The Pleasures of Beth Ch. 9

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Moving Pictures, Part 1 of 3

Christmas had come very late this year. Beth’s store had been spectacularly busy with record sales almost every day. She had spent at least ten or twelve hours in the store each day for the whole month of December. Although her staff had been great and had also worked very hard, it was good for it to be finally all over.

January had arrived and the couple was only now starting to relax. They had discussed buying a video camera for a long time but it had never been quite right, but that was about to change as Martin told Beth, “I think I want a camera this year.”


“No. Moving pictures! And you do know why…” he trailed off.

“No?!,” she replied, playfully, “maybe to watch me fuck on TV?”

Two minutes later they were flying out the door on their way to the electronics store. Not a word had been exchanged since they had agreed. Each one already knew the new toy was heading right into the bedroom. They would be stars by the end of the day!

The salesman at the electronics store must have wondered what hit him. In under ten minutes Beth and Martin had looked over, decided on and bought a brand new digital camera. It was a top of the line Sony that not only took great stills but also recorded great quality video. They were out the door before he had finished calculating his commission!

Just as soon as they could, the horny couple had their new electronic toy out of the box and were reading the “quick-start” instructions. Thankfully, they did not have to wait to charge the battery as the camera also ran off direct power. Because neither one had considered extra accessories that the salesman had recommended, they were without a tripod to hold the camera as they cavorted on the bed.

“What do you mean? Can’t we just leave it on the dresser?” asked Beth.

“Right. And who’s going to zoom in or change camera angles?” replied Martin.

“Why don’t we just take turns and watch the results afterwards?” offered Beth.

“Do you want to go first?”

“No. You go and I’ll make sure I get some good shots to watch afterwards.”

Martin had never admitted being a bit of an exhibitionist, but deep in his secret self, he had always wanted to show off his cock and his stroking techniques. This would be his first real chance to live out this fantasy. “Sure. I’ll go first… make sure you get my best side!” taunted Martin, “you know, front just below the belt.”

Beth was already setting up the scene and directed Martin to strip slowly so that she could get it all on video. Martin did not let her down. He worked his shirt off first, then his pants. As he stood before his wife in only his underwear, a big tent formed in the fabric as he got progressively harder. He could feel that his cock was probably as hard as it ever had been; he was surprised when he realized how much of an effect his showing off was having.

“Your cock looks fantastic,” prodded Beth. “Do something interesting.”

Martin responded by pulling the fabric tightly across his big bulge. Beth could see the outline of his circumcised cockhead pressing tightly against the cloth. She moved in for a closeup, kneeling a few feet in front of her husband. He thrust his hips towards her as if to tempt her into the shot. She just reached out a free hand and patted his bulge encouragingly.

“Give me some skin now,” directed Beth.

Slowly, teasingly, Martin pulled at the elastic of his briefs. His cock dragged against the cloth as it resisted his efforts. All of a sudden, the head popped right out over the top of the underwear as if to announce itself. Beth caught it all on video as she encouraged him, “show me that great cock of yours, ya big stud!”

Not one to miss a chance this good, Martin responded by waving his thick erection back and forth across Beth’s field of vision. She was still kneeling right in front of him and the picture was filled completely with her husband’s cock.

She followed him onto the bed where he set himself up with several big pillows against which he could lean. All the while Beth continued to film. She could feel herself getting increasingly excited as she watched the show in the viewfinder. Her pussy was already drenched; she could feel the heat building up between her legs. “Touch yourself now,” she panted.

Martin dutifully reached his right hand towards his throbbing cock. His index finger touched the tip where a drop of pre-cum had already accumulated. He picked it up on the tip of his finger and brought it to his mouth. His tongue snaked out and licked off the wet drop. Beth felt her heart pound as she watched her husband exploring new territory. He had never done anything like it before. Sure, she had kissed him after he had ejaculated into her mouth, but this was something altogether different. He was really getting into this role!

