The photoshoot

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The photoshootShe stood in his bedroom with the bed all wonderfully made with several different pairs of underwear laid out. “Thanks for doing this so I can further my photography, you‘re the perfect size” he says giving a quick glance up from his camera. “It’s ok, tell you the truth I may be shy but, I kind of like the idea of someone taking photos of me, someone I trust… obviously and well… it’d be interesting to see if you can make me look pretty” she says standing in a sating negligee. He sees the nerves in her eyes. “it’s ok we don’t have to.. Or I can just edit your face out of them but maybe you’d prefer them just between you and me?”“Oh, I don’t mind. I quite like the idea of just our little secret but if you need comments then… I guess… post away just edit my face out before online yeah?”“you don’t mind these going on my blog?” She gives a deep breath in… “no it’s fine” He gives her a soothing and encouraging smile. “Ok then let’s start shall we?”She gives a nod but stands there unsure as what to do. “Oh right, sorry. Erm.. Take a pick of undies and you can slide behind the screen and get changed into them and just come out when you’re ready ok?”She comes out and he tells her how to pose and soon the fear and nerves vanish and it just flows naturally. She has the photos done in different underwear but she was saving the best til last. There lied a small pair of red satin panties and nothing else. “So.. What are we doing with this one?” she says giving a cheeky grin “Ah now I need to OK this with you, you can say no and it’s just an experiment” he goes into explaining how he’ll do black and white shots where the only colour is the red of the panties “and perhaps the blue of your eyes as they’re so pretty” he says busying himself at his camera again. She couldn’t be sure if she heard him right but she smiled anyway. She did love her eyes and loved it that he noticed them. “Oh and one more thing, I want to tie you up in a few photos if that’s ok?”“Yeah that’s fine” she says boldly as she steps behind the screen. She comes out with her arm covering her boobs. He tilts his head at her “everything ok? As I said you don’t have to do any of these photos I want you to be comfortable”“oh no I still want to.. But..” her ankara rus escort voice trails off. “But?” “Well my boobs are big, but with natural big breastedness… comes gravity.” she says pulling a face “So?” “So they’re not the most pert of boobs” “Well.. That doesn’t bother me but if you don’t like them I can cover you up?”“no I don’t mind… I just thought perhaps you might?”“Don’t be daft” he says smiling softly. This is why she was so comfortable with him and could trust him. She hated parts of her body but he never poked fun in a nasty way or even a teasing way. Instead he took the time to encourage her and he would even tell her she was pretty which wasn’t something she heard often… not sincerely anyway.She moved her arm away and she was right her boobs weren’t pert but he silently thought they were beautiful anyway… he had to do his best not to keep staring so he went back to his camera. First a few simple poses, one arm above the head, lying on her tummy legs bent and feet crossed. Then came the bondage photos and secretly she was rather excited by this. He came over and moved her arms up before using red silk restraints to tie her to his bed. He stepped back and just looked her lying there on his bed, somehow looking so vulnerable but so confident as well. She looked at him and smiled “everything ok?” “Erm.. Yeah” he said trying to focus on picture taking but it was proving more difficult than he thought it would. He closed his eyes and muttered “oh, not now!” “What was that?” “Oh, I was just saying.. That erm…head back a little sweetie” “Oh, ok sure” she said tipping her head ever so slightly. He went over and untied her praying she wouldn’t notice but with it right next to her face it was hard not to. “Someone’s a little excited?” she said biting her lip. “I…I..sorry” he said ducking his head. “Don’t be, I thought it was just me” He looked a little puzzled. “Just you what?” “Well why do you think I’ve kept my legs so tightly closed?” she says opening her legs to reveal a damp patch in her panties. “oops” she said shrugging. His mouth was open a tiny bit and she just laughed. “I guess this is a little naughty for us both eh?”He just nodded, unable to speak. “So Mr Photographer… ankara rus escort bayan can we have a little break?” He unties her hands and she stands up. “So… we gonna do anything about…mmm..that” she says gesturing to his ever growing erection.