The Senator Ch. 05

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The next day dawned bright and clear, and Nancy Connors took that as a good sign. She sighed and settled back on her fluffy flowered pillows on her bed as the sun streamed in through the window, making a delicate lace pattern upon the thick lime green carpet. Just then the telephone rang and Nancy gave a little start at its melodious notes, having forgotten for a moment that there were things that a candidate’s wife should do if she wanted her husband elected.

The familiar voice of her husband’s secretary came across the wire, and Nancy realized that she hadn’t spoken to her in quite a while. It was usually her custom to stop by her husband’s headquarters to read any mail addressed to her and to help the secretary answer it. But she

hadn’t even called in since her rendezvous with Dan Michaels the other day. She felt a pang of guilt since she was usually very good about keeping in contact and answering the many letters of support and suggestions that she received every week. Nancy knew that her name was on the lips of every teenage girl in the state since she had initiated her Girls’ Athletic Project, setting up clubs all across the state for young girls interested in sports that would provide all of the gear and coaching for talented girls, something that boys had always taken for granted. With all the equipment, it gave the girls the same chance as boys to compete against each other.

Nancy was very proud that she herself had thought of the idea, even though it was Steve who had suggested that if she got involved in something good for the state that by the time the election rolled around, their names would be household words.

Nancy had taken it from there and, of course, had had the help of many women’s clubs throughout the state in setting up the program

“Oh, I’m sorry, Audrey. I just haven’t had much time lately …”

“I know, your husband told me; and I wouldn’t have bothered you if it weren’t for all the calls I’ve been getting from Dan Michaels.”

“Dan? Calling … you … What did he say?” Nancy could feel her heart pounding harder.

“Well, he’s on the line right now, says he’s got to speak with you, but he won’t tell me what it’s about. He’s been calling now for a couple of days. I’ve been wondering why he was calling here when I know he has your home phone number, so finally I thought I’d ask you about it!” Audrey’s voice sounded concerned, and Nancy realized that she must say nothing that would alarm her husband’s secretary.

You must remain calm, she told herself. Even though your pussy has just raged out of control at the thought of what Dan is up to this time, making it hard to concentrate. It was obviously some new game he wanted to play, or maybe it was the old one, the one that they had made up last week. Her pussy thrilled at the thought. She had gotten hotter over that one than any other one they had come up with so far. If he had decided to go on with it, it would be sheer heaven!

“Dan Michaels,” Nancy heard her own voice saying into the phone. “You say he’s on the line now? Yes, I’ll speak with him.”

“Okay, I’ll speak to you later.” The secretary’s voice clicked off, and then established the special telephone connection that would enable Dan’s call to be transferred to the Connors’s home phone.

Nancy felt something within her light up ever so slightly as she heard Dan’s familiar voice on the telephone. She could not suppress a shiver of delight, and she drew her blue colored silk robe up around her neck as she listened to what he had to say.

“Oh, Mrs. Connors, I’m so glad I’ve gotten through to you at last. I just had to reach you. I was wondering if we could change that appointment we made? You see, I’d rather not wait until next week because my stereo tape deck might break down, and I couldn’t take that with what I have planned and all. I’d like to see you again sooner, Mrs. Connors … about the contents of the tapes, that is … before anything happens to them!”

In keeping with Dan’s lines, Nancy screamed into the phone. “All I want Alanya Escort is both of those tapes, Dan!”

Her face was flushed and her lips tense as the fingers of one hand clenched into a fist and the others clutched at the receiver.

“Don’t try to pressure me, you bastard. I’ll be there next Monday as I said–and you’d better have them for me or else! I will be there precisely at 3:00 p.m.” He had teased her the first time, and it was her turn to do the same to him.

Nancy flung the receiver back dramatically onto the cradle of the phone and sank back into her pillows with her eyes closed. She would hold out on him just as he had held out on her last Monday by making her hot as hell before he fucked her. Well, she thought smugly, this time he’s the one who’s going to get hot.

* * *

There was a low drone as the car climbed up the steep hill toward the mountain cabin belonging to the Connors’. It was the weekend, and Nancy was glad that she had not given in to Dan’s request to meet him earlier than their normal weekly meeting. They used to meet more often, but then by chance they found that by meeting less often it was more stimulating, for then they had the whole week to imagine and think about the rendezvous. This weekend was an exception, of course, and

would have nothing whatever to do with the game they were playing. In fact, she wouldn’t be surprised if it just didn’t come up at all. This vacation had nothing to do with their weekly rendezvous plans.

