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Subject: The start of my journey part 2 , incest/ authoritian The start of my journey part 2 If everyone could please show your support with contributions to keep the archive online. You can find out how at fty/donate.html This is total fiction and is for entertainment only.If it is illegal to view this in your country, then please exit the story.Thanking you to Nifty for publishing this story. Please send me feedback about my story at my mail. ………… Before leaving for the flight, he whispered in my ears to follow the rules, be in contact and to take care of the family. ……….. The following months were completely new to me. The first and the foremost of the feeling I got used to is the thing on my dick. It’s weight and its gravity. For the first few days it was uncomfortable as hell not because it prevented me to touch my dick but because of so many problems with it( can not pee standing up, has to take proper time cleaning it, it getting in the way when I sleep and such). However, the links that my uncle send me were helpful. Also the occasional text about some guidance was also helpful. As I got used to the caged life, the main point of frustration became my daily exercise. It was hard , really hard to do them. I struggled with them for weeks. But the surprising thing was that my body slowly started getting used to it. And also didn’t get sick so often. Also after almost two months since my uncle’s departure, my body started getting more definition around my chest and an inkling of abs was developing in place of my flat stomach. This gave me motivation to continue to follow my instructions. Also I kept on video msg my exercise video to my uncle. Initially he used to reply me with correction or other msgs but after 3 weeks he only saw my videos and msg without replying. Then after 2 months he replied a single instruction of doing my exercise with only my boxer shorts on. And there was radio silence for almost two months. As summer approached and we were preparing for my our visit to the vacation home, my uncle msged me with a set of instructions: izmit escort bayan 1. You will be my eyes on your brother and tell me whatever happens. You will follow him without getting caught wherever he goes. Inability to follow or getting caught must be reported and will result in punishment. If not reported you will have the harshest punishment. 2. You will report to Ali once you arrive and he will deliver all the punishment on behalf of me for these past months. You must do all what he says and treat him with as much respect as you treat me. Addressing him as sir. 3. Ali will train you and he will reward or punish you as he wish. I have asked him to be patient and understanding since you are new to this. This was all in the last communication from my uncle. I didn’t know what to expect but I grew excited for what is going to happen this summer. We reached our vacation home a little before noon. After I met my nana , papa and my brother we went to have lunch. Ali came to pick my brother up for his apprenticeship. Remembering what my master said, I asked whether I can go with them to see where my brother. My brother gave me dirty looks when I said this. And my mother was apprehensive of whether it would be ok for my health. I protested ignoring the daggers from my brother by saying that I have been in good health for quite some time and the natural air would be beneficial for me. Ali promised my mother that he will see to that I follow all his rules under his care and he will take full responsibility of me during the journey. Thus my mother ascended and we rode to the farm where my brother worked. It was a short uneventful silent ride to the farm, the noise of the jeep and the road making it almost impossible to make light conversation. At the farm, I met with the owner of the farm who raised horses for derbies and shows and also prime livestock for renowned eateries . He was a beefy man with a huge beer belly way past his prime. I saw him for the first time but something about him looked quite familiar. Ali introduced him to me and he seemed izmit sınırsız escort genial. Ali asked his permission to show me the farm and the surrounding woods. To that he readily agreed and also added if i enjoy what I see then I can come back again. Then he went back to work. My brother as usual ignored me and started going towards a shed. I was about to follow him when Ali Sayed in a slight change in his time that I do not have to follow my brother. To which I nodded. ” I hoped Bill taught you better manners boy. When a superior asks you answer back” ” Sorry sir” “Good…now let’s go to the backwoods” We went to the woods in the back of the farm. Amidst the dense overgrown bushes and shrubs I followed him to a small pool of water. Here he turned and ask to undress completely and then put my hands on the back of my head. I complied readily. He then did a careful examination of my body with his hands. From my mouth to my caged cock taking his time opening my mouth and swirling his thumb and fingers around it, teasing my nipples with slight twists and cupping my balls around the cage. Then he told me to lean forward as he parted my butt cheeks and breathed on my small hole that send shivers through out my body. He then ordered me to give ten laps around the pond within fifteen minutes and for every minute of delay I had to lap the it on my knees. Since it was a small pool of water, I was confident to do it. But alas I have never run barefoot and it was really painful. And I could barely finish my tenth run in time. Ali however had clocked me that I took some 40 sec more so I had to run another lap on my knees. Dirty and exhausted after completing my last lap, he made me sit on his lap. My uncle has already informed him of my four miscreant activity that warranted me punishment. For each one I received two whipping of a stick. It was the first time for getting whipped. I screamed whenever the stick hit my butt and it felt terrible. But I was so hard that my cage was about to burst…and the pain was more on my balls kocaeli escort bayan than in my butt. Once done he turned me and kissed me in my lips. He tasted of spices and smoke. It was my first kiss on lips. My parents and family had always kissed me on my forehead or my cheeks. It was a deep kiss and it felt for a moment that I was not in pain at all but then my cock strained in the cage and the ball bursting pain was back. While kissing, Ali skillfully unlocked my cage with one hand and started jerking my hardening cock. Within seconds I cummed but he did not stop he continued to jerk and I came 3 times in matters of minute. After the 3 rd time, he took his hands of my softening dick and put it in front of my mouth full of my white cum and commanded me to make it clean. I started licking his hand clean of my cum. That day was also my first day of eating cum. It tasted fruity but also salty and had a weird bitter aftertaste. Once it was clean he started jerking my dick again. This time it took longer but I cummed again which he made me swallow. This continued for 3 more time after which I started dry cumming. At this point he told me to stop and clean myself in the pool. After the ordeal of the day, the cool water felt good and refreshing. I was a bit tired but also relaxed; I was feeling satisfied yet still confused. Once I have washed and came back up, he locked me back up. Then he owned his shirt and dried me up with it covering me up in his musk. It was the first time I saw him shirtless in light; he was sculpted bronze with right mix of dark body hair to make him look real and manly. He gave me my clothes thereafter which I wore back on. We then trekked back to the farm where he told me to wait. He soon came back and told me he will be taking me back home. He has also suggested the owner whether I can come back again and help me in the main farm and the owner has agreed if my mother allows. Once home, he asked my mother about it. My mother was surprised but told that if I am well after today and still feeling good next week, I will be permitted. Saying thanks and bidding everyone good bye he went to get his jeep started. On the pretext of bidding him at the jeep, I followed him. Before ridding back to the farm, he instructed me to rest and sleep early; and come to the stable at night 30 mins after my brother has started.

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