The sexual adventures of Lacey and Ricky – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Ricky makes a breakthrough

Ricky skipped Ms Gilbert’s civics class so that he could get home and make preparation for Tiffany. He found that he was nervous for what he was about to do and also anxious to make the afternoon special for her. He went into his house, flicking on the porch light on the way in. This was the agreed upon sign that mom suggested we use to let her know that we needed privacy.

He put some wine on ice and set out two goblets. His room needed just a bit of straightening to make it presentable for a young lady. He put on some slow, soothing music and connected to his Bluetooth speaker. It looks like mom even had some flowers sent to the house. He had given some thought to what it must be like for a girl the first time: She would be curious, and horny, but at the same time apprehensive and scared. She does not have the same level of control over what happens that a man has. Once a man’s passions are aroused, it would be like a loaded freight train: difficult to slow it down and almost impossible to turn it around. He will need to provide an atmosphere of calm, with details that show that he cares. He must seduce her so that her passions outweigh her fear.

Ricky quickly took a shower and got dressed. He thought about wearing his blue terry robe, because he thought that it would be sexy, but decided that it would be best for her to discover him just as she usually saw him. So he put on his favorite jeans and a plain black t-shirt. Everything was ready for Tiffany. It was almost time for her to arrive.

Tiffany came home with Lacey from school and was anxious to get over to Ricky’s house. We left our school backpacks in my room, said hi to mom, and headed out the door. I brought school books along to study while Tiffany was busy. We passed by the creek and I showed Tiffany where to find me when she was done. I could not go back home alone or mom would wonder what was going on.

Tiffany was quiet on the walk over to Ricky’s house. She looked down at her feet as she walked. On the way home from school, she seemed overly chatty, talking incessantly. I realized, now, that she had been nervous. I broke the silence, “You are worried, aren’t you. You needn’t be. Ricky is very caring and experienced. He will make this as pleasant for you as possible.”

Tiffany stopped and looked at me, her eyes shining with tears, “Lacey I am scared! What if he doesn’t like me; after I take my clothes off, I mean. You are so pretty, Lacey. My boobs are not as big and perky as yours. My flat nipples sit on dark, oversized areola. He is used to ribeye, and I am meatloaf. Also, I might have dressed differently had I known this morning that we were going to do this. I haven’t had a shower since I left home this morning. I probably stink!” At this, Tiffany began to cry.

I held her in my arms and let her have a good cry on my shoulder. “Ricky is not like that. He will only see the beautiful girl that lives within you. Let him see your smile and I guarantee his heart will turn to water. And by the way, you don’t stink. In fact, your hair smells amazing! I must find out what shampoo you use.”

At this she smiled and indeed looked very pretty. “There,” I added. “Ricky cannot help but love you if you look like that! You need to concentrate on your feminine graces and on seducing him, and don’t allow negative thoughts to spoil your day. You got this, girl!”

Tiffany kissed me on the cheek, “Thanks Lacey. I needed that.” Now we walked on much faster, and Tiffany held her head high. It felt good to be able to restore her confidence. I really hope that today will be spectacular for her.

I walked up to the door and knocked. Normally, I would have just let myself in, but I wanted to make sure he was ready. He stepped out the door, “good afternoon, ladies.” He bent down and kissed me once on the cheek. Then he turned to Tiffany and held her hands in his, looking into her eyes and smiling. She looked into his face and beamed. She had her confidence back and she was lovely. Taking her by the arm, he led her inside and closed the door, leaving me alone on the porch. I heard the click of the lock and turned toward the creek. I don’t know what I expected, but I felt shut out, and alone. Ricky was definitely giving Tiffany his full attention. A dark cloud began to settle over me. I tried to shake it off. This is only for an hour, and then Ricky is all mine, again. Well, mine and his mom’s. They would probably make love in his bed. She and Ricky had never made love in his bed before. They had done it in her bedroom, on the patio, in the basement, even once standing inside the barn. Why would Tiffany get to make love to him in his bed before I had the chance to make love there?

