The Researcher Ch. 04

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This chapter is posted as Erotic Couplings because the plot is headed in a different direction. The Lit categories are tough when the story moves across boundaries; this one gets more complicated. Hopefully the readers will follow.

Please remember this is a copyrighted work and all legal disclaimers apply.

This is a work of Fiction and will have an additional chapter.

Thank you for your comments.

This is the fourth installment of a story I began a year ago. The curve of the plot has shifting to the couple, Maris and Jon (aka serge) but Kate between a woman and a man. I would try to enthusiastically evolve for her.

Three days passed without Maris asking about my use of the pink bag. She was coaching other characteristics out of me. She never faltered using ‘serge’ and only once did I fail to address her as Domina. She brought a second pair of Kate’s panties to me as a punishment.

“Put them on serge,” these were damp as well. I took this to mean that she had made love with Kate this afternoon.

The following day after she had left early for the lab I received a link for a film.

‘ the roles reversed, details are different but watch this serge ‘

The movie wasn’t only about the kinky activities of a couple but an exploration of the psychological aspect of a sub relationship. The sex was still riveting and the plot led to the woman’s willing anal penetration.

Two hours later I received an unambiguous text :

‘ thank you for agreeing to stay with me serge ‘

Then a quick second text :

‘ the preparation has been underway for months so be ready serge ‘

Then a third :

‘ watch the film again carefully serge ‘

The fourth came ninety minutes later :

‘ get the small anal plug in your bottom serge ‘

I put down the cell and went to my bedside drawer. The small tube of lube and the toy were waiting with a note.

‘ slow is best with these toys serge ‘

I removed my jeans and sat on the bed edge contemplating my next action. I was in charge of this step and I knew she still wanted me. That was something; I was loved by the woman I loved. I held the toy in my hand. I had considered that she must have dealt with a similar exploration herself. I mean she didn’t just take the stiff phallus attached to Hannah’s hips into her butt without preparation. So her request was true and considerate. I smiled and rolled onto my hip. The toy was a hard plastic colored red. I touched my finger to the lube and spread my cheeks.

It was a narrow probe a bit wider than my finger. The first touch caused me to contract so I used my long finger to rub the lube on the skin and I pushed in. My finger was only just inside and I shut my eyes and tried to relax. I was surprised as the finger reached the inner ring. The instructions described how to relax and breathe and it worked but I felt nothing special. I pushed the slim toy in and allowed myself a moment. As my body began to adjust I noticed a tingle. The penetration of the toy felt better than my fingers since I could focus on relaxing.

The note that came with the kit suggested leaving the toys in place for a few minutes so I slipped my pants up and tried to work.

Later when I went to bed the small anal plug was waiting. She was clearly telling me to sleep with it.

Our daily lives didn’t change greatly though I did notice that her dressing was evolving. I signed for two or three packages and boxes each day. The name on the address label was Domina Jones. Thankfully the carriers in our neighborhood never commented. She hadn’t shared the purchases with me and I didn’t explore to determine what she was buying.

After the first week of cleansing Maris came home for lunch rather than meet me in the park.

“I have the afternoon off serge. I’ll make a simple salad and we can talk of the afternoon.”

I closed out my work files but left the laptop running on the counter.

As she gathered the greens and washed them she spoke, “You know that I dress for Mistress Kate correct serge?”

I looked at her. The mid-thigh dress had a soft off-white color with a floral pattern. She wore a taupe colored heel on her feet but her legs were covered. Though there was no apparent color to the hose’ she wore. Her hair was in a ponytail and she had three bangles on her right wrist and the gold chain I’d given her on her birthday about her bare neck.

“Her respect is something I cherish and she likes to see me in very güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri specific types of clothing. I have found it helps me focus. To be dressed for her is a joy.”

“Domina you always look great.”

She dried her hands and turned toward me, “Are you happy with the way you are dressed serge?”

I paced a bit.

“I don’t know Domina. My jeans are comfortable. I guess it’s pretty casual.”

“Well, I am not happy with how you look in them now. I’m also displeased with your hair. The mop look was okay before but I want you to begin conditioning your hair serge. I have some ideas regardig re-styling it.”

She came around the counter and smiled as I sat. She seemed to tower over me with her tall heels.

“On the bed is an outfit I want you to put on serge.”

She returned to the sink and began to wash another pile of lettuce.

I walked to the bedroom to find a pair of pants and a shirt. There was a new pair of shoes on the floor.

I removed my worn jeans and pulled off the t-shirt.

“Shower first serge and shave again please,” she called from the Kitchen.

As I dried I considered her needs. She wanted me to be special rather than ordinary. I moved the new pants to put on my boxers but when I picked up them up I saw the small pair a panties. The packaging had been removed but these were new. They were soft blue in color. They were boy-shorts. I slipped the panties on without a protest. The second anal plug was also on the bed. Over the past few days I had found inserting the plug easier but wearing it more than several hours required removing it and relaxing for a while. This one was a bit thicker. Her intent was clear.

