The Swap Meet: Week 02

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I had very mixed feelings about going with Barb back to the “party” the following Saturday night. Yeah, I know I said I would, and I’d certainly enoyed myself with Geri, but… things got a little weird between my sister and me. I know it was just the excitement of going to a swinger’s party (It’s complicated; you should really read Chapter 1 if you haven’t already), but she was acting flirty with me all evening: well beyond what she had to do to pretend we were a married couple.

I’d seen her almost-naked ass – I’m sure that wasn’t intentional on her part – but then on the ride home she’d finger-fucked herself sitting on the seat right next to me. It’s true I hadn’t really seen anything, but I’d heard her cum. And my car smelled of it for a couple of days afterward (good thing my wife El has her own car and never uses mine).

But I had promised, and I don’t think I’ve ever broken a promise to my twin sister, so I picked her up at 7.

Or at least I got to her apartment at 7. And she did seem to be ready, wearing a snug black dress that ended slightly closer to her crotch than to her waist. “What do you think?” she asked.

“Um, that dress is quite… something, alright.”

She laughed. “Yeah, but I’m looking at it now, and…” she patted her behind. “Panty lines. I usually wear this dress without panties; but tonight, well, it’s a warm night and there’s probably be dancing outside again, so I want to have panties on.”

“So this is about you being prim and proper?” I asked, raising my eyebrow.

“Don’t be a smartass,” she said. “Come with me, help me out here.” I followed her into her bedroom, and as soon as she walked through the door, she pulled the dress over her head and tossed it onto the bed.


“Come on,” she said, turning to face me wearing nothing but a pair of skimpy black panties. The last time I’d seen her with this little clothing, we were probably 8 or 9. “Half the people at the party saw me like this last week, and you would have too if you hadn’t been paying all your attention to Naked Geri. It’s no big deal.”

“They look like pretty big deals to me,” I said, surprising myself.

“You’re sweet,” she said, stepping over to me and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, her bare breasts brushing against my shirt. “Okay, let’s see what we’ve got.” She opened her closet, and looked around for a moment as I stared at her almost-bare ass. Come on, sister or no, how could I not?

She came away from the closet with a red dress. It came down no further than the black one had, but wasn’t as tight. It was some kind of wraparound thing, the sort of garment only women understand, which once on covered her breasts adequately, but left exposed a large amount of cleavage. I’m actually not sure how much breast can be exposed and still call it “cleavage,” but this certainly strained the definition.

“I wonder whether anybody found the panties I left behind last week,” Barb said as we began the drive.

“They probably have a whole pile of them. Like the big ‘lost clothing’ box back at P.S. 18, remember?”

She laughed. “Tons of panties to sift through. Fun for pervs of all ages. And lots of bras.”

“Not too many bras to be seen last week,” I pointed out.

She unwrapped her blouse enough to expose most of her breasts. “Hey, you’re right!”

“You wanna cover up those things before you cause an accident?”

“Aw, you’re used to seeing them by now. I bet you’re not distracted at all anymore.”

“Yes I am. And we have to think about the other drivers.”

“Spoilsport,” she said, re-wrapping her top.

We got to the house where tonight’s gathering was taking place. Apparently they switched around. “I hope they don’t want me to host next week,” Barb said. “Things could get a bit tight in my apartment.”

“I’m not sure El would be happy if I brought the part to our house either.”

Not to worry, though: I had a feeling they stuck to the big homes that were out of our pay grade. This one seemed a bit smaller than last week’s but fancier.

We got inside, were greeted by the hosts, and exchanged our goodbye kiss without being reminded. It still felt like, well, kissing my sister, but this week I decided to loosen up a bit and have fun with the game. “Mmmm,” she said afterward, “that’s a kiss I could learn to like.”

This time it was me giving canlı bahis her ass a light slap. “Go,” I said. “Have fun.”

Barb slipped off her shoes and pushed them under a chair, then hit the dance floor and immediately found a guy with whom she shared an interest. The evening’s hostess came over to me and told me the basement had been converted into a small movie theatre, and suggested I choose any seat I wanted,

Interlude: Barb

Bob watched me dance for a few minutes, then the hostess told him something and he left the room. Well, his loss, because he missed what happened next.

I don’t know the name of the guy I was dancing with, but he seemed very interested in how much cleavage I had on display. So I loosened the dress’s sash just a bit, to give him a better look.

Well, it’s hard to do that sort of thing with any precision while you’re dancing, and the dress gaped open more than I’d intended. Almost all of one breast came into view, and then almost all of the other.

And when I tried to fix it, still gyrating about, I ended up undoing the whole thing. The dress came completely unwrapped in the front, exposing me completely. There was no point trying to hold it together anymore, so I let it slip off of me, dancing now wearing nothing by my panties.

