The Senior Trip Ch. 09

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SENIOR TRIP 9 (of 12)

Linda was still ?lled with unexpected sexual excitement, aroused by the spanking, the unbelievable intimacy of what she had seen, and, certainly not least, by the brief physical contact with Judy’s nether and rear “charms.” However, with these “incidental” activities out of the way, she was able to focus on their plans for the next day. Actually, she became quite excited in a different way as she sprang a pleasant surprise on the kids. “Tomorrow morning, we are going to do something I’ve been looking forward to all week! We are going to the zoo and see the pandas!” There was an immediate uproar as soon as she spoke, the others practically dancing at the news. Once again, she was the recipient of numerous hugs, even from Kenny who was not given to such displays. When the hubbub ?nally died down, Linda went on, “We’ll probably be there most of the day and, when we’re ready, we’ll go downtown for a last look around. Then, if things work out, we’ll still get that night tour of the city. The concierge thinks that there should be no trouble using tonight’s tickets.”

That news also brought forth cries of joy — except from Angela and Judy who pretended rage at the idea that they had received serious punishment when their lateness really hadn’t caused any real damage to the others. “I think that we should get to spank Mrs. Kramer for not telling us about this before we were spanked! She wasn’t fair to us!” Fortunately for Linda, they were kidding, for the idea had some appeal to the others, picturing what she would look like in Judy’s position. In any case, shortly thereafter, the four girls left for their rooms, leaving Linda and Kenny alone.

As might be surmised, within a very short time, the two of them were engaged in an energetic bout of fucking. Kenny’s cock had never lost its hardness from watching the spanking and sex show, and, of course, Linda had endured so many erotic thrills that she was approaching orgasm as Kenny entered. Consequently, the screwing was vigorous and short, their climaxes coming very quickly — but their sexual passion was not satis?ed, the fires only subsiding for a brief rest. They talked of what they had seen, particularly Judy’s performance, speculating as to whether her exposure was inadvertent or deliberate. Linda even told him of touching Judy intimately and how it excited her. That conversation fueled the ?ames again, and they prepared for another bout. However, as Linda rolled onto her back and raised her legs, Kenny stopped her, saying “I want to try something different.” He had her put her legs back down and, taking her by the shoulder, he turned her over on her stomach. Reaching over to the bedside table, he picked up a small tube, explaining, “I bought this at a drugstore at the mall.”

Removing the lid of the tube, he squeezed a glob of the contents onto his ?nger and told her, spread your legs now and reaches back and hold yourself open.” Linda, puzzled, did as he asked, startled enough by his request not ask questions, pulled her ass cheeks apart, revealing her anus. Kenny put his ?nger directly on her asshole and gently inserted it inside, liberally spreading a lubricant in and around the opening. Suddenly, the light dawned and she realized

what were his intentions. “Oh, Kenny, no! I can’t do that! Come on, fuck me again the regular way!”

Not to be deterred, Kenny simply said, “Yes you can! Look, we both know that you really love being played with back here. I’ve had my ?ngers all the way in you almost every time lately. There’s nothing wrong with anal intercourse — even the marriage manuals say that it’s an acceptable alternative to regular screwing. Here, doesn’t this feel good?” With that, he slipped his ?nger deep into her anal passage and moved it in and out, causing an involuntary matching movement with her hips. “See, it feels good and doesn’t hurt!”

“Kenny, I just don’t think we should. In any case, you cock is a lot thicker than your ?nger, and probably won’t go in, not without hurting, anyway!” He noticed her movement form a moral to a practical problem and proceeded as if she had agreed to try. “Raise up,” he said, sliding a pillow under her stomach and, then, moving between her spread legs. Squeezing out more of the lubricant, he coated his cock and leaned forward. casino şirketleri “Now, pull yourself open so I can see your asshole.” Not put off by his language at that point, Linda did as she was instructed, opening herself to his penetration. He placed the head of his cock at the opening, pushed gently forward, and with no real effort, slid past her sphincter and into her ass. Once the head was in, he paused to let her get used to the intrusion, and then began gently pushing in, pulling out part way, and going back in a little further. Bit-by-bit, he got in deeper, stretching the passageway slowly. To Kenny, the feeling was like entering a very tight cunt that gradually opened wider as he progressed. The tightness of the sphincter around his cock was a continual stimulus, as was the tight sheathe he was penetrating. In an inch, out one-half inch, back in an inch and one-half, back out an inch…..until, ?nally, his stomach and pubic hair was tight against her ass, his balls against her cunt. At that point, ecstatic that he was completely in, he ground his pelvis hard against her, pushing as deeply as possible.

