The Social Experiment – D/D Pt. 02

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The Social Experiment: Dads and Daughters Part 2.

The following is a work of fiction. It contains graphic amounts of mother/son, mother/daughter and brother/sister incestuous sex. It also has crossdressing, man-on-man and woman-on-woman sex. If this is not your cup of tea, do not read further.

It goes without saying that all characters are a minimum of eighteen years old.

Keeping the above in mind, please, enjoy the story. Also, if you were kind enough to vote and/or leave a constructive comment, positive or negative, I would be appreciative.


From Part 1…

When we stepped inside, I turned her to me and said, “Tonight, I’m yours, Roxy. Tonight, I will be your man and love you as only a true lover can. When you wake in my arms tomorrow, we’ll make love again.”

Roxy led me to her bedroom, then pressing her voluptuous body to mine, Roxy turned her lips up for a kiss. I touched my lips to hers softly, and she turned her head to rest it on my shoulder.

Sighing sadly, Roxy asked, “Why can’t I find a decent man, Xavier?”

Squeezing my mother-in-law tightly to me, I replied, “Do you want the clinical psychologist’s answer, mum, or the friend and lover’s one?”

“One, then the other.”

“My answer, as a psychologist, is this –Because you’ve never reconciled your love and lust for your father and never resolved the problems that love and lust caused with your mother, you continually seek out ‘daddy/daughter’ relationships with men. But, instead of finding a ‘daddy’, you find domineering, manipulative, narcissistic men who try to control you, something your father never did. Then, when you rebel against their control, they hit you to re-establish their domination.”

“Oh. And the friend and lover’s answer?”

“You give your heart away too easily, my love. A man shows you attention, and suddenly, he’s your ‘one’, and you give yourself to him totally. That scares the fuck out of him, and he runs.”

“What do I need to do to change?”

“You’ve already taken the first step, mum. You’ve admitted there’s a problem, and you want to fix it.”

“So, how do I fix it?”

“What do you think you need to do?”

“First, talk to my parents. Then apologise and fix our relationship.”


“Reconcile my love for my father, so I can move forwards and find a man that isn’t him.”


Roxy lifted her head and smiled. My heart swelled with pride and love because I knew Roxy saw what she needed to do.

“I need to find an older man like my father, who I can love as I did my dad.”

“Not necessarily older.”

“I need a calm, self-assured man that loves me, warts and all. A man that loves me, wants me to be the best me I can be, but doesn’t want to own or control me.”

“Does that sound right to you?”

“Yes, Xavier, it truly does.” Roxy frowned, “I need you, in other words. But that will never happen because you belong to Bella and JoJo.”

“You think I’m the only man on the planet that is calm and self-assured, and who could love you?”

Thinking, Roxy responded, “Obviously, not. But where do I find such a man?”

“The question we’re all asking, my love,” I replied.

Roxy sighed sadly again, “JoJo’s already gone. Jacob and Charlie will find their ‘one’, Bella will be either with you or Peter Peterson or both, and I’ll be fat, old and alone.”

Smiling, I tickled my mother-in-law and said, “Well, you won’t be alone because our families will never do that to you.”

Growling, something I was happy to hear, Roxy stated, “I will not get fat! My mum is big like JoJo and me, but she never got fat. I will not, either!”

Rolling so I could lie between her luscious thighs and position the head of my rampantly erect cock at the entrance to her vulva, I kissed Roxy, then said, “So, mum. When do I stop being your counsellor and start being your man?”

Wrapping her legs around my hips, Roxy snarled, “As soon as you stop being an asshole and stick that steel-hard rod of yours in me.”

Kissing her passionately, I pressed my hips forwards and slipped inside my wife’s mother. She was hot, tight and oh so wet around me.

“Love me, Xavier,” Roxy moaned. “I know we cannot be husband and wife, but please pretend for me.”

“Tonight, my love, with Bella and Roxy’s permission, I am yours. So, wifey, show me how much you love me.”

Holding my head still so she could look deeply into my eyes, Roxy wrapped her strong legs around my thighs as she undulated her hips, her pussy gripping my cock tightly as she slid up and down it.

I began moving with her, but she squeezed me with her thighs and growled, “Hold still. Let me control this.”

Roxy pushed on my upper chest, forcing me to straighten my arms and lift my body off hers. Still maintaining her slow rhythm but with more room to move, Roxy undulated her hips down and along my shaft. Then, just before I felt my cock would have to pop out of her tightly gripping pussy, Didim Escort she reversed directions and pushed up until her clitoris hit my pelvic bone. Then, holding her clit pressed firmly against me, Roxy ground herself against me before repeating the process.

