The Silver Fox

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No one told me I would want to break the rules.

They told me the customers couldn’t touch me. They told me I couldn’t touch myself “down there”. They told me no sexual acts.

I scoffed at their words.

Exotic dancing was just a way to get through college. Sure, it wouldn’t have been my parents’ first choice of side job, but where else could you work for eight hours and get enough money to pay the rent?

So, I auditioned for The Pussy Cat Club. It seemed easy enough. And the owner seemed to like me. He kept saying something about “easy money” as he stroked his beard. I was scheduled to perform the next night.

I was introduced as a “Virgin to the Stage”, which got a rousing cheer from the crowd. I played off my young, college charm and sauntered out in a plaid skirt and white collared button-up, tied at the waist. “Good for You” by Selena Gomez played as I swayed my hips and bit my lip seductively yet shy. They ate it up, and by the time my skirt slipped to the floor, bills had already filled my G-String. I slowly untied the men’s button-up shirt and let it hang loosely with my smooth legs peaking out while I danced.

As I made my way around the edge of the stage, my eye caught an older man, aged enough to have silver hair but not enough to have lost his chiseled features. He nodded slightly, beckoning me to him. I bent down so my hips were at eye level, and he whispered, “Baby girl, you belong in my lap, not on that stage.” Then he slipped a Benjamin into my G-String. The feeling of his fingers grazing my skin left me breathless.

“Yes sir,” I murmered as I rose reluctantly to finish my set.

As I cleaned up back stage, I wondered how a random stranger could have such an intense affect on me. He’s as old as my father, I thought to myself as I fixed my costume in preparation for my turn around the floor. I wondered if he would be waiting for me. I tried to ignore the feeling of anticipation that made my pulse increase Alanya Escort and my body heat rise.

He’s as old as my father, I reminded myself scoldingly.

As I walked out onto the floor, and glanced around the room, seeking my silver fox. He was nowhere to be seen. I breathed out my disappointment as a group of drunk young men called out to me for lap dances. I obliged them with a sweet, sultry smile, indulging their fantasies for a quick 5 minute dance as they swooned and teased each other. As I ground my ass into the crotch of a particularly drunk member of the group, I glanced up–right into the eyes of my silver fox. He was sitting at a table across the room, watching me. My eyes traveled down his body to hand his hand firmly placed on his package in his slacks. His eye contact never wavered, and I realized he was enjoying watching me.

Suddenly, my motivation to please him brought a new passion to my lap dance. My body moved and swayed against the lucky guy beneath me, grinding, rubbing, touching, playing. His friends took notice, whistling in approval as the guy muttered, “fuck yeah” under his breath. Soon I heard his breath start to quicken, and I realized he was going to cum in his jeans. My eyes caught the eyes of my silver fox, and I saw him nod ever so slightly. My eyes locked on his while I rubbed my smooth, tan body against my customer, until he obviously couldn’t hold it in anymore. The guy wrapped his arms around me from behind, gripping my bare waist with one hand and groping my breast with the other. His friends cheered and laughed as my boss appeared suddenly to grab me and kick out the group for breaking the rules. In the chaos of the moment, I lost sight of my silver fox and when I turned back, he was gone.

I wondered if he’d liked watching me get off some other guy. I wondered if he’d cum himself just watching me. I wonder why I cared so much about this stranger’s approval of me. But Alanya Escort Bayan it didn’t matter. He was gone, and it was closing time.

The girls had the time of their life backstage, teasing me for dry humping a guy right out of the club. “Those boys will definitely be back,” they laughed as they applauded my natural talents. I changed out of my costume and into my favorite button-up summer dress. Sleeveless and a soft rose pink, it fell halfway down my thighs and tickled me as I walked. I shouted goodbye to the girls as I walked out the side door toward my car in the parking lot.

“Did you enjoy yourself?”

I stopped in my tracks at the sound of a man’s voice. The same voice that had spoken to me earlier.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” I replied haughtily without turning around.

I heard him chuckle softly and felt the blood rush between my legs. I squeezed my thighs together in an effort to calm down. The sound of footsteps behind me stopped just as the touch of his fingertips on my arms sent shivers up my spine.

“I like that you did that for me,” he spoke into my ear quietly, though it was the only sound in the nearly empty lot.

“Did what,” I replied breathless. His fingertips began to slip down my arms toward my hips.

“Made him cum to make me happy,” he said matter-of-factly. And the moment he said it, I realized that was exactly what I had done.

“And did it make you happy, sir?” I closed my eyes as his fingertips slid down my hips to my thighs.

“Not as happy as you’re about to make me,” he whispered in my ear as he began to bunch up my dress into his hands. The rush of blood leaving my brain left me dizzy, and I reached for the trunk of my car in order to steady myself.

“Yes, baby girl, just how I want you. Bent over, back arched, head thrown back,” and with that his left hand traveled up to my neck and gently pulled my head backward, until all I saw were the stars Escort Alanya in the sky.

His right hand slid between my thighs, up, up, excrutiantly slow as I anticipated the feeling of his warm palm on my pussy. When he finally reached my panties, he rubbed them until they were wet with my desire. I spread my legs to allow him more access and he took it with authority. Sliding my panties aside, he easily slipped his fingers inside me, my entrance practically dripping and inviting. I moaned as he pressed his fingers against my G-spot, while rubbing my clit with his rough thumb. The friction was mind blowing! His other hand never left my throat but tightened its grip as he shoved another finger inside me with force. I felt his rock hard cock shove against my ass as he pinned me against the car from behind. I whimpered like a lost puppy, unable to form words as he brought me closer and closer…

“Yeah, baby girl, cum for me,” he groaned as his fingers thrust in and out, in and out of my wet, aching pussy. I felt my clit swell at his touch. The pressure of his fingers on my G-spot while I was pressed against the car became overwhelming, and suddenly I screamed and moaned as I orgasmed, squeezing his hand with my thighs to stop his movement so I could ride the ecstacy. Though my eyes were open, all I could see were spots as all my blood had left my head. He chuckled as he slowly withdrew his hand and brought it up to my cheek. He turned my face toward him and my body followed, still feeling his hard cock against me, now pressing into my stomach.

“Did I make you happy, sir?” I asked him as I gazed into his eyes, waiting with baited breath to hear his approval.

“Yes, baby girl, you did,” he replied, then leaned in and kissed me softly, his sweet tongue parting my lips so we could taste each other. Then he gently pulled away, letting his fingers, still wet with my cum, slip down my cheek and into my mouth, letting me taste the satisfaction he had just given me.

“See you tomorrow night,” he said as he pulled his fingers from my mouth. I sucked the tips, trying to keep whatever I could of this delicious night.

Tomorrow indeed, I thought, as I watched him get into his porsche and drive away…

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