Martin reached down to his crotch again. This time his left hand cupped his big balls while his right hand very gently slid along Afyon Escort the shaft. Beth framed the image to capture both hands at work and filled the frame with his equipment. She could see that his balls were tight in their sack the way they always were when he was most ready to fuck. “You look fucking incredible,” she told him.

“You like that, do you?”

“Give me some more you big fucker.”

Martin wrapped his hand lovingly around his manhood. His left hand continued to massage his testicles. Occasionally, he would tickle the base of his cock where it joined his sack. “That makes me even harder,” he offered.

Beth only murmured her response. She could see how much harder he was getting —not that it seemed possible. She had never seen Martin’s cock appear so big; he had gained at least an inch, and even some extra girth.

With Beth capturing every moment in the camcorder, Martin played it up. His hand was now slowly stroking his thick shaft, barely touching it. The left hand made regular trips to grasp the ruby head of his cock, giving it an extra squeeze to improve the show, to say nothing of the additional pleasure it provided. Of course, all this excitement was having a big effect on his willpower. Martin was already getting close to coming and there was not a lot he could do about it.

“I think I might have to come soon,” he warned Beth.

“You can’t! Stop for a second.”

He did as his wife suggested. Martin removed his hand from the shaft, but his left hand kept its place on his balls, gently squeezing and playing.

“I want you to make this really interesting for me,” directed Beth.

“How? What do you want?”

“How about some lotion for now?”

Martin reached across the bed to the toy drawer and pulled out a tube of Beth’s lubricant. As she watched him in the camcorder, he drizzled a stream onto his crotch. Only some of it landed on his cock. As he dripped more onto the head, the thick liquid oozed slowly down the smooth flesh of his meat and accumulated on his balls. Then, it continued down into the crack of his ass. This gave Beth another idea, naturally.

“How about if you get the small red dildo out of the drawer, too?” she told him.

Martin knew that it was the anal plug that his wife sometimes used. But he had never tried it… should he? Despite the hesitation, Martin knew that this was going to be all part of the show. He took the butt plug out as well.

Settling himself back into a comfortable position, Martin reached back down to grasp his cock. The lubrication made the strong shaft slick and exciting to his touch. His hand moved easily up and down along his meat. This time he was grasping it tightly and with each long stroke the shiny, ruby head would thrust itself up towards the ceiling. He slowed his strokes to better enjoy the wonderful feeling that was again building up in his groin. It would only take a few hard pounds of his hand and sperm would be shooting across the room. But it was not yet time.

Beth, meanwhile, had been moving around the room to capture her lover’s masturbation. Her careful attention to the erotic scene made the situation feel rather clinical, although her cunt kept trying to regain its usual control. She loved capturing this moment on video. It made her incredibly proud, to say nothing of horny, to be doing this.

“I had never realized you were such a great masturbator,” she complimented Martin.

“Thank you. Now can I come?”

“Nope! Take the dildo now…” she trailed off not quite sure if she was doing the right thing.

Martin had made up his mind when he had taken out the rubber plug, and there was no hesitation in him now. As his left hand took over the slow stroking of his cock, the right hand carefully placed the red rubber dildo at the entrance of his virginal ass. Now there was a pause.

“How does it feel?” asked Martin.

“You will like it. Do it. Please?!”

With a gentle but firm pressure, Martin slid the rubber plug into his ass. Just like that! It went in to the first ridge without any trouble at all. Martin’s face had a look of surprise that the camera did not capture. “That wasn’t bad,” he thought to himself. One more push and in it went all the way.

“Oooohh!” he exclaimed in genuine surprise. It did not hurt, but it was certainly a new feeling.

“Now you can come,” approved Beth as she went in one more time with the zoom. She was concentrated on the butt plug but his hand was also in the frame as it pounded up and down along his big shaft.

Martin was able to hold off coming for a surprisingly long time, somehow. Perhaps the concentration he had needed to jam the dildo up his ass had given him more control. Beth continued to film her husband as he rubbed his cock. Each stroke was coming harder and harder. The lubricant was squeezing between his fingers, dripping all over his balls and onto the butt plug. Martin’s hand was moving at an amazing speed; the head of his cock Afyon Escort Bayan was now purple with the building pressure. It flashed a blur of colour each time his fist pounded down.

