The Storm

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I felt a bit self-conscious, Mom had convinced me to buy a two-piece suit for this summer.

“But Camilla, look, its a tank-ini, not even a bikini. You have the body to fill it out.”

I had turned bright red there in the store, and now I was wearing it for the first time. I felt eyes on me as I lay on the lounge chair, dried off from my long swim. I still breathed hard, had raced out my frustrations, raced against no one.

“Afternoon Cammie. Lemonade?”

I shielded my eyes from the bright sun, saw Mr Patterson standing there, a pitcher of ice cold lemonade in his hand.

“I’d love some.”

I stood, followed him to the shaded area of the patio. He poured two tall glasses, set one in front of each chair at the smaller table. I sipped at the sweetly-sour drink, cooled me off just a bit more.

“Thank you Mr Patterson.”

“No problem. I saw you swimming out here, it’s a warm day.”

“It sure is. But, look over there.”

I pointed to the valley beyond our development, storm clouds were fast approaching.

“That looks a bit ominous doesn’t it.”

I watched as he pulled out his phone, read me the weather alert, with damaging winds and hail. I grabbed my belongings, my house was at the other end of the development, and too far for even a jog.

“Come with me, Cammie. My house is closer than yours.”

He grabbed my hand, we dashed through the beginning rain drops, his house was diagonally across from the rec center. His garage door was open, we made it to the end of his SUV as the first crashes of thunder echoed. I trembled, watched as the lightning struck the sky, lighting what had been just a sunny day only minutes ago.

“Come on, let’s go in.”

He ushered me up the two steps and into his 3 bedroom, 2 bath house. Most of them similar in our neighborhood, only a few had extra bedrooms and baths. I waited, still dripped a little wet, Mr Patterson came back out in dry clothes. He handed me a shirt and pants, directed me into his hall bath.

“Change, get dry.”

I took his direction, trembled again as a rip of thunder shook the house. I wrung out my hair, dried as best I could with the towel he’d given me. I left my suit hanging over the tub, and used a comb to brush out my long hair. I found a hairdryer under the sink, used that for a few minutes just to make my hair not so wet. I washed the comb, let it dry on the side of the sink. Mr Patterson was busy in the living area, I watched as he set the table with candles, his flashlights and the wind-up radio just in case.

He turned to me and smiled, a warning came over the radio station he’d turned on. A tornado warning for our area until 9:15 pm. He gathered the candles, I took a few from him and followed him into the small-basement that everyone had, just for these reasons. He left me down in the basement, a small couch and rug, a few lamps lit the quaint space. He came back, a small cooler with ice and his tornado preparedness kit on his back.

“No worries, I’m stocked.”

He gestured to the side wall, shelves of water, canned goods, non-perishables were stocked full.

“Use the bathroom?”

He asked, I nodded, still frightened. He Ataşehir Escort placed his hand on my low back, directed me to sit down.

“Cammie, are you frightened? Of me?”

I looked at the kind older man, shook my head.

“No, not of you Mr Patterson. I have never gotten used to these storms, even after living here for five years.”

He laughed gently, smiled at me.

“I’ve lived here my entire life, I’m still here. That’s 37 years mind you.”

I smiled at him, nodded.

“Just thankful we still have power.”

And as if by magic, the lights flickered and then went dark, a crash of thunder shook the house above us. I helped hold the flashlight still as Mr Patterson lit the candles on the small tables that surrounded us, a few on the bookshelves behind us. I shivered, but began to breathe a bit easier as the room began to brighten again, in the soft candle light.

“Cammie? Can I call you Cam?”

“Most people do Mr Patterson.”

“Call me Nate, please Cam.”

“Okay then, Nate. Are you worried about your wife?”

He smiled.

“No, her husband is probably taking good care of his wife. We divorced more than three years ago..”

“Oh, oh I’m sorry.”

He sat back next to me on the couch.

“Nope, no worries. We’re both happier.”

“So she has someone new, but…”

“I don’t not currently anyhow. Dated some since Jill and I called it off almost 4 years ago. I just miss the sex.”

He blushed, cleared his throat, I knew I turned red too.

“I wouldn’t know.”

“Still a virgin then, Cammie? You’re young, still time.”

“Not that young, I’m a senior this year, I’ll be 22 in two months. And my boyfriend…ugh. I’m sorry Nate, I don’t mean to complain.”

“It’s fine. We may be here awhile. Continue, I don’t mind listening.”

Another crash of thunder rolled outside. We could hear the rain, but there were no windows put in these basements for this reason, no windows to break.

“My boyfriend, he doesn’t give. I give him sexual things, but he doesn’t do anything for me. Half contemplating being with a woman. My friend Annie says her girlfriend gives amazing orgasms. I have only given them to myself.”

“Are you needy a lot, hon? For sex, or orgasms?”

“I need to everyday, sometimes two or three times a day. And Jeff, my boyfriend, he says he won’t take my virginity until our wedding night. But, at this point, I don’t want to marry him. Annie says if he won’t even touch me below…my panties, it’s a bad sign. I’d be responsible for my own orgasms for the rest of my life.”

“She is probably right. Jill, my wife, was the same way. We didn’t give into our urges until our wedding night. And I regret it, she does too.”

I nodded, so he did understand.

“What about you? Do you need orgasms frequently?”

He grinned.

“Not as much as you apparently, but yeah once a day, sometimes twice. Especially if I’m not having sex. My last time was almost three months ago, and…yikes.”


I laughed at his expression.

“Let’s just say the woman I slept with wasn’t worth what I paid for.”

He laughed, mostly I think at my expression. Kadıköy Escort Someone as handsome as he, shouldn’t have to pay for sex. I wasn’t sure if I should tell him that. But I did anyway.

