The Price of Lust Ch. 05

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Julie arched her back and gripped my shoulders tightly. Bearing down and thrusting her hips, she came hard after my first heavy release. In a synchronous scream, we both cried out in shock and surprise when the front door slammed against the wall and Becky’s form burst into the living room!

It was all a blur of motion. Before I realized it Julie was standing, trying to cover her breasts with one arm and hide her, throbbing, vagina with the other. Her loud scream pierced my ears, sending a, dagger like, stabbing pain through my head. Her eyes were wide and wild like, until she realized who it was standing in the room with us.

In reaction, I too jumped to my feet and whirled to face the intruder. I mirrored Julie’s wide eyed expression and nearly toppled over with the quick turn around. When I regained my balance I stood in front of Becky with my penis still fully erect, a final squirt of semen pulsed out landing on the couch and Becky started to giggle.

“My God you two! You really should lock your doors!” Becky giggled out, just before Bob Arnold, her father, stepped into the doorway.

Becky’s giggled died away, leaving an uneasy and, almost, deafening silence in the room. Julie quickly recovered – at least much faster than I did. There was no way to describe the shock I felt at being caught fucking my own daughter, especially by another man. The blood drained from my penis quickly, leaving it limp and dripping cum. My eyes were riveted to Bob’s shocked face.

Neither of us spoke, as Julie gracefully made her way towards the pair. When her naked form came into view, I slowly removed my eyes from Bob’s face and watched. Her young breasts swaying gently and a smile formed on her lips, as she walked up to Bob. Bob’s eyes had shifted too. He stared at Julie’s labia. Silky smooth, engorged with blood and wet with cum, I saw Bob wet his lips as Julie approached.

Julie slipped her naked arm around Bob’s waist and gently kissed his cheek. When she finished she turned slightly and announced,

“Daddy, this is Mr. Arnold – Becky’s dad.”

I found voice for the first time, at that point.

“Yes…Yes I know, we’ve met.” It wasn’t much but, it was all I could think to say.

As I was making the simple comment, Becky walked up to me, shielding me from Bob and Julie. Just as gently as Julie, Becky lifted up on her toes and planted a soft kiss on my cheek. When she pulled away she had a coy look on her face and looked down at my exposed penis.

“Maybe we should put this away for now – okay?” She commented and before I could respond I felt her fingers easing my penis back into my pants. When she had my cock covered she looked up into my face and grinned, slowly pulling my zipper up she whispered, “But just for now.”

Still in shock, I stammered out, “Becky, what – what are you guys doing…”

“Dad found me a Miyata! I wanted to show Julie and I thought you guys should meet!” She giggled out, cutting off my question.

I looked up slowly, catching Bob’s queer expression. Julie had grabbed one hand and rested it lightly on her bare buttocks, holding it there. In robot fashion, Bob reached with his other hand to close the door. Julie stepped away slightly but, not enough to break to contact he had on her, allowing him to complete the door closing.

“It seems we have much in common Matt.” Bob finally spoke out, in a raspy choking sort of voice.

“Yeah – laundry day?” I replied stupidly.

“I was thinking of our daughters, actually Matt. Becky can be quite persuasive.”

“I understand Julie can be too. Julie perhaps you should put something on?” I answered back.

“Oh daddy, we’re past modesty aren’t we?” Julie purred out but, moved away from Bob letting his fingers slide slowly off her butt.

Julie’s actions were having a real time affect on Bob. He swallowed hard, managing a sheepish little grin and told Julie he agreed with me. “Perhaps that would be best for now Julie.” He said, giving my daughter’s bare ass a little pat.

Realizing what he was doing, Bob looked at me suddenly, as embarrassment registered on his face, and quickly withdrew his hand from Julie. I looked down, trying desperately not to exacerbate the situation any more than possible and cleared my throat.

“SO Bob, could I offer you a drink?” I asked, turning away towards the kitchen.

Yes, yes please. Under the circumstances I think I could use one!” He replied.

“Julie get dressed! You gotta see the car – you won’t believe it!” Becky cried out and I turned to see the pair close on one another. Bob was slowly following me but, took a moment to watch the girls, as I did.

With no show of shame or embarrassment, they embraced and hugged tightly before Becky cupped Julie’s face and kissed her fully on the lips. I sighed heavily and turned away, seeing Bob’s look of wonder. Moments later Bob and I stood alone in the kitchen, as I made two very stiff hi-balls. Without turning around I asked Bob to take a seat and, after a brief pause, heard a kitchen chair slide out.

