The Reunion

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The invitation to your high school 10th reunion arrived in the mail today and you were excited when I got home from work because you really wanted to go. When we checked the date, it appeared that the weekend in question – about a month away – was clear so you immediately called the RRSP number on the invitation to tell them that you would be there with me as your guest.

We made arrangements with your sister to take care of the baby and I went online to arrange a flight and hotel rooms where the reunion would be held. Although they had arranged a block of reasonably priced rooms for the alumni attending, I decided to make this a special escape for us and booked a suite instead. I also decided not to tell you in advance but to make it a surprise.

You were very excited about meeting old friends especially you told me the girl with whom your had a almost relationship in high school and the football captain who was your beau and senior prom date. Since he had been your first real boyfriend and male sexual partner, you were curious – and so was I – to see what he looked like 10 years later. I was also curious about the Girl friend who had come on to you so strongly in a day when being gay (either male of female) was not accepted. You had told me a little about your experience with Susan but I was curious to see how you reunited (we had already seem the list of confirmed attendees and both she and the star quarterback were going to be there. This I was also looking forward to!

We went shopping for just the right dress for the formal dinner that ended the affair as well as some new sexy lingerie since you always feel special when you are wearing it even if only you know! For the dress, we selected a plain black sheath that hugged your every curve and allowed your erect nipples to show when erect – even through a thin bra if you chose to wear one. It was held up by a band that circled your throat and was scooped low under the arms so that the side swell of each breast was visible; and it plunged deep in the back in a scoop almost exposing your bum crack! In other words, it could be termed a ‘fuck me’ dress. It was sure to turn on both Susan and your former beau!

The month flew by and we soon arrived at the hotel in the city where you went to high school – not that many years ago. As we rose in the elevator to the top floor, you looked at me with a surprised grin as you realized we were bound for the penthouse suite. As the bellhop let us in, the wide panorama of your hometown was spread before us through the 25th floor to ceiling window. After he had shown us all the bells and whistles – electric blinds, Jacuzzi etc – I tipped the bellman well and sent him on his way. You flew into my arms and as we kissed you thanked me with a promise of rewards later.

I laughed and told you to go on down to register us for the reunion and I would unpack. Once again kissing me deeply you rushed off eager to renew some old acquaintances. After I unpacked and changed into slacks and an open necked shirt, I went down to the lobby to look for you. Not spotting you right away, I moved towards the lobby bar and peeked in. You were sitting in a booth with a gorgeous raven-haired beauty! You were sitting close beside each other and giggling together as if sharing some secret joke. I could see her hand brush your leg as she leaned close to whisper something into your ear. You blushed although you didn’t push her hand away. This definitely must be Susan and she hasn’t lost any of her ardor!

I moved over and slid into the booth on your other side and introduced myself, “Hi. You must be Susan. Julie has told me so much about you!”

She smiled enigmatically and replied “Hopefully all good?”

I told her most definitely and leaned in to kiss you; I could sense her nearness and could smell her intoxicating perfume as she leaned in closer to you. This could prove to be an interesting weekend indeed. Just then, a loud booming Ağrı Escort voice called from the entrance to the bar.

“Julie! Is that you, you beautiful thing you?”

Susan rolled her eyes and said something about ‘that boor, Ted’ as this tall well-built wall of a man ran over to our table and quite literally scooped you out of the booth into a bear hug! You weren’t looking too impressed; in fact, I think you were embarrassed by the lout. I stepped forward and introduced myself with my hand outstretched forcing him to lower and release you or look even more the fool. When he learned we were together, it seemed to cool him down a bit but not much.

The next day and a half was filled with activities and tours (including one to your old high school where you showed me your locker and home room). Both Susan and Ted hung on to any group we were in and throughout the time, we learned that Ted was divorced (he had, of course, married the head cheerleader!) with no children and Susan had split up with her partner about a year ago. Both were coming on to you – no too subtly I must say – and I had mixed feelings about it. One the one hand, we had a pretty open relationship as long as we shared in the experience but on the other, I found Ted to be obnoxious and I suppose I was a little jealous as well. I didn’t want to share you with him.

