The Seduction of Caoimhe Ch. 07

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Even having the night to sleep on it and the talk I had with mommy, I’m still confused as fuck. I feel a little guilty. Why the fuck don’t I feel more guilty? What the fuck’s wrong with me? Mommy says it’s genetic, but it’s bullshit. No matter what mommy says, I’m responsible for my actions and letting myself go to my desires.

Mommy’s taking a shower right now and I’m going to join her. I haven’t had a sip of wine. The truth is this is something I want. It’s so fucking hard to admit, even to myself, but I want to be with mommy. If I didn’t want to be with her, then nothing would have happened between us.

I can see mommy’s body through the mist and the hot water feels good as it hits my body. She said I could do whatever I want and this is what I want. Mommy’s smiling at me and I look into her green eyes once again. It’s my green eyes I’m staring into and it’s a little intoxicating.

Mommy’s lips press to mine and her hard nipples dig into my skin. I love the way she feels and glad her hands are on my ass. I’d lose my balance from my weak knees, but her grip is keeping my on my feet. Her tongue feels amazing as she plays with mine and I forget to breathe for a moment.

Her hands release my ass and her lips part from mine. I thought mommy said anything I want. That’s what I fucking want. Don’t fucking stop now, mommy.

The kiss is quickly forgotten as her soapy hands wash my body. They feel so good that I almost loose my knees again. Especially my nipples. That’s it mommy, take your time. Shocks are being sent through my body and I remind myself to breathe.

Her hands are moving across my body and they feel wonderful. Not as good as my nipples, but still so fucking good. Mommy’s not stopping at my ass and I’m glad. This feels even better than my nipples. I love how thorough she is and will need to remember to do the same for her. Fuck the water feels so good.

Her hands release my ass and I’m fucking pissed. She takes mine in hers and soaps them up. I guess mommy doesn’t want to wait any longer. I feel her hard nipples slip between my soapy fingers and she lets out a sigh. Did I sigh when mommy touched me? I don’t remember.

Mommy’s tits feel good in my hands and not just her nipples, but that’s the best part. She turns and my hands move to her ass. This feels almost as good as her nipples and my soapy fingers run down her crack. I love the way this part of mommy feels and she lets out another sigh.

Mommy turns around again and I wish she hadn’t done that. Her lips press hard to mine as we rinse off. I moan into her mouth and don’t want the shower to end. She pulls me closer and there’s no water reaching parts of our body, but this feels even better. I don’t care what you do to me, mommy. Just as long as I keep feeling like this.

What the fuck happened to the water? Why the fuck did she stop kissing me? Come on, mommy, quit this fucking bullshit already.

I have a towel in my hand and no idea how it got there. I watch as mommy dries her body and I dry mine as if I’m watching myself from some great distance. There are things still locked away inside of me and I’m afraid to open any more doors.

Mommy’s thinking of something and I can see it in her eyes. That’s fine, mommy, I’ll play along. It should be fun.

Will mommy let me watch Aunt Kayleigh eat her pussy when we get home? Where the fuck did that come from? Shit, I’m more sick than I thought. It’s not that I want to watch Aunt Kayleigh eat mommy’s pussy. I want to figure how to do it. That’s it. That’s all there is. Nothing more, which is bullshit.

I want to do more than just watch the two of them together. Learning’s important, but there’s more to it than that. I want to be with both of them, the way I’m with mommy. My pussy’s dripping at the thought of the three of us and I wish she were here.

Another door within me has opened and there’s no closing it. I try to put a chain on the others, but I don’t think it will hold. There’s nothing I can do about the ones that have been opened, but I can fight like hell to keep the rest closed.

Mommy’s guiding me to the bed. What happened to the towel? That’s alright, the bed’s good. Fuck that, it’s better than the fucking shower. Did we just take a shower? Yes, I can feel my hair sticking to the back, so we did.

Did mommy just say something? I don’t know, but the way she’s looking at me, she must have. I want to have her speak again to be sure, but I want to go to bed. Her green eyes look so good. I want to get lost in them completely.

Mommy’s voice cuts through the haze, but she sound is distant. “Is there something you want to see, Caoimhe?”

There were more words spoken, but that’s what I got out of it. Is she asking me about her body? I don’t know. Shit, what do I say.

The words escape my lips and I barely know I’m saying anything. “Pussy.”

