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*** In The Apple Orchard ***

“Do you really think my brother can satisfy you?” Trenton stood at the bottom of the ladder, hands shoved in his pockets.

Melody, startled, dropped the wicker basket she’d just begun to fill. “Oh, why must you do that every time?” Melody scolded as she descended. On the ground she scooped up apples in the same efficient manner she handled everything else.

Her quick stabbing look at Trenton almost made him laugh. Up until recently he would have believed the house-mouse appearance she cultivated. But last week had resulted in his car breaking down by Old Mill Pond. Thinking to refresh himself Trenton had stumbled to the pond and onto a most unexpected scene: Melody stretching on top of the broad flat boulder in the middle of the pond.

Only, he hadn’t known it was Melody at the time.

Trenton took shelter in the cats-tails and reeds. For the better part of an hour he watched the limber movements of the nude form moving from one position to another. His bewitched mind could focus on nothing but the byplay of shadows and light, color against the gray of the boulder and glassy black of the pond. In all the time of crouching there, He’d done nothing to relieve himself of the pressure gathered behind his fly

For an entire week he’d waited to get her alone. Now, he reasoned, he knew what eternity felt like.

“Melody, Stop.” Trenton caught her arm to hold her in place.

She straightened slowly, bringing the armload of apples with her. Melody’s hair fell from the bun at that moment.

The curls bounced against the backs of his fingers. Trenton released her arm only tangle his fingers in the chestnut strands. Suddenly the quiet house mouse image she’d always brought to his mind changed to a sleek Mare. Whether she knew it or not he no longer saw her hair twisted up into a bun, reading glasses, the slate blue dresses and gum boots as warning signs of impending boredom. Instead he recognized these things for what they were: walls to keep others away from the deliciousness hiding beneath.

At last he found his voice. “Why are you marrying my brother?”

Her outraged gasp was the only warning he had to her flash-fire temper. Melody slapped his hand down, dropped the apples into the basket and – leaving it all – marched through the orchard in the direction of the farmhouse.

“Everyone has asked me is why I’m marrying Derek.” She snapped. “At breakfast, lunch and dinner I get this very same question.” She spun about to face Trenton. “Don’t you get it yet? – I don’t want to marry him!”

“Why go through with it, then?” Trenton asked, coming to a stop only a foot away. In the back of his mind he knew he was crowding her. Worse, Melody was at limit with him. She was going to bolt if he didn’t handle this just right.

“You are the worst of them.” Melody planted her hands on her hips. “You’re forever hounding me. Every time I turn around I find you on my heels. Tell me, why don’t you want me married to Derrick?”

“Because he doesn’t love you.” Trenton answered at once.

Melody snorted. “Love has never been part of this equation.” She folded her arms and studied him. “Are you going to challenge my father? Do you honestly think he’d give up all the money Derek is paying him?”

“Should I challenge Derek for your hand?” Trenton wasn’t about to tell her he’d been thinking just that. He shoved his hands back into his pockets. It was the only thing he could think of to keep from grabbing her.

At once all the ire and anger drained from Melody. Her shoulders slumped and her head drooped. “Why would you want to challenge for me anyway?” She muttered. “I’ve not got anything you want.”

“Perhaps what you’re thinking of is what Derek wants. My brother is a spoiled brat who has grown into a spoiled man. Why not think about what you want?” Trenton lifted a hand to caress her cheek, startled when she looked to bite him. He jerked his hand away.

“I don’t have any choice. Father’s announced it already.” Melody’s step back was hesitant. Her gaze met his.

Trenton hid a smile. Melody was skittish, her eyes looking at everything but him. Silently he dared her to run. Running would give him an opportunity to race after her. He could catch her and hold her and… He felt heat flood his loins.

“I just want to be somewhere else.” She took another step backward. Melody didn’t truly start to worry until Trenton stepped over the basket. He was close again, crowding her out here in the wide-open orchard.

“Women love Derek.” Trenton studied Melody. Her breasts heaved with the combination of fear and excitement. Her nipples swelled against the confines of her sweater and formed prominent attention seeking points. For the second time in as many minutes he felt lust tighten his belly.

He tried to push these thoughts from his head. It was impossible. “There’s a barn. It’s abandoned.” Trenton spoke swiftly.

