The Present

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“I got you a present.” He dropped a small red paper bag on the table of our regular booth and then slid onto the bench on the other side, watching me as he moved. I cocked my head and looked at him for a moment while I took a sip of my IPA.

“It’s not my birthday.”

“No, it’s not.” We sat quietly for a minute and then I slid the bag towards me and looked inside. It was filled with white tissue paper. “Hurry up, you should open it before everyone else gets here.”

I picked up the bag, felt around among the tissue paper, and pulled out a pair of black panties. My left eye brow rose all on it’s own.

“You bought me panties?”

“Look more carefully.” His smirk annoyed me. We were friends, and we’d slept together, sure, but we weren’t together. We certainly weren’t at a place where he should be buying me underwear. I was just on the verge of telling him so when I felt the pouch with a hard egg shape sew into the panties. I looked up at him, and I must have shown my surprise, because the egg started to vibrate as soon as we made eye contact. His smirk still annoyed me, but now it was also turning me on.

I dropped the panties back into the paper bag and took another sip of beer. I eyed him over the rim of my pint glass, wondering what this was about.

“And what occasion prompted this gift?”

“Today was just a little too boring. I wanted to spice it up a bit,” he told me as he cockily threw an arm across the back of the booth and Afyon Escort took a long gulp of his Boston Lager. We eyed each other for a moment until he straightened up unexpectedly. I looked up and three of our friends had just arrived. I slid the bag off the table and held it against my hip as I stood up.

“Hey guys, I’ll be right back, just gonna run to the bathroom.” I strode off toward the bathroom, refusing to look back even though I knew he’d be watching me. I was going to let him play this game tonight, but he wouldn’t get any extra satisfaction by my hesitating.

I walked into the single bathroom of the bar and locked the door softly behind me. I placed the bag on the edge of the sink and took a deep breath.

“Oh what the fuck, it’ll be fun,” I told my reflection in the mirror. I reached under my black skirt and slid my red thong over my ass and down my thighs. I steadied myself on the sink as I stepped out of each leg and balled up the thong. I would slip it into my coat pocket when I got back to the table. I stepped into the black panties and pulled them up over my strong legs. I made sure the hard little egg was nestled in between my lips right at my clit, and then I smoothed down my skirt, making sure I looked the same as before. I put the paper bag and tissue paper in the trash and stepped out of the bathroom.

I greeted the rest of my friends as I quickly stopped by my coat hanging on the rack near our booth. Afyon Escort Bayan As I slid back into my place and grabbed my beer I felt the lowest vibration, and my eye lids fluttered as my attention went directly to my clit. I smiled and turned my attention to my other friends, not giving the slightest attention to him.

The night went on like that, with little shots of vibration followed by nothing. I would be chatting with someone about work and all of a sudden my voice would get breathier and I would lean back on the edge of the table we were standing near. I would be ordering a drink and suddenly the vibration would be so high it was all I could do to keep on my feet as I put all my weight against the bar.

Sometimes he would time it while the group was laughing at a joke, or the music suddenly came on even higher, so I could hide the tiny moans that escaped. Other times he would watch a one on one conversation I was having at the edge of the room, waiting for the absolute worst time. After a few hours I was soaking wet and dying to cum. The teasing was beyond bearable. And then just then he appeared at my elbow in the middle of a conversation.

“Can I grab her away for a dance?” He asked, grabbing me around the waist and whisking me off to the edge of the bar where a few people were dancing. He held me close and moved against me, always with one hand on my body and the other down by his side. The vibrations got steadily Escort Afyon stronger and then would back away instantly, sometimes moving with the music, or his hand, or my body, sometimes completely by surprise. The randomness, not being able to control it, or to tell what would happen next was driving me crazy.

“Oh my god, you’re driving me insane.” I whispered in his ear.

“That’s the point.” He whispered back, almost growling into my ear. I was starting to lose my ability to stand up on my own, and I think he could tell. He took my hand and brought me into the shadows at the end of the bar. He pushed me up against the wall, his leg pushing its way between mine, his thigh pushing up right against the vibrator, right against my clit. The vibrations were still random, fast and slow, and I was starting to shake.

“I want to watch you cum, right here, a stone’s throw from the rest of our friends.” I could only smile in response, and throw my head back against the wall. I’m pretty sure I would have slid right down the wall if his thigh hadn’t been pushing me up. My mouth opened and I started to moan, the sounds drowned out by the music but anyone who had looked our way would have known exactly what was happening. He grabbed my jaw and pressed his mouth firmly against mine. I don’t know if that hid what we were doing, but it pushed me over the edge and I came hard against him, grabbing onto his arms.

“Stop, please stop,” I mumbled and he turned the vibrations down. I tried to catch my breath but he turned my face roughly towards his.

“You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I need to get you back to my place, right now.” I smiled and nodded, and we grabbed our coats, not even saying goodbye.

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