The Pendant

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What are the chances? Sure, it’s easy to figure out that half the time the coin will come up heads. But what about the seemingly random events that led to the stars, the sun, the Earth and the moon? How about incidental plagues that defeated invading armies? And then there was this stone. It was an unusual, pretty stone. How likely was it that this rock that coalesced in space would have just those elements and crystalize just like it did? Or that it fell to Earth and landed on this beach right where the lady would kick it and notice its sparkle? A beachcomber spotted the lady admiring the stone’s ruby-red stripes and emerald glitter. The lady had no interest in keeping the stone and gladly gifted it to the beachcomber, who later tumbled the stone smooth and fashioned it into a pendant. She selected a sturdy gold chain and displayed it on its own, feeling that she could ask for a high price for this unusual piece. A buyer, Jason, happily paid the price and gave it to his girlfriend, Patty, who loved it and wore it for years and years. ———————————————————————————————- Shawn opened the box that his dad gave him after his mom passed. Most of her things had been donated after his brother and sister had claimed their mementos. Shawn chose a few pictures and other memorabilia that he admitted would probably never leave the box. The exception was a necklace that she often wore, the one with a stone with red stripes and that sparkled green. He teared up a bit as he put it on, and made a mental note to get a more manly chain. He wiped his eyes with the back of his hand and placed a picture of his parents on display. She was wearing the pendant in that picture. The note taped to the frame read, “Jason and Patty, at the beach,” with the date. ———————————————————————————————- Are dreams wishes or housekeeping? Could they be influenced from whispers during the night? Shawn woke up on the couch during the aftermath of a wet dream. At thirty-two, he thought those days şişli escort were long behind him. He cleaned himself and hoped he could fall right back asleep. That dream stuck with him, though. He was near this young couple but they didn’t see him. They were naked, kissing, and awkwardly groping, about to make love. There was not so much as a whisper in this silent dream. The boy started to put it in, took it out and started again. They went a little further each time until he was in all the way. Shawn sensed accomplishment, some pain, and love. The boy rocked gently and soon climaxed. The girl felt it; Shawn knew that she felt it. Damned if I don’t have another hardon. Shawn ignored it, ignored the dream, and managed to fall back asleep. ———————————————————————————————- Shawn was on his first date alone with Sheila. Before tonight, they only went on group outings with his sister and friends. Sis had fixed them up and, until now, she had completely failed at matchmaking. This one, though, she was the best match yet. Sheila invited him into her apartment after they walked back from dinner and offered him a drink and no promises. They chatted and sipped wine. During one of their few silent moments she settled against his shoulder. They talked some more about nothing and had some more wine. Shawn took the glass from her. “I wouldn’t want to see that get spilled.” Sheila shyly smiled, placed her freed hand behind his neck, and pressed her lips onto his. They kissed tenderly for a while. Shawn looked at her face as he placed a hand to the top button of her blouse. She nodded slightly and he undid it, and the next. She sighed as he kissed her neck and exposed flesh. They kissed more, less hesitantly and more insistently. She unbuttoned his shirt and ran her fingers through the modest hair as they continued to exchange kisses on their chests, necks and mouths. For an instant, Shawn had the bizarre feeling that they were being watched. He stopped and she asked what the matter was. “You don’t have roommates, do you?” “No, şişli escort bayan why?” He didn’t know what to say next, so he kissed her along the top of her bra. Sheila giggled and took his face in her hands. “We should call it a night.” Shawn gave her a little smile and nodded. He offered to help pick up and she said she’d get it in the morning. He started to button up his shirt when she asked about the pendant. “It was a gift from my dad to my mom before they got engaged.” Shelia held the pendant. “That’s sweet.” “Can I call you again?” “I’d like that.” She gave him one last long kiss. He noticed that she hadn’t bothered to button up her own shirt. They said their good-nights and Shawn walked back to the restaurant to get his car. He could not shake the feeling that, just as things were heating up, he was being watched. ———————————————————————————————- That night he had another silent, erotic dream. This time the woman squatted on the man’s lap. He was inside her and she was grinding against his pubic bone. The closer they got to climax, the clearer the dream became. It was the same couple as his last dream, only her hair was shorter and his underdeveloped mustache was gone. A pendant banged against her chest in rhythm with their coupling. Shawn’s hips moved along in his sleep as he clutched at the stone around his neck. He was fixated on the young woman as she repeatedly impaled herself. Her splendid breasts pointed to the ceiling as she leaned back and held on to the man’s legs. She took in short shallow breaths with each thrust, unable to exhale as she approached her peak. Suddenly she gasped and all three climaxed together. The woman seemed to look at Shawn as she held her pendant. He was startled awake as he realized that the pendant the woman wore was his pendant, his mother’s pendant. I’ve been dreaming about mom and dad! He rushed to change out of his shorts and went to the sofa to watch TV. He did not want to go back to sleep. Those dreams continued, though, almost every night. ———————————————————————————————- Shawn mecidiyeköy escort had called Sheila, who suggested that she would fix dinner for them at her place on Saturday. He readily agreed and when Saturday arrived, Shawn was greeted at her door with a prolonged kiss.  Sheila was wearing the same outfit from their previous date, with small adjustments. The buttons on her ivory blouse were undone just as she had left them the other night. This night, a group of gold chains adorned her chest and Shawn suspected she was wearing a different bra. She wore the same black mini-skirt but this time her legs were bare and she wore black kitten-heel sandals, replacing the leggings and sensible flats from before. “I didn’t really cook, I hope you don’t mind.” She took his hand and walked him inside, revealing platters of cheeses and breads with dipping oils. Two bottles of wine were arranged next to two empty glasses.  “I already opened one to let it breathe.” Shawn took the hint and poured as she settled on the sofa, knees together and legs to the side. He handed her wine to her and sat alongside. They clinked glasses and sipped. “I couldn’t imagine a better meal.” They chatted, snacked, drank and occasionally kissed. She played with her chains now and then and he couldn’t help but gaze when she did. Lift the chains. Without thinking, Shawn reached for her necklaces. He looked out the corners of his eyes. Did someone say something? Lift the chains. Shawn’s hand continued and lifted the necklaces away from Sheila’s chest. She gasped a tiny bit and locked her eyes onto his. “These look really pretty on you.” He caressed her with the backs of his fingers as he slowly allowed the chains to fall back into place. “Thank you,” she whispered as she quickly reached for her wine. Shawn wondered why he did that. That wasn’t a voice, exactly. Intuition? A prompt? And again, he had that feeling of being watched. Sheila pulled his face to hers and placed her lips to his. She gently stroked his lips with her tongue until their mouths opened for the most engaging kiss of the evening. She lifted her almost-empty glass and held it aloft. Shawn copied her as she downed the remainder of her drink and stood. “Would you like to continue in the other room?” 

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