The Punishment

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The Punishment

A Short Story of Love

By DocSavage656 ©

Copyright 2014

Thanks for giving this story a chance. I love reading good, romantic stories involving two women and thought I’d try one myself. I wholeheartedly agree that most lesbian stories written by men do not do women of any orientation proper justice. I have tried to avoid that, and honestly hope this piece is respectful to all.

This is a work of fiction. Any similarities with persons living or dead are strictly coincidental.

My eyes flutter open to patterns of reflected light dancing on the ceiling as the late afternoon sun bounces off the cool water of the swimming pool. My mind drifts lazily as the multi colored light show plays out above me and a television commercial drones on in the background. I stretch and wonder just how long I’ve been asleep.

The beep of someone setting a car alarm snaps me back to reality. That sounded close…, wait a minute, it was close. I squint my bleary eyes and try to make out the hands on the mantle clock…, 5:20, SHIT!

Dammit! I must have dozed all afternoon! I spring from the couch, pulling off the robe that covers my bare body, and sprint through the house towards the guestroom. SHIT, SHIT, SHIT! The TV! Running back to hit the off button on the remote, I hear keys unlock the deadbolt.

She enters the kitchen from the garage just as I make it to the guestroom and silently close the door. I toss the robe under the bed and lock the chrome handcuff back on my wrist. Straining to reach the glass of water she left just barely within my reach, I take a sip in an attempt to calm myself and catch my breath.

I’m too old for this bullshit.

One last quick check of the room, SHIT! The handcuff key is right there, in plain view on the floor. Oh my god! I can’t reach it! Extending my leg as far as it will go, I just manage to brush it to me with my toe and toss it under the dresser. Fuck it, I’ll get it later.

I assume the position she likes to see me in; on my knees, head bowed to the floor, my right hand manacled to the steel bed frame.

Calming myself, I breathe deeply and try to relax. She can’t know I was loose today. I don’t know if my poor 58 year old body can take another night like last night, right now. Everything is still a little sore from the punishment she gave me.

It was my own fault. I know it. I was a bad girl and touched myself when she had clearly told me not to. I had to be punished, and I was. The thought almost makes me giggle.

Listen to me, will you. A bad girl. Huh! At my age. A retired school teacher, being treated like some sex slave slut by her captor. Running my fat ass through the house, our house, afraid of being caught. It makes me feel… naughty; like I used to feel when I was younger and sneaked peeks at the pretty girls in my daddy’s dirty magazines.

It really is my own fault. It was my idea; this whole thing. I made the appointment. I saw the story on the internet about how sex therapists can save relationships by helping couples explore the more kinky side of their sex lives. But I had no idea it would be this fun. Okay, I said it. Yes, fun. I like it, and I like how much she likes it. There!

After 36 years together (that’s like 250 dog years, and 400 in lesbian relationship years) this whole mistress/pet thing has brought us so much closer together in a lot of new and fun ways. We plan play-time together, and surprise each other with nasty little scenarios that we never would have done before. Like today when she “Put me on the floor,” as she likes to call it, this afternoon at lunch; it was… well, it was HOT!!!

She plops her briefcase down hard on the kitchen table just to make sure I know she’s home. The bitch is bating me; wanting me to cry out and beg for her to set me free. But I am NOT going to give her the satisfaction.

The carpet nearly hides the sound of her high heels as she comes down the hallway. I hear a doorknob turn and a door quietly push open. A little twinge of fear shoots through me. With my nose pressed to the floor, it takes a second to realize that she’s gone into our bedroom and not coming in here; not yet, anyway, so I relax a little.

Bang! I jump as she slams the lid down on the clothes hamper in our closet. Is she changing her clothes? That bitch: How long does she plan on making me wait here? I’m Onwin getting a cramp!

A few long moments pass. It’s quiet, too quiet. She’s listening at the door, I know it.

