The Perils of Rock n Roll Decadence

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The Perils of Rock n’ Roll Decadence

(SU Rules! No. 22)

By The_Shadow_Rising


This story:

is very long, and very slow.

includes repetition (intentionally).

has a lot of build up before the sex.

is very detailed (including the sex).

is not a quick jerk off story. Everything is long and detailed and meant to be read that way. The story is meant to be read slowly.

is about (a woman) cheating. (And is not a cuckold story.).

is not a BtB story; no bad consequences happen to her.

is written slightly different to how I normally write.

is a fantasy, fiction story. It is not real.

draws on several true events as inspiration.

If you do not like this, I suggest you do not read the story. For everyone else, have fun. 😉

– – –

This story is dedicated to all of my readers. Thank you for your support and motivation. This one is for you.

– – –

The wind that caressed the illicit City of Shorehaven and its decadent inhabitants was as cool as the light rain that spotted from the slowly darkening sky. The dirty-white clouds hung gloomily, blanketing the usual crystal blue sky and blinding sun, and only growing darker as the breeze blew in thicker, heavier clouds over the still grey ocean. Those clouds promised a much heavier downpour was on the way, and in the lustful City of Taboo Dreams it was said that when a storm came more than the dust and heat was washed away.

Shorehaven rarely grew cold, at least in comparison to other cities in the country, yet the winter often brought deluges of rain in a cool that seemed stark to a city so used to the heat and sun. Still, the rain was barely noticeable, at least for now, and the wind soft and fleeting, and neither were enough to sway the thoughts of the City’s people, especially when they had other things on their minds; both ordinary, everyday thoughts…and, as always, more erotic desires.

Mia Kennedy shared in the dismissal of the weather as she stood gazing out of the barely rain-touched glass of the dorm room window at the slowly blackening sky. For the beautiful dark-haired girlfriend, however, it was neither lust nor the mundane that made her pay no mind to the darkening clouds, she wouldn’t be outside for long today anyway. Rather it was the ever-growing excitement filling her stomach about the up-coming night that washed away any concern for rain or cold, or in fact for any unhappy thoughts at all, from her buzzing mind.

Tonight she and her boyfriend of a year and a half, Ethan Hayward, were finally going to see their favourite band, Dark Desire, for the first time ever! Not just that, they were going to see the band live in the City centre on their debut album launch night! This would be one of those ‘where were you?’ moments in the future!

Mia felt an excited flutter surge through her stomach at the thoughts and her soft pink lips curved into a pretty smile as her eyes gleamed brightly enough to lessen the heaviness outside. She and Ethan were actually going to the gig of their dreams! She almost felt giddy with the rush. Her head spun and the dark-haired girlfriend almost bounced on her toes in exhilaration. She was always excited about a night out, especially one where she was seeing a good band, but this was the show she had been waiting to see for…well, at least a couple of years, and nothing, not even the rain or cold could dampen her spirits, even if it soaked and froze her completely!!

Grinning to herself as she stared eagerly out of the window — feeling more excited than she had in a long time — Mia tried hard not to jump up and down in excitement. She really couldn’t believe that tonight was actually the night! She hadn’t felt this excited…well, since the last — and only other — time she had thought she would see Dark Desire.

Tonight was supposed to have been her and Ethan’s second time seeing the band, rather than their first, as they had planned on seeing them at Valestock a couple of months ago. The problem was that before they could get the money together the festival had sold out, and since then the band had been signed to one of Shorehaven’s largest record companies and had focused solely on recording. Both Mia and Ethan had been devastated when they had found out they couldn’t go, though Ethan more so as he was the one that hadn’t been able to find the money for his ticket even when Mia had had enough.

Her sweet boyfriend had blamed himself for Mia not being able to go, despite her telling him repeatedly, and sincerely, that she didn’t blame him at all, she just didn’t want Afyon Escort to go without him. It was for both of those reasons that when Mia had heard from a friend that Dark Desire had announced a surprise world tour to promote their newly finished album she and Ethan had spent everything that they had to get the tickets before they sold out. Neither of them wanted to miss the band again, especially on what would promise to be a night to remember!

