The Red Tin Can – The Sequel

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The story is continued, as told by the husband and father.

“How long have you known?” she asked simply.

My wife and son both blushed furiously. The red tin can in the tool shed had clearly been there for a long time and was covered in dust, which gave me some comfort, but it was time to bring things out in the open.


It was always a joy to come home again after a trip, finding my wife happy and eager to make love. On the first night of my return, Dawn was insatiable. Sometimes I was embarrassed by her overt sexuality in front of our son.

“Charlie, now that your Dad is home, I need him to myself for a while. Take me to bed, Walter.”

Just like that. After a two week trip last month I was led to our room like a lamb to the slaughter. Dawn was stripping her clothes off on her way to the room. She was tugging at my belt before we reached the bedroom door, still in full view of a smiling Charlie.

When the door closed, she took full control.

Tearing off her clothes, she helped me remove mine, touching and kissing as she did so, before we both tumbled into bed. Dawn loves nipple play. We found out very early in our relationship that her nipples are super sensitive, but she surprised me by teaching me that my nipples also respond well to stimulation. She offered me her nipples, cupping her breast as if feeding a baby, while I hungrily latched on and suckled her, sweeping my tongue across her hard little nubbins and alternately nipping them with my teeth.

She had me on my back while she hovered over me on all fours, allowing her to control the way I suckled her tits without impeding her ability to slowly bring me to hardness, crawling all around me like a lion devouring its prey. Moving around me until she knelt behind my head, she leaned forward to let me continue to suck her nipples while she was able to do the same to mine. I took advantage of the situation by raising my arms to her pussy and rubbing gently along her slit.

We kissed deeply and I began to assert myself, forcing Dawn beneath me and using my knees to open her legs. Never breaking the kiss, I grasped her swollen nipple between my finger and thumb, firstly squeezing it hard, and then twisting it until she winced. Repeating the treatment on her other nipple, I then rubbed the head of my cock along her slit. She was dripping.

“Put it in me Walt. I need you in me now.”

She pushed her hips upward in an attempt to force me to enter her but I simply lifted my own torso to hold her off. I wanted her desperate and didn’t have to wait long.

“Please, Walter. Don’t make me wait. “

“Have you been a good girl while I was away?”

“Of course I have Walter. I’m always your good girl.”

She hugged me fiercely, clamped her legs over my back and locked her ankles together, using her hips to force me to penetrate her. It was time. I slammed down hard, impaling my full length into her in a single thrust.

“YES,” she screamed. “Again, Walt. Do it again! I want all of you. NOW.”

Our bodies slammed together. Her copious juices squelched noisily as my cock pistoned into her pussy. She shrieked when I pinched her nipples again and finally exploded in a mighty orgasm, clinging to me as though her life depended on it. I still had not climaxed but held her tenderly while she shuddered through hers. When she came down from her high, I started thrusting again. Her hips undulated against mine while her hands against my ass cheeks pulled me in tight. She moaned steadily:

“Yes, yes Walt. Yes…”

I felt my own orgasm approaching and against a loud moan of protest from Dawn, withdrew, spinning her over until her head was buried in her pillow and with her knees doubled beneath her, she exposed her beautiful ass to my gaze. I buried my cock back into her pussy and let myself fall over her back, supporting my full weight while I reached under her to grip her breasts, using them to hold her in place while I pounded away. If I hurt her, she did not show it, enthusiastically pushing back against me and keeping up her moaning. My balls erupted as I spilled my seed deep into her womb. Dawn’s legs collapsed and we both fell to the mattress with me lying heavily on her back, my cock still fully inserted in her pussy, pulsing.

When I finally rolled off her, she spun towards me, kissing me again repeatedly amid murmurs of love. Moving down, she sucked and nibbled away at my nipples while softly stroking my flaccid cock. Continuing her downward path, her lips enveloped my cock and sensually licked and sucked at it.

Although I felt totally exhausted at this stage, my cock began to respond, encouraging Dawn to redouble her efforts. Finally she sucked me to full hardness and pivoting around to grasp my cock tightly, slid down over it. I lay there and let her do the work, swooning in the sensations washing over me. She slowly raised her body until she was in a kneeling position, still gyrating her hips wildly, using her hands now to rub her breasts and pinch maltepe escort her own nipples. Her eyes were shut tight.