The dark cloud followed me to the creek. I began to think of the places that I wanted to make love to Ricky: In his bed, of course, in his mom’s bed, she was not sure why she wanted to do it there, in the tree house, in the girls bathroom at school, and in the backseat of a car. That must have been her ‘bad girl’ side coming out. I laughed a little and thought of other places where they would make love. And she would make love to him again. In as many places and as many ways as she wanted to. This would be the first and only time that Tiffany would have him. The cloud was gone and she began to feel sorry for Tiffany. She did not have a Ricky. Surely someday soon she would have, and then my Ricky would become a distant memory to her.

Meanwhile, back at Ricky’s house, Tiffany was overwhelmed when she saw the preparation he had made for her. The wine and elegant goblets, the fresh flowers that sat in a vase on the coffee table, the lights were dimmed, scented candles were burning somewhere in the house, and soft music played. She followed Ricky to the couch and sat down. “Ricky, this is lovely. How sweet of you.” He sat down beside her and she smiled and kissed him on the cheek. His face flushed and her compliments made him feel good. Her smile was beautiful and she glowed in anticipation of the evening.

He opened the bottle of wine and poured a generous portion in the glasses and presented one to Tiffany. We sat in comfortable silence, Tiffany holding his hand on her lap and sipping the wine. Finally he spoke, “So tell me about yourself. Do you have family? Any hobbies or aspirations for life?”

“Ok,” she began. “I live with my mom and dad and an older sister. I hope to become a nurse, someday, and have a real boyfriend that cares about me. Maybe we will get married and have a family some time. I have always wished for brothers and more sisters. I enjoy swimming and playing tennis, and I love coming out to the farm with Lacey. I wish I lived on a farm.”

“Ricky responded, “That sounds great. I have no doubt that most of your dreams will come true. I am sure you will make some fella very happy. I love your smile and positive attitude.”

“Thank you,” she beamed.

He continued, “What about your sexual experience,if you care Topkapı Escort to talk about it. Tell me what you have done and would like to do.”

She blushed and looked down as she spoke. “I love how liberated Lacey and you are. Lacey has a glow about her since you two have come to love each other. I want that too. I have never seen a naked boy, before. Except for the pictures in our health book, I have little notion of what a real dick looks like. As we talked about in study hall today, Lacey and I have just started experimenting. She helped me have my first orgasm yesterday, and that makes me so excited.”

She asked Ricky about his life and he shared with her, though he did not tell her about his sexual experiences. After a bit he refilled her glass with more wine.

Tiffany continued to talk, her tongue a little looser from the wine. “I have had a crush on you for the past couple years. I have dreamed of being with you and doing naughty things. You don’t know how flattered I am that you want to have sex with me. Today is definitely a dream come true for me.” and we both laughed.

“Well, I hope that I can live up to your fantasies. Are you nervous, I mean about this being your first time?”

She answered, “I was so nervous on the way over from Lacey’s house, that I was about ready to turn tail and run home. Lacey helped calm me. I’m good.”

Ricky stood and said, “I thought we might begin with a hot, relaxing bath. It will do wonders to calm you both in body and in spirit.” He stepped into the bathroom and turned on the faucet, adjusting the water temperature. Pouring in some sweet smelling bath bubbles, they multiplied quickly. I turned on the infrared heater in the ceiling. It cast a pleasing red glow that enhanced skin tones. Speaking to Tiffany from the bathroom, “What was the favorite thing that Lacey did to you when you two were making out?” Tiffany spoke about Lacy licking her clit and how that brought her to orgasm, Ricky removed his clothes and wrapped a white towel around his waist.

When he came out of the bathroom, Tiffany suddenly stopped speaking and stared at him, mesmerized. A broad smile spread across her face in recognition that this was really going to happen. There was just a tinge of guilt that she would be fucking Lacey’s boyfriend, but they were all in agreement and she knew she needn’t feel bad. Ricky took her by the hand, helped her up, and led her into the bathroom. There was a warm red glow to the room and a wonderful warmth on her skin. An old fashioned, claw footed tub stood in the middle of the bathroom with steaming hot water splashing down into bubbles.Soft, fluffy towels in pastel colors hung on a towel rack.

