The Reward

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It was a very, very, slow Monday night. Although I was the man in charge, I took the bar shift so my friend Phil could go to a concert he had looked forward to for months. There was no one in the place except me, the new waitress Pam, and the new money asshole, John.

The thing about John was that he made his money the old fashioned way, he inherited it. To be fair, that wasn’t quite true. He inherited a couple of dormant oil wells from his late dad, and when the technology for drilling improved, what was dry became wet again and started spewing black gold. It didn’t change the fact that money or not, he was a major tool, and I took an immediate dislike to him, and he to me. The only problem was that my boss did some business with him, so I had to watch my mouth and hold my tongue.

Pam was the new girl on the floor. She had only been there for a week, and you could tell she had not been in the real world very long. Sarah, Kay, and the rest of my staff were very protective of her, and if anyone got handsy or crude with Pam, the girls would set them straight. Tonight however, she was alone on the floor and fending for herself. It was also the first time she and I had worked together one on one.

Pam was just a shade under six feet tall, with honey blond hair, at least a 38c chest, and legs to die for. She tried to hide it, but her natural assets could not be hidden. She was an aspiring artist, still in school, and being a waitress on the side for extra cash.

It was getting late. I was cleaning up and getting ready to close. A-hole John was holding court with a couple of friends when all of a sudden I heard a loud burst of laughter from their table and Pam came running toward me at the bar. When she got to me, she was crying hysterically, gasping for air, and her makeup was running down her eyes.

“What the fuck? I asked. What happened?”

Pam shook her head no and continued to cry, not willing to say what happened. I gave her a minute to compose herself and tried again.

“It’s okay. I said softly. Tell me what happened over there.”

Pam took a moment and gathered herself. Then she told me. “I was trying to be nice to John, and I made some conversation with him and his friends. It seemed fine for a few minutes. Then I asked if they wanted more drinks. They said sure. But when I tried to clear the glasses off his table, John tried to reach under my skirt and grab me. Then he told me he wanted to turn me upside down, and eat me like a watermelon.”

With that, she broke down again. I took her hand for a minute, and then told her to go get cleaned up and to go home. I told her not to worry, I’d take care of it and I would see her on the weekend.

“Don’t quit. I said. We really like you around here and I’ll straighten this out.”

She gave me a look like her heart was torn in two. I waited until she left and went over to John’s table. I thought I would have calmed down by this point, but remembering the look on Pam’s face just got me madder and madder. I had a cocktail tray in my hands just in case. After all it was three guys and me.

John looked at me all bleary eyed and asked, “Where the hell are our drinks, and where is Pam? I sure as hell don’t want to look at you serving us.”

I responded with a menacing glare and tone and said, “You’re done drinking. Now get the fuck out of my bar right now.”

He gave me a look of disbelief before responding.

“Fuck you.” he yelled. Who the fuck do you think you are talking to me that way? I’ll tell Frank what you said to me, and you’ll be out of a job in the morning, you piece of shit.”

“Maybe. I said back to him, But you’ll be calling him from the hospital if you’re not out of here in ten seconds. One… two…” And with that I put my eyeglasses on the table and squared off.

He got up, and I thought we were going to go, but he threw a hundred on the table and left with his friends, cursing under his breath and staggered away.

I knew there was going to be hell to pay the next day, but at this point I didn’t give a shit, I just wanted to get home, spark one up, and calm down.

Surprisingly, I didn’t get a phone call in the morning, so I went in for my regular shift on Tuesday night. I got there fifteen minutes early, knowing Frank would be there and my job was on the line.

When I walked in Frank was seated on a bar stool, with an expectant look on his face. He said nothing and waited for me to start. I took a deep breath and illegal bahis I told him what happened word for word, including the part where I told John I would put him in the hospital.

Frank looked at me for a minute and said, “Well, you’ve got balls, that’s for sure. Didn’t you think I would fire you?”

“Sure. I said. But would like your girlfriend to be talked to that way and grabbed like that or would you kill the guy?”

“Good point. He said. Still, I do business with the little prick, and this is going to make it tougher. He thought it over for a minute and added, fuck it. I’ve got something he needs, and it’s about time someone straightened him out. Just don’t make a habit out of it, all right?”

I let out a sigh of relief and said, “Thanks.” And went back to work.

Over the course of the night word got around and Kay, the queen bee, came over and told me how much she respected what I did. I made nothing of it but inside I knew I did the right thing.

Pam and I didn’t work together again until Saturday night, and I really hoped she hadn’t quit. Much to my relief, when I arrived for work she was there, a bit early, and she walked right over to me.

She had tears in her eyes when she spoke to me and she said softly, with a choked up voice, “No one has ever stuck up for me like that before. She held back a sob and continued, I just want you to know I’ll remember that for the rest of my life. You put your job on the line for me, and… and…”

With that she walked away, and I could tell she was crying. For the rest of the night we all went about our business. It was busy and we all made good money, and everyone was in a good mood at the end of the night. I noticed Pam took a little extra time finishing her side work and waited until everyone else was done. Then she came over to me with a grateful look on her face.

