The Tableau That is Lisa Ch. 06

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Chapter Six

Naked Weddings


As always this true story tells the tale of adults. Persons aged 18 or older when any sexual activity took place.


Laban said, “It is not so done, to give the younger before the firstborn. Complete the week of this one, and we will give you the other also…” -Genesis 29.26



“I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.” Those words top the three beautifully calligraphed pieces of vellum, tastefully framed and on display in our ‘corporate offices.’ Three long sentences in flowing Hebrew make up the Covenants, copies of ancient wedding contracts, the text of which Eva found in one of the Pastor’s many books.

Mom and Dad had a plan, George would stay for me to graduate, then he could go on to college. I would stay for Ethan, then he would stay for Nate. Since they were rarely home, they would sell the house and use that to help fund our degrees. But selling real estate in a small high plains Texas town was tricky. You either sell it at a deep discount or expect a very long process. In addition we, or at least some of us, needed a place to live during the drawn out process.

I had a better plan, I had done the research. We were dispatching and taking loads for Mom and Dad and two of their friends who drove. Pooling those resources, three trucks and a steady customer base, we could create a loosely scheduled service on a single dedicated route, cut empty miles, fuel cost, and get everyone home two or three nights a week instead of one.

So, we had a talk with Mom and Dad, I created then delivered the prospectus. We had five employees already lined up, and lots of supporting documentation. They went for it, it was our first business enterprise together. By the time they got tired of driving and we sold the business to a big transportation conglomerate, we had twenty trucks running eight routes. They bought a retirement cottage on a little lake that we called ‘The Country.’


Eva was an ordained minister, at least in the eyes of the State of Texas. The minister was beautiful, beaming, ready to begin the ceremony, and as naked as the day she was born twenty years earlier. So was the groom, and the bride, and all the witnesses. It was a naked wedding. The first of three that Eva would perform today, in fact the first weddings Eva had ever performed. It was the first use of her new space, which conveniently still had the paper taped up over the windows.

We do everything together. We played our games together, we started one business together. Then a second, canlı bahis this one. Remember the difficult nature of selling real estate in Erewhon, Texas, well most swords have two edges. I went looking for a business venture that we could get the property owner to take the note back on.

It was a historic, if mildly decrepit structure. In the heart of town. It had originally been a livery stable, a saloon, and a bawdry house, then a host of other things over the past ninety years. Now it was ours. We cleaned it out, and had multi line phone service installed so we could run the dispatch. It was a lot of work, but we were young, we knew a lot, and just as importantly we didn’t know what we didn’t know.

Eva moved her youth ministry into what had been the stable, it was a nice big open space. Most importantly it freed her of the many restrictions imposed by her father’s church board. We opened a coffee shop and cafe in the old saloon space, The rooms of what had been the brothel were divvied up. One for our playroom, with the euphemistic sign ‘Corporate Offices’ on the door. One for George and Kristin, with a connecting door into the adjoining room reserved for Jamie and me. One for Punch and Lillian adjoining Eva’s. Leaving three unclaimed.

I had two more sales to make. I could sell our parent’s house at a decent price if Mom and Dad would hold the note for five years. There was room to park their truck on the gravel lot out behind our building. They could have those three rooms, we could knock a hole in the wall and install a new door to create a three room suite for Mom, Dad, Ethan and Nate.

Eva wrote script for the covenants and together we made the physical documents. We signed them, all of our names on each document. We stood together, lovers all, swearing before God our undying love, support and commitment to each other. Quite literally without concealment, our souls as naked as our bodies. Our oaths consecrating Azusa, Eva’s new house. That was forty years ago. “I remain my beloveds’, and my beloveds remain mine.”


When George got home from the Farm Supply, Kristin was in the kitchen cooking. I met him at the door with a kiss.

“Hey, go get a shower, Kristin is making us Coq au Vin.”

He looked into the kitchen to see beautiful, curvaceous Kristin, dressed in a very attractive manner, something he might have chosen, stirring something, looking happy and graceful.

“Kristin… That’s Steve’s little sister Kristin?”

“Yeah, she looks kind of cute in a dress, don’t you think,” asked Jamie.

“Better than those double bahis siteleri knit pants,” I said.

“She doesn’t know she’s supposed to be naked if she is cooking in our kitchen,” Jamie whispered playfully.

“Uh, yeah… I don’t know what you two are up to.”

“You never do, but you always like it just the same,” Jamie called to him as he walked into the bedroom, shutting the door behind him.

