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I moved to the Netherlands a few years ago from the UK to live with a Dutch woman I met whilst travelling. She introduced me to the spas and saunas that are in and around the city of Amsterdam. There is a big difference between the ones I had visited at home in the UK and my experiences here. Firstly, the spas here are much bigger and secondly, they forbid the wearing of swimwear, meaning that they are all nude.

This took some getting used to when I moved, but my girlfriend was totally cool with stripping off in the mixed sex changing rooms and donning a dressing gown before entering the facility.

Whilst I was initially quite worried about what it was like, within a short time I got used to both wandering around naked and seeing people nude. The one in Amsterdam I frequent has bodies of all shapes and sizes. At one end of the spectrum there are rowers from the nearby Olympic training venue who are young, buff and beautiful. At the other end there are retirees who go with their partners or friends. On top of that there are often mothers out with their daughters, same-sex couples and men and women who are there on their own.

The spa is huge. In the main building there are footbaths, three or four saunas, plunge pools, rest rooms, a steam room and a couple of jacuzzies. The centre piece is a swimming pool that starts indoors and extends out into the garden that must be at least 60m in length. In the garden there are dozens of sun loungers around the pool and at the far end a large round open air jacuzzi that is big enough for 20 or more people. Circling the jacuzzi is a much smaller building that contains more saunas, a WC, and a large steam room.

My girlfriend and I spend a beautiful day there relaxing, spending time in various parts of the facility as well as reading on the sun loungers.

In the late afternoon my girlfriend fell asleep reading her book and I decided I needed a pee so head off towards the end of the garden to use the facilities. Having done that, I was tempted by the jacuzzi so rather than heading back, slid in. Unlike most jacuzzies that force you to sit on some sort of step, this one was sculped into a curve in a way that meant that you lay almost flat in the bubbles. Guests’ heads rested on the edge of what was basically a large shallow bowl, with feet pointing towards the centre. It a gorgeous summer day in August, so the place was quite full and there were only one or two spaces left in the jacuzzi.

I had taken a spot opposite the steps quite deliberately so that I was able to see people coming and going. A couple stepped out — they both had beautiful bodies and was transfixed by the guy’s bubble butt and his girlfriend’s soft curves. She was shaved, so I could see the outline of her labia through her thigh gap as she got out. Next up four people stepped in — they were a mixed sex group that obviously knew each other well and were comfortable in each other’s company. They laughed and chatted as they got in. A few more people got in and as space was running out, the people around me shuffled up to accommodate the newcomers.

That was when I felt it. A brush against the side of my thigh as my neighbour adjusted his position. Having watched people coming and going for a while, my cock was semi hard, but luckily also covered by the bubbles of the jacuzzi. The brush appeared non-sexual in nature, but nonetheless took me by surprise.

I thought nothing of it but rather went back to daydreaming and body watching. A few minutes later, I was brushed again from the same side. This time, rather than feeling a hand or an arm that was placed accidently and removed quickly, the hand appeared to linger. It felt like the person beside me had rather slowly and quite deliberately slid the outside of his hand down my thigh.

I looked across to see who had done it and found my neighbour staring straight forward like nothing had happened. He was buff, late 30s, and blond. Whilst most of his body was under water, the bit I could see oozed sex. The muscles across his neck and chest were developed and his clean shaved face looked lean. I wondered if I had just imagined the touch, since there wasn’t even a glimmer of recognition on his face that anything untoward had occurred.

I decided that maybe it was an accident, but also knew that my body had started to respond to being touched. My cock was stiffening under the water and was being massaged gently by the streams of the jacuzzi. I tried to focus on anything but what had happened to avoid my now almost fully erect cock breaking through the surface of the water and betraying me.

It was then that I started to wonder where his arm was. Although masked by the jets of the jacuzzi, I became aware that the side of my thigh appeared to be getting touched, with almost imperceptible softness by the guy beside me. It was so soft that I wondered if I was imagining it. But the possibility that he was trying to come on to me got me harder than ever.

At this point the bubbles stopped. The jacuzzi worked on about a 20-minute cycle and it was necessary for one of the guests to push a istanbul travesti button to start it up again. I was aware that my cock would be pretty obvious in the flat water, so hoped that someone would get the pumps running again.