“NOW!!” he cried out about his impending orgasm.

Ready for the moment, Beth panned out quickly and was able to catch the full travel of the rope of her husband’s ejaculation. She filmed a thick first shot as it flew out of Martin’s cock, travelled across his whole body, past his head and splashed behind him against the headboard. It must have flown five feet, she guessed later. He shot his come again and again as his hand continued to fiercely pound his thick meat. Beth was both thrilled and amazed. She had never seen him come like that before. And she had seen him come thousands of times, she added to herself.

As he finished his orgasm, Beth put down the camera and threw herself onto her husband’s cock. As she grabbed at it with one hand, the other hand was busy stripping off her own underwear. The skirt didn’t matter.

Before Martin could soften any more, she had already made him hard again. Her mouth and hands had been on him right away and he was ready for her now. She threw a leg over his body and smoothly buried his thick cock into her cunt. All in one motion, she was ready to fuck.

Martin barely knew what was happening, but he liked it. As Beth galloped on his cock, he worked his hips up against her hard. Having just come there was little worry that he would be shooting off soon so he held nothing back. Together they fucked harder and harder. Beth was bouncing wildly up and down on her stallion as he met her every move with a powerful thrust of his cock.

Beth’s orgasms had begun almost as soon as she hopped onto her man, and they were continuing. The two lovers worked the bedsprings harder than they had ever been tested. It was a good bed; a good fucking bed.

By the time Beth stopped fucking her husband, she had experienced uncountable orgasms. Or perhaps it had been just one very long one? Exhausted, they both eventually fell back onto the bed. Satisfied. Completely satisfied. And slept.

The next day, Beth was alone as Martin had gone out of town on business. Somehow, probably because she spent most of the day running errands, she never got around to watching the video that she had made the night before. It was only after dinner as she went to turn on the Playboy channel that she recalled having a video of her own to watch.

Plopping down onto the couch with a glass of wine and the remote control, Beth spent the next hour evaluating her videotaping skills —they were pretty bad, actually— and masturbating along with her husband. She decided partway through that there had to be a better way.

When Martin arrived the next day, she talked to him about her great new idea for the camera. He listened as she outlined her plan to invite Paul to their house on the weekend so that he could film them having sex.

“Why Paul?” asked Martin. It did not bother him to have someone watching, or filming, for that matter, but he could not understand how straight-laced Paul might be the one to do this. “He’s done lots of camera work, and video, too. Do you realize it was him that took those sexy shots of my new tattoo last summer?”

“Really? He did a great job, too! I had not realized that!”

“Then you do like the idea of him filming us in bed?”

“Is that what you want?”

“Yes. Very much so,” responded Beth almost too enthusiastically. “He will do a great job, besides, he owns a tripod!”

While figuring out what would happen, and discussing how to convince Paul to participate —Beth had not mentioned that Paul was already pretty familiar with at least one of the performers— Martin suggested that maybe it would be better if they had a video fuck party.

“Who would we invite?” quizzed Beth.

“How about Anne and Terry again? They did such a great job at your birthday party.”

“That would be delicious.”

“Would Paul mind? Or do you think we would scare him a bit with that much fucking? That much variety, let’s say?”

“I will talk to him about it and feel out whether he’s into it, if you want,” offered Beth. She knew that Paul would jump at the chance, especially if there was something in it for him. “Maybe we can feed him a bit of liquor before Anne and Terry arrive so that he doesn’t quite expect the full show at the start.”

“Good idea.”

Over the next few days Beth tried again and again to get a hold of Paul, but he was nowhere to be found. By Saturday, she had almost given up hope when he dropped by the shop in the afternoon. It turned out that he had been away as well visiting friends in the city. Beth told him about their party plan and asked him if he was into doing the video. She even told him about Anne and Terry but suggested he appear surprised since Martin seemed to expect that.

The party was planned for the next Friday night. And it was going Escort Afyon to be good. No, great.

