The Rings Ch. 02

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All the characters depicted in this story are 18 years old or older.


Steven was so amazed at what had happened at Lindsey’s house that it took him a couple of days to get his thoughts together before he spoke to his sister. But eventually he did talk to her.

He gave Nadia a bit of a sanitized version of what had gone on between him and the girls. But in the end it was pretty clear that when he left Lindsey’s living room he was no longer the blushing virgin he had been when he arrived there.

Nadia listened to her brother with an amused smile as he stammered his way through his story, sometimes blushing, sometimes boasting but obviously quite pleased with himself. She was quite a bit more mature than her brother. She had lost her virginity two years earlier so that part of his story wasn’t as fascinating to her as it was to him. Even to her fairly nerdy brother it had to happen sooner or later she reasoned to herself.

What did get her attention was the part of Steven’s story about what he had said about Vance Rudetski, the football quarterback. She had gone out with Vance a couple of times herself. And in retrospect she found she couldn’t remember very much about what they did on those two or three dates.

Of course they had had a few drinks and she did remember the mornings after as being particularly grueling. But she hadn’t thought too much about it. She had quickly decided that Vance was a little too full of himself for her taste and after a couple of dates she just stopped returning his calls although, come to think about it, he hadn’t really called that much. Nadia thought she might want to talk to Danielle to see what else she might have to say about Mr. Rudetski.

Steven then expounded his theory that the Rings they had inherited from their uncle were somehow responsible for his recent deflowering.

Nadia considered this and surprisingly her first reaction wasn’t to call his idea idiotic. She had always found their whole little treasure trove from the old world to be kind of mystical. She wouldn’t have said that Steven was never going to get laid but it was pretty weird that his first time was with two of the biggest hotties in the school. What was that about? So she said she’d reserve judgment and maybe do some experimenting of her own.

Steven was elated that his sister seemed to be taking him seriously. He told her he had something in mind himself although he didn’t tell her the specifics. He just said that maybe they could both see how things worked out and later compare notes.

Nadia agreed but told him not to get too carried away. It could be that his theory about the rings was wrong and she didn’t want him making a fool of himself. Steven had almost convinced himself that in fact the rings were some kind of silver bullet. His sister’s warning slowed him down a little and he began to think he should be a little more careful with his plans.

A few days later Steven was in Mrs. Blain’s class wearing a dress shirt, his best pants the ring and a beaming smile. Throughout the class he toyed with the ring and stared at Mrs. Blain as if every formula she repeated was like the commandments being delivered from the Mount.

Mrs. Blain was definitely the best looking teacher in the school. She wasn’t the youngest, that would be Miss Johansen who was fresh out of teacher’s college and pretty cute.

Mrs. Blain was probably in her mid thirties. A lot of the guys said she looked just like Teri Hatcher from ‘Desperate Housewives’ and Steven had to admit she did. Except maybe her tits were a little bigger than Teri Hatcher’s. At least Steven thought they were. Maybe it was just the fact that she had a waspishly thin waist that made her tits look so big.

He always thought of Mrs. Blain as being elegant. She often wore a suit with a form fitting skirt, nylons and heels. She never wore pants. And sometimes she’d take the jacket of her suit off. Beneath it she favored satin blouses or sometimes light sweaters that often looked like she had spray painted them on. All the guys loved it when it was hot and she walked up and down between the desks with her high heels clacking and her conical breasts shuddering gently under her blouse in time with each step. Mrs. Blain was well aware of the effect she had on these testosterone charged young men and she didn’t usually walk around without her jacket for very long. She didn’t want any of them to spontaneously combust .

So on the day that Steven began his campaign to lure Mrs. Blain into his clutches by invoking the power of the ring, she couldn’t help but notice how attentive he was being and a couple of times she graced him with a smile of her own. But at the end of class she dismissed everyone without a second glance at Steven as she gathered up her materials for the next study group.

Steven didn’t know what he had expected but he was pretty sure he should have got some sort of sign. But there was nothing. Well maybe it was just as well he hadn’t gone overboard on his first attempt. Ağrı Escort But he wasn’t about to give up.

So for the next couple of weeks Steven kept up the pressure. Always well dressed, always smiling and always focused on bending Mrs. Blain’s will to his own, he went to her classes with eager anticipation.

And every day the same result. Nothing. She’d ask him questions periodically, which he always knew the answer to. Nothing new there. But other than that…nada, zilch.