For Linda, it was, of course, a very peculiar sensation. When the head of his cock slipped past the sphincter, her anal muscles involuntarily tightened, squeezing the cock and effectively stopping any further easy entry. Committed to letting him enter, though, she almost immediately forced herself to relax those muscles, and the slow progression began. At ?rst, she just lay there, letting him use her ass, feeling, without any great excitement, the probing alternating with withdrawal that permitted him to go deeper and deeper. She waited for it to hurt, but there was no particular discomfort, just a feeling of being stuffed, of being ?lled, of being stretched. However, as the fear of pain ebbed and he continued the in and out motion, the feeling of being screwed in a perverse way began to have an effect and she began to react more positively. At first, she wasn’t actually thinking so much of this being a sex act, being more concerned about that possible pain and trying to accommodate herself to this unique entry. Actually, she wasn’t thinking at all, her mind a mélange of muddled images without focus. Suddenly, she felt Kenny’s pelvis and stomach come tight against her bottom, grinding against her and forcing himself completely into her ass. At that point, a thought ?ashed across her mind, sharply clearing away the muddle, “My god, I’m being buggered….sodomized! He’s all the way in my bottom… god, I don’t believe it!” Somehow, thinking coherently about what was happening, and putting a name, to it made it a great deal more real — and more exciting! With that thought coursing through her head, her body reacted by a sudden jerk upward, causing Kenny hesitate and ask, “Is it hurting? Shall I go slower?”

“No……it doesn’t hurt, it just feels….different….I don’t know, just different.” Despite his sexual excitement which dominated his thinking, Kenny laughingly replied, “Of course it feels different! I’m fucking your ass, not your cunt!” Then, hopefully, “Does it feel good? Do you like it?” As he asked, he began a slow in and out motion, almost withdrawing completely and then going in the whole way. This slow fucking began sending shivers of pleasure through her, augmented by her obvious awareness that this was an “unnatural” pleasure.”

“Yes, it does feel good, but it shouldn’t! You’re….you’re…..buggering me!”

“No, Linda, I’m fucking your ass! I’m ass-fucking you!”

“Oh, Kenny! Don’t say it that way… sounds awful!” Even as she spoke, Linda was well aware of a secret thrill that went through her as he said it. It’s well known that in the throes of sexual excitement, women (and men, of course) revel in coarse or obscene language that they never would use in regular conversations. This certainly had applied to Linda earlier in their affair (using the word “fucking,” for example) and definitely was the case here — as her involuntary jerking upward against Kenny showed. Consequently, taking her physical reaction as a hint, Kenny forced the issue.

“Yes, Linda, I’m ass-fucking you. My cock is in your asshole! Come on, honey, say it!”

“1 can’t! Please don’t make me say that, Kenny….I’d be horribly casino firmalari embarrassed!” Kenny continued the slow fucking, saying nothing, putting pressure on her by just being silent. The tempo gradually built up, and, as it did, she began lightly grunting, “uhh, uhh, uhh,” matching his rhythm. As her excitement mounted, she gave in, gasping out, “Yes, you’re fucking my ass….you’re fucking my ass…’re ass-fucking me,” the emphasis growing with the vigor of his movements. She continued forcing out the words, stimulated not only by the sex act, but by the words, themselves.

Kenny, his own arousal growing exponentially, pushed for more, panting from his efforts, he asked, “Where? Where is my cock?”

Without even hesitating, Linda replied with words that in other circumstances never could have crossed her lips: “You’re cock is up my ass! It’s in my asshole! You’re cock is in my asshole and you’re ass-fucking me! I’m being buggered!” She rambled on, gasping out the words that became unintelligible as her passion mounted even higher. This was unlike a cunt- fucking because of her face-down position. However, in some way the very subservience of that position augmented the physical pleasure she was receiving from the cock driving in and out of her rectum. She was serving more as a receptacle, letting him use her ass for his satisfaction, her movements limited to raising her hips to help his more and more forceful plunges into her. Still, even that sense of being used, of being a sex object, added perversely to the appeal and excitement of her ?rst ass-fucking. She was never able to describe, even to herself, what was that appeal, but the psychological element of abasing herself was probably as great as the physical attraction.

Still, when the climax approached, it was the physical element that predominated. Kenny was almost out of control, his cock sliding in and out now with no impediment, the sheathe stretched to accommodate its size. For him, also, the psychological element was strong. He couldn’t see her face, only her back, making her more of a useful commodity rather than a person. This, of course, is why women normally do not like the rear entry position even when their cunts are screwed: they feel more like an object, like a cow mounted by a bull, than a valued partner. Still, as said before, on occasion, women do like that inferior position and even relish the role of servant. Regardless, the end result was inevitable and soon, Kenny’s motions became more and more abrupt, jerking hard against her, until ?nally, he ground the base of his cock against her ass as if he were trying to get even deeper inside, and jetted cum deep into her anal passage. He stayed there, tight against her, jerkin upwards, expelling every drop of semen, and, then, collapsed over her back.

