The Post Promotion Holiday

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Mr. Shahzad and his team participated in a party cum orgy to determine promotions available in the company, as told in The Promotion Party Parts I-IV. This story continues with what the winners of the associated contest were up to.


“I do not want his stinky paws all over my body,” Tanya was adamant, “I could care less if he has a twenty inch dick!”

“No one is certain that you will be paired together,” the man occupying the other side of the bed protested, “so why are you getting worked up about remote possibilities?”

“You really do not care a bit about me, do you?” Tanya tossed off the sheets, jumped out of bed naked and slammed the bathroom door shut behind her.

Mr. Shahzad, the telecom company vice-president and winner of a romantic getaway with a partner of choice, wondered if she was making too much of a fuss about a non-issue. After all, she had not been particularly devoted to her partner in life. In fact, here she was sharing his boss’s bed for the past three nights while her own husband was being otherwise serviced in another hotel room and incidentally by the VP’s wife.

The past three nights, in fact, had been amazingly wonderful. Tanya had continued to surprise Mr. Shahzad, much more than she had during the contest where he had won the right to be with her, or the other way around. But today, as the game plan for the next two days involved changes in partners, she was in a huff about a ‘one-out-of-four-possibility’ to be picked as a single night’s ‘date’ for another one of the people on the trip, a person she had developed a healthy dislike for during the competition. Mr. Shahzad sensed that having literally sacrificed her body and even marriage to him, Tanya felt he was not being helpful, or even sympathetic, to her predicament. The reality was that Mr. Shahzad was piqued that she was turning down a guy that every other female had raved about the experience of being with, including his own wife Maliha. Perhaps Tanya was falling heavily for Mr. Shahzad and did not relish the prospect of yet another lover. Even so, the guy was one of the more reliable and loyal members of his corporate group, and reputedly had a “shlong a-long” as Maliha had described his asset on a number of occasions.

“You’re not getting any for breakfast or any time after and don’t be asking,” Tanya barked, stepping out in a very stylish but all-covering shalwar kameez, rather than a short dress that he expected, and exiting the suite. The meaning was obvious.

He wondered why Tanya had developed such a dislike for the guy and weighed the pros and cons for an extended while. With a firm plan in mind, he threw on his jeans and a T-shirt. There was no sense in having a fight for the whole day, since the next change of partners was not due till after dinner. He knew she would probably be up for some hijinks in the pool or on the beach, and then he did have a little surprise up his sleeve in any case. The truth was Mr. Shahzad had himself developed a deep sense of liking, perhaps just shy of love, for the subordinate’s wife he had fucked repeatedly at the promotion party and since. She absolutely was doting on him and was not a poor participant in bed. Yes, he had to fix things up so that peace would reign.


Things had of course not started off in an uncivil manner. The trip was the culmination of a very successful orgy cum contest that the VP had organized to determine which of his team members were worthy of promotions. The criteria had been willingness to share significant others and to participate in consensual sex with multiple partners during the course of a very eventful night. Each person had the opportunity to have sex with four members of the opposite sex and rate the performances. Most of the evening had proceeded without trouble, except for one senior member trying to use his position to cow down a junior level female associate. That senior person was no longer within the company and was lucky to have been allowed to leave alive, rather than in a body bag, given that the target of potential rape had been the VP’s ‘adoptive daughter’ Kulsoom.

From among the dozen couples, mostly married pairs, who had attended the event, three male and three female winners were paired to benefit from a holiday in Sri Lanka — Maliha with Tanya’s husband Naeem, Rashid the Area Manager with the senior executive assistant Shabnam, and Mr. Shahzad with Tanya. All was apparently set for the group to proceed to Sri Lanka for a weeklong trip. However, things do not always go to plan, and sometimes even work out for the better.

“Sir, you know that I have had marital problems,” Rashid had approached his boss, “and feel that if I go with Shabnam, it will be over between Iffat and me.”

“Do you want to drop out and let the next person in the rankings be with Shabnam?” Mr. Shahzad had a good answer as to why Rashid did not want to go, but passing up the top-rated female at the event would not have been an easy decision.