I lifted my foot to the bed edge and applied a small amount of lube to the toy. Concentrating I positioned the plug and it slipped in. It was noticeably bigger. I felt stuffed. I stopped a moan as I put my foot down. I could hear Maris singing faintly and she smiled seeing me as well.

When I picked up the shirt I found the white undershirt. It had adjustable shoulder straps. I paused only a moment before slipping it on. I pulled the pants on and started to button them. The clasp and button were backward.

Picking up the white dress shirt I felt the soft cotton and noted the tag. It was an expensive designer brand. Looking at the buttons I saw they were also reversed. Contemplating the items she had given me I considered the consequences. Each thing in and of it’s self was too small to gripe about. She had been acting quite nice now that we had settled the new path for us. She hadn’t pressed me on the cleansing. She hadn’t even asked after the texts she had sent days earlier.

Maris was asserting her will sensitively rather than aggressively.

I buttoned the new khaki colored pants and slipped on the soft white shirt over the undergarment. These backward buttons took me sometime to get closed. I now looked at the shoes. Inside was a small package of socks. Actually these were nude in color; long socks that came nearly to the knee. I think these were hose’ not socks.

The shoes at a glance had appeared to be Italian but now I saw these were actual flats. The leather was dark brown in color. The design could be gender neutral but they did have a slightly elevated heel. Standing I looked in the full mirror. It was a nice looking outfit but then I saw the profile. The fitted pant and shirt announced my proportions. It was first time I had ever noticed my backside. The tapered leg of the pants further called attention to my bottom and the plug in my bottom made me aware of my posture.

“That looks quite nice serge,” I could just see her reflected in the mirror but she could see my backside.

I sensed that I was shifting to Domina’s care. There was a formal nature to her commands.

My butt had accommodated the new toy and now I was looking at myself. My Mistress had dressed me. This was her control extended to another aspect of our relationship. I walked closer to the mirror and felt the difference of the slight heel but was startled by the reflection. I could see the straps of the undershirt beneath the shirt. She wanted me to be different than all the other guys I knew. She wanted me to dress for her rather than be like the others.

“How are you doing serge? Do you need a hand?”

I resisted an urge to holler, “Oh, I’m okay Domina.”

I walked to the closet. Inside were a number of new pants on hangars and new shirts güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri too. There would be more to her early afternoon I sensed.

“Did you see the strap-on by the bed?”

I had walked into the living room.


“We will wait until you ask me to play with your bottom serge. Until such time you are to restrain your masturbating as a respect for me.”

She smiled, “The phallus will help you and me, but it is not for today. I think you need more work on your butt serge. There is a bigger plug in the bath drawer. Please go and find it. I want to see it now.”

As I returned I saw that she had removed her dress and was waiting dressed with only her stockings and heels. The curve of her breasts excited me. I dropped the larger anal plug.

“I need you to love my pussy serge but I also want you to learn to kiss my bottom.”

I had learned over the months to watch her face as I pleased her vagina. I could see her react when I kissed her folded lower lips. My attention over the past months had helped me read the signs. I realized that she had been patiently teaching me.

She stood leaning against the counter. When I met Maris I had no idea what I was doing when I kissed her body. Now I liked the way my tongue felt when I pushed it passed the opening of her pussy. I loved having my face in the folds of her vagina and now I ran my tongue everywhere, including her back hole. I had not laid claim to that tight opening as of yet.

“Ohh yes serge, there, lick across the rim again, “

Whenever I would swipe my tongue across her anus she moaned. She needed me to be the guy who paid attention to her body. As her body began to shake I now focused on her clit.

“Fuck serge, I’m going to cum on your face, “

As I turned her to get closer to her butt I considered that maybe we did have a future.

My fingers reached up and around to her naked breast. My hand began to caress her.

“Ohh, yes serge, your tongue on my tight hole please lover, “

I was there on my knees and was aware of how much I loved having her cover my face. I shifted about and she lifted her heel cover right foot allowing me better access to her vulva and ass. Her hands reached down as the climax continued and she held my tongue on her button.

I was happy that Maris was enjoying this so much. Now she clamped her thighs tightly about my head. There was a loss of air for that moment.

Maris’s heels somehow kept her just there at my mouth but finally she collapsed. I fell backwards onto my hands as I breathed deeply, panting. That was the biggest orgasm I had every seen Maris enjoy. I must have shot off a bit for my panty was damp. She was breathing heavily and her eyes were closed. She was mine today and I smiled as her eyes opened.

“You’re a better learner than I expected serge.”

I looked at her panting and saw the juice on her hose’.

“So you liked that Domina?”

“It’s going to be okay serge. You just topped my expectations in several ways.”

The carpet had helped my knees for I was in front of her licking and kissing for a long time.

“Please fetch my strap-on serge.”

I brought it to her and she immediately rubbed the tip along her wet slit.

