The Snow Lodge Ch. 02

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The massage finished. I look at the rise and fall of your breasts in the candle light as shadows slowly ripple up and down them, and I know you are asleep.

Rising, I leave you to rest. I walk up a set of stairs to a room on the second level. I check to see that all is ready. Every detail of the evening laid out in its place . . . everything ready for you.

I return to where you are still sleeping under a blanket of golden light and soft shadows. I pick up a terrycloth robe and kneel beside you. I lean down and kiss lightly each of your eyes through the blindfold.

You stir, and I raise you to a sitting position, and drape the robe over you. You reach for the blindfold but I stop you. Standing you up, I bind the folds of the robe around you; it’s plush warm softness comforting, soothing.

I walk us towards the stairs, and up to the room. Entering, you notice a sudden change in the texture of sounds in the room.

I smile, and say, “This is a very special room. The walls, floor, and ceiling are made of sound reflecting materials.”

I then say, “Every sound, no matter how small, is amplified. I quite like it.”

We move to the center of the room, and I allow you to bump into something. The sound of springs bouncing slightly rings along the walls and ceiling. I watch your face and see curiosity radiating from a wide awake and very alert smile.

I turn you around, and maneuver you back one step. I slip the robe off of your body, and it falls to the floor. Straps of a soft material that you can’t name caress the backs of your ass and legs.

I say, “Trust me. Lean back.”

I put my hands under your arms and lower you backwards into a seat harness. As you sit down the springs and seat adjust, and you only sink a few inches before the support grabs hold of your ass. You bob slightly up and down, and then I press my lips softly into yours, and hold my full lips against yours for a long lingering moment.

When you try to slip your tongue into my mouth I break the kiss. I put my hands on the back of your neck, and upper back, and finish placing you into the floating harness. I give you a moment to get used to the supports that now lie under your ass, lower and upper back, and neck.

Slipping my hands out from beneath you, I grab your left hand and move it into a restraining loop and wrap the ties around it securely. Then I put your right hand into another restraint, and tie it down. A strap across the flesh below your breasts secures your mid-section, and then I slowly and delicately draw a wide strap over your throat and secure it too.

I then pick up your left leg by the ankle and calf, and slip your foot through a stirrup, and tie your ankle down. I do the same to your other leg and ankle.

I blink Alanya Escort suddenly, as a hot wetness soaks through my pants at the knee, and realize that your pussy is soaking through the cotton where my leg is touching you. I smile. You exhale loudly and sharply as I push my upper thigh against your cunt, and wiggle it a little.

I step back, examine the angles of your spread open legs, arms, and body—perfect.

I strip quickly. My cock hard and red. I take it in my hand and move the head to the lips of your cunt. I move the tip up and down the wisps of your moist hair. You squirm again and the harness jiggles.

I move my cock head further into your cunt, just enough that you can feel the circumference of its large hot head between your lips. Your pussy spasms like a mouth trying to gulp for air. It grabs the head of my cock for a moment, slick juices saturate the head, and then you can’t keep a hold of it and your cunt mouth slides off of it.

Cool air swirls around my cock, and the air currents in the room bring the pungent smell of your cunt straight into my nose.

I move away from your cunt towards your head. I bring the pussy juice covered head of my cock to within an inch of your nose.

I jam the head of my cock into your mouth, and mercilessly begin to pump my cock in and out of your face. My cock gets even harder as I think about you tasting cunt-juice mixing with pre-cum as you suck me. You feel the head of my cock swell, and grow in size, and you moan into it as you suck vigorously.

I grab a handful of each of your breasts, and give you a warning.

“I’m going to put every inch of my cock down your throat now. Take a breath.”

I pull out for a moment, and you take in air, and say, “Fuck my throat. Put your cock so far into me I feel it in my ass!”

I move my cock head into your mouth, and slowly ease it further, further, further, and then further again into your throat. Your moist lips touch my balls, and I can feel your teeth digging into the girth of my cock at the base in a deliciously painful grip.

I pause for a moment, and then withdraw to let you breathe, and then plunge the full length down to my balls again.

I withdraw my cock completely. You immediately begin begging for it again.

“Please give me your cock. Gimme your fucking cock now. I need to suck it. I’ll swallow your cum! Fuck my face! Fuck it. Come on, FUCK IT!”

I begin to pump my cock. Slick with your saliva, the sounds of my hand pumping, and heavy balls slapping my thighs, smack the walls and ceiling and reverberate back to smack your ears.

You know what I’m doing, and in your mind’s eye you see my almost purple bulging head bobbing up and down just inches from your wide open Alanya Escort Bayan mouth, and wildly searching tongue.

I give you a warning, and a single opportunity to say no. “I’m going to cum deep inside your throat. Okay?”