Standing in the bathroom, Tiffany was not sure what she should do. Should she take her clothes off? A stab of apprehension came flooding over her at the thought of being naked in front of Ricky. Before she could act, he moved her to a mat next to the tub and turned her to face a full length mirror. He stood close behind her. There was just a haze of steam on the mirror from the hot bath water, which gave her image a dreamy appearance. Ricky reached around from behind her and began to unfasten her belt.

His touch was like electricity. He was actually going to undress her! That thought was both terrifying and wonderful. Next, he unbuttoned her jeans and pulled the zipper down. The vibration from the zopper made her tingle all over. She was aware that his hands were very near her pussy now. As the large claw-footed tub continued to fill behind them, he slid her jeans down over her waist and down her long legs. She stepped out of them as if in a dream. Was this really happening? He massaged her calves and thighs before straightening up again. Looking in the mirror, she saw her plain white cotton panties and felt a little embarrassed. She would have had panties that were a little sexier, but she never had the chance to go home and prepare for the afternoon.

The red glow from the heater gave her skin a healthy, tanned look and felt heavenly on her naked skin. Ricky’s fingers turned to the buttons on her blouse and slowly undid them. Tiffany laid her head back on Ricky’s chest and she smiled languorously. She could do this all day. The nervousness that she had felt earlier, began to slip away. Opening the final button, he ran his hands up and down her arms. His touch was like electricity. He turned away momentarily to turn off the bath water. When he came back to her, he slid the blouse from her shoulders.

She stood there in her sensible white cotton bra and panties. The mirror continued to fog, and her image became more indistinct. Her image was ghostly as Ricky reached around and kissed her on her jawline, just below the ear. She felt a tingling sensation that began in her neck and traveled to her nipples and continued all the way down to her groin. “You look lovely,” Ricky said close to her ear. “I love your curves. And I love your goosebumps.” Standing under the heater, she wasn’t cold. She didn’t know why she had goosebumps. He massaged her arms, working his way down to her waist. He slid his hands into the waistband of her panties and slid his fingers around the waist to the front, then back to her hips before pushing them down, where they fell to the floor. She stepped out of them and she wondered if Ricky noticed her manicured bush and shaved pussy. He massaged her waste and worked his way around to her butt. “Wow, how nice,” he said, almost to himself.

His hands continued up her back, to her bra strap, and he deftly unfastened her bra and It slid to the floor. She thought he seemed practiced at that move. Now she stood completely nude. She felt embarrassed at her tits, and was glad the mirror was fogged. They looked nice in the mirror with the details blurred. He reached his hands around and cupped a breast in each hand. He found them to be soft as giant marshmallows. He had never imagined human flesh so soft, so warm. As he rubbed them and pushed them together, small pebbles began to form under his palms. Tiffany moaned and Ricky felt himself getting really turned on when he recognized that she was getting aroused. He began to do his controlled breathing exercises, removed his hand from her breasts, and stroked lightly across her flat tummy. He felt her tremble at his touch. He kissed the top of her shoulder, moving to the back of her neck, then between her shoulder blades. Breaking her revelry, he took her hand. She smiled as he led her to the tub, up on the stool and down into the bubbles to the water. She sank into the warm water as Ricky prepared a large soft sponge. Looking down, her erect nipples protruded through the bubbles on the surface.

Ricky stroked her breasts with the back of his fingers, “just gorgeous,” he cooed. She never thought she would have a man say that about her tits. She pushed them up through the water, pressing them together, bubbles running down the trough between them. Applying soap to the sponge, he lifted her arm and Escort Bayan began to stroke along its length. He planted a kiss on the back of her hand when he finished with it. He then moved to the other side and repeated the process with the other arm. She looked at him and asked, tentatively, “can I touch your cock?”