(Good thing I’d decided to wear panties)

There were women wearing this little dancing outside last week, and I knew that women could sometimes be seen wearing this little or less in full view of other guests, but I had a feeling that dancing this naked in the crowded, well-lit living room was unusual. At least based on the appreciative glances.

And of course this led to some competitive behavior: one woman stripped off her blouse and tossed it to the side. And then the guy dancing with Geri, the woman I’d seen Bob fucking last week, grabbed the hem of her short dress and pulled it over her head – leaving her wearing a thong that was so tiny, I thought at first she was naked.

And for all I knew, in another few minutes somebody might be: but Geri’s partner took her by the hand and led her away from the dance area, presumably headed toward a bedroom. My partner seemed to have the same notion; but I wasn’t sure he was somebody I wanted to fuck tonight – so I gave him a long, teasing kiss, told him I’d see him later, and walked away.

The movie room was almost completely dark. The small amount of light reflecting off the big screen was just enough to make it possible to see the seats (about a dozen two-person couches scattered about) and to get to one of them without breaking more than one leg at a time.

Most of the couches already had a man and a woman I them, and I suspected that most of the couples hadn’t entered the room together, but had come together fairly randomly in the dark. Talk about a “blind date”!

I spotted a woman sitting alone, and made my way over there to join her. If I had to guess, based on her silhouette, she was slim and small-busted and was wearing a very short skirt (or no skirt at all?).

I never did find out for sure because just as I was getting close to her, another guy appeared from the opposite direction and took “my” place.

Gotta be quicker next time, I thought, finding myself an empty couch. I figured I’d watch the movie for a while, and if nobody came to join me, I’d go back upstairs and dance or something.

It’s funny how quickly I’d become accustomed to the idea of casual, anonymous sex. But it’s not as if these were strangers off the street, after all: they were all certified-healthy adults who’s come here looking for the same thing.

As if to illustrate the though, I suddenly became aware of a couple somewhere behind me, whose cuddling sounds had quickly morphed into groans. There were obviously fucking right here in the room, and loudly.

And their moaning almost matched what was going on on the screen, softcore porn about three couple getting it on with one another in various ways and combinations. “Good Neighbor Samantha,” I later found out it was called.

It wasn’t a bad film. If I’d been home alone watching it, I’d probably have taken Little Bob out of my pants by now and started stroking it. I’m sure nobody would know or care if I did that right here in this dark room – but what a waste that would be, with all the willing women around.

And as if in response bahis siteleri to that thought, a woman came into the room, seemed to look around for a moment, then made her way toward my couch. She sat next to me, and leaned into me as we watched the movie, We didn’t speak, which apparently was the rule in this dark room: if you can’t see who you’re with, why spoil it by speaking?

On the screen, a woman was lying on a deck chair with her legs spread, while her neighbor had his mouth planted in her pussy. I say “softcore” because you don’t actually see her pussy, but it’s clear that he’s eating her out, and she’s reacting as you might suspect.

I put my arm around my couch-mate, and became immediately aware she wasn’t wearing any sort of shirt. That was unexpected. I let my hand move down, until it was cupping her bare breast. “Mmmm,” she said, and I suddenly felt a hand on my cock, tracing its length through my pants.

I put my other hand on her lap, and started inching my way up. I could feel her spreading her legs, so I moved my hand to one of her inner thighs, and continued moving upward.

Shouldn’t I have reached a skirt by now? I thought after a few seconds. And then wondered whether she’d come into the room completely naked.

But when I got to her pussy it was covered – by a tiny pair of panties, very wet. I pressed my fingers into the panties, pushing them into her pussy.

She began vigorously stroking my cock.

If she kept this up I was going to cum in my pants, so I stood up, pulled my pants and underwear down to my ankles, and sat back down. She waved her panties in front of my face, giving me a good whiff of her pussy juices, to let me know she’d taken them off, them climbed onto my lap, facing me, pushing a breast into my mouth. Her pussy was pressed up against my hard cock, and I could feel the shaft getting slick.

After I’d teased each of her nipples in turn with my tongue, she grabbed my cock lightly with her fist, raised up her body, and lowered herself onto my cock.

She pushed down hard, and then began bouncing quickly on my lap, breathing heavily. I was groaning, trying very hard not to speak, as if it were a written rule. Somebody on the screen was having a loud orgasm as we fucked, and we were gradually getting just as loud.

There was at least one other couple fucking on the floor, somewhat to the left of me.

She pushed her mouth firmly against mine to muffle any cry as she came, shaking.

I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her down, forcing my cock into her as deeply as possible, and held her there as I came.

When I was done, she kissed the side of my neck softly, picked up her panties from the side of the couch, and put them on.

It’s a shame she didn’t leave them behind, I thought with a smile: I could have done the whole Cinderella thing, tried to figure out who I’d just fucked by asking all the women to try on the panties.