“Someone so handsome, shouldn’t have to pay for sex.”

He slid his arm over my shoulders, turned his body toward me and his lips pressed to mine in a harsh kiss. But, it wasn’t just that harsh kiss, it was the soft ones that followed. We’d both taken in a deep breath or two, his eyes pored into mine. And our next kisses, our tongues began to tangle, his hand slid up the big tee-shirt he’d let me wear. His fingers teased my nipples, I moaned under his attention. He pulled back, both of us left catching our breaths.

“Fuck, baby.”

He stood, paced around the small space. I could hear him mumbling to himself as he squared himself around the corners of the room. I pulled a blanket from the cedar chest, he watched as I wriggled out of my clothes, pulled the blanket around me.


He had come up behind me, his breath hitched in my ear. I felt his hands caress my bare shoulders, his lips were soft on my earlobes. His leg slid between mine, his left arm wrapped around my bare middle as the blanket dropped between us. His kisses trailed down my neck and his right arm held me lower, his hand just above my naked mound.

“It’s warm, you want this baby? You want me to take you, and make you mine?”

I leaned against back against him, could only moan in answer. His teeth nipped at my neck and I felt his fingers begin to slide up and down between my pussy lips.

I gasped as he teased my hard nub with his flat thumb, felt his finger begin to slide into my hole.

“This…this is going to be mine.”

He growled in my ear, bit my earlobe again as I cried out a “yes, yes it is, and soon.”

“Yes. Very soon, my angel. But first, I will make you scream for me, your juices will flow over my hand.”

He thrust his finger in and out of me, his thumb worked me faster. I trembled against his bigger body, my knees felt weak as I felt my orgasm begin to bubble up inside. I pinched my own nipples, as I always did when I took care of my self. He pawed at my hand, pulled it away and replaced it with his own.

“I am addicted to your body Cam, I don’t want to leave it.”

I clenched around his fingers, his words to me helped to bring me right to the brink.

“Nate! Oh god Nate!”

I cried out, heard his groan of pleasure as I spilled over his hand, he held my body as I felt weak. He turned me in his arms, I slid my hands up and around his neck, he kissed me deeply. I nearly felt lifted from the floor, his arms held me so tight. He set me back to my feet,

“Stay here.”

I nodded, watched as he pulled off the couch cushions and moved the table a few feet back. The couch pulled out, and he reached into the trunk to lay a sheet over the mattress. He added the small throw pillows, lay the blanket I’d had wrapped around me over the sheet.

“A girl’s first time should be in a bed.”

He held his hand to me, I smiled and walked around to meet where he stood. He pulled the cover back, kissed me and told me Ümraniye Escort to lie down. My heart was racing as I watched him undress himself, his hairy body was muscled, he took good care of himself and it showed. I gasped in delight as his cock popped free. I’d felt it against my ass when he’d made me cum, but the sight of it delighted me. It was a perfect size, curved up toward the thick mushroom head. Whatever his size, he was a lot bigger than my boyfriend. And I wanted it, badly.


“Cammie, you want this? You want this inside you? Taking your virginity?”

I was no longer so frightened of the storm outside, I wanted him. I needed him. I slid my smooth legs apart, beckoned him over with a crook of my finger. I heard his deep groan, he crawled on hands and knees toward me on the make-shift bed, and paused as he came face to face with me.

“You can’t take this back, Cammie. Are you sure?”

“I’m sure Nate. I want you to take my virginity. He kissed me passionately on my mouth, leaned back on his knees, I felt his cock-head right at my opening. I held in a soft yelp, it hurt, but it wasn’t as painful as I’d thought it would be. He pushed again, deeper and I heard a deep sigh, almost in relief. His voice was tight as he looked with me with care.

“Are you okay?”

“I am, are you?”

A tear slid from his eye, down his scruffy cheek.

“I’m inside you, all the way in Cam. And you are so perfect, fit me like a glove.”

He leaned down, kissed me so sweetly as I stroked his fuzzy cheek with my hand.

“You feel good in there Nate. So good.”

He groaned, I felt it in my own chest as he lay on me gently.

“Move with me Em. Up…then down. That’s it baby.”

He moaned, his eyes closed. We moved together, slowly. Rocking, our hips pressed tightly together, we were one.

“Cammie, I need to go faster. I am so close to coming.”

I bit my lip but nodded in approval, I was ready for him to come too. He pulled back up, on his knees. He thrust in, caused me to clench my insides.

“I hit your cervix baby, it’s okay. I won’t do that again.”

“No, no. Do it. God do it again.”

He grunted and plunged back in again, hard. I cried out in pain, but mostly in pleasure. It was like I was being punched in the gut, and had an amazing orgasm at the same time.


He panted out, his face bright red. I knew he was close, I had watched enough porn to know.

“Do it, and then cum Nate. Please?”

I think that was enough to make him thrust, hard. Felt like he broke me open and I heard his guttural yell as his cum filled me. I lifted my arms, reached for him as he looked on the verge of falling apart. He grabbed around me as he came close, rolled us both to our sides, his cock still inside me.

“Oh Cam, Cam!.”

“What Nate?”

“Be with me?”

“I am with you.”

“I mean for a long term thing.”

“Like, a relationship?”

“I told you I don’t want to stop holding you. Can we, try?”

I didn’t hesitate in answering him. My smile gave me away, and he grabbed me close before I could actually say…

“Yes. We can try.”

It was then I felt his cock fall from where it had been, snugly fit inside me.

“More sex?”

He asked, a big smile on his face.

“Mmmm, soon. Just hold me, Nate.”

We were given the all clear from the tornado warning at 9, but I had no plans on going back home.

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