After a few seconds, nobody had pressed the button so I was starting to feel a little panicked. Then my neighbour sat up. He very deliberately looked towards my crotch area, before making eye contact, his left eyebrow up an almost imperceptibly small amount with a cheeky smile darting across his face. This all happened in a fraction of a second before he moved forwards to press the start button on the jacuzzi.

As he returned to his position, his arm ran the length of my thigh, starting around my knee and finishing around my bum. Again he stared straight ahead as if nothing happened, and again it got my cock raging.

At this point the neighbours on my other side decided to leave. It left me in a quandary. I was enjoying these brushes with my neighbour, but was not 100% sure whether he was coming on to me or not. I was also in a mixed spa where sexual contact was clearly off limits, so didn’t know how to reciprocate or how far things would go. I also knew that my girlfriend was less than 20m from me asleep or reading a book. I wanted to stay close to him since it was a fun game, but on the other hand there was a large space to my right from the guys who just left. Not filling the gap would look slightly odd given how tightly packed the jacuzzi had become.

So I decided the best thing to do was to turn over. Although designed to be used face up, I noticed that occasionally others would flip over onto their front in the jacuzzi, and that seemed like a good solution. I could make a move without looking unfriendly, keep within arm’s reach of my neighbour, whilst at the same time hide my hard cock.

So that’s what I did. I turned over slowly, rotating towards my neighbour as I did so to take another look at him. Again he appeared lifeless, not moving, and with his eyes closed. I presumed then that he was done, or maybe I had made the whole thing up right until the point when I finished rotating.

Then I felt his hand. This time it wasn’t brushing against me but rather he’d moved his whole arm out and it was lying where I was about to come to rest. As I rotated my body, and relaxed back into the water, my cock didn’t touch the bottom of the jacuzzi but rather it was cupped by his outstretched hand.

My hands were under my chin, keeping my head above the water at this point so there was really nothing I could do but to enjoy it. And this guy knew his way around. He started to massage my cock, squeezing my shaft before taking my head in his fingers and thumbs. He massaged my foreskin over my cock in a circular motion which sent shivers of pleasure across my body. He then returned to my shaft before squeezing and massaging my balls.

This continued for some time. His hand moved freely across my body, gently caressing my peritoneum, sliding over my anus, before returning to my cock shaft. He seemed to be able to tune into my pleasure and apply just the right amount of pressure to my cock, balls and butt.

I looked around and on the face of it, nothing had changed in the jacuzzi. People were still chatting, moving about and the bubbles and the jets of water were still swirling. The only difference was that my cock was being massaged and squeezed by something of an expert. Slowly the extraneous stimulation drained from my consciousness as I focussed in on my pleasure. His hands moved freely, leaving my cock as he rubbed across my stomach before caressing and squeezing my sensitive nipples then returning to my cock and balls.

At this point in my life, I knew that I had a nascent exhibitionist side, but it was not something I’d explored. Now it was hitting me square on. I was loving the fact that I was doing something wrong, something naughty, a taboo. Being aroused in public, surrounded by people. It made me throb and stiffen more as I revelled in our dirty little secret.

His expert touches in combination with all these people around me heightened my pleasure. The way he was delicately playing with my body was bringing me close to orgasm. Of course, he was aware of that, so he started to play with me and edge me. As he felt my cock stiffen and start to tense against his hand, ready to come, he’d back off. His hand would wander, the intensity would lessen. His touch became light and distracted, his fingers moving away from my body.

I tried to respond by pushing my body against his hand, but there is a limit to what you can do in a public jacuzzi, and he knew it. Then as my energy subsided, he would come back hard again. A finger traced from my anus across my balls to my cock head. Squeezing, a sense of urgency. He knew how to play me and he was enjoying the game. My eyes closed, everything that wasn’t his hand on my body got pushed to the back of my consciousness as I revelled in the attention he was giving me.

Then I felt something new. A new hand, on the other side of my body. My girlfriend.

“Hey,” istanbul travestileri she said. “Where did you go?”