She was gone a moment later – well, she didn’t have much to put on, did she? – but it took me a bit longer. There was also the matter of the mess: since she was on top, all the cum that had leaked out of her pussy, plus an impressive amount of her own juices, had pooled onto my lap and crotch area. And I had nothing to clean myself up with.

So I ended up using my briefs, which I had to leave behind on the couch afterward (another item for the “lost clothing” box, I guess). Which is a shame because not only were they a fairly expensive pair (I wasn’t going to wear ratty old boxers for this sort of party, after all), but I felt really self-conscious about walking back upstairs with my cock so clearly outlined by my pants.

I know that sounds silly when so many people were in various states of undress, but still…

As if reading my mind, when I got back to the living room, there was Geri, wearing nothing but a tiny pair of panties, having just apparently found her discarded dress. She noticed me entering the room, glanced down at my crotch and smiled, and shimmied into the dress.

So I hadn’t just fucked her last week, I thought. I’d fucked her tonight as well.

“Bob, right?”

I turned, and came face-to-face with a tall, curvy woman I knew I’d met last week. Her blouse was buttoned just hight enough to keep her legal. “Um…” I said.


“Kelli. Right. Sorry.”

She bahis şirketleri laughed softly. “Don’t worry about it. You’re new, there are a lot of names to learn. And a lot of distractions. Having fun tonight?”


“The party’s at my place next week. I hope you and your wife will be able to make it.”

“You couldn’t keep us away.” I suddenly realized she’d been glancing down at my cock. “Hey,” I said with a grin, “my face is up here.”

She laughed. “Now you know what it’s like to be a woman. And… um… I guess I know what it’s like to act like a man.”

“You sure don’t look like one,” I said.

“Well, thanks for that,” she said. She undid one more button on her blouse, showing nothing but skin between her breasts. “Feel free to look as much as you want.”

“In that case …” I said, and undid another button. The blouse was open enough now to expose both nipples.

“Naughty boy,” Kelli said with a smile. She stroked my cock through my pants. “Bob,” she said softly, “I can’t fuck tonight. Bad timing, if you get my drift. But I can’t leave you like that, especially since I made the problem worse.”

Without re-buttoning her blouse, she led me out to the deck. And when I say “deck,” I’m talking about an area twice the size of my entire back yard. In the far corner there was a hot tub, and based on the people getting in and out, I could see that the dress code was briefs for men, and panties for women.

Kelli saw what I was looking at. “I have one of those too,” she said, “so try to remember your skivvies next week, okay?” She began undoing my pants. “But for now, it just makes things more convenient.”

As soon as she had my pants down to my knees, she took my hard cock into her mouth. She sucked for a few seconds, then let my cock go and said “Cunt.”

“Excuse me?”

“I’ve tasted my own cunt juices on a guy’s cock before. But never another woman’s.”

“Is that a problem?” I asked. Please, God, have her say no; if she stops now, I’ll never fit my cock back into my pants.

“No,” she said. “Just… strange.”

She thrust my cock back into her mouth, and began sucking with enthusiasm. It occurred me me that El was the only person who’s ever sucked my cock until tonight.

It’d been more than a decade since I had to wonder whether a woman swallowed.

I doubted there’d be much of anything to swallow, though: I’d given what felt like a massive load to Geri (who’d given most of it back to my lap). I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to cum again this soon.

A few minutes into the blow job, another couple came walking by us, carrying all their clothing other than what they were going to wear in the hot tub. They didn’t even pretend not to notice what we were doing, and gave us both smiles.

(Well, I got even with them: I didn’t even pretend not to look at her tits)

And then I felt my balls tightening, and I came in Kelli’s mouth. Whatever small amount of juice I had to offer, she sucked it down.

She tucked my cock very carefully back in my pants. I did the zipping… just to be safe.

“Next week,” she said softly, “save your first fuck for me. Hostess’s prerogative.”

“You got it,” I said with a smile.

I was standing there buttoning my shirt – Kelli had gone back into the house without bothering to button her blouse – when Barb came up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder. “Looks like you had a little more fun,” she said. She’d obviously just been in the hot tub, because she was wearing only her panties, wet and almost transparent, and she was dripping all over the deck.

She reached down and stroked my cock through my pants. “Look,” she said with a big grin. “That thing never goes down, does it?”

It felt good. It took me longer than it should have to remember this was my twin sister stroking me harder, and faster, bringing me close to cumming for the third time in less than an hour.

“Barb, no,” I finally said, pushing her hand from my crotch.

He backed away as if she’d been slapped. “Seriously?” she asked. “Still?”

“Still what?” I asked her.

But instead of answering, she ran back to the hot tub. She looked like she was about to cry.

I had no idea what was going on, but I certainly wasn’t in the mood to play around any more. I walked out to the front of the house and sat alone on the hood of my car. About half an hour later Barb came out, her dress on, holding her dripping panties in her hand, and got into the car.

We drove home in silence.

Yes, there’s a Chapter 3 coming…

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