The Taming Of The Bitch- Chapter 2

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Rick Stevens knew Bryn Thomas was a bitch – a cock tease of the first degree. He had determined this from his frequent visits to the Avalon when he studied her actions closely. As he was a licensed therapist, she intrigued him in a professional way as well.The Avalon was a working-class bar in “The Ville,” a neighborhood where Appalachian whites rubbed shoulders with Southern blacks and some college kids thrown in the mix. Things were always tense in “The Ville.” But the Avalon was much like its namesake, a place of friendliness and good company.With the exception of one waitress, Bryn.Rick came in one Friday night as he often did. He sat down at a corner booth for two and signaled for a waitperson.It was Bryn. She’d seen him in the bar a few times and admitted he was pretty good-looking – she estimated about 5’ 11”. maybe 180, sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, decent physique – so she adopted her flirtiest, sweetest persona.“What’ll it be, handsome?” she cooed at Rick. He looked up and returned Bryn’s smile. “A bite and a bump,” he said. “Brat on rye, slaw, and a Hudepohl, please.”“I’ll put in your order. And if you want anything else – and I do mean anything – you just wave at me.”She turned and Rick watched her appreciatively as she sauntered away. He thought as he did each time he saw her, “Hmmm. What – maybe 5’6”, 5’7”? Cute. Wavy brunette hair, nice complexion, and deep brown eyes. Lovely smile. Very nice body. But such a goddamned tease.”At the same time, Rick watched her as she surveyed her surroundings. As Bryn looked for possible conquests, she thought, “I need new meat. Rick looks good. I’ll work on him.”As evenings do at The Av, this one sauntered casually to the 1 am closing time. Rick remained, having nursed three Hudys. He had spent this evening and most of his previous evenings at the Av watching Bryn flirt and tease the old guys who hung out there, as Rick was an observer – of life, of places, of people, especially bitchy barmaids. She would sit on the laps of the male customers, giving them a peek at her breasts, maybe even brushing her hand across their crotches and then, flounce away. Tonight, Rick had his share of teases but maintained an air of indifference.Time was called but Rick continued to sit at his table bursa escort observing the action. And most of it centered on Bryn. She came over to his table and just plopped down on his lap.“Sweetie, we have to close, but if you want to continue the party, we can at my place.”It was the best offer Rick had had in some time. And it was, as he had planned, his chance to teach Bryn some manners. “That sounds great. Can I just sit here ‘til you’re done?”“Of course, hon. You just relax and I’ll come get you.”Twenty minutes later, they walked to Bryn’s place, a small but serviceable one-bedroom a couple of blocks away. When they entered her place, Bryn tried to take charge by body-blocking Rick against the door and saying, “OK, meat. You do what I tell you or you’ll leave here black and blue.” Rick looked at her thoughtfully for, probably, ten seconds, reached out, and grabbed her arms, saying, “Not so fast, sweetheart. You don’t call the shots; from now on, we do!”This assertiveness took Bryn aback, so much so that she made no move when Rick gathered her up in a bear hug and nearly squeezed all the air out of her. None of the guys she had fucked and dumped had come on so strongly. Usually, if they tried, she had so completely beguiled and dominated them, their efforts were pitiful.“So,” Rick stated, “how is this evening going to go? Do you want it down and dirty. Do you want romance and chocolates?” Then he corrected himself, “No, you aren’t the romantic type. How about we just get naked, play a bit and then fuck each other senseless? That sound good to you?”This caused Bryn to consider what he said and she responded, surprising herself, “Yeah – that sounds about right. Let’s do it in the bedroom.” Totally against her character, she had decided Rick might really be in control. “Well,” she thought, “there’s a first time for everything. We’ll see what happens. But I’ll look for my chance.”As they entered her room, Rick was only a bit surprised at the wrist and ankle restraints attached to the head and foot of the bed. He commanded, “You’ll be nice – very nice to me. You will obey what I tell you to do. You will not try any tricks.” She nodded yes. Rick then said, “OK, let’s get naked.”They undressed each other rapidly and completely. bursa escort bayan It was easy for Rick as Bryn