“Of course, most gladly.” She reached over and released the towel. His dick sprang free, and it was semi-hard. She touched it carefully, and it stirred and further stiffened, making her giggle. She moved her hand to his butt and pulled him closer. She took his dick in hand and put just the tip into her mouth. She began to explore it with her tongue. She pulled it out and just held it and studied it, as if she wanted to memorize what it looked like. Then she plunged it back in between her lips, taking more than half his length into her mouth. She sucked hard as she pulled it out with a smacking sound. She again looked at it, tracing the veins with her finger. “I just wanted to try that.” and with a long sigh, she settled back into the tub, her eyes closed.

Getting control of himself, Ricky continued to bathe her, lifting one of her long legs clear of the water. Using the sponge, he gently washed her, exclaiming over her gorgeous legs, reaching down under the water to get to her buttocks. Moving to the other leg, he lifted it free of the water, kissed it, and began to wash it with the sponge. Her breath was coming more rapidly now as her arousal grew. He reached down into the water and cupped her pussy in the palm of his hand, applying pressure. She arched her back, closed her eyes, and moaned. He stroked her inner thighs with the back of his hand. First going up and down one leg, then up and down the other. He lifted a leg out of the water and moved down the end of the tub. He massaged her foot, then brought her big toe to his mouth and sucked. He could feel her leg trembling slightly. Returning it back into the warm water, he fished for the other leg. He repeated the same treatment to that leg, and finished with a kiss to the shin, looking into her eyes. He saw longing and desire there. “Do you feel clean now?” he asked?

“Hell, no. I have never felt more dirty in my life,” she said irreverently. “Can we jump into bed, now?” and laughed.

“Take it easy there, tiger.” Ricky said. Then an image formed in his head of Tiffany, naked, with tiger stripes. That was one sexy image. He offered her a hand, and she emerged from the tub and stood on the mat. Rivulets of water ran down her skin and she looked good enough to eat. He stood in front of her, taking in the sight. She could stand it no more. Wrapping her arms around him, she pressed their naked bodies together, and she kissed him hungrily. Her warm, wet body pressed into his. Her tongue searched for his until they danced together. He felt his erection pushing into her abdomen, just above her pussy. We needed to do something else or he would lose all semblance of control and spill his seed down her legs right there in the bathroom.

They separated and he reached for a towel and began to dry her. He rubbed her body with the soft, fluffy towel, beginning with her neck and arms, and worked his way down. She is pleasing to look at, though not as well proportioned as Lacey. Squatting down to dry her feet and legs, he kissed her belly, just below the navel, and then her shaved pussy. “Just beautiful,” he commented. Standing to his feet, he took her by the hand and led her to his bedroom. The room lighting was on a dimmer, plus there were flickering, scented candles around the room. Tiffany lay down on the bed with her legs open and ready. He stood there for a moment, just appreciating her. She said, “What are you looking at? Don’t you want to fuck me?” She said, teasing.

He smiled at her and said “As an artist takes a moment to appreciate the meadow before beginning to paint it. So I must stop and admire God’s handiwork before becoming one with you.” She blushed and smiled demurely. Picking up the condom, ready on his night stand, he opened it and unrolled it along the length of his dick. As he did this, Tiffany began to play with her pussy with her fingers, working in a circular motion.

Moving onto the bed between her legs, Ricky stroked her calves, then her inner thighs. Bending his head, he planted kisses on her inner thighs. He thought about the erogenous zones his mom had taught him. He did not want to miss a single one. He found that attending to details like this helped distract him from his animal desires and prolonged his arousal. Moving up her body, he spent a moment admiring her sex. Her swollen labia glistened with her juices. After wetting a finger in his mouth, he ran it slowly up her furrow and over her protruding clit. She moaned and stiffened when he did this.