Slowly, maddeningly, and still holding her eyes fixed on mine, Roxy stroked up at me. It seemed like an age had passed before Roxy’s hips began to speed up. I tried to lean forwards to kiss her, but she shook her head and held my lips firmly away from hers.

“Let me,” Roxy panted. Panting being the first sign of arousal she’d shown, other than a soaking wet pussy.

Roxy’s undulations became thrusts. Then the thrusts increased in speed and forcefulness until she slammed her hips up at me. But still, after every third or fourth thrust, Roxy, with her legs, pulled my cock as deeply into her as it could go as she ground her clit against me.

Refusing to let my gaze go, Roxy moaned before saying, “I’m almost there. Even when I cum, you must hold still. But I want you to cum in me when you feel me orgasm.”

Roxy’s pussy was so tight, hot and wet around my throbbing dick that I’d been doubling and tripling numbers in my mind as I tried not to cum.

“It’s here,” Roxy hissed. “Cum in my pussy, Xavier. Fill me full of your baby-making seed!”

At the end of my tether, I forced my eyes to remain open and locked to my Mother-in-law’s as I felt her pussy spasming on my steel-hard rod. “Here it comes, mum,” I moaned as jet after jet spurted from me and into her welcoming vulva.

Exhausted from the intensity of my orgasm, my arms gave way, and I sagged onto my wife’s mother’s generous bosom. Even then, I kept my eyes held to hers. Suddenly, like the promise of a newborn day, a brilliant smile broke over Roxy’s face as she wrapped my head in her hands and squeezed me to her breasts.

“You truly love me, Xavier,” Roxy beamed. “Not as your wife’s mother or your mother’s friend. You love me for me. I could see it in your eyes and feel it when you came inside me. You love, love me, not I want to fuck you, love me.”

Moving so I could finally kiss her, I replied, “Of course I do, Mumsie. I’ve told you I do many, many times.”

Still holding my head tightly, and with her thighs still wrapped firmly around my hips, Roxy smiled and kissed me, “Yes, Xavier. But, using your phrase, many, many men have told me that, usually just before they hit or cheat on me.”

Sadness washed through me at Roxy’s words, and I wished I could do or say something to make her past better. I couldn’t, of course. All I could do was show her that her future didn’t need to be the same as her past. So, with my dick rapidly hardening, I raised myself and kissed her lips, chin and throat. Then, tonguing where Roxy’s blood pulsed, just above where her collarbones met, I found the crinkly hard nipple on her right breast with my left hand before trailing kisses down her voluptuous body.

As my lips neared Roxy’s neatly trimmed bush, Roxy grabbed my head to prevent me from going lower, “I’m full of cum, Xavier,” she reminded me.

Shaking my head to free it, I joked, “Do you want me to call my place and ask Bella, JoJo, or Jacob to eat you instead?”

All of the above would have, without any hesitation.

Instead of replying, Roxy stopped protesting and let me take possession of her pussy with my tongue. Although I’ve never been intimate with any man other than Jacob, none of us wear condoms when we make love to the others. The only exception was when JoJo and I were trying to have a baby. JoJo and Bella wanted to know for sure JoJo’s baby was mine. Of course, I agreed because of the risks having incest babies entail, but I’ve never objected to eating Jacob’s or Charlie’s ejaculate out of my lover’s ass, mouth or pussy. Nor do they care if they taste me in Bella, Roxy, or JoJo.

Making love to my mother-in-law is easy, as it’s very much like making love to my wife. As I observed earlier in this piece, Roxy and JoJo are more like sisters than mother and daughter. Their looks and bodies are very similar, and they respond similarly, so to give Roxy what she needs to cum hard and quickly, all I need to do is do to her the same things I do to her daughter.

So the first thing I did was to place my thumbs on either side of Roxy’s labia and spread them apart. Then, running my tongue from just short of her rosebud to her pussy’s entrance a few times, I surrounded her pussy lips with my mouth and pressed my tongue as far into her cunt as possible. After swirling my tongue inside her cunt, I moved my head back to lap at our combined juices.

“Oh Gawd, Xavier,” Roxy moaned as she thrust her hips up at my mouth and tongue. “Oh Gawd, that feels so damned good!”

Slipping my finger into her juices as I moved my mouth to her clitoris, I added another finger before swapping those two fingers for my thumb. Then, as Roxy moaned a protest at my fingers leaving, I rudely shoved those fingers into her ass. Next, I bent my thumb so the knuckle pressed against Didim Escort Bayan her G-spot as I lashed her clitoris with my tongue.

When I lightly nipped her clitoris with my teeth, Roxy exploded. With her eyes open wide and her breath gasping, my wife’s mother orgasmed wetly over my mouth and tongue. She didn’t quite squirt, but her juices flowed freely, soaking me down to my throat.