went commando and without a bra on her 34C’s. As she removed Rick’s shirt, she gave him a hickey on his neck. He slapped her face, with the promise of more severe slaps if she kept it up. She went red with fury but he clamped her arms next to her sides and held them there until she settled down.To return her favor, he lowered his mouth and gave Bryn a massive hickey on her chest, just below the collarbone. She usually wore low-cut tops, better to show off her lovely wares, so the hickey would show.She leaned over and bit his right nipple – not too hard but enough to make him complain. “Bitch,” he said, “I’ll get you for that.”But instead of immediately attacking her braless tits, he took her left nipple into his mouth, sucked on it as would a baby, and when she started to get agitated, clamped down with his teeth. At the same time, his left hand was squeezing her right nipple hard. Bryn had never experienced this. And she wondered why her body was betraying her: the pain, she realized, was incredibly arousing. She could feel her cunt get wet and the earliest sensations of an orgasm. She felt at once exhilarated and angry. “Two can play this game,” she thought.Being coy, she kissed her way down Rick’s flat chest and started to remove his pants. She looked up at him to gain his “approval;” actually, she was still slyly attempting dominance. She’d pull his pants off whether he wanted it or not. As his pants hit the floor, she pulled down his briefs until his stiffened cock sprang free.“Hmmm, yes” she sighed as she laved his cock with her tongue. “How nice,” she murmured but to her surprise, she actually meant it. Rick’s dick was not massive – maybe 6-1/2 inches, nicely girthy but not too much so. His pubes were trimmed short and his dick and balls were hairless. His pre-cum tasted almost sweet and there was a lot of it.Once Rick settled in to receiving Bryn’s ministrations, she waited until he was relaxed and then she bit down on his dick to which he sat up and grabbed Bryn’s curly locks.“What do you think you’re doing, little girl?” His eyes blazed and Bryn felt herself becoming almost afraid. When she didn’t respond escort bursa quickly, he pulled her hair harder until her face contorted in pain. “Now, kitten, you play nice or next time you do that, I’ll punish you so you won’t walk for days.”Bryn’s heart skipped a beat. What was happening to her? She never thought she’d ever submit to a man. They were all slobs and self-centered morons. Except, this guy was different. It was obvious he took care of himself. He dressed well. He did have a nice cock, one that would fit in any of her holes nicely, she thought.She looked at Rick and finally said, “Yes, sir.” Then all coquettish, she fluttered her eyelashes at Rick and said, “Whatever you want, sir.”Rick relented on the hair a bit and said, “That’s better. Now see if you can make me cum with your mouth; no hands. And when I do, be sure you take it in your mouth and hold it. We’ll have a use for it later.”Bryn attacked his cock, sucking, nibbling, laving, manipulating. She tongued his ball sac and took each testicle in her mouth and rolled it around gently. She had worked up a pretty good rhythm on his glans when Rick grabbed her head and pulled her mouth down to engulf his dick. She gagged. Rick waited a few seconds and relented. Bryn gasped for breath and then returned to her sucking. After another couple minutes of this, Rick said to her, “I’m about to come. Remember, you are to take all my cum in your mouth and don’t spit it out or swallow it. I have plans.”And cum he did. Six huge spurts. Bryn’s mouth had never been so filled with cum. She had to allow Rick’s cock to slip about halfway out of her mouth just so she had room for his sperm.Finally, his cock quit its spasms and she sat there, mouth full of come, when Rick said, “Kiss me. Now.”She did so, meeting Rick’s open mouth. “Will wonders never cease? A straight guy who likes the taste of his own cum. Actually, though I can see why. It tastes good – better than any other I’ve been fed.”The kiss was long, passionate – and messy. Their snowball passed back and forth until it dissipated. Rick pulled away for a moment and then returned to kiss her again, just as passionately as before.Bryn felt her cunt get even wetter. And she nearly trembled with anticipation for Rick’s next move.During their last kiss, Rick had retrieved his tie from the pile of clothes and prepared it for Bryn’s wrists. As the two were parting, Rick spun Bryn around, grabbed both of her arms, pulled them in back and quickly tied it.

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