The Perfect Hostess (part 1)

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The Perfect Hostess (part 1)And then the day arrived. My old primary school reunion. It was more than twenty years since we had last seen each other, but thanks to social netwoks, we had renewed our friendship. Obviously, the reunion was to happen at Pedro’s house. Pedro was the succesful member of our batch. A wealthy business man, with a huge country mansion with more than twenty rooms and acres of gardens surrounding it. So… there we go for the weekend!I was really looking forward to meet again my old mates, but when Friday arrived, I was disappointed to see that my best buddies had decided not to go. I was happy to see other friends, but none of them were really close, so suddenly I was feeling a bit alone and bored.Luckily, that was when Pedro’s wife, Kristina greeted me. A lovely Venezuelan woman. Just became a “mature woman” (early 40s), with a splendid figure, nice round hips just below her waist, surrounded by designer’s jeans and some generous breasts, with its form well sculpted bellow a cashmere sweater. Tanned skin, perfect smile, white teeth, green eyes, lovely dark curls falling just a bit below her shoulders.Kristina offered me a drink and a snack, and was the perfect hostess. She asked me if I was enjoying myself (not really until there, but of course, I said I was), and after noticing I had been looking her books from a huge library, we started talking about them. Both shared a mutual interest at literature, and talking, we discovered more common tastes and we had an intelligent and entertaining talk.Night arrived, and Pedro and most of the folks decided to go out to town, to the pubs area. A few of us decided to stay, including Kristina and myself. We sat in front of the television in one of the many rooms at the mansion and kept chatting. Who doesn’t like to talk to such a beautiful lady?It was one o’clock, and most of the people were still out, and from the guests that had stayed, many istanbul escort of them were in bed (some sharing!). It was late, so I said goodbye to Kristina.“I hope to talk to you again tomorrow” I said“Count on it!” she answered with a smile. And she approached me to kiss my cheek… although she almost touched my lips… a playful smile, and see you tomorrow…I was feeling very randy, so when I reached my bed, I put on my pajamas, and when I entered my bed, I searched a bit of porn at my tablet. Imagine my surprise when after fifteen minutes, someone knocks the door…“May I come in?” asks Kristina, when in fact she was already in without waiting for my answer. “I cannot sleep, and I would like to talk to you a little bit more” she said. She was wearing an ample t-shirt, obviously not wearing a bra beneath. I couldn’t see any shorts, so I guessed she was wearing just panties. I could notice some tanned and round legs.“S—sure” I answered “but… What about your husband?” I asked.“Don’t worry, he isn’t the jealous type, and you are my friend, and… he is not here… hehehe”, laughed Kristina.“Well”, I said, while I was trying to hide the tablet and the porn… but a bit too late.“What are you looking at, Alex?” she asked, and basically she took the tablet out of my hands. “Cheeky boy! Hihihi”, laughed Kristina.When she noticed how my face was blushing, she knocked my shoulder playfully and said “Don’t worry. All you men are the same! Pedro also looks at it… May I see?”And she started to look the webpage I was looking (x-hamster, obviously). She huddled at the bed with me and started to look approvingly the page… And then she started to comment….“Wow, what boobs she has!” “That’s a naughty girl…” “Ouch! That has to hurt!” “Oh my, what a dong that guy has!”And with all those comments, my embarrassment went away, since Kristina was a real avcılar escort funny girl… but my horniness didn’t…Suddenly, Kristina asked: “Does looking at this turn you on?” and before I could answer, she places her hand beneath the sheets close to my dick. “Wow… It looks so… Or is it me that makes you horny…?”And with a cheeky smile, she started to stroke my penis… first my glands, with her fingers rotating around it…. Then my scrotum, then the shaft, smoothly, and starting to go up and down…I was speechless, I couldn’t even answer. Then she came closer to me and without stopping to look at my with her gorgeous green eyes, she kissed my lips… Me, frightened, I barely managed to kiss her back. Her lips embraced mine, and when I could, I started to suck her lower one… That made her close her eyes and let go a gentle sigh.That sigh repeated when I put my hand beneath her t-shirt and caressed her boob. A big boob that I couldn’t fully hold in my hand… And a nipple that became instantly hard…. Until then, Kristina had remained seated at my bed, but then she decided to go inside. She took out her t-shirt, showing big boobs, not that firm, since she was at her early forties, but with a pair of big dark circled nipples and a silky skin. She then took out her panties and showed a beautiful triangle of black pubic hair. I took out my own pajamas, and Kristina leaned on my chest, kissing me non stop, with her hand over my cock, and mine over her boobs. Then, she took my hand to her mouth, and sucked gently my fingers, without stopping to look into my eyes. She then guided it to her vagina and my wet fingers caressed her slippery slit… wet and hot… While she was looking with desire in her eyes, she licked her lips… And when I introduced them inside her, she thrusted her head backwards and let a long but quite groan…Kristina was really horny, and she moved her head towards şirinevler escort my penis… what a blowjob she gave me… she circled my dick with her lips and up and down, and sucking and licking… I was groaning while I stared to thrust my hips front and back…But when it looked I was about to cu, she cut it off… she looked at me with with a naughty smile and placed her fingers to her lips… “Sshh…wait…”She stood up, went to the door (showing her ample hips moving and showing a delicious bum), she shutted it close, and with the same naughty smile, she came back (showing her ample hips moving with her pleasure triangle coming to me…)She climbed to the bed, she climbed on to me, and while smiling, and saying again “ssshhh….” She introduced my dick inside her pussy…. Much tighter than expected, although very hot and slippery.“Don’t make a noise”, she whispered… “They could hear us…”And she started to ride me… but smoothly… so the bed wouldn’t creak too much… although if someone was to be spying us at the room besides, I’m sure they would hear us….Kristina was moving her hips expertly…forward, backward, circling, and above all, very slowly and smoothly… I was practically motionless, but my hips kept thrusting a bit forward to push my cock inside her love hole… Her boobs weren’t moving very much, so slow she was moving, and my hands started to caress them and squeeze gently her nipples.Her orgasm arrived when I noticed she pushed her head backwards and let groan a silent but lasting grunt… a few pearldrops of sweat from Kristina felled over me, and I sensed a bit of salty female at my lips….“I’m gonna… I’m gonna…!!!” I started to tell Kristina with a whisper, but once again, she took her fingers to my lips… “sshh…”And then, I came… two, three, four, five and more spasms inside her vagina… If before her pussy was wet, now my dick was absolutely surrounded by a flood of juices… hers and mine… Kristina had kissed me at that very moment to avoid my groans of pleasure….The two of us lying exhausted at the bed… her chest against mine… feeling her heartbeats against me….Then she stood up, she put on her t-shirt and her panties (although a little stream of my semen flowed from her vagina) and, with a smile, she said to me…“Remember you promised to me again tomorrow”.

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