He came out smelling of soap, wearing a nice shirt and blue jeans.

“Coq au Vin,” he said.

“Yes, rooster in wine sauce,” Kristin replied. “Although this is a hen, the Piggly Wiggly was all out of rooster…” They were talking, talking about food, Kristin was in her comfort zone.

Soon Ethan and Nate came home and we had a lovely dinner together.

We had several more dinners, wonderful Kristin creations. Prepared by a beautiful chef, who gained confidence in herself with each dinner she prepared. We, Kristin, Jamie and I, went shopping for more dresses, and we made sweet sapphic love to her before each conversation, so she would be happy and relaxed, feel confident and loved.

The third time, Kristin asked if she, “could, well, you know, try…”

So shy, uncertain, self-deprecating, as if we would say no. We taught her what we knew, and told her not to worry, that nobody gets great at anything without lots of practice, cunnilingus was a lot easier than Coq au Vin. Then we helped her practice. That old saying is true, “skill is nice, but sheer enthusiasm will get you noticed.”

So, that evening when George came home, I made a request of him.

“Kristin deserves to be taken out, somewhere where people see you, and know you are together.”

“Oh, we’re dating are we?”

“Seems to me that you like her,” Jamie said.

“I do, but why are you two pushing this?”

“We can double date,” I said provocatively.

“All four of us could go to the movies, that’s innocent,” Jamie added.

“Oh that’s a great idea, you know that people will talk.”

“They already talk,” said Jamie.

“Haven’t you noticed?” I added.

“No, he’s been too busy not noticing that gorgeous woman cooking scrumptious meals for him.”

“The one who thinks he is all Mr. Dreamy?”

“Yeah, that would be the one.”

“The one with the cute ass?”

“And big breasts.”

“Uh huh, I say let’s give them something to talk about.”

“Is that really such a good idea?” George said, finally getting a word in edgewise.

“We can go to a movie then have a few drinks at the Roadhouse.” Jamie said, “For a start, and see how it goes. Baby steps.”

“Or bahis şirketleri all four of us could go out to Ken’s, my treat’, I offered.

“Why? Why are you pushing?” Asked George.

“Because there are things I can’t do…”

“Lisa, you can do anything you set your mind to.”

“No, not this one thing. I know you are going to be a great daddy. I really want that for you.”

“We could make it happen… Another way.”

“I really, really want to be the one for you. But you know the odds, it’s dangerous… I just… I couldn’t do that to someone.”

“So you two, what, just went out to find me a wife?”

“Pretty much,” answered Jamie.

“Do I get a vote?”

“Yup, is it three to one,” I asked.

“Or unanimous?” Jamie replied.

“Dinner’s almost ready,” came Kristin’s voice from the kitchen. We walked in. There she was, nearly naked in our kitchen cooking Boeuf Bourguignon. By nearly naked I mean she was only wearing Mom’s apron. George did a double take.

“See, she fits,” Jamie said.

“We explained things to her,” I replied.

“She seems to be good with it,” Jamie added.

Kristin walked over to us and I placed my big brothers hand on Kristin’s bare butt. Kristin smiled, Jamie and I reached around both of them and hugged them tightly.

Then Jamie and I walked into our bedroom and returned for dinner, naked.

“Naked dinner,” I declared. As Jamie started undressing George, who made only the merest token of opposition to her actions.

“Oh, look here,” said Jamie, referring to George’s erection.

“Sister,” I said looking at Kristin, “our brother needs your attention.” I placed my arm around her and we kneeled together in front of George. I stroked her hair, pulling it back out of the way as she eagerly took his member in her hands and began to kiss it. Her first taste of penis.

One hand on George’s butt, one guiding Kristin, I was getting pretty horny myself watching her give her first blow job while Jamie kissed George and he gently played with her nipple studs. It was a passable job, like I said everybody needs practice to be really good at anything. George is generous, he will help her practice.

Once George came, I looked at her radiant, smiling face, her mouth full of my big brother’s semen and said, “sisters share everything.”

She kissed me, I kissed her, exchanging George’s life essence,. We both kissed Jamie, exchanging his wondrous spunk and our saliva. Sisters. Then we had a scrumptious dinner of Boeuf Bourguignon on egg noodles, with a little red wine.

Dinner was followed by more kisses and tender touching before we retired to our absent parent’s bed. We kissed Kristin again and laid her down upon the bed. Looking at my brother I said.

“Be gentle, its her first time.”

Lisa Ann

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