The Story of Master McBride-part 5

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The Story of Master McBride-part 5The rest of the day d**g by. All I could think about was what was going to happen if I showed up. Who all was going to be there, how many, and what would they be doing next? If I didn’t show, was I going to find more of the pics possibly hung up around school? What would my friends think?, My teachers? Or even worse, my parents? As I thought about what happened in the park, and the things that took place, I came to the realization that it wasn’t that bad. I liked being naked and in a way, it got me excited just thinking about being naked again in public. But back to now, it hit me, I was going to have to show up and hopefully, they’d get tired of me quickly and move on to their next victim.It finally got to the end of the day and my last class was gym. I got there late and most of the boys had already changed and went back out to the gym. I sat down by my locker and began to change out of my school clothes. As I changed, around the corner of the lockers came the boy from lunch. He sat down beside me, leaned over, and whispered into my ear “Don’t forget about meeting me later.”. He then grabbed my athletic supporter and underwear, and walked away telling me that I didn’t need these today. bahis siteleri I quickly put on my shorts with no underwear or supporter and walked out into the gymnasium where most of the students had already gathered. The instructor then yelled to line up to stretch. We all got into lines in which the instructor began to tell us to do our stretches. The first one was simply just standing upright, spreading your legs, and twisting at the hips. As soon as I spread my legs though, I quickly found that due to the looseness of the shorts, I began to feel like I had nothing on at all. Each time I twisted, the fabric from the shorts rubbed on my little penis causing it to get hard. The more I twisted, the more the fabric of my shorts rubbed on it, and the harder it became. Now, even though my little penis was small, it was still poking at the front of my shorts making a small tent in my shorts.I looked around and noticed the boy that had taken my underwear and a couple of his friends were looking and pointing at my little erection. They kept laughing in which the instructor caught them, and asked them what they were laughing about? I held my breath waiting for them to point me out with my little erection, but they just said it was canlı bahis siteleri a private joke and apologized for interrupting the class. The coach then told us to now touch our toes. This exercise, you have your feet spread by about three feet, and would bend over at the waist and touch your toes, then stand straight up again, reach for the sky, and then repeat. When I bent over, everything seemed to be good, but when I reached for the sky, my shorts got tight in the front again, and my little penis would again poke at the material of my shorts. It was even tight enough, that I could see the outline of the end of my penis. Again, the boys were again pointing and laughing and no matter what I did, my little erection wouldn’t go away, and I felt like everyone was watching me looking at my little penis. The next thing was sitting on the ground with our legs spread again, and we were instructed to again touch our toes. I felt good about this because at least my little erection wasn’t quite so visible, but as I reached out to touch my toes, I quickly found that the looseness around my leg openings made my little penis, balls, and bush visible to anyone that happened to look. Looking around, I noticed a couple of the canlı bahis boys smiling, and it was obvious to me that they could see everything.This caused my little erection to even become harder. The last stretch was the worse though. This one, was that you folded your legs underneath you and lay back onto them. This caused your body to arch back pushing your stomach, hips, and chest out. But not only that, I quickly found that my shorts tightened across the front of my hips causing my little penis erection to even be more visible, and to my horror, the front of my shorts now was showing a wet spot where the tip of my little penis was pushing against. The pressure of the shorts on my penis, the warmth of the slime on the end of it, and the feeling of embarrassment made my little penis larger than it had ever been. I was certain that everyone in the room was looking at my crotch and now could see the outline of my little hard penis. Suddenly, the instructor walked up and told me to go to the shower and change clothes, pointing to my wet spot. I got up quickly and walked to the shower as I could hear numerous boys giggling as I left. I took a quick shower and changed back into my school clothes minus my underwear. And walked out the back door of the shower to the school grounds. I wondered what to do? Should I just go home and take a chance that this would all go away, or do I go to the park and wait for the boy and whatever he had planned? (continued)

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