The guest room door finally squeaks open and I shiver; scared or thrilled, I’m not sure. Maybe both.

Head down on the carpet, I try not to make any movements, but the handcuff is really starting to hurt. Through my peripheral vision I see her bare feet as she walks in and stops in front of me. I can feel her staring at me, and deep down I know what she’s thinking: She’s amazed at what I’ll do for us… for our relationship. So am I.

She turns and moves toward the other side of the room and I catch a quick glimpse of a power cord she’s dragging behind her. The pressed sheets make a crisp sound as she throws them to the foot of the bed, and I feel the bed shift as she gets on and slides over. I know she scooted over to this side, lying right above me, watching.

A few more quiet moments, then the click of a switch and a low buzz. I know that sound well. Our wand massager. That bitch is going to masturbate herself and make me listen. FUCK! That’s not fair, dammit! She’s going too far, now.

The buzzing changes pitch, back and forth; the familiar sound of her rubbing the wand’s bulbous head slowly over her pussy in a circular motion. The bed moves, slightly. She’s spreading her legs wider, opening herself completely to the vibrations of the machine.

Her breathing becomes deeper, raspier, with each passing minute. She’s going to make herself cum, that bitch! The switch makes another click, and the buzzing gets louder. She moans and sucks in air. Now, I can smell her; her sex. Her arousal fills the air. I’m getting so wet. Oh fuck, this isn’t fair!

I can tell she’s pressing it directly to her clit, now. My minds eye sees the engorged nub being swirled and tortured by the toy. She’s exhaling in short bursts as she pleasures herself. My own wetness is creeping down my legs as I press them tightly together.

Her heavy breathing turns to grunts as she rubs the wand against her clit. She must have really gotten herself all worked up on the ride home; thinking of me, here, like this, waiting for her.

“Ohh. Oooohhhhh,” she yells out.

She’s close, now, I know it. I’ve brought her to this point so many times over the years, and it’s pure torture that it’s not my lips, my tongue, my fingers about to drive her over the edge into her orgasm. I need to touch myself badly. But I won’t. Not after last night.

“Aahhh…, aahh…, arrrrggghhh!!!” Her grunts tell it all. She’s cumming; hard. Although I don’t dare look, I can only imagine the sight. On her back, her twitching legs are spread wide and her heals are lifted off the bed; toes curled toward the ceiling, one hand pulling on a nipple as the other holds the massager, now jammed into her pussy as it spasms uncontrollably through her orgasm.

“Ohh, ohh. Oooohhhh, gawd,” she finally grunts as her release peaks, every muscle in her body clenched tightly as she gets herself off.

The bed jerks a few times, then nothing; only the sound of her breathing, and the vibe buzzing away on the bed.

So, I wait.

“Whew!” She breaths out, finally regaining some composure, but it’s another minute or so before she musters the strength to turn the buzzing off.

Hello!!! I’m on the floor here…

“Pet,” she hoarsely whispers.

“Yes Mistress.”

“Where is it?” Her voice now stern.

I know just what she’s asking, but it’s more fun to just play dumb. “Where is what…, Mistress?”

“Where is the key you used to release yourself from the handcuffs? I caught a glimpse of your white ass as I came into the house, and the TV was still warm. I can only assume that you freed yourself and spent the afternoon on the couch.”


“Under the dresser, Mistress. I tossed it under there when you came home,” I answer, in my best ‘scared little slave girl’ voice, my head still firmly pressed to the carpet.

“I see,” she calmly answers. “Get it.”

“I can’t, it’s too far away… Mistress.”

“Then you have a serious problem, don’t you, Pet?”

“I guess so,” I reply, knowing that my lack of formality will really get her goat.

“Oh! You guess so, huh?” her voice cracks a little with excitement at my willingness to continue to play along on Onwin Giriş another one of her adventures. “Is that how you speak to me, Pet?”

“No Mistress, I’m sorry.”