It’s the truth, since that’s istanbul escort exactly what I want to see. Was I clear enough with my answer? Did I even answer? I must have, because of the way mommy’s smiling. Her mouth opens and mommy says something, but I can’t hear the words. Shit, I hate this fucking haze.

Mommy’s lying on her back and her legs are spread wide. How the fuck did she get on the bed that fast. I don’t know and I don’t fucking care. All that matters is she’s spreading her legs a little wider and find myself between them.

How the fuck did I get here? I don’t fucking care. All that matters is I’m here and staring at her pussy is more intoxicating than her eyes.

I stare at mommy’s pink lips and like the way they fold over. Mommy’s dripping pussy smells so good. Her clit is pressing through and it looks so cute. Am I drooling? I don’t care.

Her pussy hole is hidden, but I can see just how wet she is. Am I this wet? I don’t even need to ask. I already know the answer. My fingers reach out for her lips and they feel soft. I think mommy just sighed. Good, I’m glad mommy likes this.

I part mommy’s lips and see her clit stand up on its own. That may be my favorite part about her pussy. The smell gets a little better as my eyes soak in the sea of pink and the wonder of the design. Is this what Aunt Kayleigh’s pussy looks like, or is each one different?

Mommy’s starting to ooze out of her hole and I like the way it feels on my fingers. It’s hardly open at all and wonder if mommy will mind. I don’t think she will. Was that a sigh?

I pull her pussy open carefully, but it’s not easy to do. My fingers are too slick from what mommy’s releasing, but I manage somehow. I hope I didn’t hurt mommy when I did that. I stare into her open pussy and see pink that’s lost to shadow. That shadow fucking sucks and I hate it.

I press my tongue into the hole and taste mommy’s sweetness. I love it even more this time and hope it keeps getting better. Does Aunt Kayleigh’s pussy taste like this, or is it something else? I’m glad it’s just me and mommy here, but I wish Aunt Kayleigh would come by for a visit.

I press my lips to the center of her pussy and start to kiss her lips. I remember where mommy touched herself to make her cum. I bypass kissing anything else and stick my tongue against her hard clit. That was definitely a moan.

I pull it into my mouth, since I have no idea what else to do with her clit, and like the way it feels between my lips. Since I can’t see her pussy any more, I look across her smooth skin and see her smiling down at me. I flick my tongue against it and watch mommy’s reaction. I guess I did something good, because she moaned really loud that time.

How the fuck can I see her pussy and do this at the same time? I can’t. Not like this anyway. I don’t want to release her clit from my mouth, but I want to watch see her pussy. Will mommy mind if I stop. I’m doing something right and I love to hear mommy make those noises.

Mommy did say anything I want, but I don’t know if she really means it. Only one way to find out. I just have to release her clit and ask. Why is it still in my mouth? Come on, Cammie, you can do it. Just open your fucking mouth and let it go.

I force my mouth to open and feel her hard clit leave. Shit, I miss it already. Mommy’s looking down at me, but I don’t think she’s upset that I stopped. Mommy has more patience than me.

It’s difficult to form words, but I take a deep breath to get them out clearly. “Mommy, how do you and Aunt Kayleigh do this?”

Mommy smiles and I hope she got the idea. “You mean both of us together, Caoimhe?”

I nod and try not to sound to eager. “Yes, mommy.”

Mommy’s smile brightens. “We sixty-nine, Caoimhe. Do you want to try it with me?”

I know what sixty-nine is, but I never thought of two women doing it. It was always between a boy and a girl. I’ve never actually done it, but willing to try. That’s how I’m going to get my fucking view.

I smile as I melt into mommy’s green eyes. “Yes, mommy. But not with you…”

Mommy’s eyes are amazing. “Going down on you, Caoimhe?” I nod, but have lost my fucking voice again. “I understand. You want to make me have an orgasm first.” Another nod from my voiceless head. “It’s alright, Caoimhe. You don’t have to be embarrassed. You can ask me anything.”

Mommy’s no longer in bed with me. How the fuck did I end up on my back? I remember something about mommy telling me to keep my arms up, but that’s it. Where the fuck did she go?

There’s mommy. Her legs are crossed over my head and I can feel her ankles against my flesh. Mommy’s lowering herself down. Why the fuck are you taking so long? Shit, this sucks. I should have just kept my mouth shut.

Mommy’s fingers appear between her legs and she’s spreading her lips for me. This is much better now. I istanbul escort bayan can see her pussy, especially her hole and I think mommy spread it open even more than I did. My hands reach up mommy’s legs and I feel her ass as her clit reaches my mouth.