Oh he got sweet talked into doing a bunch of work for Lindsey and her friends, but that seemed to be expected of him all of a sudden and there were no more carrots for him for his efforts, just the stick. But that didn’t bother him so much because he was really intent on his plans to seduce his voluptuous chemistry teacher.

But two whole weeks of this went by and Mrs. Blain was still showing no signs of cracking. Steven was beginning to think that his theory about the rings must be bogus. His little tryst with Lindsey and Danni must have just been some kind of aberration. And he was starting to get headaches in Mrs. Blain’s class because of ‘over-concentrating’.

He was glad when another weekend rolled around and he could get a couple of days off. He even let his mother brow beat him into going to one of the spring dances at the school on Friday night, an event that he would normally avoid like the plague. He just went to kill a couple of hours so he’d get home not too early and still get a good night’s sleep.

So that was how he found himself propping up one of the walls in the gym around ten o’clock, looking at his watch and counting the minutes until he could reasonably get out of there.

And that’s where he was when Lindsey opened one of the doors from the hallway and breathlessly stuck her head in to scan the room. She saw Steven but kept looking around for a moment. She apparently couldn’t find who she was looking for so she turned back to Steven.

“Steven…Come here! Come on!…” Lindsey hissed.

Steven was wondering what might have Lindsey so excited so he was quick to join her at the door. Lindsey grabbed his hand and practically dragged him behind her as she scooted down the hall.

“You’ve got to see this!…” she said over her shoulder. When they got near the vice principal’s office she quickly kicked off her shoes and moved towards the office door.

Steven could see that it was ajar. Lindsey put her finger to her lips to quiet him then pushed the door open and went in, pulling Steven behind her. They were in the secretary’s office which was dark. But Steven could see that the door to the inner office was open and there was a light on inside. Lindsey stealthily crept towards the lighted door being sure to stay in the shadows. Steven followed.

When they got up near the door they had a good view inside. Lindsey took half a step back so that she could lean against Steven from the side and whisper in his ear… “You’re not going to believe this!”

Mr. Gerard, the vice principal had Mrs. Blain backed up against the wall of his office. He had his left hand on the wall beside her ear and his other hand was gently caressing her shoulder through her shirt.

Mrs. Blain didn’t look threatened. In fact she looked quite relaxed as she leaned back against the wall and listened to Mr. Gerard’s earnest pleading with an amused smile on her face.

Mrs. Blain and Mr. Gerard had been two of the many chaperones at the dance but Steven now realized that he hadn’t seen either of them for a while.

He had noticed earlier that Mrs. Blain was looking spectacular that evening. She was wearing a grey pin stripe pencil skirt that was molded tightly around her curvaceous bottom. There was a long slit up the side so she could move around comfortably. Her stocking clad legs in high heels looked especially attractive as they flashed through the side slit when she walked around the gym. On top of that she was wearing an elegant white blouse. Her ample breasts thrust out arrogantly through the shimmering satin that surrounded them. She had left the top three buttons of her blouse undone, allowing a generous view of her cleavage. This act of charity had been rewarded by an endless stream of seniors coming up to her all evening, asking her if they could get her anything, while their darting eyes lingered on that beckoning chasm.

Mr. Gerard had taken off his jacket and draped it over his chair. He was apparently making a play for Mrs. Blain. Although Steven couldn’t hear everything he was saying because he was speaking very quietly, he could hear snatches of his sentences.

“Come on Evie…”

Mrs. Blain’s first name was Evelyn.

“It’s not like we….it would be even better than… how much you mean … don’t know how many opportunities like this…how crazy I am about you….” and all the time he was making his pitch, the hand stroking her arm was moving closer and closer to the swell of her right tit. And pretty soon his hand slipped off Mrs. Ağrı Escort Bayan Blain’s arm and he was petting the side of her breast like a nervous teenager.

Mrs. Blain didn’t try to stop him but she wasn’t offering him any encouragement either as far as Steven could tell. Still it was pretty amazing to see the vice principal feeling up Steven’s fantasy teacher right in front of him.

Mr. Gerard was married just like Mrs. Blain was, as evidenced by the framed portrait of his wife and two children on the desk behind him. But he didn’t seem to be thinking about them as he leaned forward and tried to kiss Mrs. Blain.