Another key lands on the carpet in front of me.

“Unlock yourself, Pet.”

I do as ordered. The damn handcuff was on pretty tight, leaving my wrist red and sore. My back and knees are killing me, but I’ll use all that to my advantage the next time we play like this.

“Stand, Pet!” She’s really getting off on this bossy shit.

I slowly get to my feet to face her, my joints popping as I straighten out the best I can.

She’s amazing. Prone, on the white bed sheets, just as I imagined. Her alabaster skin, with its decorations of age, bruises and stretch marks; still beautiful to me after all these years. Her legs are open wide, and kitty is puffy; red and damp from the wand’s abuse.

Her dark bush, neatly trimmed by me, sports a few gray hairs. Her breasts are no longer firm, and now just lay there flat on her chest, but both nipples seem to stiffen under my gaze. Remains of the work day’s makeup still on her lovely face; dark eyes and ruby lips, framed by hair no longer the jet black it once was, its color diluted by time.

But, she still takes my breath away.

The aches and pains of my age are evident to her. I see concern in her face, but I’m a trooper, and my look of submission tells her I want to play on.

She turns to sit up, then holds out her hand so I can help her off the bed.

“Pet, go to our bedroom and get the new toy from our drawer,” she commands. “And bring it to me, immediately.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Keeping my head bowed, I shuffle out and across the hallway and quickly return with the black silicone paddle we just got in the mail yesterday. I try to hand it to her, but she looks away.

“Is that how you are supposed to offer me something, Pet?”

“No, Mistress,” I reply, as I lower myself back down to my tender knees and put the cock-shaped handle between my teeth.

“Very good, Pet. Now, hands and knees on the bed, ass facing me,” she orders, as she takes the paddle from my mouth. With my head down, I’m acting the perfect submissive, but really I’m smiling inside. She gets so much from this; no, WE get so much from this.

Her hand under my arm, supporting me as she always has, I crawl up onto the bed and promptly put my knee in the wet spot she had made a few minutes before. Oh well, it’ll wash.

On my hands and knees with my feet hooked over the edge of the bed, I’m getting mentally ready for whatever punishment she has in mind, when I hear her gasp.

“Oh baby, oh my god, are you okay?” She asks, breaking character, the concern in her voice scaring me a little. “Your butt is still so red from last night. Did I hurt you? We can stop if you’re still sore, baby. I didn’t mean to…,”

I look back as tears begin to fill her eyes and I give her a smile, trying to calm her concerns.

God, I am so in love with this woman.

“No, Mistress, I’m fine. Please, go on. I need this.”

The words just fell out of my mouth. Do I really need this? Yes, I think I do; well, I want it. I want all the attention she gives me now.

But, do I need it…?

Yes, I crave it.

She gently caresses the red handprints she left me from last night’s play. I feel her passion start to well up again as she stiffens and looks me right in the eye.

“Alright then!”

*Smack!* The first blow from the paddle came across both ass cheeks and stung like hell.

“Down, Pet!” She commands, so I lower my chest to the bed, back bowed down and arms spread out wide. My ass and pussy are high and open to her.

*Thwap thwap thwap* She peppers my ass with quick, light hits from the flexible paddle, but takes care to avoid the already- sore areas.

“You, my little pet, were BAD!” *SNAP,* the paddle lands hard on one ass cheek. *SNAP,* now the other.

“You will do as you are told Pet,” *SNAP,* her voice now filled with excitement as the paddle painfully strikes my tender ass.

“Yes, Mistress, from now on I will,” my voice low and lusty.

Each whack of the paddle sends adrenalin surging through my body, thrilling me, reminding me I’m alive. The pain is sharp, but dissipates quickly as her hand gently caresses my rosy ass cheek. She loves the feel of the Onwin Güncel Giriş heat coming off my glowing red skin. Goose bumps rise on my arms. My pussy is leaking down my legs. I’m just a mess.