I pause, and then take the silent open-mouthed response as a yes. Plunging my cock back into your mouth and down your throat I pump jets of hot cum deep into your body. Your tongue assaults the base of my cock and balls, and you dig your teeth in hard so that I can’t withdraw.

I cry out, and cry out again in ecstasy. It becomes almost too much—no–it is too much and I try to pull out. You release the grip enough for me to pull out but at the same time drag your vicious teeth down my withdrawing length.

I fall on top of your body, and we bounce up and down in the harness together. My still twitching cock between your breasts. My balls sitting right in front of your chin.

You move your face up to tongue my balls vigorously, and I feel a kind of secondary orgasm flow up and down my body. I hear you gagging a little from the strap across your throat, but know that you don’t care. You need to taste the silky flesh of my balls . . .

I push my self up off of you, barely able to stand. You float suspended in the harness. Bouncing lightly up and down, and swaying side to side. A stream of cum lines your body from chin to breasts.

I walk over to a pile of towels, and back to you. I wipe up the cum from your body. And then clean my cock off. I then put a bottle of mouth wash to your lips, and you gargle away the taste of my cum. I hold a cup to your mouth and watch you spit.

I thrust my tongue into your mouth the moment you finish spitting. Kissing you passionately as thanks for taking my cum deep inside your mouth and throat. You suck on my tongue, and swirl your tongue around it slowly. I feel the sensations deep inside my cock, and it begins to get hard again.

Setting down the towel, mouthwash, and cup, I walk back over to the table and pick up two small white pills with hearts on them. I open up a bottle of cold water, and walk back to you.

“Do you trust me?” I ask you again. And you nod.

“Good. Open your mouth.” And your jaw immediately drops: tongue out and ready for anything.

I place the pill on your tongue, and you pull it back into your mouth. I give you the bottle of water, and you take a deep pull on it, swallowing. I do the same.

I go back to the table you cannot see, and examine the items lying on it. Choosing a glove with five small cylindrical objects tipping each of the fingers, and also a single finger-sized tube, I then pick up a stool too. I walk back to the space between your legs, and sit down right in front of your Escort Alanya pussy.

Snick, brrrrrrr . . . . the acoustics in the room amplify the tiny but powerful motors of the special glove now on my hand.

I brush the vibrating finger-tips of my glove against you—and your entire body twitches, the harness bouncing a little in response to your movement.

“Uhhhh,” you moan.

I slip two of the vibrating fingers into my mouth to moisten them, and then slide them firmly up the crack of your ass and through the slit of your cunt slowly . . . the vibrating fingers’ sounds changing their slurpy slippery textures as I progress from the back of your ass to your anus and then up slowly through your soaking wet lips to dip into the entrance of your cunt, lingering for a moment on your clit, and then up and out of your juices.

“Uhhhh, uh, oh god, hmmmmm,” and your throat’s guttural pitch tightens at the same time as your cunt spasms in longing for my fingers.

Each juicy textured sound and change in the pitch of your cunt’s sloppy vibrations are amplified by the room to fuck the ears of both of us in an erotic aural threesome.

I slip two vibrating fingers back into your pussy, and my thumb begins massaging your clit at the same time. I pull the two fingers back towards me in circular motions inside your pussy. Trying to touch the thumb that rubs your clit, my two fingers vibrate from inside your cunt and into the back of your clit from inside your pussy, as my thumb attacks from the front.

I pick up the finger-sized tube. Knowing that I’ve almost missed the moment I quickly turn it on, and spit quickly right onto your asshole. I gently work the furiously vibrating finger into your ass up to the half-way mark.

Easing my two fingers out for a moment, I add a third and then push them back into your pulsating sloppy cunt. I pump the three fingers in and out at an angle that hits your g-spot, and at the same time my thumb locks into place just below your clit, and I begin to pulse it in one place: pulse . . pulse . . pulse . . pulse . . .

And that’s when I put my warm mouth right onto your clit and began slurping, licking, and sucking it in gentle lapping strokes.

“oh fuck . . . OH fu–. . . .oh fuck fuck FUCK . . . . OH GOD FUCK!!!” You cum hard, and I continue to finger your ass with vibrations, the inside of your pussy with my three vibrating fingers, the bottom of your clit with my vibrating thumb, and my hot wet tongue swirling away at your clit’s upper surface . . . .

“AGH! AGH! Uh UH UH!” You cum again, and then begin mumbling. Your body shuddering and shaking uncontrollably, and your hands twitching inside their bonds as though trying to push me away from your rippling, twitching, pulsating pussy . . .

I stop. Kissing your pussy lightly, I lick my lips to savour the fresh splashes of your cunt juice that dribble down my chin, as your orgasms continue to wrack your bouncing weightless body, bound within the soft embrace of the floating harness . . .

End Part II

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