The ever earthy Roxy groaned, “In my ass, Xavier. I need you in my ass, now!”

Ignoring her demand, I pinched my thumb and fingers together before pulling firmly downwards as I lashed and nibbled on her nubbin. Roxy exploded through another body-shaking orgasm. Only then did I push her knees back and apart, lifting her chocolate starfish high enough to readily accept my rampant 7-inch cock. Next, giving Roxy no chance to object, I rammed through her knot and slammed my pubic bone against her ass cheeks.

“Beg me,” I commanded.

“Slap my face, please, Master Xavier.” Roxy pleaded. “Make me your girl forever.”

Instead, flipping my mother-in-law onto her stomach and pressing her lush breasts into the bed, I covered her body with mine, positioned my cock at her rosebud, and forcefully thrust into her.

“Use your fingers on your clit,” I demanded.

“Yes, Sir,” Roxy moaned.

“No ‘Yes, Sir’ tonight,” I hummed. “Tonight we are Mr and Mrs Rosborough, husband and wife making love as a happily married couple.”

Keeping the image of being her man firmly in my mind, I lovingly fucked my mother-in-law through several orgasms without cumming myself.

Nearly an hour later, Roxy begged, “Cum in me, then cuddle me as we sleep, Xavier, please. I can’t go again.”

Of course, I obliged.

I woke the next day to find my mother-in-law’s lips firmly wrapped around my ragingly erect todger. As I had my mother, I warned her, “I need to pee, Roxy. If you keep that up, it may not be only semen you swallow.”

Instead of replying, Roxy’s lips pressed against my pubic bone as she took my balls in her hand and squeezed lightly. With a deep, satisfied groan, I unloaded into my wife’s mother’s mouth. Roxy swallowed it all without complaint, so I pulled her up to lie with me and kissed her passionately.

“I love you, Roxy,” I told her as I stroked her hair and kissed her lips softly.

Roxy snuggled close to me, sighing happily and replied, “I love you, too, Xavier. Last night was the best I’ve felt in many years. Please, may we do this again?”

“Yes, mum,” I said lovingly. “We’ll make time to do this at least fortnightly until we find that one guy that can be yours.”

With tears prickling behind her eyes, Roxy said, “Sometimes, Xavier. I wish it could be you.”

“I know, my love,” I replied. And as it was only a small lie, I added, “I sometimes wish it could be you, too.”

It was exactly the right thing to say because Roxy smiled happily and pressed her voluptuous body to me.

“I’ll never try to come between Bella, JoJo and you, Xavier. And I’ll have a chat with Charles to ensure he knows his sister will never be his. But I’ll take you up on your offer to spend the occasional night making love as we did last night.”

“The offer is always open, Roxy girl. Bella and JoJo won’t object. Plus, we’ll all talk with Charlie, Mumsie,” I replied. “He needs to know we’re not angry or disappointed with him. It’s just that he needs to find his one, and that ‘one’ isn’t JoJo.”

“And if my youngest insists that she is?”

“Won’t happen, Roxy. You’ve raised him too well for that to happen.”

“Will you make love to me, Xavier, please?”

“Of course I will, mum,” I replied before I gently, lovingly, took her into my arms and kissed her parted lips.

Forty-five minutes later, hand in hand, we strolled up to my home.

Just before I opened the door to my home, Roxy embraced me and whispered, “Thank you for last night, Xavier. On Thursday, will you please don your psychologist’s cap and let me talk to you about JoJo’s and Charlie’s father?”

Deadpanning, I replied, “A psychologist should never be intimately involved with their patient, Mumsie. But, yes, I will!”

As we walked through the lounge to the kitchen, it was apparent the rest of our family had been awake for some time. I could smell bacon frying, hear eggs being fried, and the unmistakable sound of coffee percolating.

Wearing twin smiles and not much else, my wives crossed to hug and kiss Roxy and me. Bella whispered, “Well done, husband. Roxy looks happier and more relaxed than she’s been for years.”

Hugging my women closely to me, I murmured, “You two need to help Roxy take care of Jacob and Charlie more regularly. Those two sluts are wearing the poor woman out!”

“What about Charlie’s infatuation with me?” JoJo answered equally as quietly.

“I’ll bring it up at breakfast, and we’ll all discuss it,” I replied.

“And Jacob’s with me?” Bella questioned.

“Mum, Jacob is wise enough to know you don’t love him as he loves you, and he’s okay with it. But with your Escort Didim permission, I’ll encourage Jacob to admit his submissive side and crossdress so he can become my lover.”