“Bob, I want to do something for you. Buy you a gift. Take you out for dinner. Cook you dinner. Something to show you my gratitude.” She said.

I was starting to get embarrassed by the attention., but then I thought about it for a second, and said, “You know, I haven’t had a real home cooked meal in a long time. That sounds really good to me. When would you like to do it?”

Pam’s face lit up with a big smile and said, “I was hoping you would say that. I haven’t cooked for someone in a long time. How about tomorrow night? We’re both off. I’ll make a real Sunday chicken dinner.”

“Sounds great. I said. Six o’clock okay?”

“Perfect. Pam said through a huge smile. It’s a date.”

The next day I was actually a bit nervous. I knew nothing was going to happen, but I wanted to leave a good impression. Put on pair of nice jeans, a white shirt and a blue tie. I grabbed a bottle of good wine, and headed over to Pam’s place. On the spur of the moment I decided to grab some flowers. Nothing fancy. One of those quicky mart bouquets. When I got to her place, I noticed it was a nice complex. Looked much nicer than my dump. I was glad at that point I said yes to her invitation.

Pam opened the door, and OMG, she was a vision. Tight white jeans that accented her legs, a plunging v neck sweater that led right down the cleavage of her chest. I couldn’t help but stare but I finally looked away as she welcomed me in. She gave me a tour of the place, and the first thing I noticed was the art work all over the walls. Man, she was really talented.

Eventually, we sat down to dinner, and really enjoyed ourselves. She loved the wine and the flowers, and she didn’t lie about being able to cook. We talked for well over an hour, and she told me how she loved to paint, but would probably end up teaching because the was no money in trying to become an artist. I told her my dreams of becoming an actor and how I just auditioned for a company in Phoenix. We really explored each others lives and the conversation flowed as easy as the wine, and I think we both caught a bit of a buzz. I suggested coffee, and she agreed, putting some up.

As the coffee was brewing, She asked if I wouldn’t mind waiting a minute? She said she wanted to show me something. With that, she went into the bedroom, and I went into the living room looking at her art.

“Bob”, I heard, as she came back into the room.

I turned around, and there she was standing in front of me with nothing on other than a parted white silk robe. Talk about a work of art. Teardrop breasts with hard pink nipples, and a perfect triangle of pubic illegal bahis siteleri hair. She turned around for me and lifted the back of the robe, exposing her lean, trim legs and an ass that begged to be held.

I couldn’t say a thing, I was so surprised. My cock turned to stone but I managed to make my way across the room, took her in my arms, and kissed her softly.

“Pam, Pam, you are so beautiful. The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” I said, and truly meaning it.

“Go sit on the dining room chair.” She told me.

I did just as she said. She glided across the room to me, slipping her robe off as she walked. She said nothing, but gestured for me to raise my ass up off the chair so she could slip off my jeans. She took them off, glanced at my cock, and a big smile crossed her face. She pushed me back on the chair and then straddled me. She took my throbbing cock and rubbed it back and forth on her slit until she was soaked. Then without warning, dropped all of her weight on my lap, and I completely filled her up.

“Don’t move, She said with a moan. I have to get used to you inside me.”

We started to kiss, then I dropped my mouth to her magnificent breasts, licking and sucking her nipples until she begged me to stop. We still hadn’t moved below our waists, but now slowly, we started to grind together, our breathing becoming more and more ragged. I felt the come starting to build in my balls when all of a sudden she put her hands on my shoulders for support, and started to raise and lower herself on my cock, looking for a release. As I was getting ready to shoot, she looked right into my eyes, closed her lids tightly and dropped down hard on my cock, kissing me hard and moaning into my mouth. That was it for me. I grabbed her ass and pulled it tight to my hips and spewed all my cum into that perfect pussy.

We stayed like that for a few moments, when finally she raised up off of me. Without a word, she dropped between my legs. took my cock in her mouth, and licked every inch of me clean.

I started to say something but she put her fingers to her lips and led me to her bedroom. Once there she turned to me, took off my tie and unbuttoned my shirt. She ran her hands up and down my chest and then led me to the bathroom. She ran the water for us and stepped into the shower stall, putting us both under the water. She lathered up a washcloth and got the sweat off my body and then took care of my cock and balls. I did the same for her, washing her beautiful thatch of light blonde pubic hair. She started to breathe heavier and put her hand on me to stop. She turned me around in the shower, parted my ass cheeks and thoroughly cleaned my hole.

We went back into the bedroom dripping wet and got under the sheets. She got on top of me and started kissing me deeply. We did this for a few minutes, when she got under the sheet and took my cock down her throat in one long gulp. I was in heaven. I held her head, saying her name as she continued to suck me off. All of a sudden she turned into a 69 position and I had that blond pussy and perfect ass right on top of my lips. I devoured her, alternating between her ass and wet gash, pausing once in a while to catch my breath. Eventually, we stopped for a minute and Pam took me out of her mouth and slid up my body. We kissed for a few minutes, and then she rolled onto her back.