“Erm… ye…yes” he stuttered.“I was hoping you’d say that” and she sank to her knees pulling his trousers and pants down around his ankles. His boner sprang out of his pants and stood proud in front of mouth just centimetres away from her beautiful lips at which point she licked her lips slowly and moaned as she started to suck him, her nails digging into his firm arse. He let out a shaky breath as she did so and ran his fingers through her hair. “You’re so beautiful” “mmm I always thought maybe you were just being the gentleman that you are but this kinda shows me you mean it” she says with his cock momentarily out of her mouth. “Oh, no! I mean it, I think that’s rather evident now?” She giggles “it is” she says taking his length back into her mouth. She gently strokes his balls with one thumb and strokes his cock with the other hand. She knows he’s getting closer and it’s so exhilarating she loves it. He gently pulls her to her feet. “My bed?” he says nodding in that direction “Oh yes” she says breathlessly getting so horny and wet herself, very much needing to be tended to. He pushed her against the bed and pinned her wrists to the mattress and pulled her panties to the side as he teased her pussy with the tip of his cock as she moaned. “Sssh beautiful” he said kissing her lips “You can moan when I say so” She never knew he could be forceful and it just made her hotter. “Yes Master!” He slammed into her deeper and harder every time and it took all of her strength to not scream out in pleasure. No one had ever fucked her like this before. The fucking went on for 20 beautiful minutes but it felt like a lifetime of pleasure until finally she could take his teasing no more. “Master, I’m gonna squirt!”“Ok baby, cum for me my dirty girl!” he said nibbling her neck. “and yes you can moan”Her back arched, pushing her boobs into him and she orgasmed and squirted, her juices shooting out against his dick and pouring onto the bed. She rus escort ankara cursed and moaned his name over and over and this just set him off and she felt his hot spurts of cum fill her. Her head was spinning with pleasure and her breasts were heaving as she came down from it all. He fell against her and she stroked his hair with one arm around him. A little while later he looks up into her eyes. “Ready for more photos?”“But the bed’s wet and my knickers are soaked!”“We’ll just position you cleverly, besides it’s hot knowing these photos will be hiding our mess.”“Oh!” she said smiling she clearly liked this idea. “Plus the just fucked look, looks great on you, but perhaps…?” “Yes?” “Perhaps we should wipe that bit of spunk trickling down your leg?” he says winking. She peers down and giggles. Sure enough their combined juices were pouring down her leg. “Maybe you can come and clean me up?” He gets on his knees and swipes his tongue up the inside of her thigh. “We’d best get back to these photos Mr or I’m gonna squirt again!”“With the amount on my poor bed it’s a wonder you’ve got any fluids left in you!” he says laughing She chucks one of his pillows in his face. “Cheeky sod! Anyway that…” she says pointing to the mess on the bed “is your fault!” He laughs again “Oh right so none of that was you?” “Me? Of course not” she says laughing too. “Ok, ok lets get back to these photos”They spend another hour or so doing the photos the whole time there’s the constant reminder of what they’ve just done. The photos were a big hit. She loved them and so did the people on his blog. She gave him a big kiss “I look incredible! How did you do it?!” “Actually I didn’t do a whole lot, most of that is just you, obviously I tampered with the filtering and made the red of the panties and the blue of your eyes just a little brighter and I smoothed it out a little but that’s how you always look to me.”She kissed him again and they looked through his blog and some of the comments but the fun really started when they sat together looking at the file of photos on his computer, the ones just for them, ones where he hadn’t realised his camera was on time lapse set to go start after 5 seconds so there was a few good photos of his erection, her pulling down his trousers and undies and even a few of him pulling her hair and her sucking him and digging her nails in. The sequence didn’t last too long but there was some amazing and personal photos of them both for them to enjoy. She was so glad she took that leap of faith in him to do this and the result was incredible.

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