“Ohh yes, now I want you to slip the cock into me but not my pussy serge, slowly though. My body enjoys slow penetration not ramrodding.”

Her climax had come on slowly and I saw the joy on her face but she wanted this too. At least I was here for it. I had witnessed her second orgasm but I was now dressed and shaped by her will. I was her serge, Maris’s new lover.

“I want you to watch this go inside my body but in the other opening serge.”

She positioned the tip as I held the phallus end at the balls.

“Just insert the tip first serge, yes, just a bit.”

It was difficult due to her position.

“Wait, I’ll turn for this first penetration serge.”

Once she leaned onto the counter I pulled her butt cheek and her hand came around to settle the cock head at her opening.

“Okay serge push into me please.”

I slowly and gently pushed while I turned the shaft a bit back and forth. I had learned the need for the first part of a dildo or plug to slid over the soft tissue.

“That’s very, ohh, it’s large serge. Now push passed the muscle please.”

The afternoon sun came out at that moment and lit her bottom framed by her suspender straps. I saw most of the length of güvenilir bahis şirketleri the seven-inch cock disappearing into my lover’s upturned bottom. It was so exciting I ejaculated and moaned softly.

“Yes serge, you can cum while fucking me like this; now in and out but slowly serge.”

She had climaxed less than five minutes earlier but she began to rotate her bottom as I held the phallus. She was fucking the toy in my hand!

“Ohh, serge, yes, fuck me with your stay-hard cock!”

Up and down she moved at her pace while I remained still.

“I’m cumming serge! Push in deeper!”

She shook as another orgasm began and I worked to keep the toy within her. I watched as she slowed and I reached to steady her with my hand on her hip.

“That was simply amazing serge. I have never climax with you like this before honey.”

I stood as she turned and moved to the sofa.

“That’s what’s in store for you serge. The orgasms in my ass beat any that I have ever had from oral or vaginal intercourse. By this time next week you will better understand where your world is going and I will be there with you serge.”

The next day was Saturday and I got up early and went for a long run. As I ran I wondered about her cleansing. Maybe she had a separate kit. Maybe she cleaned her bottom at the Lab. I wondered if her and Mistress Kate did so together. Such were new thoughts but I was shifting my focus and questioning many things now that Maris (or Domina) seemed committed to our future.

I returned near ten to find two bags at the door. Each was filled with my clothes. Domina had spent the morning clearing my drawers and organizing the new garments.

I stopped short at the threshold. I wasn’t conflicted as much as anxious. She had heard me come in and she walked up to me and kissed me lightly.

“You need a shower. That outfit goes too serge. You can keep the running shoes until I find a suitable pair dear.”

She walked toward the Kitchen but stopped.

“Next time you run please don’t forget that my lover is always wearing my toys in his bottom. The small one will do for your exercise dear.”

On Sunday she awoke before me. When the warm sun caused me to stir I sat up. On the bed was another strap-on. I looked at it and picked it up. It was slightly moist. I check it and found her scent.

She called from the Kitchen, “Are you holding my new toy serge?”

I glimpse Maris from the bed and she looked so sexy I almost jumped out of bed and asked her to come back with me. That was the old Jon though.

I heard her walking to the doorway. She was dressed in a black dress, nude hose’ and black heels. She had prepared her face and wore a new neck dressing; seven or so pearl strands some of which fell between her cleavage. Her hair was held back with a clip. She pushed her heels to touch the door frame.

“Do you recall the last time I stood here serge?”

I smiled at her, “Get up we have a lot to do serge,” she said as she turned.

I considered the woman I was in love with and wondered about my eclipsed role. My submissiveness was growing. Looking at her I lusted to be hers somehow and forever. I had come to realize this wasn’t a struggle or competition with Domina. We had found a consensus. We both wanted to be here with each other and there was a genuine friendship. I had come to love the same things as Maris and she wanted to share this new sexual practice with me. I recognized that I didn’t want to lose this woman. Her involvement with the other women was no longer an issue. Our partnership could only last and retain its fire if we both care for our new sexual reality.

Researchers have found that both men and women can prefer to imagine being dominated. I was surprised that the research also showed that men liked it even more than women. The writers suggested that an alternate fantasy was the drive once men were free from rejection and restrictions.

She walked to my bedside and sat. She leaned and kissed me with passion. She pointed at the cocktoy.

“Today serge you will wear this and fuck me. Your penis will not penetrate me until I feel you are ready for such a reward. I want you to wear this tight panty girdle to prevent you from any lapse.”

She pulled the nude toned panty out. It had a ‘V’ shaped reinforced panel.

“This will absolutely control your penis for my fun today serge.”

She turned and walked away. I went to the closet thinking of her dress as I picked up my outfit for today. The outfit she had set aside was a dark pant with a jacket; a deep grey as well. There was a nearly transparent white shirt. It really was a blouse though with a deep ‘V’ expose at the front panel and there was a new undershirt. I still fussed with the adjustable straps each day.

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