Reaching up, I swept her hands away and took over, mauling her over-sensitised breasts and pinching her nipples. She opened her eyes in surprise and with a wicked giggle, grasped both my nipples between her finger and thumb, pinching and twisting them until I flinched. My instinctive reaction was to repay pain with pain, so the harder she pinched, the harder I pinched. Although she cried out in protest, she never stopped her thrusting, nor did she ease up on my nipples, which by now were elongated and bright red. I could take no more and with a loud bellow, lifted my hips into hers and climaxed. Dawn shuddered in her own extasy, falling down on me and kissing me deeply.

That is how we fell asleep, my cock still embedded in her soaking pussy, the bed a sodden mess.

When I finally opened my eyes again, the sun was streaming in through the window and Dawn was playing idly with my morning wood.

“I have to pee,” I said as I rolled away from her. “But don’t go away.”

She was still naked and smiling when I returned moments later, my cock softening somewhat. She grasped it as I fell onto our bed and moved it to her mouth.

“Don’t do that right now, I haven’t washed and it’s still sticky from all our play last night.”

Dawn didn’t answer but ignoring my protests, proceeded to suck me until I was hard again.

“A morning glory Walt,” she grinned as she rolled me on top of her and guided my raging cock into her pussy.

After our desperate and wild lovemaking last night, we both relaxed and slowly worked towards our mutual climax. Dawn skipped towards the shower while I lay in a post-coital stupor, my groin bathed in our combined fluids. When she emerged, she slipped on a short nylon bathrobe and headed for the kitchen.

Deciding against dozing off again, I brushed my teeth to lose the stale taste of sex and allowed the hot shower to relax my aching muscles. After an age in the shower, I briskly toweled myself dry, slipped on a pair of shorts and followed my wife into the kitchen, where the smell of freshly brewed coffee greeted my nostrils.

I did not expect to see my darling wife stretching up against our son on tip-toe, her arms wrapped around his neck, his hands clutching her buns and the two of them joined together in a very cosy embrace. I cleared my throat to announce my arrival.

“Oh hi Dad,” Charlie greeted me cheerfully.

“Coffee, lover?” my wife volunteered.

“Uhh, is that the way you normally greet your son in the morning?”

I noticed that Dawn had not bothered with underwear. Her soft belt had come loose and allowed the front to gape open slightly, exposing one of her magnificent breasts and barely covering her pussy. She casually covered up again and re-tied it at the waist. Charlie, dressed only in boxers, was sporting a respectable boner.

“Just a little good morning kiss,” Dawn smiled. “I think we kept Charlie awake for most of the night for some reason.”

“You two do get a little loud after you’ve been away for a while, Dad.”

Charlie was laughing at my expense as I blushed furiously. The episode took me by surprise, though there was really no reason for me to think it was anything other than slightly inappropriate cuddling, probably brought on by our wild night together.

Charlie was the same enthusiastic son as ever. We worked hard side by side and my concerns completely evaporated. Charlie’s relationship with his mother had always been close. A little physical expression of that closeness was perfectly natural and I dismissed it from my mind.

As one of the country’s leading cattle stud breeders, I need to travel around the country regularly. I attend all the major sales, for that is where breeders like me get the chance for some serious networking with potential buyers. It’s also necessary to keep abreast of changes in the way the breed is being presented and changes in buyer preference. In short, if I want to stay at the top of my game, I have no choice but to move around and frankly, I love it!

A couple of years ago, our regular farm supplies salesman was transferred to another State, handing his territory to a newbie. What I did not know until much later, was that he also transferred some of the territory benefits to his successor.

It seems that every time I went away, my darling wife Dawn was satisfying her sexual cravings with the salesman. To notify him that I was not around, she placed a red tin can on the gatepost. When the can was on display, he was welcome to come in and sample her charms, which he did regularly. When he left, he told his successor about his arrangement, and so the custom continued.

