The Piano Man

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–This story was written a number of years ago under my old pen name Lady Kokomo. I hope you enjoy this sexy fantasy :)! –SWE

~ ~ ~

Truth or dare?” Bianca asked as I settled down amidst the small group of girls. We were all sophomores and decided to use the game as a fun way to amuse ourselves while waiting for the first day of class. Even if no one took a dare, it was sure to be entertaining at the very least.

Since I had a fair number of skeletons in my closet and the girls gathered in our dormitory lounge shared my high school, there was no question what I needed to do. “Dare,” I responded with conviction.

Bianca thought a moment, and then smiled evilly. “I’ve got the perfect dare for you,” she said, a twinkle in her eye.

Being a fellow music major, Bianca had first-hand knowledge of Luciano Martinelli, the sexy visiting professor from Italy. The campus was buzzing with gossip about this supposedly unobtainable hunk. “You wouldn’t believe this guy,” she addressed the group. “He is soooo hot!” The girls swooned at her description of him.

Okay, Bianca was talking about Martinelli and she knew I was a bit of a wild child. Combine that with the fact that she was supposed to be determining my dare, and it was adding up to trouble with a capital T.

“Here’s your dare, Tess,” Bianca said, throwing up what she believed to be the ultimate challenge. “You are to go to the Fine Arts Center, find Professor Martinelli, and kiss him.”

“Piece of cake,” I responded with a grin. “I’ll be back in a flash.”

“Uh-uh-uhhhh, just a minute, Tess,” Bianca started. “We’re going with you!” I raised my eyebrows in question. “You didn’t think we were gonna trust you on this one, did you?”

Silly me…

~ ~ ~

I climbed the steps to the Fine Arts Center, a group of five whispering, giggling girls at my heels. Being a music major on campus, I knew all the ins and outs of the massive building. Guessing Martinelli would probably be rehearsing for his faculty recital tomorrow night, I sneaked in the side door that led to Bezanson Hall. I shushed the girls behind me as we entered the building.

As I approached the modestly sized recital hall, I heard the sultry tones of a soprano sax. I leaned against the closed door, taking in the muffled sounds. God, the sax was such a sensual instrument. So damn expressive. I sighed with pleasure, my body growing warm at the mere sound of the melody. I couldn’t take it any longer; I had to see the musician behind the music that was slowly turning me on in the abandoned, dimly lit hallway.

Gently, I opened the door to the recital hall. Just a crack. In the middle of the harshly lit stage stood perhaps the best-looking man ever to walk the face of the earth. His dark blond hair skimmed the top of his shoulders, and an adorable dimple flashed on his left cheek as he took a breath between phrases of the music.

“Oh my God,” I mouthed to myself, growing weak in the knees. My jaw dropped, as I stood frozen, taking in the sight of him. Whew, he was even more gorgeous than everyone said he was! Before I could regain my composure and make a run for it, he looked up at me, his piercing green eyes gazing into the depths of my soul.

“Why hello, cara,” he greeted, shading his eyes Afyon Escort from the spotlights. A subtle Italian accent colored his deep, sexy voice. The greeting was so cliché, but so fucking hot. My legs turned to rubber as I grabbed the doorframe for support. The group of girls behind me giggled in response.

I didn’t know much Italian, besides the word fettuccini that is, but I knew enough to know that the word cara meant dear one, loved one, or something like that. Screw the stinkin’ kiss. As far as I was concerned, he could take me right then and there, and do pretty much anything he wanted to with me!

“Come on down,” he invited, “I could use a break.” He placed the saxophone in a stand and sat down on the edge of the stage, patting the space next to him. I started down the steps tentatively, making my way toward him. Smiling, he took a sip from his water bottle, and then dismissed the pianist he had been working with. Funny, I didn’t even remember seeing anyone but him. “See ya in five, Seth,” he added, as the man exited to the rear of the stage.