The pair had waited eagerly the last few weeks, growing increasingly excited as each day passed until Mia almost squealed with glee and bounded out of bed that morning so excitedly that she had almost forgotten about Ethan’s dormmates and how she had been wearing nothing but a very short t-shirt. Fortunately none of the guys had been awake that early, and despite a quick embarrassed rush to shut the door she had opened on her way to the shower, the excitement racing through her veins into her elated mind meant that Mia barely paid attention to the fact that she may have flashed her hot 19-year-old body to her boyfriend’s friends, and by the time she had jumped on Ethan to wake him up she had already forgotten. Normally she would have been crimson the rest of the day, especially around them, but today Mia almost felt drunk, orgasmic, and high all at the same time! The night was finally here!

And so, as Mia stood staring out of the window, the thrill of knowing what was to come, the thrilling anticipation of how amazing the night was going to be — and of seeing Elly on stage in person! — was just too much to be sullied by any amount of rain and cold. Nothing, especially bad weather, was going to stop them from seeing Dark Desire this time! Mia’s head spun with excitement as the butterflies in her stomach turned somersaults.

That was why a broad grin brightened Mia Kennedy’s face as she looked down from the clouds to the faintly rain-spattered street — an expression that deepened to a playful, anticipatory smile as her beautiful green-brown eyes fell on the light-blue seven-seat people-carrier that Ethan had loaned from his parents. Mia’s smile wasn’t so much for the car as it was for the fun that she, Ethan, and their friends were all going to have on the road trip to the venue! Well, it wasn’t really going to be a road trip. In fact, the journey could have been made on the train as the hotel and concert hall were both in Downtown Shorehaven, just across the River from the sprawling S.U. campus.

Despite that, Mia had suggested that they all travel by car instead, that way they could at least pretend that it was a road trip by listening to music to get them in the mood for the gig, and also have some fun along the way. Besides, Shorehaven was big enough and busy enough that getting to the venue still might take an hour or two, and anyway, road trips were always fun, no matter how short.

That made the beautiful dark-haired girlfriend’s stomach tingle even more. The whole day was shaping up to not only be a welcome break from her work, but also one that promised to be a night that they would never forget. Everything just felt…right, and somehow, Mia Kennedy knew that the night ahead was going to be one that would change her life forever.

“Is that what you’re wearing?” A voice suddenly asked with open amusement from behind her, startling the dark-haired girlfriend from her excited reverie. Recovering quickly and buzzing from head to toe with excitement, Mia spun around with a playful smirk that matched the twinkling in her large eyes.

“Well I was thinking about it…” She began as she held the towel — the only thing covering her just-showered body — up with one hand just above the tops of her swelling breasts, the other hand resting teasingly on her slender hip. “…I’m sure the security guards would let me backstage if I did.”

The mock-disapproval on her boyfriend’s face made the 19-year-old girlfriend laugh softly. Ethan’s joking expression lasted only a moment though before his handsome face brightened into a stunning smile and he walked over to slide his arms around her. Despite his obvious playfulness, the move deepened Mia’s amusement; it seemed very much like her boyfriend was marking his territory, even as light-hearted as it was.

“Leaving me alone with all of those women in the crowd…” Ethan retorted just as teasingly and this time it was Mia’s turn to give him a look of mock-disapproval before she snaked her arms around his neck.

“Oh, so that’s what you want is it?” She asked, trying to sound hurt as she gave him her best blank expression. It was difficult not to burst out laughing, especially as Ethan’s face quickly became conciliatory; guys were so easily manipulated.

“Of course not.” He replied before gently kissing the tip of her nose and pulling her closer to him. “You’re the only woman for me, you know that.”

Trying harder to hide her smile at his words and the Afyon Escort Bayan warm feeling that they brought — well, the words and the feel of him against her! — Mia waited a moment to let her boyfriend stew before she finally nodded, and with a gentle pout unwound her hands and took hold of her towel again.