“Actually güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Sir, I think that going to Sri Lanka would help our marriage,” Rashid responded, “and with your permission I would like to change my selection to Iffat even though the rules were specific on married couples not being together on the trip. I will be happy to pay for her costs.”

It had taken less than an hour following the conversation to reach a situation that Mr. Shahzad thought would work to everyone’s benefit. Chantel, the researcher who had filmed the party shenanigans, had called up with a request to join the group and potentially continue filming and studying the interactions. Not only did she agree to pay for Iffat’s tickets, she offered to bring along Mahmood, one of the recently promoted supervisors. Joe, the representative of one of the Chinese companies had been at the party, and was raring for another opportunity to fuck the Pakistani girls. On learning of Rashid’s plan, he was ready within an instant to pay and join Shabnam, thus evening out the sexes at five each. After all, the two had been intimate during the party, and in the remainder of the night afterwards. Shabnam had no qualms with the change. Mr. Shahzad, however, decided to test the limits of Joe’s budget and insisted that Haniya and Waseem also be included, on Joe’s dime of course. Joe agreed in less than five minutes and Mr. Shahzad wondered if he had been too easy and could have had the Chinese fellow bankroll an island trip for the remaining five couples also.

Those five couples, as promised, were the beneficiaries of a long weekend at the Bhurban Murree Resort. While happenings were much tamer than at the first group party, there was a healthy level of swinging and sharing evidenced.

The only person who did not make it to either Sri Lanka or Bhurban, other than the disgraced Dawar or his wife Yusra, was Kulsoom. Mr. Shahzad had arranged for her to be on a training course in Korea for the better part of two weeks, corresponding with the Sri Lanka trip, thus in his mind ensuring that her pussy remained unsullied after she had been restrained with a chastity belt at the promotion party. The girl, however, was adamant to become a woman and had lost her virginity on the very first night to a Nigerian course mate. The man had a gigantic appendage and the coupling had been exceedingly painful and bloody. The two had been drawn together on the first assignment and had been to a bar with others. Kulsoom tried alcohol for the first time in her life and was buzzed, so had not minded being carried from the hotel entrance to her room. Once inside, he had held her up against the door, kissing her mouth and loosening her dress. She tried to push back but he had her on the bed in a jiffy and, somehow putting on a condom, entered her. Kulsoom screamed as the large rod inched inside, ripping her hymen. As the cock moved further into her, Kulsoom had mixed feelings about pushing him off or letting him continue. Given that her virginity was now tattered, it made sense to let him complete his act and make her a woman in the true sense. She gritted her teeth and grabbed her legs under both knees, spreading them as wide as possible to ease the penetration. She got a partner change the very next morning, however, rightly claiming that the guy had done none of the homework being otherwise occupied.

Rather than giving up on sex, however, she spent many of the remaining nights in bed with Malaysian, Canadian, Iranian and Peruvian colleagues, among others, unfettered and outside of parental control. By the time she returned to Islamabad, she was well fucked, and adept at oral, vaginal and anal sex, not to mention having had experienced multiple partners, group sex, and even a lesbian encounter. She would face her “dad” down later, Kulsoom surmised, and had visions of fucking some of the guys in his team, and even a couple of the girls, in due time. Maybe the best way forward was to fuck ‘dad’ at the first available opportunity, after all Mr. Shahzad was charming, fuckable, and not at all closed minded concerning sex outside of marriage. On one hand the two of them having sex would free ‘Dad’ from the clutches of that witch Tanya. Of course, it would also confirm any and all suspicions that Maliha had about Kulsoom’s intentions towards the VP, but that was a secondary matter.


Tanya’s intense dislike did not stem from a long-standing enmity. She had not been paired at all with him during the party and may never have had reason to dislike him. She, however, just had the worst vibe from Mahmood, whereas all the other ladies seemed in thrall of his endowment and ability to operate his equipment.