Susan, however, was another matter! You were warming to her more and more and I noticed that the two of you spent a lot of time whispering and giggling together like you were sharing the world’s greatest secret. I wondered if it had anything to do with your high school fling?

The night of the banquet and dance rolled around and while we were in our suite – after we had relaxed in the Jacuzzi and then retired to the king sized bed to make slow languorous love for a couple of hours – you shared your chats with Susan. You admitted that she was turning you on with her innuendoes and constant attention and that you wanted to take it to the next level and see if she would spend the night with us. You were obviously nervous asking me this and my answer surprised you.

“Would that make you happy, darling? You know that is all I want for you”

You somewhat bashfully told me it would but only if I were there with you and watched – participating only if asked. I of course agreed as we showered off the sweat of our loving and dressed for dinner. You were stunning in your new dress wearing only a thong and sheer black holdups with 4″spike sandals adding the finishing touch. I reached into my suitcase and pulled out a wrapped gift for you and as you looked stunned at the contents, I lifted the diamond and ruby choker out of the velvet lined box and fastened it around your neck. The attached teardrop solitaire diamond hung on its tether of twisted gold against the black silk covered rise of your breasts.

Lord, my love; you look absolutely smashing!! I took your arm and we walked together to the elevator, down to the lobby and into a suddenly silent dining room as all eyes fell on the angel of beauty floating by my side. Susan rushed over and embraced you and then me and led us to her table where we enjoyed two hours of wonderful food and talk. Ted, fortunately, had been called away on business so we would not have to contend with him for the rest of our stay. You did not appear disappointed.

After dinner was finished, the band started to play some wonderful slow tunes and we took to the dance floor. As luck would have it, the lights were turned so low that only the candles on the surrounding tables gave off their flickering warmth. This allowed me to pull to close into my arms and run my hand around your warm bare back and down your spine until it slipped under the back of you dress. Tilting your head upwards, you smiled before kissing me deeply and passionately.

Your arms went around my neck pulling yourself up on your tiptoes. My hands were both Ağrı Escort Bayan under your dress down and I was cupping the smooth globes of your firm ass; I could just feel the thin band of the thong as it disappeared into your crack and, as I pulled upwards on it, your moans signaled that the patch of silky material covering your shaven pussy was pulling on your swollen labia!

As we rounded the floor, we came to the patio doors leading outside and since it was a balmy night with the moon hidden behind some clouds, I twirled us out onto the flagstone surface. Around the terrace was a waist high wall and since I could see no one around, I slipped with you into the shadow of the building and lifted you until your were sitting on the wall. I pulled your legs high around my waist and thusly moved your upper body closer to me. Reaching behind your long swan-like neck, I easily unclasped the single button holding up the halter-top of your gown and I lowered it to your waist.

Your magnificent firm breasts stood proudly with the nipples hardening in the outside air. The pendant at the end of the chocker I had given you draped enticingly between those mounds I love to touch and suck. Not wanting to delay a moment longer and letting your hands in my hair pull me to your engorged nipple, I began sucking noisily. I was lost in the luxury of the moment and only sensed a presence nearby. Your mumbled moans led me to suck harder but as I moved over to the other breast I felt a warm soft body brush my shoulder.

I stood up and encounter Susan in her jade green tightly fitting gown kissing you with a passion I thought only we shared; and you were returning the kiss with fervor! Her right hand had disappeared up your leg and was obviously reaching your soaked pussy since your head was thrown back and your eyes were rolled back in your head as you tried to stifle your orgasm!

I separated the two of you long enough to pull up and refasten your dress before I suggested we take this to our suite before anyone missed us and came looking. The two of you quickly agreed and almost running, headed for the elevators. I only barely managed to catch the doors before they closed behind you and as soon as the car began its ascent, you shoved Susan against the car wall and attacked her lips while your hands struggled to roll her nipples through the thin bodice of her dress.

All too soon, we arrived at our floor and I quickly opened our door as the two of you stumbled over the threshold still locked together at the lips. As I sat to watch, your fingers madly reached for the zipper at the back of Susan’s neck and pulled it down until it reached the top of her heart shaped butt. Since her back was to me, I could see her lightly tanned skin as the dress separated from shoulder to her rear end. At the same time, Susan released your clasp and you stepped apart long enough for both of your gowns to pool around your feet. As you turned her around to face me with you standing behind her, I could see the lust in her hooded eyes as your hands reached around to cup her full 36B breasts and take her nipples and roll them between your fingers. Oh, how you must have dreamed of this day, my darling! Similar to you she was clad only in the tiniest of sheer white thongs – soaked clear with her cum – and black holdups but without her high spiked shoes that she had kicked off as soon as we reached the room.