Nancy knew that Dan Michaels would be waiting to meet them at the cabin and that they–Dan, Steve, Steve’s mistress Angie Parks, and herself would be spending the weekend there. It was an important weekend in that it was the last one the four of them would be able to take before the really hard campaigning began for Steve’s bid for senator. Phillip Brown had agreed to lend him his support after the wild luncheon they had given him. He had not been very difficult to convince, nor had any of the other vote swingers that they had used the same methods on. No one had gotten away from them–they had been very successful at fucking their way to the top.

Steve felt sure that with all of the big supporters behind him, plus his own large popularity, he would have no trouble getting the majority of the votes and being elected senator.

Seated in one of the back seats, Steve’s mistress, Angie Parks, watched Nancy, wondering just what kind of woman she was and what a strange kind of marriage she had with Steve that would allow both of them to have open sexual relationships with other people. Though she’d been with Steve Connors for six months now, she still hadn’t quite got used to the four-way orgies they had. Steve and Nancy loved each other dearly, that was very apparent, but what was so weird was that their relationship was even more intense due to their screwing around with other people. She didn’t understand it, but that really didn’t matter because she loved cock and she got her fill with Steve. She liked the wild times she had when she and Steve and Nancy and Dan would meet for an evening or a weekend like this one, and it would turn into a wild, no holds barred fuck. She blessed the day she had met Steve and become involved in his wild ways. He would get her vote on election day and any other day he wanted it!

The car started up the small dirt road to the isolated cabin, and Nancy smiled and thought about the wonderful weekend ahead of them.

“Happy, my love?” Steve inquired, catching her smile.

“Yes, it will be good to be away from town for the weekend!” she replied. Steve’s hand reached out for hers and he clasped it gently.

“Yes, the last few days of freedom before the long haul!”

Dan stood on the cabin’s porch watching the car make its way up the long winding road to the house, sometimes disappearing behind trees, sometimes in sight. It was a slow tricky drive and Dan started to think that they would never get there when the car disappeared behind the last group of trees and a few seconds Alanya Escort Bayan later drove up the last few hundred feet to the driveway. He waved as he caught sight of the car and the passengers got out, and he whistled softly to himself as Nancy’s

short dress blew up, momentarily exposing her long slender legs and smooth thighs.

Nancy gave him a lustful look, and Dan remembered the last time she had given him a look like that. He had such wonderful memories of their little affairs, the best memories of his life, really. In his more depressed states of mind, he resented Steve Connors because he had found

Nancy first and was now her husband. Nancy was Dan’s idea of the perfect woman, and he fervently wished that she were his and his alone instead of his to use once a week. But he was content to have her like he did rather than not at all, and there was one thing that Steve couldn’t have

or take away, that one day a week or the memories of Nancy’s passionate embraces and fucking.

He was thinking about how satisfying it was going to be this weekend. The weekends were always fun, and he could already feel himself getting a hard-on at the thought of her sleek, red-haired little pussy squeezing him together between those trim little thighs.

Dan nonchalantly tweaked Angie’s right nipple in greeting and whispered to her, “See you tonight, sweetheart! Hope your little cunt’s ready!”

Angie’s face flushed beet-red from the words that Dan Michaels had whispered to her, and she felt her pussy tingle. Jeez, she thought irritably, it doesn’t take much to get me hot! And wait until tonight! It’s going to take a lot of cock to put my fire out!

* * *

Steve yawned and poured himself a drink from the well-stocked bar in the corner of the room. It was all working out very well, this senator campaign, and he felt excited and not very sleepy at all. His mind turned to his wife upstairs in their bedroom. They had all been tired tonight and had decided to forego the group fuck, but they hadn’t ruled out fucking with each other. Together they would celebrate how well the campaign was going in a very special way he had not even thought of yet. Carrying his scotch and water with him, he slowly climbed the stairs.

Nancy turned over as Steve entered the room.

All was darkness inside, but he sensed that Nancy was awake in the big double bed that was at the end of the room. Without speaking, he undressed, feeling tension leave him as his lean, taut body was revealed in its nakedness to the dark of the room. A tremor of anticipation passed over him as he approached the bed. His eyes were rapidly adjusting to the lack of light, and he could make out Nancy’s shape upon the bed. As he reached the bed and stood peering down, he heard a rustle of covers, and Nancy’s hands moved out and her fingers clasped the semi-hardened column of his cock. It jerked to life in her hands as her fingers began to slowly massage his tingling balls, softly smoothing over the heavy weight of them while she gently touched his now painfully jerking cock.