It all started as Mahmood had watched with interest while Tanya had found reason to be with the VP as each session ended, votes were cast and rooms readied for the next round during the promotion party. The fact that the big man was clearly enchanted by her was clear. She güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri wasn’t the prettiest amongst the crowd or the one with the biggest boobs or any other striking feature that he could obviously see. Yet on the day she oozed a type of sexuality that none of the other ladies had mustered. He had already been with three of the best ladies on offer — Maliha, Shabnam and Iffat — all of whom were now on the trip. Yet, he was piqued at how Tanya had got the VP twisted around her finger and was hoping to also get a piece of the pie to discover if indeed she tasted better than the rest. He had tried to suggest that the foursome that Maliha and Tanya were going to have after the party, with their respective husbands, could somehow be expanded so that Haniya and he could join in. Tanya was not keen on having anyone muscling in on the VP in particular and appeared happy when Chantel and Waseem pulled Haniya and Mahmood over to Chantel’s suite for another foursome. Rashid’s change of heart concerning his wife now had allowed for the group to grow to six couples instead of three, offering him another opportunity to potentially sample Tanya’s goodies.

“To make things a bit more enjoyable, we are going to postpone the planned pairings till tomorrow,” Mr. Shahzad advised the group, “then for the next three nights the various appointed couples will be together, and finally we will have some more fun interacting together on our last two evenings here.” The group was meeting in a reasonably sized conference room, which had been set up with a good quantity of snacks and drinks, on arrival at their ocean side hotel an hour from Colombo airport.

“As you can see the ladies received a change of clothing after our spa session in Dubai,” Chantel spoke to the group, “and to select tonight’s pairings we will use a very unscientific method, for which I have selected Mahmood as master of ceremonies, and I will be the first for him to work with.”

The ladies were lined up on a raised platform at one end of the room. Chantel spoke in a low voice to Mahmood, who lit up with a smile. The ladies had all been provided with fashionable knee length skirts and lingerie courtesy of the research agency after going to a four hour spa session in between their flights from Islamabad and to Colombo. On the flight to Colombo the scantily, but well, dressed girls got a lot of attention from all and sundry. For the oddest reason four of the couples were upgraded to business class, joining Mr. and Mrs. Shahzad and Chantel and Joe, who were booked in the premier section anyway.

Mahmood walked up behind Chantel, ran his hands down her shoulders, made a point of squeezing her boobs, then put his hands under her skirt, pulled down her panties and asked her to step out of them. These were coloured yellow and were tossed into a handbasket nearby. The men clapped with gusto. Next he came up behind Maliha. Her panties were blue. Shabnam’s were pink. Haniya’s black panty joined the pile. As Mahmood’s attentions turned to Iffat, she simply bent down and took her white garment off herself. It was a clear signal that Iffat and Rashid were on the trip for a different reason and Mahmood was not part of the equation.

The other five ladies done, Mahmood’s hands strayed under Tanya’s top and stayed a tad too long on her breasts. He also was very slow in going down her legs, then coming up inside her thighs, finding her panties and removing them. In fact, he took the opportunity to really feel up her nether regions and slide a finger into her pussy as her colour drained. As he stood up, her green panty in hand, he whispered, “I cannot wait to strip you naked if the chance comes tonight or on another night this week, you’re the only one here I have yet to have!” He could not sense that a shiver went up Tanya’s spine at the thought.

Chantel handed Maliha a silk bag and asked her to get the men to choose a marble from inside it. The colour of the marbles was identical to that of the six panties. Tanya let out a huge sigh of relief seeing that Rashid held the green marble. Mr. Shahzad had selected Iffat, Naeem had picked out Maliha, while Mahmood had Chantel and Waseem was with Haniya.

“I am sure Sir that you would not mind an exchange,” Rashid was insistent and Mr. Shahzad gave up the white marble for the green one without objection.

“I am sure you have the second one with you and Tanya will appreciate it,” Iffat whispered. She had come up to the VP and kissed his cheek, while putting something in his jacket pocket. It was the ankle bracelet he had presented to her during their short lovemaking session at the party, having promised a second for a future episode that likely would not occur.

“Frankly I am dead tired and could use the rest to build up energy,” the VP went up to Naeem, “so if you do not mind, could we be actual couples together tonight.” He put the green marble in Naeem’s palm and took the blue one for his own wife.

“You güvenilir bahis şirketleri better be up and ready for tomorrow night,” Tanya cooed, as the VP and Maliha went to their suite, “and thank you for not exchanging marbles with that horrible Mahmood!”