“You escort ataşehir didn’t know?” I asked, finishing the drinks.

“About the girls? No – no I had no idea. I mean I knew they undressed together from time to time…Do they actually have sex together Matt?” He replied in a near, awe inspired, whisper.

I offered up the hi-ball and took a seat before answering. “Yeah Bob, yeah they do.”

“My God.” Was all he said, before taking a large gulp of the hi-ball.

“Too stiff?” I asked, seeing Bob’s surprised face and fight for breath.

“A little…But, perfect all the same.” He gasped out.

We were well into our conversation of mutual enlightenment when the girls came in. It was obvious Julie and Becky had only one thought on their minds. Their sojourn had taken them to Julie’s room. An obvious fact, as they arrived wearing only scanty panties and unbuttoned teddy tops. Our conversation ended abruptly.

“Daddy, Becky and I would like to thank Mr. Arnold. Her car is awesome and he deserves to be…”

“Thanked properly! Would you like to watch Mr. Benson?” Becky finished up, as the girls stopped side by side next to Bob, grinning.

Bob was flabbergasted and I was just as speechless, when the girls each grabbed an arm and tugged him off his chair. Bob gave me a “help me” sort of look, over his shoulder, as they led him off.

“Girls – girls, I don’t think this is the time or place for kind of thing!” I heard Bob protest, as the trio exited the kitchen heading for the living room. What neither of us realized is that Julie and Becky weren’t intending to have sex with Bob, at least not then.

When I finally arrived in the living room I found Becky making sure the front door was locked and the lighting was turned down. Julie was eagerly pulling Bob’s pants down and when she had finished she shoved him into the easy chair. I waited and watched at the entrance to the room, barely breathing, as Julie closed in on Becky. Bob sat with a white knuckled grip on the chair, watching the two girls close lips and swaying to the music Becky had started.

They stood directly in front of Bob, their tongues flicking in and out of each others mouths, as their hands roamed over each others breasts. Their soft moans barely audible over the music, they broke lip contact and Julie bent slightly to suck in one of Becky’s nipples, as they gently swayed to the music. I swallowed, with great difficulty, and turned away. When I returned, I handed Bob another drink and silently went to sit on the sofa.

Their dance of sex continued for Bob’s enjoyment – and mine. Julie slid behind Becky and, like twin snakes, her arms appeared at the soft swell of Becky’s tummy, tenderly massaging it. Slowly, lightly, with swirling sensual movements Julie’s hands caressed Becky’s body, ending up at her breasts and hard nipples, as she nibbled at Becky’s neck.

Becky moaned and shivered with delight, letting Julie have her way. In graceful, easy movements, Julie removed Becky’s teddy top and then returned to roll and squeeze her hard nipples. Becky cried out in pain and pleasure, just as Julie’s hands dropped away to snake down her body. Her cry made me jump and I looked at Bob’s mesmerized staring face.

They had him. I’m not even sure if he knew he held a drink in his hand. Incredibly I found myself looking down to confirm what I already knew had to be the truth. Bob’s penis was standing stiff, glistening with pre-cum. When Julie’s hands slipped inside Becky’s panties, Bob cleared his throat. His drink came up rapidly and he downed half of the hi-ball in one swallow. They had him bad!

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined what happened next. Without a thought I unbuttoned my shirt and slipped from my pants, relieving my growing cock from its tight confines. Becky saw me and smiled before closing her eyes to Julie’s roaming fingers. Bob was totally awe struck, following every move the girls made. Julie was pressing Becky’s swollen labia together, making a clear wet outline against the thin panty material. An outline that grew wetter as Julie played.

I watched Becky’s head drop back against Julie’s shoulder and saw her whisper something. Julie’s fingers spread Becky’s labia and drew slowly up that gloriously wet slit, stopping at her clit to rub and play. It was then that Julie looked at me with lust filled eyes and winked.

Becky’s belly was convulsing by the time Julie stopped her clit play to drop down and pull Becky’s panties down below her knees. With gentle urging, Julie turned Becky, exposing her pert, firm, young ass. With a wicked grin at Bob, Julie spread Becky’s ass cheeks and slid her tongue up that delightful crack. Becky’s body shivered and quaked as Julie rimmed her hole, toying with Becky’s rectum with her tongue.

Her actions must have had special meaning to Bob; I heard him groan loudly and caught him holding his shaft, taking another drink of the whiskey hi-ball. Bob was visibly shaking by then, sweat forming on his brow. I couldn’t blame him. I was kadıköy escort starting to sweat myself!