Her voice bought me back into the real world instantaneously. “I went for a pee, but got distracted by the bubbles,” I replied. “You’ve been asleep for ages.”

She slid in beside me and clearly wanted a chat, so I decided it was time to turn the other way up. Whilst she chatted about the latest chapter of her book, I was aware that my friend’s hand was now under my bum and gently caressing me. I decided to return the favour, so slid my hand towards his body, my fingers coming to rest in his bum crack. I started to gently finger him there, my fingertips sliding up and down his crack, focussing on his anus, before moving back to some more general stimulation. I managed to very discretely extend my arm so that I could reach around under his body to his balls, and so started to touch and squeeze them too.

As she settled, I allowed my hand to gently float across to my girlfriend as we chatted and was rewarded by a nice smile from her. What she didn’t know was that my other hand was doing the same to my new friend. As she chatted away, I decided I needed to explore his body more so moved my hand from underneath him. I explored his hip bone and abs before my moving towards his cock.

As my hand drifted there, I noticed the complete absence of pubic hair, which I expected. My hand slid across his pubic bone, left and right before I went lower toward his cock. What I wasn’t expecting was the thickness of his cock. I am fairly well endowed at 23cm or about 9 inches, but my cock is a normal thickness. I couldn’t touch my index finger against my thumb when holding him his girth was so large. It felt rock hard against my hand and felt pleasingly meaty to touch.

We sat like that for another two cycles or so of the jacuzzi. My girlfriend settled with her eyes closed, with me and the boy exploring each other’s bodies, bums, cocks, balls.

“Sweetheart,” my girlfriend called, “I have my massage in 20 minutes and I need a drink, shall we go get something?”

Shit. That woke me up with a start. There wasn’t a chance in high heaven that I could walk out of the jacuzzi in my current state without being spotted and thrown out of the place. I pulled my hand off my friend and grabbed his wrist sharply, pushing it off my body. Playtime was over and I needed to think fast.

I decided that the only thing to do was to delay getting out as much as I could, so engaged in a conversation with my girlfriend about what she might want to drink and whether we sit in the restaurant or order from the sun loungers. Slowly my cock subsided as we chatted, and eventually my girlfriend decided that the drinks service was likely to be too slow to be on time for the massage, so she was going to head straight there. I pointed out that they offered a drink in the waiting area, so it would be possible to head up there now and have a drink before the treatment.

She agreed, and moved towards the jacuzzi stairs. I stared at her naked body as she climbed out. She was beautiful, her curved body hard in the right places from the sports she played. She had a certain masculinity to her swagger that was wrapped in a delicate feminine touch which I totally loved. She had a better six-pack than me from her cross fit training and the running and cycling we did together. I looked around and notices that she was getting some admiring glances from a couple of guys and at least one girl: it made me smile that she turned at least one or two heads as she stepped out.

However, what was really interesting for me was this guy I’d just met. I was hoping that our playtime might resume after she left, but it appeared that my friend was also heading out. I was feeling disappointed as I watched him leaving the jacuzzi.

Aside from his head, he was completely hairless and he had a certain elegant beauty about him that was adorable. In fact he had what I would call the perfect body. I am not into bodies that have been curated in a gym. Usually it’s done only for the purposes of Instagram, and when you see pictures like that, you realise that the person who is taking the selfie is in fact in love with themselves. Rather I go for guys who have active lifestyles. This guy did — he clearly cycled or ran — possibly a triathlete – since he had beautiful calves and muscular thighs. His body pulled in at the waist and his back looked stunning. I love the muscle valley around the spine, and his was well developed. As he climbed the steps I noticed his cock and balls hanging low under his bum, his body sparkled in the summer sunshine. It was just a shame that it was headed in the wrong direction!

After he left, I decided to exit the jacuzzi and find something else to occupy myself with since it felt rather empty. Getting out, I headed for the nearby steam room. It was the first time I had been in there, so it was difficult to see how it was laid out. There appeared to be a couple of benches facing each other as you walked in, followed by a circular area at the end. travesti istanbul I picked up a hose and a squeegee and cleaned an area before sitting in the steam.