“I want you to squat over my face, She said with a passionate purr. I’m going to have your ass for my dessert.”

I got up over her mouth, my legs shaking with passion, and gently lowered myself to her waiting mouth. She started licking me, alternating between my anus and my balls, moaning more and more with each lick. I took my right hand and started playing with her clit as best as I could, balancing myself with my left, and trying not to put all my weight on her face. Finally, she smacked my butt for me to get off, which I did and I stayed straddled across her chest.

She looked at me with her deep blue eyes full of lust, and said “Slide up on me a bit and put your cock between my tits.” I did, and then she said, “Now feed me your cock.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice, and for the next ten minutes, I wrapped her boobs around me and fed my head into her pink lips. She was playing with my balls and using her tongue on every entrance into her mouth. I felt it build from down deep, and I just let go, shooting into her mouth with a thin stream of cum. She swallowed it all with a smile, canlı bahis siteleri and we both fell back from exhaustion.

Finally, I said. “Pam, I never expected this, but this has been amazing. I could do this all night. You really surprised me.”

She just smiled and said, “I thought this was going to be just a reward for you for last Monday, but the more we talked tonight, the more I knew I could try anything I wanted with you, and I would be safe and protected, and not judged.”

“Wow. I said. That might be the best thing anyone has ever said to me. And you are safe with me always. I continued. You are a stunningly beautiful woman, who is so smart and talented, that you should be confident and bold about anything you want to do. You can’t let the assholes of the world get to you. I’m glad I was there for you.”

Pam got choked up for a second and said, “You’re right. I’m never going to let someone get to me like that again. But I have one more favor to ask you if it’s okay?”

“Anything.” I replied.

With that, she straddled my mouth and lowered herself onto my tongue. I parted her pink lips and used my mouth to the best of my ability until she ground her pussy onto my face, jamming my head into her as hard as she could while she came.

When we woke up in the morning, we had one last go round, slow and easy, savoring every moment together. She had to go class, and I needed to get home, so we parted ways, knowing we would do this again.

Tuesday night when I went to work, Kay was waiting for me with a big smile on her face.

“Did you get your reward?” She asked.

“I don’t kiss and tell. I said. But lets say I had a nice Sunday dinner.”

Kay quipped. “I heard the chicken was great, but the dessert was even better.”

I laughed at that, and didn’t say another word, letting my smile do the talking.

Kay followed up by saying. “She’s fallen hard for you. She told me she thinks she is falling in love. Don’t hurt her Bob. She might be confusing lust for love.”

I responded by saying, “I have news for you Kay, I’m falling for her as well. She’s the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. And don’t worry. I would never hurt her.”

I went home that night with plans to see Pam the next night. We had talked on the phone and she wanted me to come over again. I wanted to take her out, but she insisted. I finally agreed but on the condition that I would cook for her this time.

The next day, I did my usual routine, got everything done and spent the afternoon relaxing and thinking about what to cook that night. Suddenly, the phone rang, and I noticed it was from an area code I didn’t know. I was going to ignore it, but something in my brain told me not to. When I answered, it was the theater company I had auditioned for in Phoenix. They told me that they loved my audition and they wanted me to come down there and start a cross country tour after a months rehearsal. They said I needed to be there in two weeks, and needed to know my answer within twenty four hours. I was stunned, but told them I would call them back by Thursday afternoon with my answer.

I went to Pam’s that night with a heavy heart, not knowing how to tell her, and when I knocked on the door, she saw the look on my face and knew something was wrong. I figured no bull shit was the way to go, so I told her what happened and waited for her reaction. To my surprise, she didn’t break down, and was actually very stoic about the whole situation.

She gave me a deep kiss, and said, “Bob, a week ago, I would have lost it, but because of what happened I found an inner strength I didn’t know I had. Take the job, and if we’re meant to be then it will happen. If not…”

Now it was my heart that was torn in two. I didn’t know if I was doing the right thing, but I knew I would always wonder if I didn’t go to Phoenix. We never ate that night but instead went straight to bed, and made love for hours. The last thing Pam did for me was let me take her ass cherry the next morning. I’m not even sure she enjoyed it, but it was almost like she was completing the circle from where it all started.

The last time we worked together, she came up to me with a devilish grin on her face and told me, “I’m going to wait until you’re gone for a week, but then I’m going to tell John everything you and I did. I’m also going to tell him I liked him up until that night and it could have been him.”

I lost it with laughter to the point that I had tears rolling down my face. I knew I never had to worry about Pam again. We never saw each other after that. I’ve had a pretty good career in all kinds of media and entertainment, but I’ve always wondered if she was the one that got away.

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