The Story of Becoming a Pet

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The Story of Becoming a PetThursday, April 4th….turns out I get turned on by more than I thought. Just a regular day at my friends house. We’ll just call her Llama. And our friend, who we’ll call Ms Lamb, was there. These two girls, they enjoy teasing me. Mainly sexually. I was actually legitamately tired that day. Hell, most of the time I was there, I was just laying on the bed trying to rest my eyes. Eventually I just rolled over on the floor. A little after that, Llama started rubbing my dick through my pants with her foot. Other things that happened was Ms Lamb questionming if Id fuck her. Of course I said “no” and then she started to sit on me, and told me I was lying, I still denyed I would and she started grinding on me. I’ll also note that by this point, Llama had pulled my pants off. Eventually, I said “yes”. Thought I will admit, I did wonder how far she would have gone had I kept saying no. Thought I doubt she would go too far. Both her and Llama both grinded on me just to tease me. I admit, I enjoyed it a bit. It even went as far as to where I held Ms Lamb down on the bed and was about to kiss her, but Llama kinda interrupted kadıköy escort that. Anyway, with us three, it eventually turned into horse play and I accidentally smackded Ms Lamb in the face with a Nerf Sword. I thought she was gonna hit me with it, but she just dropped it and left the room. This ended up turning into me feeling bad about it and both them downgrading me while I was standing right there. And then it started. Llama had given Ms Lamb a piece of ham. Purposely not tearing me a piece so tthey could both just mess with me. Ms Lamb told me that she would give me half of her piece, but only if I would get on my hands and knees and bark like a dog. By this point, I was like; “You cant be serious.” But after fighting it, I did it. I got on all fours and barked. I was going to reach for the food with my hands, but she wanted e to catch it in my mouth….like a dog…..what the fuck have i gotten myself into. It was over from that point. She ended up taking my belt off, but it went somewhere I never thought it ever would. She wrapped the belt around my neck and started dragging me around like üsküdar escort a pet while referring to me as her “puppy.” Here I am, a 6’3 173lbs guy being dragged around the house by a makeshift leash by a girl half my weight and height. Just being completely dominated. But it was weird, at first, I didnt want to do it. I wanted it to end. I figured if I just play along for a little bit, then itd be over alot sooner. But it just kept going and going. I told her I wasnt enjoying it, but her response was always; “Your boners lying. In fact, youre harder than you normally are.” Sadly she was right. I was starting to enjoy her dominating me like that. Even when Llama would get on my back and ride me like a pony, while she was on, she would rub her feet on my cock through my pants. It felt good. Eventually I just laid down because I just felt done. But Ms Lamb, she sat on my lap and told me get up. I dont know if its something about the girl or what, but it was something that made me enjoy this. While still calling me her “puppy” and walking me around the house treating me like Im her pet, once again tuzla escort she told me I was enjoying it, and I said “im not.” She then leaned down on my back and said; “I can tell you enjoy this because I can feel how hard little puppy i.” As she said that, she was rubbing my dick, and its like, I was just gone by that point. It was like I was all hers to do with me as she pleased. Of course while doing this, I took alot of chances to feel her up. There was something just so satisfying with what was happening. I couldnt believe it. She eventually wanted me walking on my legs again. But that didnt mean she was done yet. She took my leash and held me as close to her as possible. To put it in perspective, her ass reaches pretty much the sweet spot of my crotch. She would lead me around with me close behind her and stopping every few second to grind on me, but not before saying; “No touching” or “You need to ask my permission to cum.” But it was nice regardless. Sadly, it had to end early. But I was happy, and at the same time, I was a little disappointed. I kinda wanted to see how far she would go and how far she would let me go. I never thought I would enjoy being dominated and led around by Ms Lamb as much as I thought I would. To be honest, I semi cant wait to do it again. Idk, Im half and half on it. But at this point, Ms Lamb is my master and I am her pet. And yea, I do hope me and master get to have some fun like that again.

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