Julie held Becky’s panties, helping her step from them and the girls exchanged places. It was Becky’s turn. Becky blew me a kiss and winked at me, as she stood up to take her place behind Julie. Like Julie, Becky’s fingers ravished Julie from behind, giving Bob a clear view of every touch and every squeeze. Pre-cum oozed from Bob’s penis in a steady trickle. He finished his hi-ball and shakily set it down on the arm of the chair without looking.

Bob was so engrossed in Julie’s moaning and shaking body he never saw me rise up and take his glass, nor the little pout Becky gave me. When I came back in Julie’s panties were around her ankles and she was bent over, her tight firm ass pointing at Bob. Becky was standing, massaging Julie’s ass with lubricant as she spoke to her father.

“Julie has a special surprise for you dad. Julie wants you in her sweet little ass – you’d like that wouldn’t you?” Becky whispered and then slid two fingers inside Julie’s rectum.

I damn near dropped the drinks! I gasped out and choked on my own spittle, as I set Bob’s drink down, scaring Bob out of his mesmerized state. For the first time Bob realized I near naked. My erect penis was just inches from his head as I stood up-right. Bob nodded his head at Becky’s question but, continued to stare at my manhood.

I shrugged my shoulders at Bob’s stupid stare and moved off to sit back down. Later I would find out what had bothered Bob. Slowly, Bob returned his gaze to the girls. Julie’s body glistened with sweat as Becky worked her fingers in and out of her anus. I had little doubt that Julie had been practicing for this day. It certainly wasn’t the first time Becky had pleasured her in this manner judging from the enjoyment she was having.

Becky eased out her fingers and Julie stood up, a weak smile on her face, and kissed Becky hard and passionately. Breathless they parted lips and Becky smiled at her father, as she moved off towards me. Julie stood before Bob, quivering and ready for her first time. Bob took a long deep drink, as Julie dropped down on hands and knees.

“Please Mr. Arnold – don’t tease me – please!” Julie cooed out and looked back over her shoulder.

Bob shot me a quick look, unsure of what to do. I knew what he wanted to do and nothing I could say would stop it from happening. If it wasn’t here it would be at his place so I shrugged my shoulders and nodded my head at him. I was going to watch my little girl’s ass be deflowered by another man. Watching and wishing it was my cock.

My cock was throbbing hard when Becky straddled my legs and eased down pushing me back against the sofa back. “We’re waiting dad!” Becky commented as she reached down and centered my cock between her wet pussy lips.

“Mr. Benson wants me – don’t you want Julie?” She added and slowly impaled her pussy with my shaft. With shocked fascination, Bob slid off the chair watching my penis disappear into his daughter.

Becky cried out softly when I bottomed out inside her tight vagina, pressing against her uterus. I felt every ridge inside her and that wonderfully firm muscle that would someday hold my child. When Becky started to slowly move her hips into me, Bob turned back to Julie.

He eyed his prize and lined up his small penis with my daughters anus. He was perfectly sized for Julie’s first time. Gently Bob pushed past Julie’s rectal muscle and stopped, waiting for her to catch her breath. It was Julie that made the next move and pushed back, burying Bob’s penis inside her ass, with one quick move. Bob was in for the ride of his life with this new anal convert. He just didn’t know it.

I closed my eyes. Becky was working my cock hard. Her breathing was labored and she knew fair well what the outcome of my cumming twice would be. I was building to that climax when I heard Julie cry out, “FASTER!” I opened my eyes to see a confused Bob. Julie had taken over, rocking faster and faster on hands and knees, slamming her ass into Bob’s belly. Bob was stationary for the most part, his face contorting with his rising climax.

The girls were right about ole Bob. He obviously liked to get his rocks off but, he wasn’t very good at it. Bob was the first to cry “uncle”. He came inside Julie’s ass, shaking and quaking with every pulse of his semen, hardly able to keep his knee stance. He held just long enough for Julie’s first time. Julie dropped her head screamed out as she came, slamming hard back into Bob, squishing out his semen from her ass.

“Oh God Mr. Benson you’re going to do it to me again aren’t you! Ah – ah – ah, ah, ah GOD I’M CUMMMMMMING!” Becky wailed out and reached to grab my testicles.

Becky’s feet were bouncing off the floor in climax when I released a hard pulse of cum deep inside her pussy. I grabbed her by the waist and helped her up and down motion, slamming her hard into my lap, driving her to a harder climax.