Is mommy supposed to be bent over like that? Pay attention, Cammie. Mommy’s teaching you something and you’ll want to remember how she does this. Mommy lets out a moan as my lips pull her clit into my mouth and start to flick it. This view’s a little better, but mommy’s just too damn close to my face.

I feel mommy’s pussy press against my nose and like the way it feels. She’s so wet and I love that I’m the one doing this. Is that her lips on my thighs? That feels so good, but I need to concentrate.

My eyes stare up at her ass, which is better than nothing. I can get a better grip with dry hands and mommy’s kissing me in another place. Mommy’s crack is completely spread apart and I can see the it’s whiter there than her cheeks. Except where my hands are leaving red behind. Mommy’s not pulling away, so I’m not squeezing too tight.

I let out a sigh as mommy’s tongue reaches my thigh. Focus on mommy’s clit, Cammie. There you go. Mommy’s moaning a little louder and I want more. My fingers reach her crack and I gently caress mommy’s ass from a new angle. Mommy just moaned a little louder. Was that from where I’m touching her?

I pull her clit inside my mouth a little more and start to suck on it. Mommy seems to like that. My hands are tracing the white line down all the way and I should stop right there. Do all assholes have ridges like that? I can see the center closed tightly and I like the way it looks between the ridges. Why am I staring at mommy’s asshole? Because it’s better than her ass and don’t ask me why.

Mommy moans a little louder as my tongue starts flicking again. She’s dripping on my now and I don’t feel her lips on my thigh. That’s good, mommy, let me concentrate on you. Would she mind if I touched the ridges? My fingers already close and she hasn’t stopped, so that’s a good sign.

Damn, her clit slipped out. I press my tongue to find it, since I don’t want to look away from her asshole. I found it, but it doesn’t want to go back in my mouth. Fuck it, I’ll just flick it the way it is. Good, mommy likes what I’m doing and I’m still staring at her asshole. Are all of them as dark as hers?

Shit, I’ve got to know. My tongue keeps working mommy just like this and she won’t notice. My fingers press lightly against the ridges and I see her asshole tighten. Fuck, that’s not what I thought would happen. Mommy’s still moaning, so I can keep going.

Mommy’s ridges feel weird as I circle her dark asshole and she doesn’t seem to notice. My tongue flicks hard against her clit and her hips are starting to buck. Am I really getting you there? Holy shit, I am.

My face is coated and I’m the one doing this, not mommy’s fingers. I continue to trace the ridges as her body tightens over mine, but I’m not worried. Mommy won’t crush me. There’s a different smell and I like this even more. Should I keep licking your clit? Yes, I need to keep going. I’ll taste her again later.

My eyes are focused on her asshole and I can’t believe the spasms. Is this what they all do, or just hers. I want to put my finger in the middle, but hold back on that. The ridges are moving under my fingers and mommy’s moaning really loud now. That’s it mommy, cum for me.

It’s already over, but I don’t stop licking her clit. I want to see her asshole do that again, but it won’t. Mommy’s breathing hard over me and she needs to rest. I’m glad I got you there, but couldn’t you have gone just a little longer?

My face is completely soaked and start to lick up all that I can find. This tastes so much better than the other stuff mommy gives me. I just wish there was more of that wonderful sweetness, but it’s all gone. Why are my fingers still on her asshole? Because I’m still fucking hoping for it to happen again.

Mommy’s tongue is already working. How the fuck did she recover that fast? How the fuck did my legs part? I moan out and feel her tongue everywhere. Oh shit, mommy, that feels amazing. I moan out again as my hands tighten above me and mommy doesn’t seem to mind that I’m opening her asshole a little.

Mommy must not notice what my fingers are doing. Her tongue feels amazing. How the fuck is she this good? My fingers tighten a little more and I can see a little into her dark asshole. I don’t ever want to lose this view.

My entire body tightens and my eyes close tightly. All I can feel is mommy’s tongue on my clit and I’m moaning out for her. I don’t feel anything other than mommy’s tongue and I prepare to be taken to that amazing place.

The waves crash even harder this time and my body tingles all over. I feel myself explode out of my pussy as another escort istanbul wave crashes over me. My pleasure is even greater this time and I lose myself completely to mommy. Time and space mean nothing as waves continue to crash hard over my body and I explode over and over again.