But Evelyn turned her cheek slightly and planted the fingertips of one hand on his chest to keep him at bay.

“Don’t!…” she said simply. But her smile never faltered. If anything it got a little broader as Mr. Gerard looked at her with pleading eyes. And all the time his hand continued to move around the arousing contour of her satin clad breast, stroking it, caressing it with an ever increasing passion.

Then Mrs. Blain apparently decided to be a little more pro-active and moved her hand to the front of Mr. Gerard’s crotch. Steven could clearly see her fingers folding around the shaft of his tool through his pants, giving it a lingering squeeze.

Mr. Gerard let out an audible moan when she did that and hunched himself into her hand in growing arousal.

“Look at that! She’s feeling him up. Look at the way she’s got hold of his cock. She’d better be careful. Sometimes these old guys are quicker than you young guys!” Lindsey whispered in Steven’s ear.

Steven wondered for a heartbeat on what basis Lindsey was making her observation. But he couldn’t really focus on that right now. His eyes were glued to Mrs. Blain’s diamond ringed fingers lewdly manipulating Mr. Gerard’s cock through his pants.

“Geez Stevie…This is really hot!…” Lindsey murmured.

And she was right! Steven’s own cock was as hard as a rock as he watched his chemistry teacher shamelessly fondling the vice principal’s hard tool.

“Don’t you think this is soo hot?….” Lindsey purred as she swept her open palm across the front of Steven’s pants to feel his tumescent length bulging beneath his zipper.

“Umm Hmm!… I thought you would!…” she said, giving his hard-on a sensuous squeeze then moving her hand up to unfasten Steven’s fly. As she deftly reached inside to grab his cock in her bare hand, she darted her tongue into his ear and purred like a contented kitten.

“Oh Goddd!…” Steven groaned when she did that, fearing even as he did so that the couple making out in the other room would hear him.

But Mr. Gerard was too caught up in pleading his case to be distracted by anything short of a nuclear bomb. Mrs. Blain’s skilled fondling was definitely getting to him. He could just barely be heard saying things like…

“Anything, anything you want….She’ll never know and neither will he…but we owe this to ourselves…Oh God Evie!…You’re getting me so hot baby!…We have to make a night of this!…”

But Mrs. Blain’s responses weren’t encouraging…”We can’t!…It wouldn’t be right…But what about you’re…If anyone found out…” and yet all the time she continued to smile that cheshire cat smile of hers while playing with Mr. Gerard’s cock.

When Mr. Blain popped a couple of more buttons on her blouse and slipped his hand inside she didn’t try to stop him. In fact she pulled down his zipper with her own hand, fished inside it and wrestled his crimson erection out through the opening. Then she fisted him and started pumping him up and down in a slow steady rhythm.

Mr. Gerard groaned and tried to kiss her again when she did that. But Evie held him off with the pressing fingers of her free hand.

“Not tonight baby! It’s too risky. Why don’t you just enjoy this…” Mrs. Blain purred, working him over with long, deliberate strokes from the root of his shaft to his crimson knob and back again. Mr. Gerard started to squirm with excitement in response to the sexy teacher’s skilled masturbation.

Steven too was starting to feel that tingling sensation growing in his balls as Lindsey gave his boner the same treatment Mr. Gerard was getting. And while she was jerking him off she was whispering in his ear…”I’ll bet you wish it was her doing this to you right now don’t you, you little pervert? You’d love to get your hands on those big knockers of hers wouldn’t you? I bet if she came over here and gave your fat knob a little tweak like this…” Lindsey said, giving his cock crown a sharp little twist…”that you’d be squirtin’ all over yourself, wouldn’t you?”

Steven shuddered and his balls lurched in response to Lindsey’s provocative fondling. He leaned slightly forward, stiffening up every muscle in his body to try and hold back the come that was threatening to erupt at any moment.

“Waittt!…Please Godd!…You’re gonna’ make me come if you keep doin’ that!…” Steven hissed, probably more loudly Escort Ağrı then he meant to.

Because that was when Mrs. Blain looked up and peered into the darkness of the outer office where Steven and Lindsey were hiding. Her hand stopped its torrid shuttling on Mr. Gerard’s cock as did Lindsey’s on Steven’s.

“Uh oh!…Looks like we’re busted…” Lindsey whispered as Mrs. Blain’s eyes focused on them. There was a long pause as the tall brunette studied the two young people standing there holding there breaths.