*** The Race ***

“What?” Melody’s mind felt scattered. Alanya Escort She liked Trenton from the first time they’d met. He was the kind of man who held open doors for her or who would retrieve the canned beans from the top shelf just so she wouldn’t go climbing on the rickety step stool. But until five minutes ago she’d not thought of him as anything other than Derek’s older brother.

She bit her bottom lip and studied him. Trenton’s short-cropped curly black hair brought out the sharp green-blue of his eyes. His aristocratic nose and high cheekbones were the only parts of him so like Derek. Unlike Derek these features seemed to fit his face and personality. Trenton’s full firm lips tilted up on one side as he spoke. His words were lost on Melody as her careful inspection traveled lower. Melody thought Trenton’s solid chin and large shoulders spoke of confidence and the type of personality a girl could rely on to keep her safe.

Safe? Awareness zipped down Melody’s spine. She felt anything but safe with Trenton.

Now, standing so close to him, she felt her heart pound and her hands go clammy. If she didn’t know better she’d have sworn she was sick.

“You’re not making any sense.” Melody moaned. The trembling in her fingers and wobbly knees belied her words. Everything in her head screamed for her to run! But she couldn’t seem to move a muscle.

“For the first time, I’m making perfect sense. I’m going to take you to the barn and show you why you’re not marrying Derek.” She was going to bolt! Trenton shifted his weight to the balls of his feet. No way in Hades was he letting her get away!

He’d no more than thought this when Melody shot off to his left. Trenton grinned, watching her sprint off. She was so spooked she ran not in the direction of the farm but toward the barn.

Like a stallion, Trenton raced after her.

Confusion, fear and heat wedged in the pit of Melody’s stomach. She fought down the first two. These were emotions she dealt with on a daily basis. She leapt over a half rotted log and around a thick tree root. Any moment now she’d burst from the orchard into the fields behind the farmhouse. Someone would see her. Someone would come running, to find out why Melody had run from the orchard in panic.

Even as she thought this Melody was aware of a niggling in the back of her mind. But too many things crowded her thoughts. The sensation in the pit of her belly was nothing she’d ever felt before. It weighted her down and slowed her reflexes.

The sensation reminded her of what she’d felt yesterday on seeing the prize Mare and Stallion mate. The two horses spent days teasing each other, scenting the Mare’s heat. Talk of their prolonged teasing was rampant at the dinner table until Derek’s father put a stop to it.

“But even you can admit that horses don’t do things like this.” Derek had said, ignoring the pointed looks from his father. “The wranglers think he’s in love with her. They say that’s the only reason a male horse would act so stupid.”

“I admit this is a bit unusual for to see such displays. But, son, it’s not unheard of. Love is a byproduct of nature and nurture.” Derek’s father had speared Melody with a look that promised a long conversation soon. Thankfully Melody didn’t have to hide the reality of this situation from him. This marriage was an arrangement between this man and her father. No doubt he’d thought love was going to form from this relationship. Hadn’t Derek’s father said as much when he’d first talked to her?

Melody said little throughout dinner that night. She was reluctant to admit she’d watched the entire event from her bedroom window. Luckily, toward the end, nobody had thought to look up. Otherwise, they’d have caught her in a most embarrassing state of undress!

Now, thoughts of the two horses made her want wild wanton things… Like turning around and launching herself at the man not far behind her. She wanted to tangle her fingers in Trenton’s hair and kiss him and grind her…”No!” Melody shouted, putting on a burst of speed.

She broke from the trees and stumbled to a stop. No farmhouse littered the other side of the meadow. In fact, the barn that rested there was so odd that – befuddled – she spun about at a loss to which direction she’d run in. In an attempt to regroup her directions she launched herself back toward the trees and bushes.

But Trenton was much closer than she anticipated. He made no effort to slow down but caught her arm as he ran past. Melody whipped about behind him, half frenzied to get away.

The barn door rested at a permanently open angle, weeds and vines having tied it in place long ago. Melody saw this in the moment she had before they were inside the old empty building. She knew this place! A starburst of panic gave her strength to fight against the man holding her arm in an iron grip. “Let me go!” She shouted, beating Trenton about the shoulders and chest with her free fist.

