now. So lie down, Dan.” Dan did as he was told, lying on his back upon the moist, soft grass. Amy smiled down at him, and wiggled out of her skirt and soaked panties, tossing them into a pile with Dan’s pants.

Amy hovered over Dan’s cock, and turned facing away from him, as she lowered herself. Dan held his cock straight for Amy, running it along the folds of her pussy, teasing her. “Ohhh, stop teasing…I want it so bad Dan.” Amy cried and Dan pressed his cock against her pussy, lifting his hips to thrust it inside Amy. “Mmmmm,” Amy grinned as she felt Dan’s big cock pass into her pussy, and she lowered herself down, sliding his hard cock inside her loose pussy up to the hilt.

Amy started lifting herself up and down on Dan, moaning loudly each time. Dan looked up and could see his cock being swallowed by Amy’s lovely pink lips. Dan grabbed Amy’s hips and helped her, thrusting his own hips up to meet her downward motion. Soon the two had developed a fast and furious fucking rhythm. “Dan…yes baby…it feels too good…fuck me…ahhhh,” Amy cried as her pussy tightened around Dan’s cock and another orgasm swept through her body, causing her to thrash about while impaled on Dan’s cock.

Amy leaned back against Dan, her hips still thrusting up and down on Dan’s cock, her hair teasing Dan’s face as she turned her head side to side in passion. Dan reached around, his hands finding Amy’s tits, squeezing them roughly as he slammed his cock in and out of her wet pussy. Both Dan and Amy were panting now, breathing in short, quick breaths, and Dan moved his hands slowly down Amy’s tits, her flat stomach, finding her wet lips, her hard clit.

“Oh my God! Yesssss!” Amy screamed as she felt Dan’s fingers find her clit and rubbed it between them. Dan was pounding his cock hard against Amy, the wet sounds of their fucking and his balls slapping against her ass were loud in the quiet night. “Oh shit Amy,” Dan groaned as he felt his balls tighten, his cock expand in preparation for his cum. “Yesss, I’m gonna cum…fuck Amy…can’t hold on!”

Just when Dan was at the point of exploding and emptying his cum inside this sweet pussy, Amy quickly lifted herself from Dan’s body, his cock slipping out of her pussy with an audible ‘plop.’ Amy then turned herself around on top of Dan into a ’69’ position. Amy flicked her tongue out, teasing Dan’s head and balls, her fingers closing hard around the base of Dan’s shaft, blocking off the flow of his cum.

“Arggghh,” Dan groaned in disapproval, but his mouth was quickly covered by Amy’s pussy, as she ground her blonde haired bush hard against Dan’s face. Dan’s tongue licked across her wet lips, sliding inside her opened pussy, tasting her sweet cum firsthand. Amy started stroking Dan’s cock fast and furious now, while Dan had latched his mouth over Amy’s clit and was sucking and biting it hard. Their cries of sexual passion were loud.

Then, Amy rolled off of Dan and quickly straddled him again, this time facing him. Amy lowered herself onto Dan’s cock, her glistening lips engulfing him fully once more. Amy started lifting and slamming herself down onto Dan’s cock hard and fast, looking into Dan’s eyes and knowing it was time for him. Dan lifted his hips to meet each of Amy’s downward thrusts, and his hands grabbed her tits, pulling her down on top of his body.

“Mmmm, Amy…yesssss…making me cummmmmm,” Dan shouted, slamming his cock hard into Amy’s pussy and holding it there. “Oh yeah,” Amy whispered into Dan’s her, her tongue licking it. “Yeah sweetie…cum inside of me…in on the pill, so fill me up baby…mmmmm!” Amy moaned grinding her pussy against Dan’s cock, her body shaking with her third orgasm. “Ahhhhhhh,” Dan cried and his cock exploded, shooting his jism into Amy’s pussy. Amy smiled to herself as she felt Dan’s cock twitch a few times, each time sending a stream of cum inside her.

The two lay on top of each other, Dan holding his arms tightly around this dream girl’s body. Amy kissed his neck softly, then kissed Dan’s lips, her tongue brushing against his. “Wow,” she smiled at Dan. “Yeah,” Dan smiled back. “Now I know I should have talked to you before!” The two broke out into laughter and Amy rolled off Dan and cuddled up to his side. “Amy?” Dan asked quietly. Amy looked up at Dan, “Yes sweetie.” Dan stammered for the words, which totally perplexed him since after just fucking this girl, asking her out should be easy.

“Uhm, Amy…uhm…want to…want to go out sometime?” Amy smiled, holding back any laughter at the situation, not wanting to make Dan feel bad. “Of course Dan, I would love to go out with you.” Dan smiled and relaxed once more. “But,” Amy grinned, sliding her hand down to Dan’s soft, cum covered cock and squeezing it. “Only if I get to play with this on our date.” Dan laughed and hugged her tight. “Anytime.”

Amy and Dan got dressed and headed back through the hedge maze to the party, never noticing the person hiding in the bushes, who had been watching them the entire time.

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