Martin had the week off and he spent most of his time lolling about. He devoted time on the deck reading and having a very restful period. His break from work was most welcome, though without Beth or any other accompaniment, he spent most of his time pretty horny with nothing to help but his own hand.

The Wednesday before the party was a warm, beautiful day and Martin was outside as usual. He had dozed off and was in the midst of a very erotic dream when he woke up suddenly to the wail of a siren on the street below. The siren left quickly, but not the tremendous erection that had developed as he slept. Of course, one thing led to another and he soon had dropped his shorts and was masturbating out in the open air of the sundeck. Because he was in an area out of sight of everyone in the building, except the empty apartment above and to the side, Martin felt no concern about stroking off outdoors in the middle of the day. He and Beth had fucked and played out there a few times and he was used to be naked on their private deck.

The only problem was that someone had moved into the empty apartment above them. It was a middle-aged couple, the Cahills, and their 18 year-old daughter, Lianna. And it was Lianna herself who was on the back deck at the same time that Martin had chosen for his moment of open passion. From where she stood, Lianna clearly saw Martin, his cock, and his busy hand.

Lianna had always been well ahead of her friends when it came to sex. Her parents, although not very adventuresome themselves, had always made sure that their little girl understood that sex was a good thing as long as it was between people that cared for each other, and respected each other. Few of her questions went unanswered, although they did not spend a lot of time on the mechanics of physical love. The talk had always made her curious and from an early age she had been rather active. She had first kissed a boy, a serious kiss with tongues and everything, when she was only eleven years old. The boy had been quite a bit older and had been so surprised that he had run off right after.

Of course, that had only served to make her more inquisitive. Lianna had lost her virginity willingly and had soon experienced many of the various sexual pleasures normally enjoyed by women twice her age had. It was not as if Lianna was particularly flirtatious, and she was certainly not easy. Rather, she was a very sexual and very inquisitive young woman who enjoyed her body and the pleasure it could bring. Despite this, she had only had sex with a few boys… well, plus a couple of men. She had fellated a few others, but she didn’t really count those for some reason. Despite her level of experience, especially for someone so recently turned 18, Lianna had yet to discover the joy of lesbian sex and the amazing benefits of a group. That was to change, of course.

And she had never seen a man masturbate.

As she watched Martin slowly working his hand all over his body and along his cock she was surprised that he did not seem to care about being out in the open. He continued to slide his hand over the shaft. Occasionally he dropped his other hand to his balls and gave them a firm squeeze. Once in a while he would cup his cockhead in this other hand and hold it tight as his right hand accelerated its pace on his shaft. His eyes remained closed all along. Lianna realized that he was fantasizing about something good because he would smile widely every so often.

Martin masturbated. And Lianna joined him, slipping her hand beneath flimsy underwear. She timed her own rhythm to match Martin’s as he continued his handfuck out in the open air. She had not yet come when Martin groaned loudly. His body stiffened; he raised his hips high and thrust hard against his fist. His sperm shot out quickly —straight into the air. It landed on his belly, his crotch and dripped all over his hand. Lianna had an orgasm. A wonderful orgasm. An unexpected orgasm. She had not even expected it.

Martin got up and went inside before she even realized what had happened. He had never noticed that the presence of an audience. He had simply gone in to clean up and get a cold drink. Martin was at the kitchen table when he heard a soft knock on the door.

Upon opening the door, Martin was greeted by the sight of a young woman not two feet in front of him. She looked very young, but very much a woman, he thought. The girl was about five feet tall, standing with her back straight, emphasizing her sizable boobs. These were encased, almost, in a small tank top suspended on the thinnest of straps. In the usual style of young women these days, she also showed the bright red lace straps of her brassiere beneath her top. Her hair was light brown and cut rather short. He could smell the freshness of her shampoo. As she leaned forward to offer her hand, Martin saw clearly down her top into a cleavage generously created by the lacy brassiere. Her breasts were voluptuous. While she still had a bit of baby fat on her, it only served to make her look more delicious. That was the only word that seemed to work, he would explain later.

“Hi! I’m Lianna, your new neighbour.”

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