After breakfast, the group had split into two, with three pairs heading out to a West Coast resort, and the other three to a Southern one. The island nation was not so large and each group had made it by lunchtime. The division had been done in a manner to separate into smaller groups, allowing each couple to really get to know each other. While Rashid and Iffat were sent west together, the other two married couples were divided.

At the southern resort, close to a famous cricket stadium, Mr. Shahzad, Waseem and Joe headed to the beach, with the girls promising to follow. Chantel showed up first and while each of the guys appreciated her state of undress, they had expected her to be wearing a swimsuit and presenting her best side. And indeed she looked quite tasty in a monokini with straps that crossed over her breasts and barely covered her backside. Her white skin was particularly offset by the black material.

Shabnam arrived in a relatively sedate blue one piece suit, with pink and white patterns on it. She looked great though, even if she was considerably uncomfortable putting on the skin show at the beach. Mr. Shahzad and Mahmood both appreciated the look as Joe reeled her in and planted a kiss on her lips.

Tanya took her sweet time showing up. But when she did, Mr. Shahzad felt himself harden instantly. His eyes met Mahmood’s and he could sense a plea for permission to be with the newly arrived girl. She was dressed in a yellow swimsuit that in addition to having the bra and panty within a single frame, then had two bows coming across her belly and midriff, concurrently covering a bit and propelling viewer focus towards the rest. The suit was neither a one-piece nor was it a bikini, but it was definitely sexy.

“I hope you like the outfit,” Tanya had cozied up to Mr. Shahzad, “I was worried you may not approve of my being on display.”

“Honey it is sensational,” was all he could respond as Tanya brought her lips into contact with his and pressed her tongue into his mouth.

Chantel grabbed the other two girls and ran off into the surf, where they all frolicked as the men allowed their hard-ons to subside. Mr. Shahzad noticed that a group of six young local men and three women were intently watching Tanya and company. They had good reason to. While the beach was half-full, with dozens of folks enjoying the facilities, the others were no match for the three beauties that had entered the ocean. When the three women returned to their beach loungers one of the young men came over to Mr. Shahzad holding a bottle of sunscreen.

“Excuse me sir, if you and the madams do not want to get burnt, may I suggest you apply some of this if you plan to stay at the beach.”

Appreciating the gesture, but with a naughty streak emerging due to the situation, Mr. Shahzad accepted with thanks, adding, “I would wonder as compensation for the kind sharing if you guys would like to do the needful for these ladies and if the girls with you would not mind helping us men out?”

Within thirty seconds, each of the men had a local girl spreading sunscreen over their bodies. The three ladies, however, were serviced by two guys each. The girls were swift, clinical and quick in their dispensation. The guys on the other hand were methodical, slow and intent to cover every inch not protected by clothing. The guy who had brought the sunscreen was sitting aside Tanya, rubbing her arms and upper body, while his friend did her legs and feet.

“Don’t forget to get that stuff under her top, she’s likely through burn right through that light swimsuit young man,” Mr. Shahzad suggested. He got a strange look from Tanya who, however, did not object to whatever happened next.

“I’ll make sure she’s well covered,” the fellow responded as his hands went under the top part of the swimsuit and kneaded around Tanya’s breasts, “and please call me Thisara!”


“Get your mind off that girl,” Chantel poked Mahmood in the ribs, “you do see a flesh and blood and willing-to-fuck hot female here don’t you?”

Since the late-afternoon when they had all been at the beach, and all through happy hour at the hotel bar and then dinner in a fancy restaurant, he seemed to be in a daze. The fact that the only female of the six on the trip that he had not had sex with yet was completely ignoring him grated on his mind. The thought of Mr. Shahzad’s hands on her thighs and his cock in her cunt really bothered him. Luckily it had not yet impacted his manhood.

Chantel had positioned herself to the side and taken him into her mouth. Expertly her mouth enveloped and let out his penis as he slowly warmed up to the action. This was weird as they had fucked like banshees after the promotion party some time back. She sensed he was peeved at not picking the right marble to earn him Tanya’s panty and pussy the night before. But since the group was not going back to the beach till the next afternoon there was no point wondering about a bird in the bush or a bush that he could not get to right away.

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