“Can we watch?” my wives pleaded.

With a smile, I responded, “Every time, my loves!”

As our extended family ate breakfast, I watched the two Rosborough men. It became immediately apparent that what we feared was happening was. I wasn’t concerned about Jacob’s infatuation with Bella. Jacob is old and mature enough to love my mother at a distance and to accept what he could have from her without obsessing. But, on the other hand, Charlie was fixated on JoJo, and the poor guy had a classic case of puppy love. In some ways, it was quite cute, but it could easily trip into a full-blown obsession. As the nominal head of our families, I had to act.

So, even though I’d said we’d all discuss it over breakfast, I pushed my chair back and said, “Charlie, grab your coffee and join me in my editing suite, please.”

Taking the bigger of the two office chairs in front of my equipment, I turned to Charlie and asked him to take a seat. Sitting nervously, Charlie waited to see what I wanted. Calmly, I sipped my tea and watched him.

Eventually, Charlie’s nervousness forced him to talk, “Did you want something, Xavier? I thought I must have been in trouble.”

“Why would you think you’d be in trouble, Charlie?”

“Oh, umm, well… No reason, I guess.”

“Have you done something you think you might be in trouble for?”

Charlie blushed, so I took another sip of tea and waited.

Looking at the ground, ashamed, he admitted, “I’m in love with your wife, Xavier.”

“Your sister?”


“Bella’s wife?”

“I know it’s wrong, Xavier. But I can’t help it. I want her for mine as she is yours.”

“And you think that’s okay?”

I knew he didn’t. Hence his nervousness.

“No,” Charlie whispered, seeming to shrink even smaller.

“Why is what you want wrong?”

“Because it’s incest, Xavier. Incest is wrong!”

“So what Bella and I have is wrong? What you and Roxy have, what Roxy Jacob and JoJo have, it’s all wrong?”

“No, Xavier, of course not!”

“So what is wrong then?”

I could tell his mind had finally jerked off the track it was on.

“I’m obsessing over JoJo,” he offered.

“Instead of?”

Charlie contemplated his answer as we sipped our drinks. Eventually, he got to the correct answer, “Instead of enjoying things as they are, appreciating what I have, and letting whatever else may happen evolve naturally.”

Smiling, I stood and pulled my brother-in-law into a hug. Then, kissing his cheek lightly, I joked, “I’m glad I didn’t have to get Roxy to put you over her knee and spank you! Of course, her doing that may have just got you hot and bothered again!”

Looking at Charlie closely, I added, “Feeling better?”

“Like a huge weight has lifted, Xavier. I was so scared that I’d blurt out how I felt and ruin everything for everybody!”

Charlie opened the door of my suite before hesitating and asking, “Am I still allowed to… umm… play with JoJo?

Straight-faced, I replied, “Fuck my wife, you mean?”

Charlie blushed again, and his eyes hit the floor. He looked so distraught I felt bad for teasing him. So I hugged him tightly before saying, “Charlie Rosborough, my friend, you may make love with JoJo each and every time she wants you to!”

I received another beaming smile from a member of the Rosborough family.

When we returned to the kitchen table, Bella hugged me and whispered, “Fixed?”

“For now,” I answered. “But finding someone for Charlie got added to the list.”

“Why can’t we just stay as we are, Xavier? Mum asked plaintively.

“Because it’s not healthy for any of us, mum. We’re all stunting our emotional development by being exclusive to each other and not allowing ourselves to even think about finding wives or husbands that can be ours, let alone trying to find them.”

Bella finally clicked on to what I meant, and her eyes widened. Pulling me out into the hall, she stated, “It’s not you, me and JoJo you’re worried about or looking after. It’s Roxy and the rest of her crew.”

“Yes, mother. But they don’t need to realise what I encouraged has made them dysfunctional. None of us would want it any other way, but we need to add more people for the long-term mental and emotional health of the three unwed Rosboroughs.”

“They love you, Xavier. All of them, not only JoJo. I bet if you asked, they wouldn’t think you’d made them anything except rich and wouldn’t resent or regret a thing.”

“I know, mum. But if we can get them and you married off,” I grinned at her. They won’t hate me in the future when they’re still all each of them has.”

“I could never hate you, baby boy,” mum replied vehemently. “No matter what, I will always love you.”

I wrapped my arms around my mother’s lower back, lifted her, and swung her around. Kissing her full lips, I said, “I love you, Mrs Xavier Johns. More than you will ever know.”

Mum was pleased with me calling her my wife, as she typically is, and kissed me back passionately, “I love you just as much, my boy. But we’ll see about you ‘marrying me off’. Besides, who other than you and JoJo would want an old girl like me?”

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