Unfortunately however, the new salesman had a big mouth and it wasn’t long before he had passed on the information to a few of his friends and so began a regular clutch of nocturnal callers every time I was out of town. Of course I was escort maltepe oblivious to all of this at the time.

At a district sale last week, I bumped into our old salesman friend at a bar near the sales yard. He had clearly been there a while and was talking gibberish. The barman should have stopped serving him long ago, but he was happily downing another beer, much of it dribbling down his chin.

“Well hello there Walter!” he gushed. “Haven’t seen you for ages, man. How’s that beautiful wife of yours? I really miss her you know.”

“She’s just fine,” I replied. “I hate going away all the time and leaving her to look after the farm on her own. She’s a good woman.”

“She sure is fine. I used to love calling on your place. How’s the new guy turning out. I hope he’s looking after Dawn as well as I did.”

I was starting to feel a trifle uncomfortable about the way the conversation was heading, putting it down to the ramblings of an out-of-control drunk. Still, there was something going on that I was missing, so I pressed on.

“She hasn’t said very much about the new guy that took over your territory. What have you heard?”

“I’m a bit surprised you haven’t heard about the red tin can. Seems like the new bloke has been bragging all over town about it and what was once beautiful and exclusive is now an open secret.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

A veil of recognition fell over his face as he realized, even in his drunken stupor, that he was babbling about stuff I knew nothing about.

“Oh, I dunno,” he stammered. “Just dumb stuff I heard a while ago. Apparently it’s all over now anyway. Some idiot fired a shotgun at a caller and the can hasn’t been seen since.”

None of his babbling made a great deal of sense, though I worried that I might have missed something important. I resolved to ask about the tin can when I got home.


About a year ago we were pleased to welcome our son Charlie back to the farm. He finally completed his degree in agricultural science and vowed to continue my work, boasting that he would improve our standing in the community by updating the breeding plans for our best stock.

It felt a whole lot better to leave the farm knowing that Charlie was there to take care of things. Charlie’s presence would also prevent the loneliness Dawn complained about each time I went away. It was great to see how much closer the two of them had become since his return from university.

That is, until my meeting with our inebriated sales guy a couple of weeks ago.

All this was running through my mind when I was told the story about the red tin can and my wife. It would have been difficult for her to continue the deception now that Charlie was living at home again, but if she was desperate enough for sexual relief to resort to taking in strangers in my absence, how was she coping now? Was I missing something?

On returning home, I was determined to find out. Since I did not arrive until late in the afternoon, there was little opportunity to discuss the matter, so we enjoyed a friendly dinner, a few drinks and leaving Charlie to his own devices, headed for the bedroom.

Dawn was delicious. She enveloped me as I entered the room and forced her tongue down my throat. My clothes were removed in seconds while Dawn, still fully dressed, slithered down my torso to engulf my cock in her hot mouth. Her nimble fingers slid to my nipples, pinching a rolling them hard. I had no chance. Within a few minutes, my first load exploded into her willing mouth. She swallowed without missing a drop.

“Right. Now we’ve got that our of the way, get me out of these clothes and take me to bed lover boy.”

The night went pretty much as every other first night after a long trip. We slipped into an exhausted sleep some time in the early hours of the morning. I came to groggily to the sound of Dawn singing quietly to herself in the shower but left her to it and fell back for a well-deserved rest until mid morning.

Dawn was making lunch when I eventually surfaced.

“Hi Sleepy Head. Did I wear you out last night?”

“Maybe, just a little,” I joked.

Charlie had been repairing a machine but returned to the house just as Dawn was preparing to serve lunch. He strode to her side, swept her into a full body hug and placed a loving kiss right on her mouth. Releasing her and turning to his seat at the table, he greeted me with enthusiasm.

“Hi Dad,” he grinned at me. “Sleep in a little after a hard night?”

I have to confess that I had no idea how to respond to that. His familiarity with his mother and overt reference to our sexual activity was quite frankly, embarrassing me no end. I just smiled back a little sheepishly at my son and changed direction by complimenting Dawn on the great lunch she was serving us all.