As my eyes adjusted, I was aware of a man and woman opposite me, but the steam was so thick that I could only really make out their bodies in silhouette.

In the next couple of minutes, a couple of guys walked in spaced by a minute or so, and they ended up sitting in the ring closer to the couple than me.

When the couple left, I noticed out the corner of my eye that one of the guys started to rub his cock. At first, just a brush, and then a bit more of a tug. This was not something I’d seen before, and was done so subtly that it could easily have been someone who was scratching an itch. Then the guy near him did something similar — but seemed to be spending more time rubbing his hand across his dick. I wondered, was this some sort of signal? Could it be that they were cruising a straight sauna? Surely that wasn’t possible.

I was intrigued by what I’d seen. Also a little anxious, but again the exhibitionist side of me kicked in and I felt my cock swelling at the idea that we could all be hard in a public sauna. So I decided to follow suit, to see what would happen. Rather than be subtle, I quite obviously and deliberately rubbed my cock too. Not in a way that suggested I was itchy or that I was gently brushing it, but rather I took my shaft in my fist and started to masturbate myself. It was already half hard, so it didn’t take much for it to go fully erect.

The guys saw this as evidence that they were amongst friends, so they moved closer to each other so they were sitting side by side on the bench. At first they started rubbing their own cocks before switching so that they were rubbing each other’s dicks. It was difficult to see with clarity what was going on through the steam, but I was getting very hard.

Then the door to the steam room opened. The guys separated, going back to their previous position. I lifted the leg closest to the door up to hide my hard cock from view, trying to shield myself from the attention of the newcomer.

However, the guy who just walked in was my friend from the jacuzzi and seeing me he sat down right beside me. When I realised it was him, I dropped my leg back onto the bench revealing my fully stiff cock, hoping that he might once again wank me. But he had other ideas. Without bothering to check whether the other guys were in on the game, he knelt before me and pushed my legs wide open and up before taking my cock in his mouth. He then pulled me forward by my thighs until my bum was on the edge of the bench as he continued to suck me.

This gave him the space he needed. He sucked my cock whilst his hands got to work on me. One of his hands massaged my balls, whilst the other started to trace a line into my bum crack. I’d been in the steam room long enough for my body to be slick with sweat and he used it to lube by bum as he touched me. This got the other guys animated. One got on all fours behind him and started to rub his cock into his butt crack whilst he reached over to caress my thighs. The other ran his fingers over my nipples with one hand, whilst with the other he wanked the part of my cock that was not buried in my friend’s mouth.

From being anxious at the start of the day that a naked spa might be a bit daunting, I found myself having sex with three perfect strangers whose names I didn’t know. It was hot, and I indulged myself in their desire to pleasure me, pulling my friends mouth onto my cock, urging him to go balls deep on me.

At that point the door clicked open again, and a couple walked in. My friend sat beside me whilst the other two scooted back to their side of the room as quickly as they could. The couple had a conversation in Dutch about where to sit and ended up a bit away from us near the exit. This meant that my friend was sat in-between me and the couple, so he was able to furtively squeeze my cock and balls as he sat there, his movement obscured by the steamy atmosphere. For my part, I moved my hand around his lower back so I could touch him.

Whilst this was fun, by this stage I was feeling uncomfortably hot so needed to retreat from the room. I ventured outside the room gingerly. First I picked up the hose to wash down the area I was sitting, before training the jet of water onto my cock. Hoping that nobody would see my still semi-hard dick, I stepped out the steam room into an adjacent one in which there with an ice maker. I grabbed a fistful to rub over my body and another to soothe my pulsating cock. I hoped that I could soothe my raging hard on and then get back to see my girlfriend, realising that this dangerous game had run its course.

Then, just as I had finished, the door to the room clicked open and my friend was standing there, his body slick with sweat and his deliciously thick cock on display. He gesturing me to follow him, slipped his towel around his waist and headed towards the WC. I followed suit a few seconds later and saw him standing in a cubicle with the door slightly open. Checking to make sure that nobody followed me in, I entered and clicked the door locked. Turning around, I saw my friend was already naked in front of me and so I followed suit, peeling my towel off. Our cocks touched and my friend started jerking our cocks together.

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