“Oh please, Mistress, for god’s sake…, please,” I beg, my pussy aching for her attention.

She likes it when I beg.

Another quick volley of light spanks, and I feel her drop the heavy rubber paddle on the bed between my legs. With both hands, she massages and pulls at the fiery skin. It stings like hell, but she always makes it worth-while.

“Very good, Pet,” she whispers. “You take your punishments well.”

Her hot breath blows across the tender skin of my ass cheeks as she continues the massage. She spreads me open and I can almost feel her eyes as she examines my most intimate areas, and I almost cum right then.

“Yummy,” she whispers.

Something slides up my inner thigh through my wetness, and to my opening. There’s some pressure as the handle of the paddle enters me. She slides it in me at a steady pace, all the way to the hilt, and I think my eyes are going to bug out!

“Ooohh gawd Mistress! Yes.., yes,” I cry out as she gives the cock a twist then slowly withdraws it nearly out, only to shove it back in and twist it again; the familiar warm sensation of an orgasm, starting to quiver in the pit of my stomach.

“Don’t you cum yet, Pet,” she yells out. “Not until I tell you to!”

After several more hard thrusts, she pulls the handle completely out of my sopping pussy, leaving it gaping and deprived. With both hands now back on my ass cheeks, she spreads me wide, and I feel her tongue licking at my hyper-sensitive clit.

“Not yet, Pet. Don’t cum ye…,” her words are drowned out as she laps at my pussy, taking in all of me she can. With her tongue now buried deep in me, I start to tremble. I can’t hold back the flood of my orgasm much longer.

A firm hand on my hip pushes me off balance, and I roll over onto my back. My Mistress climbs on top, her eyes wide, pulsing with lust and passion; passion for me.

My god, I love her so much.

She kisses me deeply, almost taking my breath away. Her tongue swirls in my mouth, but only for an instant. Then she heads south, down my body. Sliding one leg under me, and the other over, she mashes her kitty into mine; its silky wetness hot and slick.

My hips rise and fall as she grinds into me, her swollen clit rubbing hard against mine. There’s no stopping my climax this time as she bucks her hips back and forth, over and over. She fucks me hard, right to the edge of the cliff…, and I take her with me.

“Oh, gawd! Oh, fuuuuck…, yes, yes cum baby, cum with me…,” she cries out as our simultaneous climaxes overtake us.

It feels as if every muscle in my body has gone into spasms. My eyes close tight, I couldn’t open them if I tried, and my head is spinning. I’m losing it. I cumming so hard. Shuddering, gasping, I reach for her to try and pull her in even closer, but I can’t grab hold. I can’t find her! I think I’m passing out!



It was my fault. It was my idea.

My eyes flutter open to patterns of reflected light dancing on the ceiling as the late afternoon sun bounces off the cool water of the swimming pool. My mind drifts lazily as the multi colored light show plays out above me, and a television commercial drones on in the background. I stretch, and wonder just how long I’ve been asleep.

I feel the slick wetness of my cum between my legs. I reach down, scoop up a little of the nectar with my finger, and bring it to my lips, savoring the taste of my sex. When I close my eyes, I can taste her, also. Her juices, forever mingled with mine, flowing together.

She’s been gone three years, now. We never made it to that first appointment with the therapist. Wrong place, wrong time. An accident with a drunk driver took her, and left me with only scars…, and the rest of my life to miss her.

The beep of someone setting a car alarm jars me from my thoughts. That sounded close, but it wasn’t, really.

It was my fault. It was my idea.

The author would like to thank his best friend and love of his life, K; for her many years of patience, love, encouragement and unwavering support. Yours is a love that knows no bounds. I am always in awe of you.

Also, thanks to Yoni Noni for your fantastic editing.

Your feedback and constructive criticism is always important to me. Please feel free to email me through this site.

I’m not a professional writer, so there’s bound to be a mistake here and there. But I’m learning.

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