Mr. Gerard seemed to sense Mrs. Blain’s distraction and said…”Evie?…What?…What is it?…Why did you stop baby?…Don’t stop!…I was so…so…Ohh!…You don’t know how… Oh God!… Please!…Please keep going!…” he groaned disjointedly..

Mrs. Blain seemed to make up her mind and flashed a sly smile towards the shadowed entry way. Then she went back to work on her lover’s cock, now jerking him with short, hard strokes near the base.

“I know what you want baby. I know. It’s O.K….” Mrs. Blain purred. With her eyes sparkling up into his, she pulled Mr. Gerard’s face down into the bared expanse of her chest. She figured that if he were into her boobs up to his ears he was a lot less likely to notice the two young people observing them. To complete his distraction, she raised one nylon sheathed knee and pressed it up into his balls.

Mr. Gerard gasped and started to tremble when she did that, hunching his groin back and forth against Mrs. Blain’s leg like a dog in heat.

Lindsey was amazed that Mrs. Blain chose to ignore her and Steven. She knew she had seen them. But then she realized that Mrs. Blain had just as much to lose here as anyone, maybe more. So her teacher didn’t want to get involved in a confrontation at that moment. And if that was the case there was nothing stopping Lindsey from finishing what she had started.

So the buxom young co-ed started imitating Mrs. Blain’s hand movements, jerking the bottom of Steven’s erection in her tightly clenched fist. She didn’t have on her nylons but she could still reach in and give Steven’s balls a tantalizing squeeze from behind. And that’s just what she did.

“Unnn Goddd!…Easy Lindsey!…Please!…” Steven groaned. He too had been sure that they had been caught and were going to get it. But then Mrs. Blain had ignored them as she resumed her torrid embrace with the vice principal.

And then Lindsey had started up on him again, jacking him even harder than before. He didn’t know if she realized how close he had been when Mrs. Blain spotted them. And with the way that she was briskly frictioning his length she wasn’t giving him any chance to regain some control. Her lewd fondling was quickly bringing him back to the brink.

And it wasn’t helping that Mrs. Blain was looking right at him as she was saying the most outrageous things to Mr. Gerard like…

“After you come on my stockings I’m gonna’ make you lick it up baby! And if you get any on my panties you’ll have to lick them clean too. I haven’t had time to change them for a couple of days so they’re probably a little crusty. But you won’t mind that will you lover? Will you?…” she taunted, her thigh shifting as she rubbed her silky stocking up into Mr. Gerard’s balls. At the same time her little hand was flying up and down the length of his tool.

Lindsey decided she could play that game too.

“Oh my God!… Did you hear that? What a super slut!… Look how red his cock is! It’s almost as big as yours. She’s got him about ready to pop!…” Lindsey said, her eyes locking on Mrs. Blain’s as she continued…

” I’ll bet she’d do you both if you asked her? She’d probably love that? Jacking two guys off, getting them right to the edge, then holding them off, making it burn a little, maybe make them beg for it! Just look at her! She could make him do anything she wants right now! If she asked you to beg for it, you’d beg wouldn’t you baby. You’d eat her dirty panties in a heart beat wouldn’t you Steven? Wouldn’t you?…”

As she was making her obscene suggestions, Lindsey closed her little fist on Steve’s engorged cock crown and turned it around and around on him.

And then the muffled cries emanating from Mrs. Blain’s bosom rose up an octave. Mr. Gerard tried to lift his face and straighten up but Evelyn locked her fingers in his hair and held him pinned in that scented valley.

“I know baby!…I know!…Come for me!…Come on!…Come for me like this!…” Mrs. Blain urged, her eyes burning into Steven’s. She drove her little fist to the base of Mr. Gerard’s cock and pressed down on him like that, making him rise up on his toes into the compelling grip of her hand.

Mr. Gerard’s body was completely still for a moment. His hands came up and shakily grasped her shoulders. He yelped as a stringy shot of sperm erupted from his cock and streaked in a creamy trail across Mrs. Blain’s stocking top.

“Mmmff!…Nahh!…Nahhh!…” he whimpered as a series of wracking spasms seized his whole body as that first burst was flowed quickly by another and another.

Mrs. Blain resumed her vigorous masturbation in time with his pulsing eruptions. Each spasm launched another greasy burst of sperm that painted her stockings, her skirt and very likely her panties too.

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