For Linda, the orgasm was quite different from that in her cunt. It was more of a continual surge of pleasure than the sudden, dynamic explosion of a clitoral or vaginal clmax. Still, it left her panting and satis?ed and with a very peculiar feeling in her ass. Even after he pulled his cock out, it felt as if something was still inside, as if a phantom cock still ?lled her. From Kenny’s view, as he looked down at hips as he pulled back, her asshole still was a quarter- sized dark opening to a passage going deep into her body, a hole that slowly closed, the sphincter gradually returning to its tight, puckered normal condition. Linda was, of course, unaware of his scrutiny or, fortunately, of the condition of her anal opening, but as Kenny gently rolled her over and removed the pillow; she had a hard time looking at him. For the ?rst time in their brief affair, she was actually embarrassed, both about what had been done to her and, ?ushing as she remembered, what she had said. She attempted to hide her face in the pillow, causing Kenny to be concerned.

Pulling the pillow away, he asked, “What’s wrong, Linda? Didn’t you like it….did it hurt?”

Blushing profusely, not knowing quite what to say, she ?nally weakly explained, “Oh, no Kenny, it didn’t hurt at all and,” turning away again, “it felt very good….but…but I feel….funny, I guess, about it. I’ve never even thought of doing that before, and I just feel funny about it. And…and….saying things güvenilir casino like that! I can’t believe that I said those things!”

“What things?”

“You know what things! And I’m not saying them again!”

Almost before the words were out of her mouth, she found herself face down again with Kenny’s hand poised over her defenseless bottom. “Well, Angela and Judy had their asses spanked tonight, so we might as well do yours too! However, after just fucking it, I hate to punish it because you’re so shy!” He emphasized his point with a vigorous slap.

“Ouch! Please, Kenny, no! Don’t make me say those things…..I’m embarrassed enough now!”

“You have no reason to be embarrassed! Now, come on!” Again, his command was emphasized, this time by slap, slap, one on each buttock.

“Oh, I can’t! ” Slap, slap, slap. “Ow! That hurts! Oh, damn it, you fucked my ass! You ass-fucked me! There!”

“One more.”

Oh, god, ok… put your cock into my asshole and fucked me! You buggered me, you ass-fucked me, you fucked my asshole!” Linda wouldn’t admit it to Kenny, but she found herself enjoying being forced to say those things, and when he turned her back over she made a playful grimace, saying impishly, “You want to completely corrupt me, don’t you! Well, you certainly have done a good job of it!” Then, more seriously, “You know, when we left Lynwood I’d never done anything like this. In four nights you’ve spanked me, had me every way possible, made me say things I never even thought of, much less said….gods, it’s a good thing we’re going home soon! I don’t know what you….or the girls….would have me doing if we stayed longer!”

I’ll bet you’ll miss this when you do get home, though.”

“Unfortunately, I’m afraid you’re right. Certainly my husband would never dream of….of…fucking my asshole! See, I’m already corrupted! Now, if I’m suf?ciently debauched for one night, we’d better get to bed. We have a big day tomorrow!”

The following day was delightful. Linda was actually wearing her scarlet letter pin, delighting the girls and sending a sort of companionable sexual excitement through all of them. It was fun, all six of them sharing such a big secret! That, however, was only an early highlight to the start of a fascinating day. They arrived at the zoo and hurried to the panda area just in time to see them come out for the day. For over an hour they stood there watching the antics of the two animals, rolling around together, climbing trees, holding bamboo in their paws, etc. Finally, they left and toured the rest of the zoo, another of the many amenities they did not have in Lynwood. The animals were fascinating, of course, and they saw all of them, ending up, again, at the panda exhibition. They were there most of the day, leaving some time for another visit to the Smithsonian, a place in which they could have spent the entire ?ve days. They separated there, permitting each to explore what they found to be most interesting. However, everyone returned to the meeting place well ahead of the appointed time — not surprising alter the previous night! Thus, they had dinner and were in plenty of time for their delayed night time tour of Washington. The city was beautiful, the lights limning the monuments and White House, giving a completely different perspective from the day time views. They returned to the hotel, talked for a while, and then the girls went to their rooms to pack.

Linda and Kenny undressed as soon as the girls left, ready for their last night together, a thought that sobered both of them. As said before, this was not, by any means, a love affair, but in the last few days, their relationship certainly had become much more affectionate. Their different ages and positions had faded into insigni?cance and they were just two people rather than teacher and student. Consequently, there was a sentimental element as they lowered the lights and prepared for sex, knowing that the relationship would be very different back in Lynwood. After only a small amount of foreplay, Kenny got between Linda’s raised legs, entered her, and began the age-old motions of screwing. At ?rst, there was little ?re, far less heat than was normal when they were in bed, but, gradually, the in-and-out speeded up as passions built. Linda head was sideways, her eyes almost shut as she was increasingly lost in the throes of that passion. Suddenly, her concentration broken by a strange sound, her eyes ?ew open and she saw a vague ?gure standing in the doorway. She screamed, “Kenny, someone is over there!”

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