Time starts to return as I feel myself struggle to breath. My eyes open and I see my fingers have turned white from the force. Mommy’s asshole is open a little more, but I don’t have the strength to hold it open. Mommy’s tongue is cleaning me up and I don’t even have the energy to sigh for her.

She takes her time, more than I took with mommy, but I’m still learning and will get better. Mommy’s face appears before me and I can see her glisten under the light. Is that how I look right now?

I use the last of my strength to pull her close and feel her lips touch mine. Her tongue is coated and I eagerly take my own sweetness into my mouth. From the way she’s kissing me, I don’t think she minded where my fingers were. I’m glad, since I want to see her asshole like that again. Why the fuck am I thinking about that when mommy’s kiss feels so good.

Mommy’s tongue pulls back as our lips part and I lack the strength to bring her back to me. Her head is on my shoulder and her hair causes my skin to tingle. I need to rest, but doubt I’ll sleep. I’ll just close my eyes for a moment. That’s it, Cammie, just close them and rest. Don’t worry about your body drifting away.

* * *

I wake and my body’s a little sore, especially my fingers. I can still smell her, but can’t taste anything sweet anymore. It’s just my breath, the same breath that I always have when I wake and I need to get to a toothbrush.

I force myself out of bed and my legs are a little weak. There’s hardly any guilt at all and I still want to watch mommy with Aunt Kayleigh. I hear mommy in the other room and know she’s opening the bags. Good, I need to brush my teeth.

Mommy’s bending over, but I don’t think she sees me. My eyes are drawn down her crack and everything’s hidden. Come on, mommy, just bend over a little more. I have to walk to her and find my bag to be almost empty, but at least my toothbrush is in there and toothpaste. That’s why they packed it. Does daddy know?

Maybe that’s why he doesn’t like Aunt Kayleigh. If he knows about them, he can’t be happy. Why would he let me go? I’m so fucking confused and my body is still too fucking weak.

I get a peak at mommy’s bag as she turns, but she closes it quickly. Whatever’s in there, it has to be interesting. Why else would she have closed her bag like that.

Mommy looks over with a smile and not one of those smiles she’s been giving me since we got here. “How was your nap, Caoimhe?”

I reach into the bag as I say, “I needed that, mommy.”

Mommy nods as she says, “I know. I’m glad you’re having fun while we’re here. I was so nervous driving out here.”

I smile back. “I know, mommy. I’m happy that we’re here.”

She smiles a little broader. “Why don’t you go brush your teeth and we’ll have some wine.”

Her smile is hiding things that she hasn’t shared with me. What is it, mommy? Don’t hold back. Mommy won’t say a word about anything she’s hiding right now and I have to wait.

Wine is almost as good as brushing my teeth right now and I leave her behind. I let the water run at the sink as I start to brush my teeth and stick out my tongue. Mommy had it more pointed. That’s better.

I head back and mommy hands me a glass red and I love the smell. She has a glass of her own and we go to sit on the bed. I’m careful with my glass as I walk and when I sit, since I don’t want to spill anything. I want it all for myself.

I feel that fuzzy sensation as I start to drink and mommy’s looking at me as she says, “Why did you ask about how me and Aunt Kayleigh go down on each other, Caoimhe?”

My tongue feels a little fuzzy, but I’m alright. “Because I’m curious, mommy.”

Her voice sounds funny as I take another drink. “Curious about what?”

I smile and maybe I took too big a drink that last time. “About the two of you, mommy. I want to see how she eats your pussy.”

She smiles and nods as my cheeks feel rubbery. “Is that all?”

I shake my head and feel my hair, which makes me giggle a little. “No, mommy. I want to be with both of you. My head feels funny.”

She grins and I giggle some more. “That’s good, Caoimhe, we want that too. Did you like touching my asshole?”

My eyes go wide. “Mommy, you just said asshole.”

She laughs a little as I take another drink and let it wash over me. “I did. But that’s not an answer.”

I giggle a long time before I’m able to answer. “It was fun, mommy.”

She smiles warmly. “I’m glad, Caoimhe, because it felt good when you touched me there. Aunt Kayleigh likes to touch my asshole like you did. How about tomorrow I tell you more about what she likes to do with me?”

My eyes are struggling to focus as I grin at what tomorrow will bring. “Can’t we start now, mommy?”

She shakes her head and I giggle more. “Tomorrow, Caoimhe, I promise. Right now, just finish your wine and relax. You need your strength.”

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