The man who was getting me hot and bothered with the mere sound of his voice turned to me and smiled, again flashing those sexy dimples. “Luciano Martinelli,” he introduced, taking my hand in his and kissing it.

I resisted the temptation to say “I know.”

“But you can call me Luke. What’s your name?” he asked, tilting his head in an adorable way that made me want to reach up and run my fingers through his flowing hair.

For the life of me, I couldn’t remember! “It’s…umm…uh…” I stammered like a fool as he held my hand. “Tess,” I finally provided. “Tess Gordon.” So let’s cut the chitchat and get down to business, handsome. Take me right here, right now! I didn’t say it, but heaven knows I wanted to!

“So, what are you doing out alone so late at night?” Luke asked, releasing my hand. “It’s not safe these days,” he cautioned, rubbing a hand up my thigh.

My heart rate quickened as a jolt of electricity shot up my body. He wiped his perspiring forehead with the back of his hand. “Man, it’s hot in here,” Luke complained, standing up. Before I could react, he shucked off his t-shirt and stood before me, his magnificently hairy chest exposed for all to see. I could have sworn I heard a collective gasp from the back of the recital hall, but Luke didn’t seem to notice.

He walked back toward me, giving me an eye-level view of certain parts of his anatomy, one part in particular that seemed to be growing before my eyes. Without hesitation, I reached for his belt and unbuckled his jeans. He leaned back, accentuating his already impressive size. I loosened the button of his pants, and then pulled the zipper down with my teeth. His jeans fell to his ankles, revealing tight, red satin briefs.

My mouth fell open as Luke’s hand slid into the front of his briefs and pulled out his large, erect cock. Watch and weep, girls! And Bianca thought getting a kiss was going to be hard…

I took Luke’s tip in to my mouth, swirling my tongue around his sensitive head. He moaned in appreciation, grabbing my head and pulling it toward him. The hunk of my dreams–hell, the hunk of EVERY girl’s dreams–pumped his cock in and out, forcing more of his length in with each thrust. Afyon Escort Bayan Just when I thought he was about to burst and feed my eager mouth, he pulled out.

Luke extended his hand, helping me to my feet. Pulling me close, he massaged my back through my blouse. Instead of panicking about being literally on stage and in the spotlight, I reached for his lips hungrily. The girls were certainly getting quite a show.

Our tongues explored each other’s mouths as his thumbs brushed the tips of my breasts. My nipples hardened through the multiple layers of fabric. Breathless, we pulled apart just far enough for Luke to unbutton my blouse. He tugged my shirttails out of my jeans, and then ran his hands up my back to unhook my bra. He let out a soft gasp as my breasts fell free. Luke suckled one breast, teasing the nipple with his tongue, and then moved to the other. He circled my waist with his arm, then let a finger stray beneath the waistband of my jeans. I shivered with excitement as his finger made the rounds. When he returned to the front of my pants, he popped the snap and then reached for the zipper. The jeans and my panties joined my bra and blouse on the hardwood floor of the stage with a quiet whoosh.

My skin warmed under the heat of the lights as Luke drew me close, his hardness nudging my moist pussy. As we continued kissing and exploring one another’s bodies, I heard a clunk from backstage. The fear of getting caught in the act sent me grabbing my blouse frantically and taking refuge behind the piano, which luckily managed to cover all my crucial parts.

Luke laughed and rounded the piano to join me. Putting his lips close to my ear, he whispered, “It’s okay, it’s just Seth.” I shivered as much from the sound of his voice that close to my ear as I did from the presence of a second man. Trying to get me back in the mood, Luke whispered in my ear, “Cara mia, let me love you…” Another cliché, but I didn’t give a fuck. His hair tickled my shoulders as he spoke. Ohhh, just keep speaking Italian to me, you sexy hunk! He trailed a finger down my stomach and fiddled with my belly button, moving his finger slowly in and out. Then he made his way lower, between my legs, where he dipped a finger inside of me. “Ah, you’re ready for me,” he said, a smile of satisfaction on his handsome face.