“I’m glad.” She finally said nonchalantly, hiding another smile as Ethan gently tipped her face up to look at him with his fingers.

“You know I mean it.” He reassured her lovingly, with just the right amount of concern in his eye that Mia had been aiming for. “You know I love you.”

Waiting just a few seconds more, Mia finally broke out in a big smile that instantly brought a look of playful outrage from her sweet, yet oh-so-naive boyfriend

“Good. I love you too.” She replied brightly before she quickly kissed his lips. “Now, unless you do want me to go in this towel I’ll need to get ready…” She added with a glance down at the way that he held her.

Giving her a playful look that promised retribution later, Ethan reluctantly let his arms slide from around the curve of her slim waist, his hands teasingly resting on her slender hips, before he backed away and stared at her expectantly. The obvious eagerness in his eyes practically burned as he stood waiting for her to let the towel go and reveal her wondrous naked body to him in all its glory.

That was far more than tempting, Mia thought as she felt his eyes devouring her openly, especially as she could still feel where his hands had been on her waist. However despite the gentle twinkling in her own eyes Mia was feeling far too playful still to just give him what he wanted.

And so, with a sneaky grin, the beautiful dark-haired girlfriend tightened her grip on her towel, and shaking her head, pushed her boyfriend back towards the door of his own dorm room.

“Oh no dirty boy, not this time.” She said teasingly yet firmly, and Ethan held up his hands in apparent innocence. Before he could speak, however, Mia carried on. “You know what I mean, don’t pretend you don’t! And if I’m ever going to get ready you’ll need to keep your hands to yourself!”

That brought a deep, dirty laugh from Ethan that shattered his pretend innocence, and for a moment Mia wondered if he was going to shift tactics, which part of her wished he would! Instead her boyfriend only looked her up and down with a very playful grin before he nodded to himself, and smirking, turned to step into the doorway.

“Alright, just this once.” He conceded before winking and adding, “There’ll be plenty of time at the hotel though. Before and after the show!”

The look of intent anticipation in her boyfriend’s eyes almost made Mia burst out laughing again. Like all guys she had met Ethan would do anything she asked if he thought that she would have sex with him after; guys were as predictable as they were easily manipulated. Instead of laughing, though, she just smiled playfully, yet lovingly, at him as she gripped the door. The way she stood only added to how provocative the towel made her slender curves look.

“Maybe.” She replied amusedly, and this time his victorious expression did make her laugh softly. “But only if there is time.” She added significantly, with a glance down at her towel-wrapped body.

The look that Ethan gave her as his eyes once again travelled down and then up her slender body was significant too, though in a much more intentional way than hers had been. However with another wink and a playful raise of his eyebrows, her boyfriend of a year and a half finally backed out slowly.

“Alright beautiful, get dressed.” He said with a grin and a kiss before he stepped out of the room and turned to walk down the hall, adding with very clear insinuation before he had gone too far, “But get ready fast, we need to get there as early as possible!”

Mia couldn’t hold back her laughter at that as she made a ‘shooing’ motion with her hand and pushed the door closed, shutting out the wolf whistle her boyfriend gave her as he strode towards the dorm’s kitchen.

Continuing to smile to herself in excitement at the night to come, the beautiful dark-haired girlfriend walked over to the bed where her bag lay open and began sifting through its contents. She had already decided what to wear and so getting ready didn’t take long — at least as far as she was concerned, Ethan on the other hand texted her twice asking if she was done ‘yet’. He stopped after she replied the second time that if he wasn’t patient then there would be nothing after the show tonight, let alone before.

And so, after she had discarded the towel Mia slipped on her matching purple lace underwear and bra before slipping into a short, black and white plaid skirt. The top that followed was a black, lace-frilled strappy top that looked similar in shape to a corset though it was all made of material and showed off her succulently Escort Afyon held breasts in the lace-edged cups and clung tightly to her flat stomach and slender, curved waist. Mia had thought long and hard about whether to wear it, after all November wasn’t really the month for such clothes even in Shorehaven, but she had only bought it a couple of weeks ago and hadn’t had chance to wear it yet, and it was something that Elly would wear, so it was perfect for heading to the show in.