My eyes strayed down her firm young body past her flat tummy to her waxed smooth pussy; her swollen labia were folded outwards and I could see the wetness running down her slim toned legs as she tilted and turned her head searching for your lips.

“Isn’t she all I told you, baby?” you whispered as you hand snaked lower to rub her spread pussy. “She is so wet and hot! Do you want to taste her or shall I?”

“You two start while I undress and watch, my sweets. I will join you in a few moments”.

You spun Susan Escort Ağrı around and pushed her back onto the bed. She crawled back to the centre of the large bed and pulled her knees to her chest and spread them wide in the process of opening herself to your gaze. You licked off your shoes and climbed onto the bed and nervously crawled between her legs. Laying on your tummy with your face close to Susan’s inviting pussy, you paused to admire the offering and to inhale her musky arousal. Although you had fantasized about this (and shared those fantasies with me), this was for real and you were unsure of what to do.

By this time, I was undressed and I crawled up beside you and taking your hand in mine, we reached out and lightly stroked the dampness of Susan’s silk covered cunt. She moaned at the touch giving you the confidence to exert a little more pressure slightly forcing the thin patch of silk into her slick canal. Her pussy immediately contracted around your fingers and drew them in further. Almost without thinking you pulled them out and Susan cried for more as she reached down and tore off the thong, throwing it across the room.

I whispered in your ear, “Just do to her what I do to you and what pleases you the most, my love! That’s all she wants.”

At that, your tongue snaked out and ran along the outer red lips of Susan’s pussy and you groaned as the taste of her sweet juices moistened your tongue for the first time. “Please Julie! I need your tongue and fingers deep inside me! Please, oh please, make love to me! I have waited ten years for this and can’t wait.” Susan’s words ended with a moan as you fiercely attacked her with tongue and fingers and then found her hard clit and you sucked greedily on that. Your ministrations resulted in a continuous outpouring of her cum and your lapped it up as if you had starved for it all you life.

As you got up on your knees to reach her tits with your hands while still eating her pussy, I went behind you and found your own pussy blood red with arousal and dripping wet. I quickly fastened my mouth around your sweet hole and as I lapped up your cum, my finger strummed your clit until your orgasm pushed you deeper into Susan and she came again and again.

We tumbled around the bed in every position and combination available for the balance of the night until we fell asleep – me cradling two beautiful women in my arms – as the early morning light broke through the curtains. After about 4 hours sleep, I dreamt that several hands and lips were playing with my hard cock and I awoke to find the two of you kissing your way around the head of my cock. With each of your soft hair tickling my balls, I was soon fully erect and precum was leaking from me as you took turns licking it off.

Susan whispered into your ear and you nodded with a smile. As you straddled my hips and lowered yourself slowly down my hard shaft, Susan quickly straddled my face so the her soft waxed pussy was brushing against my mustache and my tongue reached up as I pulled her hips down so I could impale her on my tongue. Soon I was being willingly ravaged by the two of you as you leaned into each other to share a passionate kiss.

Susan was literally fucking my face and tongue in the same rhythm as you were riding my cock and I felt you both tensing as your orgasms started to overcome you. As Susan flooded my face and mouth with her sweet cum, gush after gush, I felt your cum flood my cock and that was the signal for my own climax as I filled your warm pussy with a full load of my own milky thick cum.

Once again, we collapsed in a sprawl across the bed as we gathered our strength. After some more cuddling and promises to keep in touch, Susan quickly dressed and kissing us both, left for her own room. She had to shower, change and catch a flight with a couple of hours. Since we didn’t have to leave for six more hours, I put in a wake up call with the front desk and we crawled under the covers for a few hours sleep before we had to head home.

What a wonderful weekend, my darling! And how I love you; you will never know the extent of my love although I will continue to try and tell and show you every day of our life together!

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