“Aaaaah,” she said in the darkness. “I was waiting for you!”

“I’m here …” Steve replied, his voice husky with desire as he stood stark still and let his beautiful wife continue her milking of his massive cock.

Dan had heard Steve go into the bedroom, and he knew that her husband and Nancy were going to have their own little party.

Shit! he thought. Wish I was getting some of that tail! He hadn’t been that tired tonight that he couldn’t have taken in a little group fucking. But since no one else had wanted to, he thought it might be fun to listen while Steve and Nancy went at it. In fact, it was something Angie might enjoy as well; she liked kinky things, and she might be in the mood for a little screwing around.

He stopped in front of the Connors’ bedroom door on his way down the hall to Angie’s room. Even when he pressed his ear to the door, he couldn’t hear a thing. It occurred to him that Steve might possibly have Escort Alanya gone right to sleep, but Dan remembered the hot looks that Nancy had been giving Steve at the dinner table earlier and decided that they wouldn’t have gone to sleep with ideas like those they had had in their minds! He carefully pushed on the doorknob and, with experience gained through years of childhood sneaking about, succeeded in turning it without making a sound. One of the light switches for the hall light was nearby on the wall, and Dan flicked it out before slowly pushing the door open just a fraction of an inch.

A wild cry met his ears and startled him so that he almost shut the door again. Then he realized that he had not been discovered but had merely tuned in to the love cries of Steve’s beautiful wife. His features split into a wide grin of satisfaction as he settled down to listen in the hallway.

Nancy’s naked writhing body was lost in the fire of the moment. Every muscle she possessed was tensed as she strained her hips upward toward the maddening licking tongue in between her legs. Steve was magnificent! She had never dreamed that it could be like this, that each time she

was with him he could bring more and more pleasure from her body. Her love for him incited her further. Her updrawn legs opened and closed around the tormenting head that was licking feverously at her flame-seared pussy. The cords of her neck stood out as she pulled with all her strength against the tangled hair of his head below her.

“Ooooooooh! Ooooooooooohhhh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhh!” she wailed, splaying her legs wider and wider to give him greater access. “Lick my cunt! Lick it!” she screamed, pleading with him. “Oh Shit, don’t stop now … Do it just like Phillip Brown! Lick it, lick it!” And then there came a rushing in her ears as she choked and the room seemed to spin around her, and she moaned and cried out as the intolerable delight of her mind-bending cum careened through her. She wanted it to go on forever

and ever, to never, never stop! Her pussy was a geyser of pussy juice. Her legs were moving wildly in the air. “Ohhhhh baby…I’m squirting….just for you….” “Fuckin’ tongue fuck my cuming cunt you tongue fucker…..Ooooooohhh Fuckkkkkk Meeeeee!!!”

As her orgasm began to ease, her pussy remained opened and dripping wet…begging for a cock fuck. As Nancy lay gasping and slowly recovering, Steve turned her over onto her still softly trembling belly. Her willpower had been completely drained by her cum, and he kissed her smooth, sensuously curved ass, and bit it with sharp little nips of his teeth. He was vaguely unsatisfied. Tonight is special, he thought. He felt ready to go on for a long time, teasing her and bringing her to greater and greater heights of delirious pleasure.

“Spread your legs!” he ordered her. “I’m going to fuck you like no one has ever fucked you before!”

During all of this time Dan had been watching. His eyes having adjusted to the darkness. He had pulled out his huge cock which was so hard it hurt. He had been jerking its long shaft, working up a mighty masturbation cum. His strokes picked up as Nancy’s cries of torment increased. He wanted to cum the same time she did, so as he would feel his ejaculation approaching he’d stop his hand allowing his balls to calm down and his shaft muscles to relax. Then once under control, he’d start jacking off again, squeezing out little streams of sperm. As Nancy’s cries turned into descriptions of orgasm, he knew it was time. He began jerking his cock with fast determination. When he heard her say “Ohhhh baby…I ‘m squirting just for you” He whispered under his breath, “Ohhhh baby, I’m masturbating just for you” and then allowed his balls to release. His legs buckled almost from the strength of his ejaculation. His first shot of semen was huge. He was facing the bedroom and he knew that it shot somewhere inside, but it was too dark to see where, but he didn’t fucking care. He was in the midst of a gigantic orgasm. It was as though his balls were firing off a round of jism every second. He kept on jacking his cock until there wasn’t any more sperm to be had. He squeezed the very last drop from his tip, shaking his deflating cock to insure it dropped to the ground. His hand was coated in cum. “Next time baby, this’ll be fucked into you.”

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