His touch electrified me. I spun around and kissed him passionately, putting as little space between us as possible.

He motioned Seth over to the piano. In one smooth movement, Luke encircled my waist and lifted me on to the grand piano. The lacquered wood was chilly beneath my ass. My eyes widened, wondering what was coming next. “Have I got a surprise for you,” Luke mumbled into my mouth, between kisses.

Oddly enough, I wasn’t mortified to be sitting naked on a piano in the middle of a stage, nor was I even remotely concerned about the presence of who I grew to think of as simply “the piano man”. Oh, and there was the matter of the pack of girls watching us, but they didn’t count. I ran my fingers through Luke’s wavy hair, my eyes conveying a trust in him I probably had no right to give. But I wanted him. Oh, how I wanted him…

Without warning, Luke turned to the piano man and said, “Seth, why don’t you take it from bar Escort Afyon 49.”

The piano man walked around the instrument, respecting my privacy, and settled himself on the bench. In seconds, the gentle vibrations from the driving beat of the music rose up through my body. Luke leaned forward. “You like?” he asked with his sexy smile.

Don’t, my conscience begged. Stop. Luke’s mouth savored one breast, his tongue moving in time to the music. Don’t. Stop. His hand reached between my legs. Don’t…stop, He released my breast and eased me backward so I was lying across the piano, every inch of my body literally feeling the beat of the music. His thick cock replaced his finger, easing its way into my wetness. Don’t, stop! Luke pumped in and out of me, every other beat of the music punctuated by his thrusts.”Don’t stop!” I called aloud, breathlessly reaching for the back of the piano to hang on for the ride.

By then, all I could hear was my pulse racing in my ears. Luke reached up and tweaked a nipple as he bucked against me. Oh God, make it last forever! My eyes were closed in ecstasy, but my mouth hung open wide, gulping whatever air I could find.

A pair of lips found my mouth, its tongue darting in and out. Wait a minute, I thought, confused. Luke was still pumping away, his hands playing with my breasts and occasionally giving me a rub in a strategic location. He wasn’t lying on top of me, so… I opened my eyes, just a crack to confirm my suspicion.

With short black hair and a non-descript face, he wasn’t much to look at. Then again, nobody was much to look at when you compared him to the hunk who seduced me with a single look. Finally, Luke and the piano man switched places. Luke stroked my face gently as the piano man picked up where Luke left off. The piano man wasn’t nearly as big or as satisfying, but the improved view of Luke’s soulful green eyes was worth it. I reached up and pulled Luke’s face down to mine. Our tongues danced as the piano man bucked. Eventually, Luke’s cock replaced his tongue. He and the piano man seemed to establish a working rhythm as my body trembled and shuddered beneath them.

The pace quickened as the men panted, gasping for air. When I thought I could take no more, the piano man reached between my legs and sent me over the edge. We each exploded, one at a time.

Spent, I stayed exactly where I was until I could catch my breath. I watched as the men dressed themselves, dazed and contented. When he was fully clothed, Luke reached for my waist and helped ease me down from the piano. With an odd display of modesty, I grabbed each piece of my clothing and ran backstage to dress. The act seemed almost hysterical in light of what had just happened.

I emerged from backstage barefoot, my blouse rumpled and my hair still tousled. “Where in the world are my shoes?” I asked, as Luke replaced the reed on his sax. He pointed under the piano. I blushed, thinking that after everything that happened, I should have had something a bit more profound to say. I didn’t know what, but surely anything would have been better than asking where my shoes were!

Seeing the men were ready to get back to work, I picked up my shoes and climbed the stairs. As I reached the door, I turned back to take one last look at the man of my dreams. Luke flashed a smile, which I gladly returned as I stumbled out the door.

“Cara?” he called after me.

“Yeah?” I responded, popping my head back in the doorway.

“You’d better get some sleep, darling, our music lit class starts promptly at 8 a.m.!”

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