Refreshed and ready to go, I told Charlie that we should get our equipment ready to rebuild a crumbling fence line at the back of our property, which would entail maltepe escort bayan using fencing gear stored in the toolshed behind the house. We eventually found the tensioners and wire ties we needed, when I spied a dusty red tin can on the top shelf and curious, lifted it down for closer inspection. Surprisingly, it was empty. When Charlie saw what I held in my hand his usual smile evaporated and I realized that the story our drunken sales guy had told me was more than likely at least partially true.

“Come on up to the house with me Charlie.”

My son turned like a condemned man and followed me. Dawn was still in the kitchen when we walked in, took one look at the expression on my face, Charlie’s demeanour and the can in my hand and could not meet my gaze.

“How long have you known?”

“About two minutes, but I should have listened to a story I was told while I was away last month. Want to tell me about it?”

“I don’t know where to begin Walt. I was so lonely when you were away all the time. That supplies salesman was always so nice to me and one day I asked him in for a coffee after we had finished our business and I had confirmed our orders. The coffee led to a glass of whiskey which led to another and I ended up by stripping him naked and asking me to fuck me right here on the kitchen table. Surprisingly I did not feel guilty and thought it might be nice to see him again when you were away. He finished up suggesting the red can on the gatepost and it worked well until he was transferred. We did not get together often and I made sure that we never used our bed. I tried to make it up to you every time you arrived home again – it was my way of making you reclaim me I guess.”

“Did you ever think about how I might feel about the arrangement?”

“In a way I did Walt. I thought you might be angry with me for having sex behind your back but I rationalized it by convincing myself that you would never know about it and I would never, ever, let it interfere with our love or our marriage.”

“Noble thoughts indeed,” I mused. “So what happened after your sexual savior was transferred?”

“Oh Walt, it was awful. His replacement was a sleeze of a man and a horrible lover. I should have turned him away, but I just needed some man to scratch my itch, if you know what I mean. There was no feeling in it, just a sexual release I knew I had to have.”

Charlie broke in. “She was in a bad way Dad. I heard about her in the pub on the day I came home from finishing university exams. I couldn’t believe it so I rushed home, finding the can on the gatepost just as the guys in the pub had said it would be.”

“At first I tried to lie my way out of it Walt,” my wife continued. “But considering what I was wearing, my lies weren’t very convincing and Charlie just took over. He made me take the red can back out to the gatepost, still wearing my see-through baby doll, got the shotgun out of the cabinet and sat himself in our lazy chair on the verandah to wait for someone to come. It took a few hours. I sat inside with a glass, hoping the whiskey would hide the terror I felt. Finally some clown arrived. I have to tell you Walt, I’ve never felt as proud of our son as I did at that moment. He confronted the guy and made it very clear, using colourful language that I have never heard from his mouth before, that anyone coming to the house without an invitation would be looking for trouble. The guy hurried back to his car when Charlie fired a shot over his head. You’ve never seen a guy drive down our driveway as fast as he did! And I realized two things then – firstly that the nightmare of casual sex during your absence was never going to happen again and secondly that I was hugely relieved about it.”

“How many Dawn? Just how many local lads have enjoyed your company in this way? Do you even know who they are?”

My anger at this revelation was building as I struggled to control myself.

“Five altogether if you must know. Your favourite salesman, his sleezy replacement and three young guys who are friends of his. I think Charlie’s frightened them off forever but I guess my reputation around town will be trashed.”

When I turned to face Charlie, he had a wide grin on his face which did little to quell my anger.

“What’s so funny, Charlie?”

“What’s amusing me is Mother’s concern about her reputation. Is it your reputation you’re worried about Mother, or are you more worried about how the town would look at Dad if the news leaked out?”

“I would give anything for this whole thing to go away,” my mother started. “In hindsight, what I did was incredibly stupid. I don’t know how I could possibly have come to the conclusion that the red tin can would remain a secret, but you’re right Charlie. My reputation means little to me but if Walt’s standing in the community is damaged by what I have done, I will never forgive myself. But you both know that I am a very sensual woman and I cannot survive without sex for more than a few days. Once upon a time I was able to quell the need with toys, but after the first time I had sex outside our marriage, toys just did not work any more and I became so desperate that any man would do. I know it’s a feeble excuse for my behavior, but it’s the truth boys.”

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