*** Alanya Escort Bayan A Basic Understanding ***

Trenton had his hand over her mouth before she could shout more. “I don’t want to hurt you.” He murmured against her temple and pulled her close. He seemed not to notice her blows. Instead he released her, his hands drifting down to cup her hips, easing her against the thick bulge in his pants. “We adults aren’t supposed to know about the barn. This is a favorite spot for my nieces and nephews. They keep it clean and restock the hay in the loft on a regular basis.”

“Are you going to rape me?” Melody’s panic subsided in the face of his calm talk. She stood stiff, arms straight down at her sides.

“Not rape. Love.” Trenton shifted and settled his palms over the twin globes of her bottom.

Melody gasped.

Trenton noted she was back to not looking at him. Melody was his skittish Mare at a crossroads. She didn’t know whether to fight or to give in. He relaxed, letting her put a mere half-inch of space between them. Trenton’s hands still rested on her bottom and he caressed each firm round globe.

“Why?” Melody’s gaze caught his. “Why me?”

“A man could find himself at home in your body. Everything in the world would ease up. All the pain and sorrow…Derek’s already cheating on you.” Unsteadily his hands smoothed up her sides to curve over the warm fullness of each breast. “Strip for me.”

“N-no.” Melody’s shaky whisper was followed by a moan. Her head fell back even as she arched against his nimble fingers toying with the peaks of her nipples as they pressed through her blouse. Melody barely protested when Trenton’s lips brushed against her mouth, then drifted down to settle on the soft valley between her breasts.

Heat expanded in Trenton. He barely remembered they were in the old barn together. Lost to him was the small possibility of a family member walking in on them. Nothing existed outside of the friction teasing his body against hers. He inhaled. The soft spicy scent of melody’s skin teased his nostrils and roused his libido.

Reluctantly Trenton began to raise his head. He wanted to kiss her wild, to have her beg his body into her. But Melody’s fingers tangled in his hair, holding his head in place. Her fingers traced light patterns on his scalp even as she pressed her body to him.

Trenton reluctantly eased his hands from the swells of her breasts. They drifted in lazy circles down to the waistband of her skirt. He unfastened the top buttons. The material slid down over her hips and pooled at her feet.

Melody’s belly contracted under his searching caress.

Careful not to scrape her delicate skin with his calluses Trenton traced a path up under her blouse. For a moment his fingers spread out over her ribs, then contracted onto the front fastening of Melody’s bra. To his delightful surprise it wasn’t an impossible clasp to release.

Melody felt heat shimmer in her belly. Trenton’s breath warmed the skin above her heart. As if in response her breasts called attention to themselves, turning swollen and heavy. Everything in between her chest and belly quivered and waited for his next move. Even her lips tingled when Trenton slanted his mouth over hers for a moment.

Had she truly thought he’d rape her?

Underneath her blouse Trenton eased the cups of her bra aside. His warm palms settled over the bare skin of her breasts. She gasped at the exquisite sensations that burst from her nipples. And caught his hair between her fingers when his mouth – hot and moist – claimed one turgid nipple through the thin cloth of her blouse.

“Help me.” Trenton moaned, his mouth just above the morsel of pleasure he’d just suckled. It was as if Melody was merely waiting for him to ask. She released his head and almost tore her blouse apart in an attempt to get it open. The process seemed to take forever. Finally the last button slid through the hole and Trenton caught the edges, easing them apart. “Most beautiful.” He whispered, lowering his head this time to a bared breast.

Melody lacked the experience of lovers and it showed. Instead of playing it cool she caught at Trenton’s free hand and brought it to her turgid nipple. “Yes!” She cried, arching as his fingers sought the crest of her nipple and gave it a gentle squeeze. In no time she felt as if every nerve was stretched to the point of breaking – waiting. Her knees trembled.

The sudden invasion of Trenton’s knee between her legs shattered the pleasure coursing through her body. A sob caught in her throat as his hands, once gentle and slow, hurried down to the band of her panties. The tension within her turned bittersweet. “Please…” She whimpered, thinking to beg off. Crude and fumbling his fingers pushed through the tangle of small curls to the nub at the juncture of her thighs. His caress was painfully sharp, uncomfortable. This wasn’t how – a moment ago – she thought she’d welcome Trenton into her Escort Alanya body.

“What the hell?” Trenton snapped, lifting his head. “You’re as dry as desert sand!”

*** In The Barn ***

Trenton regretted his words at once. The icy expression on Melody’s face told him he’d lost her and all the pleasure he’d built up.