Meanwhile, Lacey at the tree house checked the time again. It has been more than an hour since she left Tiffany with Ricky. She can see Ricky’s house from the vantage of the tree house, but there is no sign of Tiffany, yet. How long can it take to poke her and get this job finished? Surely they will be done soon. Ricky’s mom will be home from work in thirty to forty-five minutes from now.

Back in Ricky’s bedroom, he moved slowly up her body, running his hands from her hips, along her slender sides, up to the outer edges of her breasts. He paused to plant kisses on her flat belly and painted a line around her navel with his tongue. Her waist is incredibly small. While doing this, he kept an eye on her face to gauge her reaction. Her eyes are closed and her lips pursed. Her face and upper chest are flushed with arousal.

Continuing to move up Tiffany’s body, Ricky settled his body on her lower torso. He kissed the edges of her boobs. Using both hands, he pushed them together and kissed her erect nipples. He traced around her areola with his tongue. Tiffany placed her hands on both sides of his head. He gently suckled first one nipple, then moved to the other, planting kisses all over her breasts. We both moaned in pleasure.

Tiffany was breathing rapidly and she began to grind her mound into his abdomen. He moved up, matching his body with hers. They kissed hungrily, looking into each other’s eyes. Ricky could feel his dick, along her wet slit as she continued to grind her mound against his pelvic bone. She must be very close to her climax.

Pulling back from her kisses, Ricky asked, “are you ready?” Although she was unable to speak, she did not hesitate but nodded her head vigorously. As he snaked his hand down between them, she opened up her legs even more. Using his hard, swollen member, he ran it up and down her slit, spreading her lips and gathering her juices. He ran his tip around her clit and she wrapped her arms around his torso, holding on like her life depended on it. He moved his dick down and lined up with her opening, and her fingernails dug into his back. Remembering to move decisively, he quickly pushed into her pussy, half way. She let out a little istanbul Escort whimper, and he panicked, afraid that he had hurt her. He stopped and his body stiffened. He felt adrenaline surge through him, and he wondered if he would lose his erection.

“I’m OK.” She breathed. “Just hold it right there for a bit,” she said.

Back in the treehouse, Lacey checked the time again. One hour, forty-five minutes. What was going on? She had not expected that it would take so long. She strained her eyes, looking towards Ricky’s house. Oh no. Ricky’s mom was driving down the gravel lane towards her house. Would she walk in on Tiffany and Ricky, spoiling their afternoon? Maybe the deed was done by now, but this could ruin it for them. She was surprised to see the car stop and turn around, half way down the lane. Had she forgotten something at work? If she drove to work and came back, she would return in about 25 minutes. She would give them 15 minutes, then she would have to go to Ricky’s house and check on them. She dreaded thinking of walking in on them.

Back with Tiffany, Ricky sensed that she had relaxed, and he slowly eased his body down, penetrating her pussy with the remainder of his length. She was so tight, so warm and so velvety. He would never tire of that sensation. It was good that they were holding still so he could savor the sensations. He had an overpowering urge to begin thrusting. Tiffany moaned and squeezed him a little tighter. “Oh Ricky! I feel you inside of me. I can even feel it when you twitch!” Ricky twitched his dick twice, on purpose, and she giggled.

Ricky asked, “How is it? Do you hurt?

She answered, “I felt like you shoved a knife into me for about one second. I still feel it a little bit, but the other sensations completely overwhelm any thought of pain. I feel so, so, so. Completely filled up. It is exquisite!” With that she began to kiss him again, frantically. He ground his pelvic bone into her mound, rocking back and forth, trying to stimulate her clit without creating too much friction on the head of his dick. He felt he could not hold out much longer.

Tiffany was sweating now, and pulled her lips away from his and she began to gasp like a fish out of water. He felt her pussy convulse with the waves of an orgasm. He felt himself slip beyond the point of no return and began thrusting in and out, as hard and fast as he could. His balls slapped into her with a wet sound as his dick jumped, again and again, pumping cum out of him. He was sure if he did not have a condom on that it would squirt to some distance.