Julie dropped exhausted onto the floor, leaving Bob’s penis maltepe escort bayan waving in the air, dribbling semen. As before, Becky launched from my lap, unable to take any more and joined Julie on the floor. A final scream came from Becky when her actions ripped my cock from her tight pussy.

Bob dropped against the chair and shook his head in wonder. “How? How can you do that Matt?” He muttered and closed his eyes, spent from his small climax.

Bob rested easily against the chair, his eyes closed. Julie and Becky moaned softly, for a brief period, and then fell silent. I too closed my eyes, still feeling the tightness of Becky’s young pussy and smiled to my self, feeling the physical exhaustion setting in. It was good feeling – no, a wonderful feeling that I wanted to go on and on.

When I opened my eyes again, Julie rested comfortably against my side and Becky rested against the opposite sofa arm, her legs propped up over mine. Bob was no where to be seen. A note had placed against my glass, on the coffee table, and with a little effort I was able to retrieve it without disturbing the girls.

~Matt, I’m shocked and amazed but, mostly grateful. Please meet me at the pub tomorrow at 3:30~

It was a short and to the point note. I crumple it and woke the girls. Without a word they got off the couch and left for Julie’s room. I went to mine and continued the wild dream I was having. At some point early in the morning, Bob Arnold entered my dream. The dream turned weird and just plain silly after that.


The following day was a mixer of good and bad. It started out with my musing over the sex romp of the night before. I couldn’t quite get past the fact I had allowed my own daughter to seduce me. Far more than that, the idea of actually looking forward to the next adventure unnerved me. It was so wrong, and yet it seemed so right when nudity and sexual abandon ruled our lives.

That brief period of the day was good. The coffee, the cigarette and the quite time all worked together, as I sat enjoying the early morning sun. The souring point came with a call from Doreen. The call was civil enough, don’t get me wrong. It was short, to the point and when I hung up my thoughts of a messy divorce had been laid to rest.

Doreen simply wanted out and little else. She’d filed for divorce and would contest nothing as long as I simply signed the papers and ended our relationship. I asked no questions and simply agreed I would do as she desired. It seemed almost too easy. Still, the call soured my moment bringing me back to reality. As cold as her call was, I did agree with one thing. Besides our daughter, who was basically an adult anyway, we had but one thing between us and that was the house. Selling it made little difference to me.

I felt a bit more at ease after showering and getting ready for my day. Julie left a note on her door indicating she’d gone with Becky for the day, which brought me around to the car issue. It wasn’t dead by any means and I knew after riding around in Becky’s car she’d be even more instant about her wish. ‘Funny – a few days ago I used the word blackmail. Now I’m looking at it as a wish!’ I thought and left the house. I knew Lanesborough had nothing to offer and headed up to Clarksdale to resume my searching.

I was pleasantly surprised. Clarksdale actually had a fairly large dealership. They didn’t have exactly what I was looking for but, I was assured by the dealer that another shipment was due in within a week and he would have the red convertible model I looked for.

“College present.” I told him and smiled.

“Wow, great present! Your daughter should be thrilled.” He replied.

“Yeah, anything for my princess – so you’ll hold the red one for me?”

“No problem Matt. We just need to do a little paperwork and with a small down we’re in business. That okay with you?”

Two hours later I was on my way back. My watch told me I would just have time to make the meeting Bob requested. I chuckled wondering what might be so important and then laughed out loud recalling Bob’s exhausted comment the night before. I was in for quite a surprise.


I walked into Benny’s looking for Bob and he found me. I heard his call out from a small corner booth and went to meet him. I was surprised that he had a drink waiting for me and seemed overly happy at my arrival.

“Bob. Been waiting long?” I said greeting him and taking a seat.

“No- no, not long. I was worried you might not remember and was just about to call you.” He replied and held out his hand.

“Well, here I am…So what’s up Bob and why the corner booth?”

I took a sip of the hi-ball as Bob explained his concern about being overheard and leaned over the table talking in a near whisper. After a short drink himself, Bob launched into why he’d asked for the meeting.

Bob rambled on making little sense. After fifteen minutes he was only succeeding in making me feel he was positively paranoid – or worse.

“You got to believe me Matt…Those two are up to something! God help me I can’t stop even though I’m sure a heavy price is coming. I damn near had a heart attach last night. Bet you didn’t know that did you?” Bob replied and paused, waiting for a response. Not getting one, as I simply shook my head, he went on.

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