That and it had an effect on Ethan that would definitely mean they would need to get to the hotel early! Reasons enough and more to wear it, Mia thought with a playful smile to herself as she ran her hands down the material. Still, it was quite cool outside, and the rain did seem to be threatening to worsen, and so after she had settled the top just right her black Dark Desire zip-hoodie, with the band’s symbol in white on the back, joined her outfit, before her ankle-high spike-heeled boots finished it off.

Her long, dyed-black hair, shining with a faint blue tint when the light caught it, fell just below her shoulders until Mia reached back to tie it up in a ponytail. She would leave it loose for the concert later, but for now she wanted her hair out of her way as she quickly set to work on her make-up. That didn’t take long either, and so soon the 19-year-old girlfriend was finishing her look with a light, barely noticeable, pink lipstick that she would again change for the concert. Leaving her nails unpolished for now Mia tossed everything she would need back in her make-up bag, and everything else she may need back into her travel bag, before she stood up and walked over to look in the long mirror attached to the back of Ethan’s dorm room door.

Turning one way and then the other, Mia smiled to herself as she looked with approval at her reflection. The outfit was perfect, at least for travelling in anyway, and Ethan was definitely going to go wild when he saw her. The skirt and boots showed off her bare, sexy legs and tight, round ass perfectly. The snug hoodie, and the clinging top beneath, emphasized both her slender waist and her luscious curves, especially the fullness of her succulent, firm, large 36D breasts. The barely visible white eye shadow, contrasting with the dark eyeliner, made her already large green-brown eyes seem even more enticing, and the soft, almost natural pink of the lipstick subtly emphasized her soft, smooth luscious lips, while her tied-back long black hair left her beautiful face unobstructed. All in all, the 19-year-old girlfriend looked stunning, though Mia would never have gone that far; ‘nice’ would be about right. Ethan, on the other hand, she knew exactly what his reaction would be…

“Ethan!” Mia called almost absently, though with a small, amused smile as she waited for the inevitable while turning back to make sure that she had everything “I’m ready!”

The thin walls and door of the dorm room easily allowed her boyfriend to hear her call him, especially as the apartment was empty save for them now, and so just a moment after she turned back to her bag the door opened and Mia heard what she had been expecting.

“Oh fu…damn! Mia…wow, I mean…” Ethan began before letting out a breath “…you look hot!” He exclaimed in appreciation that sounded like his breath had been taken away.

Mia’s small smile deepened at the compliment — oh how she loved hearing them from him! — though she made sure that she still kept her back to her boyfriend so that he couldn’t see her pleased expression. Maybe she wanted to hear him say it again.

And so, hiding her bright smile as she finished putting everything that was laid out on the bed into her bag, the dark-haired girlfriend straightened and turned, giving her boyfriend a slight, friendly smile as her eyes met his; as if he had only said that she looked ‘nice’.

“Thanks.” She replied with a mix of friendly restraint and gentle warmth. “Are you sure I look ok though? I wasn’t sure about the skirt…”

She was, but it was just too much fun to make Ethan work for her appreciation.

“Babe,” Her sweet, loving, handsome boyfriend responded with a reassuring, and yet very hungry, expression as he walked over to her and slid his hands onto her slim waist. “You look gorgeous.”

That — and the love and lust in his eyes — broke Mia’s façade and once more her beautiful face brightened with a very pleased and very loving smile that only deepened as Ethan continued.

“You always look great in everything. And this…I mean…holy fuck, wow!” He said with approval that matched the way his eyes widened as he leaned back a little to look her all over. As his eyes met hers again he smiled mischievously. “Maybe we could be a little late picking everyone else up?”

Mia couldn’t help but laugh softly at that before she gently slapped his shoulder.

“You would say that.” She joked, as she tried not to think too much on how hot Ethan looked right then staring intensely down at her with those brown eyes of his…his dark brown hair, with just a hint of red, setting off his attractive face, and the feel of his hands firmly holding her waist…just like when he…

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