They lay together then, as one flesh, sweating and panting. Tiffany kissed him once on the mouth, and said, “Oh Ricky, that was wonderful.”

They lay together like that for a moment, and sleep almost overcame them. Then Tiffany said, “I badly want to go for another round, but Lacey’s mom is expecting us at her house for supper, and I will need to pull myself together first.” She kissed Ricky one more time, then he rose from her, pulling his retreating erection from her. Tiffany looked down at their joined sex as he withdrew. “That has got to be the most beautiful sight in the world!” She said.

Tiffany went into the bathroom to get cleaned up and Ricky heard the water running in the sink. He joined her and they stood side by side and looked at each other in the mirror, totally naked but not a bit self conscious. She turned to him and beamed, “Thank you, Ricky, for the most beautiful day of my life. Thank you for doing this for me and making my dream come true.”

He returned her smile and said, “Well, it was tough. What a guy won’t do for a friend!” She playfully punched his shoulder and they both laughed. Ricky added, “No, seriously, you could probably tell that I enjoyed it as much as you did. I am so happy that it was a good experience for you.”

Back at the treehouse, Lacey checked the time yet again. She would have to get Tiffany now, it could wait no longer. She looked up the road to see if Ricky’s mom’s car was coming, but she did not see it. She gathered her books, rose stiffly and descended the ladder, down the tree to the ground. She dreaded busting in on them, but she did not have a choice. Mom was expecting them for supper about now, and Ricky’s mom was bound to return any moment. She steamed just a little at the predicament they had put her in. What on earth could have taken so long?

As she crossed the field nearing Ricky’s house, she was surprised to see Tiffany coming towards her. She was obviously very happy and smiled like a cheshire cat who had just eaten a mouse.

When Tiffany drew near, I asked, “so how did it go?”

“Just wonderful!” Tiffany exclaimed. “I am a real woman, now. Ricky was fabulous! He is kind and thoughtful and hot as he can be. He even made me cum!”

I asked, “What took so long? You guys nearly got busted by Ricky’s mom. She drove to the house and then left without getting out of the car. And we are late for supper. Is Ricky coming?”

“He said he would be along in just a few minutes. He had some things to put in order before he could leave his house. Oh, Lacey, he bathed me in an old fashioned tub, then made sweet love to me, he didn’t just fuck me quick like I expected.”

I looked over at Tiffany, consternation plain on my face, “He did, huh? Did he enjoy it?”

“Lacey! Are you jealous? Please don’t be. He was nice to me because I was so nervous and scared. He made me feel safe and loved. But it is you that he really loves. He did this for you.”

I asked, “For me? How do you figure that?”

“Well, you asked him to do it and the reason was so that I would have a good experience. Oh, Lacey, I could not live with myself if you blamed him for taking care of me. He showed me a really good time, but he made it plain that it was a one time thing. It’s you he loves, and I can never thank you enough for sharing him with me.” With that she began to cry.” Please don’t be mad at him.”

I began to feel bad for my jealousy. “Look, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be jealous. He was trying to be sweet, I get that. I just don’t want to lose him.”

Tiffany stopped crying. She added, “Ricky did not get upset when you told him that you had messed around with me. He was cool about it.”

I looked up at her, “Ricky upset with me? For what?”

“Think about it. Ricky made love to me at your urging. You made love to me without him even knowing about it until after the fact.”

I started to protest that this was different since Tiffany is a girl, but that doesn’t really hold water. I almost protested that I don’t need to ask Ricky if I wanted to fool around with my friend, but he could say the same thing. I began to feel ashamed. Love is tricky, I realized. It is only natural to be possessive. I would have to watch that. “What you say is true. I need to watch my feelings.”

Later that evening when she and Ricky were alone, she asked him how it went. Ricky said, “It seemed to go well. Tiffany was nervous, but in the end she was calm and I think she enjoyed it.” Ricky’s answer settled it for me. His aim was not to get what he could out of Tiffany, it was to provide the best experience possible for her.

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