Melody’s eyes filled with tears. She blinked them away and studied the wood of the barn wall behind him. “Let’s get this over with.” She hated the resignation in her voice. Yet wasn’t this how Derek liked it?

Trenton released her at once and spun away. He pushed his hands through his hair. He must have done something that turned her off. Everything was fine until he pushed his leg in between hers… Slowly he faced her.

“How does Derek like his sex Melody?”

She paled, hands fluttering to protect her feminine assets.

“Don’t answer that.” He snapped when she couldn’t get the words out. Then, “Was he your first?” He swore at her mute nod. “The bastard raped you!” He thundered.

Melody shivered. Even though the day was unseasonably warm she wished for the comfort of the skirt at her ankles. Surely Trenton wouldn’t mind if she pulled it back up, just for a moment?

“Leave it.” Trenton ordered at her first tentative movement. He continued pacing, thinking through his actions. He was strung tight as a wire. Until the last Melody -sweet tasty Melody – was matching him pace per pace. She’d become lost so swiftly in the pleasure of simple loving that he’d lost his head. And now Melody was going to run. He could sense the anticipation of flight gathering in her.

“Did Derek ever bring you out here?”

“Yes, the first time. It was at night. I didn’t know this was the place he…we…until you pulled me inside.” Melody mumbled her answer, carefully stepping from the skirt. If need be she’d grab it up and run past him. Once she was back in the orchard she’d find a hiding place and pull her skirt on. Then she’d take the long route back to the farmhouse.

Trenton watched the uneasy flex of her body as she shifted. Melody was testing her legs and arms. She was planning. Damned if he’d go running through the orchard in this condition.

He hid a grin as Melody caught up her skirt. He let her start past him, giving her a glimpse of freedom, before clamping his hand on her arm. Trenton pulled her back, jerking her body fully against his. “Did he undress you all the way? Or was it a quickie without your panties?”

Melody felt hunted. “He…tore them off.”

“Where?” Trenton demanded. Hit bit back a curse when Melody pointed to the first stall by the barn door. His brother hadn’t bothered to bring her a decent way into the barn. He hadn’t bothered to undress her fully. And quite obviously hadn’t bothered to learn what pleased her.

It was like taking in a skittish horse after a bad owner. There was no telling how deep the abuse ran, or how long it would take to win her trust. There was nowhere to start but at the beginning without the bite of clothing harnessing her nature in place.

“W-what?” Melody stumbled, certain she’d heard Trenton wrong. She clutched the wad of skirt to her chest like a shield.

“Take it off.” Trenton repeated. When she didn’t move he eased the skirt from her grasp. “Give me your blouse.” He caught one trembling hand and brought it to the edge of her blouse. “Slowly, now. I’m in no rush. It’s only noon now. We’ve got a few hours.”

“Hours?” Melody gasped. Fear and heat rushed through her. Trenton, gentle like this, was heady. But this was different from his manner only a few minutes ago. He’d been pushy and uncaring of her…her needs! He rushed forward when she wasn’t ready then became upset at this very same conclusion. Could she handle hours of Trenton’s intentions if he turned from considering into rough and crude?

“Now your bra.” Trenton ordered. He set the flimsy material on his shoulder just as he had her skirt and blouse.

Melody kicked off the gum boots. The cool air of the barn gave her goosebumps and increased her uncertainty. She stood for a moment, hands at her side. Bitterly she thought that Trenton would want her completely naked.

“No.” Trenton caught her hands and pulled them from the waistband of her panties. “That’s my job.” Careful not to spook her he settled on his knees. He rested his forehead against the gentle curve of her belly and inhaled.

Melody trembled. Trenton, it seemed, made a game of doing the opposite of what she expected. She curled her fingers in his thick hair. Melody made up her mind to pull his hair out if he tortured her ‘down there’. Derek had done so once, drawing blood with his teeth and laughing about it when she screamed in shock. Since then she’s never let him put his mouth anywhere near that sensitive area.

But Trenton wasn’t Derek. So far he’d confused her with his sensitivity. Not once had he tried to deliberately hurt her. Inwardly Melody struggled with how far to let Trenton go. Then, in a burst of trust she shifted, widening her stance.

Trenton inhaled unsteadily. This was a good sign. This was his Mare letting him know she was still interested – If he could treat her right. He nuzzled the triangle of cloth at the juncture of her thighs.

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